special mobs

happy birthday to a special bean!





so i was playing persona 5 that’s why i did’t posted anything last week :p

that game was beautiful !!!!!!! <3 best game i will put it on my top 5 best games <3


so about this comic it’s about reigan get Controlled by his Desire 

well the phantom thieves steal his hart ? 

we will see next time ~

his palace is a Circles and he is ringmaster and what he want is to everybody to see him Famous and Special

Emi & Mob: Kiss/Cuddle/Fight

*high pitched screaming* I LOVE MOBEMI!!! It’s one of the things I actually seriously ship, they are so adorably cute and her arc is one of my favourite parts of the entire comic. It was really at that point I sat there going “Wow, this comic is really something special.”

But ugh omg. Mob and Emi occasionally hanging out. Mob being supportive of Emi’s writing. Emi standing up for Mob the same way he stood up for her. Emi working up the nerve to confess again, for real this time. Even though she thinks she will be rejected, it’s what she wants and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks! Like sign me up!

I really, really like Emi in general, I would love to see more of her. I thought she was spectacularly written, like a really good depiction of a high school girl trying to figure out who she is and what she wants, dealing with peer pressure, trying to understand where she stands. I relate to all that through personal experience. Being a teenager is hard and I thought she was just an amazing representation of some of those things.

I wish there was more content for them *says the artist who is perfectly capable of drawing her own content*