special motorcycle

I have this huge, ex-military biker guy neighbour who is like 80% handlebar moustache and has a ponytail halfway to his ass and him and all his huge biker guy friends all have tiny dogs and special, motorcycle safe seats for them on their bikes and my favourite things is when they all come roaring in on their bikes and take their tiny dogs out of their little studded leather safety carriers there is this loud cacophony of kissy sounds and full blown baby voices like “was that fun sweetie” and “who’s my handsome boy”

ladyblackheart0  asked:

Could I get 33, 81 and 93 with Bucky please? A little fluff, a little smut. Thank you my darling and congrats on 1,000!

Warnings: Mentions of smut, swearing, Bucky being a little shit, Bucky and a motorcycle.

A/N: This was a challenge my friend!

“If you buy that, I’m leaving you.”

Bucky looked over at you from where he was admiring the Harley Davidson 2017 Road King Special Motorcycle. “Oh come on, doll,” he said, sending you a grin. “Look at it.”

“I see it,” you said, voice dripping with sarcasm. “I also see that price tag.”

He reached out to grab your hand and pull you close. “Just imagine it though,” he whispered, wicked grin spread out on his face. “The vibrations from the powerful engine between your legs as we’re speeding down the road.” He bent to his head to your ear, “Or as you bend back over the gas tank as I fuck you.”

A shiver went down your spine. You glanced around to see if anybody had heard him. “Bucky…” You whispered. “I could just choke you right now.”

The sound he made was half laugh, half growl. “Even better.” He bit the side of your neck.

You jumped back and laughed. “You’re bad.”

That sexy smile was always your undoing, “Do this for me and I’ll do anything you want.”

You bit your lip, looking between him and the motorcycle. “Now that is an offer that I can’t refuse.”