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Seven planets, including three habitable ones, found around ultra-cool dwarf star

“Unlike the worlds in our Solar System, each one should be tidally locked to the parent star, meaning that the same side always sees “day” while the opposite side resides in eternal night. Yet life on Earth began in the oceans, and of these seven worlds, the fourth, fifth and sixth might all have conditions to support liquid oceans or lakes – if the atmosphere is favorable – bathed in eternal sunlight.”

What is it that makes our Solar System special? It’s Earth, of course. A rocky planet of the right mass and composition, the right distance from our Sun, the right atmosphere, the surface oceans, and all the life that’s ensued is what makes us special. Not just special, but unique, at least among the planets we’ve found so far. But there are other planetary systems out there with Earth-like worlds. Similar to Earth in mass, size, temperature and many other conditions, these might represent planets where life similar to what we find here arose. For the first time, we’ve found a planetary system with not just one Earth-like, potentially habitable world, but three!

Come meet the worlds around the ultra-cool star TRAPPIST-1, and learn what the prospects are for these worlds being truly Earth-like.


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STAY MV behind the scenes” X2

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Jen and Liam and everyone else associated with THG except Josh have managed to be gracious and acknowledge what that franchise did for them while moving away from it.

In part I feel like this has to do with a solid team of professional people behind them and also their general attitude towards the franchise.

Josh has his mom, his friends, a manager who plays poker with him and a publicist who specializes in PR relationships for promo. This was probably that brain trusts idea to make him seem cool and an artist. Josh of course approved this, he is the boss of these people, but I don’t see anything changing about the way he handles himself until he gets rid of these people.

There is nothing more that will turn fans away from you then being an ungrateful brat to the thing that made you famous. It doesn’t make you special or hip, it makes you look like a whiny baby.

Look at singers who left boy bands and trashed them as they left. Sure they keep a small group of diehards but loose the rest and don’t gain any favors from outsiders looking in. No one likes a whiny baby trying to be above it all. Especially one that hasn’t done anything after the fact.

Josh’s team fucked up and made him look like shit. Josh approved it.

It’s baffling. But I bet you 20 bucks when Hulu is trying to market Josh and Future Man he’ll be sucking up to the THG fan base. Hulu and Josh need subscribers. Good luck bud.

⦿∙○ Schedule & Specials ❢

“What’s poppin’ Cali? It’s ya fave youngin’ Niko kickin’ off my new tattoo shop located on Hollywood Blvd. My hours are set up according to my classes and free time so it’s best to meet the times listed or call my business phone on Mondays and Fridays to make special appointments. Listed below is a list of specials I have going on throughout the week, come through for ink or piercings! And make sure to tell ya friends about Tat Soul!

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Young mcreaper76, cake (for your request things! I hope this pairing is okay, of not, the mc76)

McReaper76 + Cake

“This was not quite what I’d had in mind for tonight,” McCree admitted, unable to hide the amusement in his voice as he peered across at where Jack had dozed off. It was the first time they’d had to spend together, just the three of them since their reconciliation and he’d tried to make it special, cooking dinner…with only three disasters…and even going so far as to beg Ana to help him bake a cake for dessert…yet he couldn’t find it in himself to be disappointed that Jack had fallen asleep, even if his slice of cake was largely untouched, the plate in danger of falling off his lap at any moment.

“I told you that we should have skipped dessert,” Gabe’s voice revealed nothing, but there was a softness to his eyes as he glanced across at Jack, some of his nanites shooting out just in time to catch the plate as Jack shifted, grumbling under his breath as he turned and curled against Gabriel. “Some of us,” he tilted his head pointedly down at Jack as he set the plate down on the ground out of harms way. “Are old men now.”


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Hey on the Mark 3 reference sheet, what is the blacked out part that describes her?

Mod: At the time it was to make her special ability a secret because myself and sketchy were still wondering what special ability she had. We have since thought of an ability for her which you’ll see later in this story arc. Side note, you reminded me that I need to update the reference sheet page. So thanks for that :)

Why Robron Means So Much To Me

I could go on forever about what makes Robron special, why it is they stand out from an entire legion of couples in the ever-enduring saga of British Soap… I could rave continuously about Danny and Ryan, their incomparable acting abilities, their genuine and mesmerising chemistry, and their charming and endearing dedication and affection for their characters and storylines… In fact, I probably will. Danny and Ryan, as Aaron and Robert respectively, are magnets. They draw the audience towards them, like moths to a flame, commanding every scene they are in. Which is one of the main reasons why Robron, together, will forever be a force to be reckoned with.

Another is timing… Emmerdale, in my opinion, have paced the Robron saga perfectly with some fantastic writing and storylines allowing the time and space to develop two complex three-dimensional characters and enable them to truly grow. It doesn’t feel like a seen-before Soap Opera relationship because they have allowed it the time and depth a real relationship needs to grow… Nothing feels forced or staged about it… It doesn’t feel like acting… And just as Danny has said his and Ryan’s relationship has grown stronger and deeper alongside Aaron and Robert’s, so has the audience’s connection to the characters and their relationship. This is why so many people, of all backgrounds, are so invested in Robron - because we have been allowed the time to form a deeper emotional attachment to the couple. And that’s what keeps the fans supporting the storyline, even if the plot doesn’t always go the way we’d like - the fact that once an emotional attachment has been made, it can be difficult to sever. Robron has the potential of the longevity to enable them to join the list of only a select few notorious Soap couples through time, as long as the production team continue to nurture it the way they are…

And that brings me to now… The wedding… From two years of dreaming and hoping, to the reality now… With a patient and loyal fandom, genuinely overwhelmed to finally see Emmerdale prove that longevity onscreen. And that’s what I want to focus on… The significance of this moment, the reason that this wedding was such A Big Deal. Because, for me, the thing that differentiates Robert and Aaron from every other TV coupling is what they represent. I don’t mean as individual characters, I mean Robron. As a union. Let’s think about everything they have been through - individually, and together - and the fact that they’re still stood right by each other’s side, because “I’m not messing you around” and “I want messed up. With you. Forever.” Because through all of that, Robron have become a motif for me. They’ve become a symbol - of loyalty, of patience, of determination, tenacity, resilience, of unconditional love. And isn’t that what everyone wants? I have a chronic and degenerative life-limiting illness, and Robron have provided a source of comfort for me. We all have our coping mechanisms, our ways of escaping our own lives - and isn’t that what all fiction is for? To transport the audience from their own life and into the character’s. I know that this is what many people feel about Robron, and I’m sure, like me, it is largely due to what their partnership means. As a chronic illness sufferer, these tropes are huge for me. I have spent my life building up the patience and resilience to cope with my condition, to not let my broken body break my soul. And chronic illness doesn’t just affect the individual, it affects the whole circle around them. I’m incredibly fortunate and blessed to have the support, loyalty and unconditional love of my family, no matter what I - or my illness - may ask of them. And it is this that fills every day of my life with hope. And that, to me, is ultimately what the union of Robron has come to represent - hope. Because two years ago, who would have thought the boys would get hitched? Who would have thought we’d be here now, the day after the Robron wedding? We would have thought it impossible… And that is what gives people hope… The belief that the impossible can be a reality… The belief in miracles… That is why the Robron wedding - in its completely unconventional and perfect form - and their continuing story thereafter means so much. Because they represent one of the most rewarding, fulfilling and gratifying aspects of the entire spectrum of human emotion - Hope. Hope is all about the future, and for someone with a degenerative physical illness - which has stolen so many abilities, dreams, and plans - the future can sometimes be difficult to think about. That is why I cling to hope. And that’s what Emmerdale have created with Robron. Robron are the very definition of commitment and I, for one, will continue to feel truly moved and grateful to see that play out onscreen.

So, here’s to Mr. Sugden and Mr. Dingle, and their future - “However… Wherever…”