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Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha.
United States Army Special Forces a.k.a. “Green Berets

The United States Army Special Forces, known as the Green Berets because of their distinctive service headgear, are a special operations force tasked with five primary missions: unconventional warfare (the original and most important mission of Special Forces), foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, and counter-terrorism. 

The first two emphasize language, cultural, and training skills in working with foreign troops. Other duties include combat search and rescue (CSAR), counter-narcotics, counter-proliferation, hostage rescue, humanitarian assistance, humanitarian demining, information operations, peacekeeping , psychological operations, security assistance, and manhunts; other components of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) or other U.S. government activities may also specialize in these secondary areas. Many of their operational techniques are classified, but some nonfiction works and doctrinal manuals are available.

As special operations units, Special Forces are not necessarily under the command authority of the ground commanders in those countries. Instead, while in theater, SF units may report directly to a geographic combatant command, USSOCOM, or other command authorities. The Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) highly secretive Special Activities Division (SAD) and more specifically its Special Operations Group (SOG) recruits from the Army’s Special Forces. Joint CIA-Army Special Forces operations go back to the MACV-SOG branch during the Vietnam War. The cooperation still exists today and is seen in the War in Afghanistan.

Miss me?

pairing: Batfam x Reader

relationship: Family

warnings: mild violence, mentions of the army, female reader

request: yet

plot: ohh I loved your first imagine and I cant wait for your next one! I can tell I’m going to love your blog. I just wanted to ask if I could be your first written request? like maybe the reader is like batman’s biological daughter and she joins the military instead of being a vigilante (but she used to be one but then quit) and she like finally comes home after like a year and like surprises them and its like just fluff imagine. maybe she’s like in her suit and helps them beat up some thugs and after shes like like “you miss me” ,with the whole batfam - @solis200213

key: (Y/N)= your name, (H/N)= hero name

words: 1,751 (I may have gone a bit overboard.)

A/N: I don’t know much about the army or how it works, so some of this is based of research and I’m sorry if I got anything wrong. I also think I messed up the comic continuity in it, sorry about that.

Being Bruce Waynes daughter came with a lot of pressure. Pressure to be perfect in the eyes of the media, pressure to take on the family business when you reached the right age as the oldest child to the billionaire (though she was only older than Dick Grayson by a few months), so when the news broke that (Y/N) Wayne was joining the army the media went into a frenzy with conspiracy as to why she was doing it all over the place.

But only she knew the truth, she loved her family, she did, and leaving them killed her a little inside and as much as she loved being a vigilante and helping people in her city, she couldn’t help but feel like she was made for more. So, she joined the army in search of that something ‘more’.

So, she packed her things, moved to South Carolina and started her training. Her past as a vigilante made things easier, she was more agile, she was faster,and she was stronger than most recruits, and so she was able to advance quite quickly. She following the basic training program for 10 weeks (an essential training regime) before completing her advanced individual training to join the special forces in 56 weeks.

(Y/N) loved what she did, it was amazing and she felt like she finally found that something ‘more’ that she was always subconsciously searching for, but she missed home. She hasn’t been back since her initial training and now she could add another year onto that, making it a grand total of over two years since she had seen her family face to face. Sure, she had called them and they had video chats quite frequently, but it wasn’t the same. She missed being able to wrap her arms around her brothers in a bear hug so tight she could feel their heartbeat on her chest.

But now, after spending six months abroad as part of a Joint Special Operations Task Force, she was returning home to Gotham once again for a short-time. Of course, her family didn’t know what, she wanted to surprise them after all. Well, Alfred knew, but that was because Alfred simply knew everything going on in the families lives.

Arriving home, (Y/N) wasn’t surprised to find the manor quiet, it was almost midnight after all and prime time for some thugs to be out on the streets which meant her family was out too. Setting her bag down on the ground, (Y/N) reached up to remove her barett as she looked around her home with a smile. She had missed this place, the atmosphere of peace and family it brought to her was an irreplaceable feelings.

“Mistress (Y/N), it’s good to have you home.” Turning to the butler with a smile, she let out a happy sigh and let a grin spread over her face, “It’s good to be home Alfred.” She walked towards the older man and wrapped her arms around him, taking in the feeling of being held by the man for the first time in a long time. Returning the hug, Alfred let out a gentle chuckle and rubbed the girl’s back as he did.

“Everyone will be pleased to see you home.” She pulled back, the smile still on her face as she did. “The girls are down stairs, they are having a ‘girls night’ I believe and so didn’t go out on patrol.” Rolling her eyes slightly, (Y/N) let out a chuckle. It was just like the girls, even on a night off they could be found in the cave. “Thank’s Alfred.”

“Now go see them. I’ll bring your bag to your room, it’s exactly as you left it.” Giving the older man another ‘thank you’, (Y/N) walked into the main room and towards the old grandfather clock that hid their secret from the rest of the world. With a deep breath, she opened the glass panel protecting the hands of clock and moved them to the right time to give her access to the world underneath the house.

A deep sigh passed her lips as the clock moved and the path to the cave was opened to her. It’s now or never, was the only thought that passed through her lips as she walked down the stairs gently to make sure her footsteps wouldn’t be heard by the girls. Once she reached the bottom, a smile spread across her lips as she watched Cass and Kate spar while Steph watched on and Barbara set at the computer, keeping up with the boys and to make sure they stayed out of trouble.

“Some things never change, do they?” All the girls froze as the familiar voice floated through the air, suddenly they all turned around with large grins on their face. Bracing herself for impact, (Y/N) rose her eyebrow expectantly before she was engulfed in a hug from almost all the girls at once.

Once she was let go, she turned to Barbara and bent down, wrapping her arms around the redhead as she did. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here.” If there was one thing she regretted, it was not being there when Barbara was put into a wheelchair, she wasn’t there to support her and it broke her. “It’s okay, you’re here now.”

Pulling back with a smile, she looked at all the girls and let out a content sigh as she did. “It’s so good to see you all again.” Licking her lips, she looked at each girl individually, memorising their faces and how they had changed over the two years. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“We’ve missed you do.” Turning to Kate as she spoke, the woman wrapped a arm around (Y/N)’s shoulder and smiled at her, “But we know something that’s missed you even more.” As she now took both of (Y/N)’s shoulder’s in her hands, the rest of the girls smirked as she was turned around to look at what looked like an upgraded (H/N) suit.

“I made a few upgrades and changed the style a little while you were away.” Turning to Barbara with a smile, she let out a chuckle. “Thank you Babs.” As Stephanie crossed her arms over her chest, she rose and eyebrow and pushed (Y/N) towards it slightly, “Why don’t you give it a test run? See if the boys recognize you in it?”

It hadn’t taken a lot of convincing to get her into the suit, so now (Y/N) stood atop a building with Stephanie and Cassandra at either side of her while Barbara and Kate were talking to her through the comms link, one that was separate from that of the boys.

“Okay, so I just sent the boys to deal with some of Joker’s thugs downtown. Why don’t you go meet up with them?” As Barbara talked to them, the three girls smirked and set of to where the thugs were. They got their easily, and quickly, quick enough that they witnessed the boys taking down goon after goon, but every time they took down one goon another two appeared out of what seemed like thin air.

Looking at each other, the three girls nodded and jumped down into the street. Steph, behind Tim as she helped him take on the goons he couldn’t see, Kate between Jason and Dick as she helped them take on goons that were surrounding them, and (Y/N) behind her father, and beside Damian.

Swinging her leg out, (Y/N)’s foot came into contact with the jaw of one of the goons and made him stagger backwards and blood started to pool at his lips, and as he came back up she punched him in the face and knocked him out. She then turned to her side as someone came at her and bent down, swiping her leg under his feet and making him fall down. As he rose to his knees, she brought her knee up and made contact with his jaw before spinning around and kicking him in the face.

(Y/N)’s body filled with adrenaline, but a different type of adrenaline than she was now used to with the special forces, this adrenaline was an all too familiar adrenaline that she has been practically addicted too since she was eleven years old.

Soon all the goons were down and tied up nice and pretty for the police department and the team were watching from a tall building. Removing her mask and turning to her family, a smirk danced onto (Y/N)’s lips, one that resembled the smirk on the lips of her father, “Miss me?”

Dick was the first to react, wrapping his arms around the smaller girl with a hearty laugh and bringing her in tight to his chest as he did. “Of course we did.” He pushed her out to arm’s length after a few seconds and looked her up and down, “It hasn’t been the same since you left.”

“He’s right.” Looking over to Jason, who had since removed his helmet and now only sported his domino mask, “It’s better, I have no one babying me now whenever I get hurt.” With her smirk turning into a grin, Jason’s face contorted into a look of mischief and teasing and she took the broad shouldered man into her arms. “Miss you too Jay bird.”

Next was her second younger brother, who seemed a little shell shocked that she was there, but she knew that was the coffee, sleep deprivation and fighting just taking a toll on him. “It’s really you.” The voice was quiet, belonging to her youngest, and only biological, brother who had grown in the two years she was away.

“Yeah, it’s really me.” With arms out wide, Damian practically dived onto the girl, holding her as close as he physically could. (Y/N) was the only one Damian felt comfortable being like this with, being physical and affectionate, Damian sought her out for comfort before she left and even after she left he went to her with his problems and so to be able to hold her in his arms once again was a relief to the youngest of the bunch.

With a deep breath, (Y/N) looked around her with a smile. She was happy,she was with her family, she was home, even if it was only for a short while.


Canadian sniper holds the record for longest confirmed kill once again with the C15.

McMillan TAC-50 C15 .50 BMG

The McMillan Tac-50 is a manually operated, rotary bolt-action rifle. The large bolt has dual front locking lugs, and its body has spiral flutes to reduce weight. The heavy match-grade Lilja barrel is fluted to dissipate heat quickly, reduce overall weight and is fitted with an effective muzzle brake to reduce recoil. The fiberglass McMillan stock is designed to be used with a bipod. The buttstock is adjustable for length of pull with rubber spacers and can be removed for compact storage.

Manufacturer: Mcmillan

Model: TAC-50 C15

Calibre: .50 BMG

Action: Bolt

Trigger Type: Adjustable, set at 3.5 lbs.

Barrel Specifications: 29" Fluted Match Grade Free-Floating Barrel Threaded with Muzzle Brake

Twist Rate: 1:15"

Sights: 5" 30 MOA Picatinny Action Rail

Finish: Matte Black

Stock Description: Adjustable Stock in Olive Drab with Black Marble

Capacity: 5 Round Detachable Box Magazine

Weight: 12 Kg

Overall Length: 57"

Classification: Non-Restricted

Accessories Included: These rifles come with 1 x 5 round magazine, bipod, Pelican case, optic rail and QD buttstock with adjustable integral cheekpiece. 

Additional Features: Extra-long bolt handle to clear large optics

A sniper with Canada’s elite special forces in Iraq has shattered the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in military history at a staggering distance of 3,540 metres.

The Canadian Armed Forces confirmed Thursday that a member of Joint Task Force 2 made the record-breaking shot, killing an Islamic State insurgent during an operation in Iraq within the last month.

“The Canadian Special Operations Command can confirm that a member of Joint Task Force 2 successfully hit a target at 3,540 metres,” the forces said in a statement. “For operational security reasons and to preserve the safety of our personnel and our Coalition partners we will not discuss precise details on when and how this incident took place.”

The elite sniper was using a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle while firing from a high-rise during an operation that took place within the last month in Iraq. It took under 10 seconds to hit the target.

“The shot in question actually disrupted a Daesh [Islamic State] attack on Iraqi security forces,” said a military source. “Instead of dropping a bomb that could potentially kill civilians in the area, it is a very precise application of force and because it was so far way, the bad guys didn’t have a clue what was happening.”

The military source said the JTF2 operation fell within the strictures of the government’s advise and assist mission.

“As stated multiple times in the past, members of the Canadian Special Operations Task Force do not accompany leading combat elements, but enable the Iraqi security forces who are in a tough combat mission,” the statement said. “This takes the form of advice in planning their operations and assistance to defeat Daesh through the use of coalition resources.”

The kill was independently verified by video camera and other data, The Globe and Mail has learned.

“Hard data on this. It isn’t an opinion. It isn’t an approximation. There is a second location with eyes on with all the right equipment to capture exactly what the shot was,” another military source said.

A military insider told The Globe: “This is an incredible feat. It is a world record that might never be equalled.”

The world record was previously held by British sniper Craig Harrison, who shot a Taliban gunner with a 338 Lapua Magnum rifle from 2,475 metres away in 2009.

Previously, Canadian Corporal Rob Furlong had set the world record in 2002 at 2,430 metres when he gunned down an Afghan insurgent carrying an RPK machine gun during Operation Anaconda.

Weeks before, Canadian Master Cpl. Arron Perry briefly held the world’s best sniper record after he fatally shot an insurgent at 2,310 metres during the same operation. Both soldiers were members of the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.

JTF2 special forces are primarily tasked with counterterrorism, sniper operations and hostage rescue. Much of the information about this elite organization is classified and not commented on by the government. The unit’s snipers and members of Canadian Special Operations Regiment, who are carrying out the main task of training Kurdish forces, have been operating in tough conditions in Iraq.

The Trudeau government pulled CF-18 fighter jets out of Iraq in 2016 but expanded the military mission, which will see the number of Canadian special forces trainers climb to 207 from 69 in an assist, train and advise mission. Canadian commandos are not supposed to be involved in direct combat, but are authorized to go up to the front lines on training missions with Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and to paint targets for coalition air strikes.

For operational security reasons, sources would not reveal the names of the elite Canadian sniper and his partner, nor the location where the action took place.

A sniper and his observer partner are often sent to remote and dangerous locations to hunt down insurgents while having to carry heavy equipment. Once they have located the target, snipers follow the same methodical approach before each shot. Breathe in, out, in, out, find a natural pause and then squeeze the trigger.

Canada has a reputation among Western military forces for the quality of its snipers, despite the small size of the Canadian Armed Forces compared to the United States and Britain.

“Canada has a world-class sniper system. It is not just a sniper. They work in pairs. There is an observer,” a military source said. “This is a skill set that only a very few people have.”

The skill of the JTF2 sniper in taking down an insurgent at 3,540 metres required math skills, great eyesight, precision of ammunition and firearms, and superb training.

“It is at the distance where you have to account not just for the ballistics of the round, which change over time and distance, you have to adjust for wind, and the wind would be swirling,” said a source with expertise in training Canadian special forces.

“You have to adjust for him firing from a higher location downward and as the round drops you have to account for that. And from that distance you actually have to account for the curvature of the Earth.”

U.S. Sergeant Bryan Kremer has the longest confirmed sniper kill shot by a U.S. soldier. He killed an Iraqi insurgent with his Barrett M82A1 rifle at 2,300 metres in 2004.


Local female Manbij Military Council trainees learning marksmanship training Feb. 21, 2017, at Sanaa Training Center in Northwest Syria. The MMC is a multi-ethnic force that includes Kurds, Arabs, Christians, Turkmen, Yazidis and others. This is the first cycle of women to graduate and join the MMC. The course is administered by the U.S Special Operations Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve trainers. 

U.S. May Begin Airstrikes on ISIS in the Philippines

U.S. May Begin Airstrikes on ISIS in the Philippines

External image

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte shakes hands with visiting U.S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during a meeting at the presidential palace in Manila, Philippines on Aug. 7, 2017. Erik De Castro / Reuters The Pentagon is considering a plan that allows the U.S. military to conduct airstrikes on ISIS in the Philippines, two defense officials told NBC News. (more…)

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Today, SPEAR remembers MSgt. Thomas A. Saunders who was killed along with seven Marines with U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operation Command when their U.S. Army UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter crashed near Eglin, Florida, March 10, on March 10, 2015.

Please help us honor him, that his memory is never forgotten. Rest easy warrior.

Master Sergeant Thomas Saunders served as a team chief for 2d Marine Special Operations Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Master Sergeant Saunders was born in Bonn, Germany. After graduating High School in Virginia, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and attended basic training in June of 1999. Following basic training, he attended the School of Infantry as was assigned to 2d Battalion, 6th Marines aboard Camp Lejeune, NC.

While in 2d Battalion, 6th Marines LCpl Saunders deployed twice with aboard the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) and participated in OPERATION DYNAMIC RESPONSE in Kosovo, and the 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) participating in OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM.

Returning from deployment Sgt Saunders was selected to go to Special Operations Command-Central and then assigned to a special operations task force participating in combat operations in western Iraq for the early portion of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM.
Returning from Iraq, Sgt Saunders returned to 2d Battalion, 6th Marines and then deployed to Okinawa, Japan for 10 months. Sgt Saunders then received orders to 1st Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST) in Norfolk, Virginia after attending the Basic Security Guard Course in 2004. While in 1st FAST, Sgt Saunders deployed to NAVEUR, and Iraq in support of contingency operations and held Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Operations Chief, and Company Gunnery Sergeant Billets.

In December of 2007, Staff Sergeant Saunders was assigned to 2d Battlion, 1st Marines in Camp Pendleton, Calif. While there he held Platoon Sergeant, Joint Terminal Attack Controller, and Platoon Commander billets, and deployed to Iraq in 2009.

In 2010, Gunnery Sergeant Saunders was assigned to the Marine Special Operations Regiment and was designated a critical skills operator after spending eight months as a liason to US Army Special Operations Command. In February of 2011 he was assigned to 2nd Marine Special Operations Command. In September 2013 he was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant where he deployed later that month as team chief.

Master Sergeant Saunders decorations include the Joint Service Commendation Medal, (2) Navy Marine Commedation Medal, (5) Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, the Combat Infantry Badge, and (5) Good Conduct Medals.

Sabé Headcanons

  • The last of the three handmaidens who stayed on Naboo as a special operations task force after Padmé Amidala was elected as Senator, Sabé is the ‘eldest sister’ and serves as Captain to Eirtaé and Rabé.
  • Even during Padmé’s tenure as Senator, Sabé would still be called to act as a decoy during hostilities
    • This may have caused one or two confusing incidents when a certain rash young Jedi swept in unannounced to save the ‘Senator’ - much to the amusement of the handmaidens and Obi-Wan Kenobi who was, of course, also present
  • Sabé main duty is that of a decoy, and as such is highly skilled in imitation and is incredibly politically savvy - she also speaks a ton of languages, including Twi’leki and (understands) Shryiiwook
  • In incredible contrast to Padmé, Sabé is a realist and slightly pessimistic, viewing the galaxy’s state of affairs with great concern.
  • She is not as skilled in hand-to-hand combat as Rabé, but is a crack shot with a blaster.
  • Drinks whiskey neat and doesn’t really talk a lot if she can get away with it.
  • More than a little in love with Padmé, which… complicates things.
    • Would absolutely die for Padmé - and all of her sisters, too.
  • Very protective - her first instincts and thoughts are about how to best protect her family and loved ones.
  • Less ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ than Eirtaé, but just barely.
  • Sabé’s actual motto is “pray you don’t give me an excuse to show you my claws.”

Three Part South African Special Task Force (SASTF) Documentary series.


Never Forget - Blackhawk Down

On October 3, 1993, Rangers conducted a daring daylight raid with other special operations units in which several special operations helicopters were shot down. For nearly 18 hours, the task force delivered devastating firepower, killing an estimated 600 enemy combatants in what many have called the fiercest ground combat since Vietnam.
18 service members made the ultimate sacrifice in accomplishing their mission. Their courage and selfless service will never be forgotten.
CW4 Raymond Frank
CW3 Clifton Wolcott
CW2 Donovan Briley
MSG Gary Gordon
MSG Timothy Martin
SFC Earl Filmore
SFC Randy Shughart
SSG Daniel Busch
SSG Thomas Field
SSG William Cleveland
SGT Casey Joyce
SGT Cornell Houston Sr.
SGT Dominick Pilla
SGT Lorenzo Ruiz
CPL Jamie Smith
SPC James Cavaco
PFC James Martin Jr.
PFC Richard Kowaleski


Sergeant Lee’s Last Steps.

[1] Afghan National Army special forces and commandos, 6th Special Operations Kandak (SOK), along with U.S. forces take cover after a rocket - propelled grenade was fired towards them on the landing zone from enemy forces during an operation in the Ghorband district, Parwan province, Afghanistan. Afghan and U.S. forces conducted the operation with the goal of capturing several high value targets known for Taliban activity.

[2] U.S. soldiers of the attached to Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan, Afghan National Army special forces and commandos of the 6th Special Operations Kandak, start their objectives during an operation in Ghorband district, Parwan province, Afghanistan. Afghan and U.S. forces conducted the operation with the goal of capturing several high value targets known for Taliban activity. 

[3] A U.S. Special Forces soldier attached to Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan, looks over the valley as a patrol of commandos return from clearing further compounds during an operation in the Ghorband district, Parwan province, Afghanistan. Afghan and U.S. forces conducted the operation with the goal of capturing several high value targets known for Taliban activity.

(U.S. Army photos by Spc. Connor Mendez, 15 JAN 2014.)


United States Army Special Forces

U.S. Special Forces Soldiers, attached to Combined Joint Special Task Force-Afghanistan, Afghan Commandos, of 6th Special Operations Kandak (SOK), help clear compounds with insurgent activity, during an operation in the Khogyani district, Nangahar province, Afghanistan, March 20, 2014. The SFODA and 6th SOK Afghan Commandos were looking for Taliban members known for making and distributing improvised explosive devices (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Connor Mendez/Released)

A Marine with Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, provides security during a partner nation force training exercise at Hurlburt Field, Fla., Aug. 17 – 27. The Marines of 2/8 joined forces with Critical Skill Operators with U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command to strengthen the process-driven capability integration process between Special Operations Forces and the Marine Air Ground Task Force and to increase the Marine Corps’ and MARSOC’s ability to partner with foreign counterparts to advise, train and assist allied security forces. Throughout the 10-day training evolution, Marines with 2/8 played the role of a notional partner nation force, while MARSOC Critical Skills Operators and Special Operations Officers advised, trained and assisted 2/8, increasing both MARSOC’s and 2/8’s ability to advise, train and assist partner nation forces throughout the globe.

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Capt. Barry Morris/Released)

United States Army Special Forces

A U.S. Army Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha soldier assigned to Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan provides security during a clearing operation in Denasaro Kelay village in Mizan district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan, March 8, 2014. Commandos from the Afghan National Army’s 1st Company, 3rd Special Operations Kandak and the SFODA conducted the clearance in order to disrupt the insurgent network’s movement in and out the area. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Sara Wakai/Not Released)


A U.S. Army Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha soldier assigned to Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan fires a Carl Gustav recoilless rifle system after receiving small-arms fire during a clearing operation in Denasaro Kelay village in Mizan district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan, March 8, 2014. Commandos from the Afghan National Army’s 1st Company, 3rd Special Operations Kandak and the SFODA conducted the clearance in order to disrupt the insurgent network’s movement in and out the area. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Sara Wakai)

Egypt’s dubious record at special forces operations.

>In 1978, Egyptian Army Special Forces (Task Force 777) were dispatched via a C-130H to Larnaca International Airport, Larnaca, Cyprus in response to the hijacking of a Cyprus Air passenger aircraft by operatives of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The operation was organized hastily, and Egyptian authorities failed to notify Cyprus of the arrival of the unit. As the Egyptian commandos approached the plane on the tarmac, they were mistaken by the Cyprus security forces as terrorist reinforcements. Cypriot security forces opened fire on the approaching Egyptian SF members, who were without nearby cover and conspicuous in desert camouflage clothing. The firefight cost the lives of 15 members of the 79 members of the Egyptian commando force sent, however there were no reported Cypriot fatalities.

Of the Egyptian commando force, 15 men were killed, in addition to three crew of the C-130H Hercules transport aircraft who were killed when it was struck by a missile. An estimated 15 more Egyptian commandos were reported to have been taken injured to Larnaca General Hospital with gunshot wounds.

Following the assault, it emerged that the surrender of the two hostage-takers had already been secured at the time of the failed Egyptian attack, and the two men were taken prisoner by the Cypriots and later extradited to Egypt, where they received death sentences, later commuted to life sentences.

>In 1985, Task Force 777 was dispatched again to deal with a hijacking, this time to Malta. An Egypt Air Boeing 737 (EgyptAir Flight 648) had landed in Luqa Airport under the control of Abu Nidal faction terrorists, purportedly as retaliation for Egypt’s failure to protect the terrorists that had hijacked the MS Achille Lauro earlier that year. Several hostages were released (11 passengers), and at least one Israeli woman was executed. Although the operation was planned more carefully this time, the TF 777 operators committed several mistakes that would eventually prove fatal to many of the hostages. As explosives were detonated to attempt to blow a hole on the top of the airframe, the explosion ripped through the cabin area, immediately killing 20 passengers. Using the same hole, the operators gained entry to the plane but in the confusion opened fire indiscriminately and killed and injured more passengers. In the ensuing chaos, passengers that managed to flee the plane were then gunned down by snipers in positions around the airport who mistook them for terrorists attempting to escape. 

The total number of passengers killed was 57, out of 88 total.

In conclusion, either deadlier to themselves, or deadlier to the hostages.