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Croatian Gothic
  • the spring has finally arrived and all the little field flowers are blooming: snowdrops, primroses and violets. you’re careful not to pluck any, since you don’t have the specially issued ministry permit.
  • the elections are over and the votes are being counted. there are more voters than there are living citizens. the elections always unsettle the dead.
  • they were building a new apartment block down the street but the construction site looks abandoned. the lady in the store informs you that the workers have unearthed a WWII mine. you’re just glad it’s not another mass grave. 
  • you work as a waitress on a small island that is popular with foreign tourists. you hate foreigners. you smile sweetly and insult them while plying them with plum moonshine your cousin makes in his basement. the moonshine gives them nosebleeds and amnesia. they are charmed and vow to come again next year.
  • every coastal town now has a music festival but you’re not really sure it’s music they’re playing. all you hear is screeching metallic noises interspersed with loud thumps  and deep arrhythmic humming. the tourist keep coming though, blank-eyed, in droves. every year it takes them longer to return home.
  • you understand the people from all three neighboring countries perfectly but the dialect of the nearby village is undecipherable. you communicate using grimaces and hand gestures.
  • most foreigners cannot locate your country on a map and some even doubt its existence but they still manage to come and visit.
  • you watch a youtube clip about a local man who has two storks nesting on his roof. all the comments revolve around alliances to fascist and communist factions from the second world war. you already know what the comments will say but feel obliged to read them anyway. you can’t help it, it’s a reflex reaction. as you read, feelings of paranoia and rage build into a crescendo inside your skull. you share the link with your friends.

#arrives at the meme 15 minutes late with a starbucks #shutout my bud lilybarthes for lending a helping internet presence #ask me about croatian gothic

True Love's Kiss

Well, kind of, Nonny.

Harry Potter AU, but set after Hogwarts, so after the previous five parts [I, II, III, IV, V].

Also probably not as angsty as you wanted, but I was in a schmoopy mood tonight so you get a bit of angst but ending in happiness because of course.

E/R, established relationship.

Grantaire carefully prodded the canvas with his wand, watching approvingly as the background of the portrait, previously a gorgeous landscape until ruined by an errant charm that escaped the Department of Mysteries, slowly filled in with the proper foliage. He could see the little fox in the background heave a sigh of relief as the hedgerow it clearly lived in reappeared, and grinned.

He had been working for the Ministry of Magic’s Magical Artifacts Office doing magical portrait restoration for over a year now after getting his NEWTs and moving to London with Enjolras. He was still a little thrilled everytime he thought about that fact, that he was living with Enjolras in a tiny little flat off Diagon Alley and they were both doing their dream jobs, that life after Hogwarts had somehow turned out to be better than he could ever imagine.

Allowing himself a triumphant smile, he slowly straightened, running the tip of his wand one last time over the portrait for last-minute touch-ups, and was surprised by arms that suddenly snaked around his waist and a kiss being pressed to the side of his neck. “This better not be Bossuet playing a trick on me again,” Grantaire said warningly, turning slowly to grin at Enjolras, who raised an eyebrow at him.

“Do I even want to know?” Enjolras asked resignedly, though he was smiling as he leaned in to give Grantaire a proper kiss.

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A group of young Christian men from various congregations in Havana, Cuba are trying to organize a retreat for young Christians.

Please pray with them for favor in securing a venue - they have been turned down by the owners of such facilities and even requested to obtain a special permit from the Ministry of Justice.

Young Christians in Cuba do not have places where they can get together for Christian fellowship.


 Special Ghoul : Ministry of Music Interview

10 Things Christian Parents Can Do When Their Kids Have Just Come Out

by Pastor John Pavlovitz

You have a gay child.

If you’ve just found this out, I know that it may be nearly impossible to say or understand or even believe it right now, but you do.

Christian Mom and Dad, do you remember everything you did before your child was born: all the advice you solicited, the books you read, the preparations you made, the prayers you prayed, the beautiful dreams you composed in your head for how their lives would unfold?

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t on your radar. I know this wasn't what you signed up for.

Right now, your mind might be a swirling, dizzying storm of questions, fears, worry, doubt, anger, grief, and disbelief, and it probably feels like you’re drowning—so over your head as a parent that you’re desperately gasping for some precious breaths of air.

Let me try to throw you a lifeline.

I’m not going to preach to you, or tell you what to do, and I certainly can’t give you any words that will magically reset your family back to the way it was in your dreams, but maybe I can help you build a new dream. As a pastor and parent, let me give you some suggestions to hopefully help still the waters and give you a place to begin this new course for you and your child.

1. Breathe. Rest for a moment in the presence of God. Let your heart rate slow, let your mind still, and lean on what you believe about His character and goodness. Know and trust that God is big enough to carry you through this, that He has enough wisdom and love for you, for your child, and for the questions you have now and the questions to come. God is not surprised by your child’s sexuality, by the challenge it might be for you, or by anything else that is coming. God has you.

2. Fix your heart securely to your sleeve. Make no mistake—awkward, messy, tearful, painful conversations with your child are ahead, but fully commit to having them. The greatest gift you can give your son or daughter right now is to offer them the same soul-baring honesty they have given you. Show them the great humility of admitting that you don’t understand, but also the deep compassion of showing that you want to understand. Come clean about your questions and your inability to grasp so much about this, but be relentless in reminding your child that they are loved, and that because of this love, you want to walk alongside them.

3. Pray the most important prayer. Right now you might be tempted to pray that God will “fix” or change your child, that He simply and immediately remove this very difficult reality from your family. From my 18 years of experience as a pastor, I would caution against this, as the odds are extremely slim. I do want you to pray, though. I want you to pray honestly and fervently and continually that God will be present to you and your family in this journey. Pray that He will work in and around and through you all as you navigate this in a way that blesses you. Instead of praying for answers or solutions, simply pray for God’s presence in the unknowing, and welcome it.

4. Become a student. Learn everything you can: about sexuality, about the human body, about LGBT culture, about your child. One of the most difficult parts of our lives as parents and adults is admitting when we’re at the limit of what we know and understand. Chances are, you already have some ideas about homosexuality: very specific, passionate ones. Some are a product of your upbringing, of your understanding of Scripture, or simply of the life you’ve lived. Do your best to put those aside and become a willing student of sexuality. Ask difficult questions from all sorts of people, and don’t seek the answers you think you already have, but instead to learn things you don’t yet know. Don’t be afraid to seek truth.

5. Realize that you’ll be in or out of the closet as a family. One of the most difficult decisions you’ll make as this journey unfolds is who to share this news with. It’s incredibly difficult and stressful to choose who you can trust with this intimate part of your lives, but know this: You will make this decision and experience the results together. If you decide to be “out” with your child’s sexuality, you will be “out” as a family. You’ll inherit the unfair stigma of that sexuality, and you may at times face the same judgment, discrimination, and pushback that your child does. Likewise, if you choose to keep your child’s sexual identity hidden, you, too, will experience the strain of keeping part of you hidden, and the internal struggle of partial honesty with people around you.

6. Remember who you are to your kids. Your child probably looks different to you as a result of what they’ve shared about their sexuality, but it’s important to realize that they haven’t changed their perception of you. You are still Mom or Dad. You’re still the most influential people in their lives—the ones they look up to and turn to and seek approval from and refuge in. Now, more than ever, they need your steady love to form the bedrock of their lives in a world that is and will be extremely unstable. In the middle of your own doubts and difficulties, passionately pursue your kids and do every thing you can to assure them of the unwavering love that you have for them. This is where the rubber meets the road, Mom and Dad.

7. Play this movie until the end.  I know that it all seems quite impossible, and that you can’t really see beyond today, but I can promise you that the way things are right now is not always the way things will be. Just like any difficult event, there is no substitute for time. You will grow and learn and come to understand things. The rawness and urgency of these days will fade, and the jagged edges of uncertainty will soften, though it won’t happen in a moment, but over a million moments strung together. There’s no way around this thing. You simply have to do the dirty, unpleasant, uncomfortable work of getting up every day and living.

8. Let yourself off the hook. Mom and Dad: you didn’t cause this. I know you’d like to take responsibility right now and to blame yourself for what your child has shared, because as heartbreaking as that would be, at least you’d have a fixed place to direct your anger and sadness, but it wouldn’t be at all fair. Your child’s sexuality is not your responsibility. There were no magic words you did or didn’t say, no duty as a parent that you failed to perform, no love that you withheld or failed to express that could have prevented it. This is so much bigger than you, so do yourself a favor and take your child’s sexuality off of your shoulders. You were never in charge of carrying it.

9. Act natural. By this, I mean to continue parenting as normal. Do all the things that you did before you discovered your child’s hidden reality: spend time with your kids, attend their games, help with their homework, pester them to clean their rooms and eat their vegetables and get off the computer. Go on vacations, go out to dinner, go shopping. Continue to be a family in as many normal, ordinary, routine ways as you can, because the wonderful reality is that you are still a family. Don’t postpone your home life or your family’s future until you reach some decision or get some clarity at a later date. Your kids are growing up now, and the precious, fleeting days you have with them are happening as we speak. Go and be a family.

10. Trust God. It may seem like a trite religious platitude right now, but it’s the heart of truth in this or any day. God, if He’s God, is bigger than this, and outside of it, and capable of revealing His character through it all. Give God you and your decisions, your children, your future, and every single unanswered or unanswerable question that you have, and believe that you and your kids already have everything you need.

Mom and Dad, today as any day: be encouraged.


Pastor John Pavlovitz is a father of two (Noah and Selah) and husband of one (Jennifer); a 17-year ministry veteran, specializing in rabble-rousing, engineering mayhem, and generally trying to live-out the red letters of Jesus. He enjoys songwriting, exercising, cooking, hiking, and eating emotionally.


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modernism-has-killed-god-deacti  asked:

Can you explain why the Catholic Church believes that women are not called to priesthood (other than tradition)? Thanks :)


Actually, I cannot explain this teaching very well. But I can say this. The practice of calling only men to the priesthood, in the view of the Catholic Church, is based on the will and decision of the Lord Jesus Christ, not on “tradition” in the sense of ancient practices and vague ideas about the proper roles of men and women according to cultural mores.

As the Founder of the Church, Jesus’ decisions in all things are the final and non-negotiable criteria for Church sacraments, code of conduct, and outlines of worship. Catholics see the pope and bishops as a body of elders who merely transmit, and do not reinvent, the doctrinal message and practice of Jesus Christ.

The priesthood itself has its origin in the Law of Moses which was given to the Chosen People of Israel. In that Law, the special worship ceremonies and the sacrifices performed by the Israelite people required the establishment of a priesthood. Therefore, Aaron was High Priest in the time of Moses, and the tribe of Levi was assigned the other duties of sacrifice and worship. 

Jesus Christ, in the New Testament, presented Himself as the true, eternal High Priest who brought to an end the worship, and works, of the Law of Moses, and established a new covenant in His Blood. In this New Testament, Jesus Christ is the one, and only Priest, the one and only sacrifice, and the one and only Mediator between God and the human race.

In Protestant Christianity, Jesus Christ did not establish a special priesthood since, after His Blood Atonement, there is no more need for an altar, a sacrificial lamb, and the Blood which reconciles us to God. Since the sacrifice of Jesus is “once for all time” then after Jesus, there is no more sacrificial, ministerial priesthood, either in the Jewish nation, or in the Church. There is only a universal lay priesthood of all baptized believers.

Catholic Christianity disagrees and condemns this doctrine, saying that Christ wished His Sacrifice to be made real and present at the table or altar of the Christian assembly: “Do this in remembrance of Me.” In order for this Supper of the Lord to make Christ real and present in the Sacrament of holy Communion, it is necessary to have a special priesthood of ministry and sacrifice.

For Catholics, Christ turns to His apostles, and by commanding them to offer His Body and Blood at the Supper of the Mass, He in effect transmits to them the fullness of His priestly powers. The Apostles in turn lay hands on the presbyters and deacons, who receive a share in the orders of ministry—Holy Orders. 

In the ancient times of the New Testament Church, we do not see these men being called priests, but overseers (episcopoi) and elders (presbyteroi). Nonetheless, their conferral of the Holy Spirit, ministry of reconciliation (confession), anointing of the sick,and presiding over the gathering of the Breaking of the Bread, are seen as priestly acts which replace the Temple worship, especially after the Romans destroyed the Jerusalem Temple in 70 AD and in effect brought to an end the priesthood of Aaron.

In both the priesthood of Aaron, the priesthood of Jesus Christ, and the ministry of Apostles, presbyters, and deacons, we see a unanimous decision that God intends these offices for men only. However, women were on occasion also called “deacon” which means “servant.” But it seems as if the ancient Church did not see them as the equivalent of the male deacons.

Why did Jesus continue the Mosaic practice of calling only men to serve in the Christian assembly as ministers of the New Covenant? Why did Christ pour out a share of His priesthood on male Apostles and their male successors, excluding women from this calling? Yes, Mary Magdalene was a follower of Jesus, but she is never, ever mentioned as having decision making interaction with Peter, James, John, Paul and the other pillars of the Church. So she was never regarded in the Church as a priest.

In addition, when women appeared to get into arguments during church assemblies, even to the point of correcting men, St. Paul gives a harsh correction to them and categorically states the he would not tolerate to have women in authority over men in the church assembly. Was there a view that God had given men a divine calling to assume the role of supervision over women? Perhaps. Was there a view that women might be better suited to the “nurturing” and “compassion” ministries in the Church, but not “leadership” roles? Perhaps.

Some theologians believe that their is masculine and feminine typology and symbolism in the sacramental celebrations. The assembly of believers, they say, takes on the symbol of the feminine, at the Christian Eucharist. The priest who presides, takes the place of Christ, and assumes the masculine symbolism of giving. This is called the marital or nuptial symbolism of Christ (Groom) and His Church (the Bride). 

There is a belief, in this outlook, that it is part of the male mystique to “give” or “generate” as in when the man gives his seed to the woman during marriage, and it is the role of the feminine mystique to receive and nurture the new life which the paternal/male has generated.

Thus, at liturgy, it would be wrong for the person who takes the place of Christ at worship (the priest) to be feminine, because Christ was a man who described His role and action in masculine terms (calling Himself the Bridegroom often). Is this part of the reason that Jesus Christ only called male Apostles, and that the ancient Church only had men succeed to the office of Apostle or presbyter? Perhaps. 

Perhaps there was a concern by Christ, that when He was gone, to keep that role intact, of the male (priest) who gives or pours out to the female (assembly of Christians) the Word and Sacrament that they receive and use to produce the new life of the Church. 

In other words, the masculinity of the priest is not just his sexuality and gender. His masculinity is symbolically meaningful–a powerful, even unconscious way of making Christ as Bridegroom present in His Church, in a way that a woman priest cannot.

There are some who believe that Christ called men, and not women, because leadership and ruling over the assembly is more of a male than a female trait. It is “as natural as having a father rule over the household.” I do not find that rationale to be convincing. 

I cannot penetrate the mind of Christ. He did not explain to us His decision of establishing a male Apostleship. But since He did establish the Apostles to be only men, it is taken for granted in the first centuries of the Church that this decision is from God, and is final.







God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

A officer from a special unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs shows his skill before an annual relay race in Minsk, Belarus, September 4, 2010. REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

anonymous asked:

why do you like snsd better than for example exo or any other idols?

Because of the fact that they really proved every single doubters out there. Back when they just debuted girl groups weren’t considered important. It was always about the boy groups and many people said Girls’ Generation wasn’t even gonna make it far. They weren’t good enough to take things further. But being the hardworking and passionate girls they are, they worked harder than ever and make it to the top. That’s what I call dedication and true passion. They’re not just singers but they’re Artists
As their popularity grew many people kept saying they were going to flop anytime soon, but nope, 6 years later. They are Asia’s number one girl group. ‘Mr.Mr.’ was named among TIME’s top 25 songs of 2014. ‘I Got A Boy’ ranks #5 on TIME’s top 10 songs of 2013. They have become a prominent figure in South Korean culture and music noting you girls as being representative figure of South Korean culture. Not only have you become 1st or 2nd placing as Korea’s Top Celebrity once, but 5 times And let’s no forget, they’re best friends with Youtube and Billboard. And the fact that they won 9 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS on ONE music Show. And also, the first ever group to win 1st place on their very first comeback of the year (2014, very first music show, very first performance. 

ALSO. They are #20 on the list of Best Selling Girl Group - Physical Sales. #1 on Best Selling Girl Group - Digital Sales. The highest on Best Selling Girl Group Singles- Worldwide with 6.5 Million with ‘Gee’. And this is of all time.

  • 2007 - Into the New World - Best Rookie Group (Cyworld Digital Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Gee - Song of the Month January (Cyworld Digital Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Gee - Bonsang Award (Cyworld Digital Music Awards)
  • 2007 - Girls’ Generation - Popularity Award (Golden Disk Awards)
  • 2007 - Girls’ Generation - Rookie Award (Golden Disk Awards)
  • 2009 - Gee - Digital Daesang Award (Golden Disk Awards)
  • 2009 - Gee -Digital Bonsang Award (Golden Disk Awards)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - Popularity Award (Golden Disk Awards)
  • 2010 - Oh! second album - Disk Bonsang Award (Golden Disk Awards)
  • 2010 - Oh! second album - Disk Daesang Award (Golden Disk Awards)
  • 2011 - The Boys - Digital Bonsang Award (Golden Disk Awards)
  • 2011 - The Boys - Digital Daesang Award (Golden Disk Awards)
  • 2013 - I Got a Boy - Disk Bonsang Award (Golden Disk Awards)
  • 2013 - I Got a Boy - Popularity Award (Golden Disk Awards)
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation - 2009 Top 10 (MelOn Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation - 2009 Artists Of The Year (MelOn Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation - 2009 Smart Radio (MelOn Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation - 2009 Mobile Music (MelOn Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Gee - 2009 Song Of The Year (MelOn Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Gee - 2009  Odyssey (MelOn Music Awards)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - 2010 Top 10 (MelOn Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation - 2010 Artists of the Year (MelOn Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation - 2010 Best Dressed Singer (MelOn Music Awards)
  • 2011 - Girls’ Generation - Global Artist (MelOn Music Awards)
  • 2008 - Girls’ Generation - Best Newcomer Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2008 - Girls’ Generation - High1 Music Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2008 - Girls’ Generation - Popularity Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Gee - Bonsang Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Gee - Daesang Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Gee - Digital Music Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2009 - Gee - Popularity Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2010 - Oh! - Bonsang Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2010 - Oh! - Daesang Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2010 - Oh! Hallyu Special Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2010 - Oh! Popularity Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2011 - The Boys - Daesang Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2011 - The Boys - Popularity Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2011 - The Boys - Bonsang Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2013 - I Got a Boy - Bonsang Award (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 2007 - Girls’ Generation - Best New Female Group (Annual Korean Entertainment Arts Awards)
  • 2008 - Girls’ Generation - Best Female Group (Annual Korean Entertainment Arts Awards)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - Best Female Group (Annual Korean Entertainment Arts Awards)
  • 2010 - Gee - Song Of The Year (Korean Music Awards)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - Group Musician of the Year Netizen Vote (Korean Music Awards)
  • 2011 - Girls’ Generation - Best Female Group (Mnet Asian Music Awards)
  • 2011 - Girls’ Generation - Artist of the Year (Mnet Asian Music Awards)
  • 2013 - Girls’ Generation - Best Female Group (Mnet Asian Music Awards)
  • 2008 - Kissing You - How Sweet Music (Mnet 20’s Choice Awards)
  • 2012 - Girls’ Generation (TTS) - Hot Trendy Music (Mnet 20’s Choice Awards)
  • 2012 - The Boys - Album of the Year (Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards)
  • 2012 - Girls’ Generation - Oricon Hallyu Singer (Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards)
  • 2013 - Twinkle - Album of the Year (Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards)
  • 2013 - Twinkle -Song of the Year (May) (Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards)
  • 2014 - I Got A Boy - Album of the Year (Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards)
  • 2014 - I Got A Boy - Song of the Year (January) (Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards)
  • 2010 - Oh! - Song of the Year (KBS Music Festival)
  • 2008 - Girls’ Generation - Th Best Asian Artist Award (Asia Song Festival)
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation - Asian Best Group (Asia Song Festival)
  • 2011 - Girls’ Generation - Asian Best Group (Asia Song Festival)
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation - Top Buzz Star: Female Singer Category (Yahoo!Asian Buzz Awards)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - Top Buzz Star: Female Singer Category (Yahoo!Asian Buzz Awards)
  • 2010 - Oh! M/V - Topp Buzz Music Video (Yahoo!Asian Buzz Awards)
  • 2011 - Girls’ Generation - Best Girl Group (SBS MTV Best of the Best)
  • 2009 - Favourite Female Singer (Nickelodeon Korea Kids’ Choice Awards)
  • 2010 - Favourite Female Singer (Nickelodeon Korea Kids’ Choice Awards)
  • 2013 - Favourite Female Singer (Nickelodeon Korea Kids’ Choice Awards)
  • 2014 - Best of World Star (Japan Gold Disc Award)
  • 2011 - The Best 5 New Artists (Domestic) (Japan Gold Disc Award)
  • 2011 - New Artist of the Year (Domestic) (Japan Gold Disc Award)
  • 2012 - Album of the Year (Asia) (Japan Gold Disc Award)
  • 2012 - Best 3 Albums (Asia) (Japan Gold Disc Award)
  • 2013 - Paparazzi - Song of the Year by Download (Asia) (Japan Gold Disc Award)
  • 2013 - The 1st Japan Tour DVD - Best Music Video (Asia) (Japan Gold Disc Award)
  • 2014 - Girls’ Generation II: Girls & Peace - Best 3 Albums (Asia) (Japan Gold Disc Award)
  • 2014 - Love & Peace - Best 3 Albums (Asia) (Japan Gold Disc Award)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation ‘Gee’ - New Artist (Japan Record Award)
  • 2011 - Genie - Best Pop Music Video (Space Shower Music Video Awards)
  • 2011 - Genie - Best Group Video (MTV Video Music Awards Japan)
  • 2011 - Genie - Best Karaoke! Song (MTV Video Music Awards Japan)
  • 2012 - Girls’ Generation - Album of the Year (MTV Video Music Awards Japan)
  • 2013 - Girls’ Generation - Best Female Group (Allkpop)
  • 2013 - ’ I Got A Boy’ - Song of the Year  (Allkpop)
  • 2013 - ’ I Got A Boy’ - Best Choreography Female (European So-Loved Awards)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - Artist of the Year (Soompi Gayo Awards)
  • 2012 - Girls’ Generation TTS - Top 10 Artist (Soompi Gayo Awards)
  • 2013 - ‘I Got A Boy’ - Video of the Year (Youtube Music Awards)
  • 2013 - ‘Gee’ - 100,000,000 views (VEVOCertified Awards)
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation - Young Artist Award (Incheon Culture Day Ceremony)
  • 2009  - Girls’ Generation - Artist Daesang (17th Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards)
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation - Teen Musical Artist Award (17th Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards)
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation’s Hello Baby - Best Picture for Variety (4th Korean Cable TV Awards)
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation - Ahjumma Group Award - MBC Digest Awards
  • 2009 - Girls’ Generation - Special Award (Best Singer) (2009 MBC Entertainment Awards)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - Content Industry Award (Special Honor) (Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism )
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - Singer Award ( 22nd Korea PD Awards)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - Best Singer Award (37th Korean Broadcasting Awards)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - Best Advertising Models Award (2010 Korea Advertising Awards)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - Best Singer Dresser (The 26th Annual Korea Best Dresser)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - Pop Culture Award (2nd Korean Wave Industry Award)
  • 2010 - Girls’ Generation - Art Category (2010 Proud Korean Awards)
  • 2010 - Gee - Best Single - (BIGLOBE Music Awards)
  • 2011 - Run Devil Run - Album of the Year (Taiwann KKBOX Awards)
  • 2011 - Girls’ Generation - Best Korean Artists (The 1st Brazil’s J-Station Music Awards)
  • 2011 - Oh! - Music Video of the Year (2010 Daum Life on Awards)
  • 2011 - Girls’ Generation - Asia Star Award (6th Asia Model Festival Awards)
  • 2011 - Girls’ Generation - Pop Music Awards (2nd Korea Republic Seoul Cultural Art Awards)
  • 2011 - Girls’ Generation - Bonsang Award (Style Icon Awards)
  • 2011 - Girls’ Generation - Prime Minister’s Award (Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards)
  • 2011 - Girls’ Generation - Best New Artist (iTunes Rewind 2011)
  • 2011 - Girls’ Generation - Hallyu Grand Award (19th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards)
  • 2012 - Girls’ Generation - Special Award for Female Catergory: Singer (23rd Japan Best Jewellery Wearer Awards)
  • 2012 - Girls’ Generation - The Most Popular Asian Artists (7th Seed Awards)
  • 2013 - Girls’ Generation - Best Jeanist (30th Best Jeanist Award)
  • 2013 - Girls’ Generation - Best Global Idol Group (10th Hauding Award)
  • 2014 - The Boys - Packaging Design (iF Design Award)
  • 2014 - I Got A Boy - Packaging Design (iF Design Award)

And these DOES NOT include Individual awards from each members. 

I’m listing all of these because of the hard word they’ve done. That’s why I like them. They’re passionate and hardworking especially for them because they had so many, MANY doubters.

In the same vein as Evil Bro Fist


So yes, whoops.  Out of pages again.  Unfortunately work has kept me very VERY busy for the past few months.  While the script is written through the end of this issue at least, unfortunately we haven’t finished work on the pages.  But fear not– you’ll have more of “Fernin and Cyrus make everyone miserable” soon enough!