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Combat controllers and pararescuemen from the 720th Operations Support Squadron Advanced Skills Training flight at Hurlburt Field, Fla., off-load a UH-1 Huey from the 6th Special Operations Squadron during a combat search and rescue training scenario on Eglin Air Force Base range Sept. 13, 2007.

An Air Force pilot and co-pilot return to base in an AC-130W Stinger II after a live-fire mission to support Emerald Warrior on Hurlburt Field, Florida on April 27, 2015. Emerald Warrior is the Defense Department’s only irregular warfare exercise which allows joint and combined partners to train together and prepare for contingency operations. The airmen are assigned to the 73rd Special Operations Squadron. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Cory D. Payne/Released)


Airmen from the 320th Special Tactics Sqadron worked with the Republic of Korea (ROK) 255th Special Operations Squadron to enhance U.S. and ROK Air Force Special Operations Forces’ ability to conduct infiltration methods, Jump Clearing Team (JCT) operations, airfield establishment, aircraft control and Close Air Support (CAS) familiarization.

Also known as JCET, these exercises are designed to build partnerships and interoperability among special operations forces.

U.S. Air Force photos by Senior Airman Colville McFee

[HIERARCHY] General Staff Chooses New Head

Iitu Hippi, via Valiance Weekly

Today thousands of turian servicepersonnel marched on Cipritine’s streets in honor of the new Head of the Hierarchy General Staff, Admiral Garian Heavex.

“It’s obviously a great honor,” said the Admiral in his speech during the ceremony. “I’ve always served the turian people, and this assignment won’t change that. My aim has always been to protect our race and our way of life.”

Admiral Heavex, tier 26, has served the Turian Hierarchy for over 40 years. He commanded the 20th Fleet during the Reaper War, gaining recognition for his successful defence of the Aganon System. Admiral Heavex also previously served in the Hierarchy’s secretive 85th Naval Special Operations Squadron.

“He’s a good man,” said Master General Lurius, also a General Staffer. “The Admiral has a record of brilliance anywhere he’s gone, and I expect that to continue.”

The Admiral also gained infamy two years ago, when he was arrested on the Citadel. The Admiral was caught red handed, soliciting the services of a prostitute while under the influence of a drug called red sand.

“What a man does in his own time is his own business,” said the General Staff Spokesperson, Executor Jukia Nihilius. “We only care about whether or not he can do his duty, not what he does with his private parts.”

Admiral Heavex will be serving as the Head of General Staff for the next 5 years.


A CV-22B Osprey assigned to the 7th Special Operations Squadron performs an aerial display of its capabilities during the Royal International Air Tattoo at Royal Air Force Fairford, England, July 19, 2015. The U.S. participation in RIAT highlighted the strength of America’s commitment to the security of NATO and its allies.

(U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Chrissy Best)

Gunships provided crucial close air support for nighttime defense of hamlets, outposts, and military bases. This daytime photograph shows an AC-119G from the 17th Special Operations Squadron from Nha Trang Air Base over Tan Son Nhut Air Base in 1969. (U.S. Air Force photo)

If I couldn’t drive up front, I know I wouldn’t mind working in the back of a C-130. Can’t beat the view from the ramp!

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Bronc Berry, a loadmaster with the 522nd Special Operations Squadron, closes the ramp of an MC-130J Commando II aircraft after an airdrop and static line jump May 6, 2014, during Emerald Warrior 14 at Hurlburt Field, Fla. Emerald Warrior is a U.S. Special Operations Command-sponsored two-week joint/combined tactical exercise designed to provide realistic military training in an urban setting. (DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Marleah Miller, U.S. Air Force/Released)


In the darkness, all is shadow.

Members of the 56th Rescue Squadron conduct post-flight inspections on an HH-60G Pave Hawk during exercise Voijek Valour at Hullavington Airfield, England. The 56th RQS from Royal Air Force Lakenheath and the 7th Special Operations Squadron from RAF Mildenhall flew to Hullavington Airfield to train alongside the British Army and Royal Air Force. 

(U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Emerson Nuñez, 4 MAR 2016.)


Sitting at his desk, Levi was once again confronted with pounds upon pounds of fucking paperwork. In his opinion, it was just a waste of trees and he saw little to no point in it. Sighing, he scribbled names, dates, and signatures while barely skimming the content printed upon the page.

It was never enjoyable filling out the names of the dead and missing, but years of doing it made it more bearable. Coming across the names of his fallen squad members sent goosebumps running up his arms and a hard lump in his chest, but nevertheless he set it aside after he signed his name at the bottom. Petra’s name made him grit his teeth, the memory of her happy father jogging alongside his horse suddenly coming full vision.

Pushing the memory aside, he sorted through the other items, picking out the ones that had to be in by tomorrow to do first when he came across a slightly crumpled piece of parchment that did not match the rest of the documents he had been filling out. He eased it out from under the pile, smoothing it out so that he could take a closer look. He was startled to see that it was an actual hand-written letter.

The signature at the bottom was signed by Petra, and addressed to her father back home. Levi swallowed hard, unable to stop himself from thinking of how her sandy brown hair would blow back behind her whenever she would go particularly fast on her 3DMG…

Something told him it was not proper of him to read a private letter, even though Petra was dead now. Perhaps he should give it to her father, seeing as how it never reached him? These questions posed themselves in his mind in attempt to make himself not read the letter in his hands. He did anyway, not even bothering to check and make sure Erwin wasn’t around.

To my dearest Father, it began.

I have gained so much pride in myself these past few weeks, and sometimes I almost wish you could see me on my missions. Of course I don’t actually wish that, for I would never wish potential harm upon you. But you should see me fly. I’m like a bird of prey, swooping down to destroy the titans and protecting my friends and fellow teammates. While it’s so scary, it’s so thrilling and I truly feel like I am alive.

But Papa…nobody can compare to Levi Heichou. He is truly the strongest soldier in all of humanity. He can be a little cold hearted sometimes, but nobody is better than him! And you know what? He tries to act like he’s so big and tough and emotionless, but he truly cares about each and every soldier that has fallen to the titans. He’s seen so many die, but he still keeps fighting…Oh Papa, it’s such a wonder to watch him fight.

Can I tell you a secret? I think I’m in love with him. He’s caring even though he doesn’t show it all the time. He’s so independent and smart and skilled and just perfect in every way. Call me silly, but he is who I want to marry someday even if he will never feel the same way about me. Papa, it’s all I want in life. i want to marry Levi. I hope you don’t find me to be silly or girlish, but I just thought I would let you know!

We’re going on a very crazy expedition soon. A lot of soldiers will die next week, Papa, and I am afraid. But I’ll make it home to you. I promise. I will make you proud.

I love you, Papa!


Levi wanted to crumple up the paper and slash it into tiny pieces. He instantly hated that sheet of paper and everything on it. He wanted to kill something. He wanted that letter to never have existed. He suddenly hated himself, hated whatever force in life that made Peta Ral die like a dog in the woods, and utterly hated the letter in his hands. 

For the first time in his life since he was four years old, he wanted to cry.

He threw it to the floor just as Hanji walked through the door.

“Levi?” she asked. “Are you oka-”

“Take that piece of paper and  get someone deliver it to Petra Ral’s father as soon as you can.”

“What? Why?”

“Just fucking do it, okay?”

Slightly worried, Hanji watched him slam the door behind him, his heavy, clunking footsteps stalking off to his room. She read the letter thoroughly, and when she finished it, she understood.

When Levi got to his room, he threw open the drawer in his private desk, and seized a tiny piece of paper inside that had been there for quite some time. He threw it on the ground and stomped on it, hard enough to leave a mark from his boot, before tearing it into tiny pieces.

He had written on that particular piece of paper a long time ago. Even in pieces, the script was still legible. It had once said;

To the father of Petra Ral,

If occasion permits, I ask for your blessing to marry your daughter if she were to approve of said engagement. I understand the weight of the request at which I am asking, and I also understand I have little money on hand to provide for her. All I have is my wings of protection. If she were to agree, I am willing to do whatever it takes to protect her.

I thank you for your willingness to consider my request.

Levi Heichou Rivaille

Survey Corps Special Operations Squadron