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You are everything good in this world.
—  Poets Love Her

Trini and Kim’s parents love the other girl. Kimberly’s because they’re glad their daughter has new friends after her “incident” and Trini’s because they’re glad their daughter has friends at all.

But you know who isn’t all for the Trimberly relationship? Trini’s little brothers. Like…maybe they used to do stuff together on weekends like watch cartoons and make special breakfasts and go play at the park. Or she’d chill with them after school and watch them when her parents were busy. Or she’d sneak them treats after bedtime and before dinner. Just generally being the cool but exasperated older sister who is trying to make sure her brothers never feel alone like she did.

Well, now that she’s a ranger, things have changed. She’s gone more now. And yeah, they’ve noticed she smiles more but they’re kids. They miss how it used to be and just see their big sister slipping away. Trini probably doesn’t even realize how important those moments with her brothers were to them. The feeling is mutual, of course, she just didn’t know that they valued that time as much as she did.

Anyway, since she can’t tell them the real reason she’s been different lately, they sort of pinpoint Kimberly as the problem because she’s the one they see her with the most. They’re not mean to her, but they are standoffish and aloof. Kimberly figures it out pretty fast. The boys are fascinated with Zach and Jason and Billy and just Do Not fuck with Kim and almost seem scared of her sometimes.

Trini would never admit it, but she talks highly of her little brothers and Kim knows their time together is just as important to her girlfriend as their couple time and she’s been missing them too. So. Kimberly tells her it’s okay. To go hang out with her little brothers. She knows she misses them. Trini does and they’re thrilled. Since Kim knows what’s up she just…leaves Trini alone for the weekend and chills with the other rangers. Like, not going MIA or anything, but just telling her to enjoy her weekend and don’t worry about entertaining her. She’ll sneak in Sunday night and can tell her all about it. She also bans the others from bothering her with their shenanigans.

Cut to the next weekend and her brothers are ready for a repeat. But Kimberly is there. Trini’s noticed the tension but has just? Kinda hoped it would go away on its own. Anyway, Kimberly being the understanding gf that she is is about to leave and Trini is all pouty because hey, she planned this movie night for all of them and she kinda wanted to cuddle her girl tonight. Kimberly stays because that pout, who could resist? Not her. In the morning, Kimberly gets up super early and can’t go back to sleep. Trini’s out like a light and she doesn’t wanna wake her. The boys come barreling in and one, they’re a little awestruck that Kim is still there because “does our mom know you spent the night?” and two, they’re hungry and want their sister to make her special pancakes. Kimberly’s all like “we should let her sleep” and tells them she’s a great cook, she can get breakfast started and pls don’t tell your parents that I stayed over. Kimberly is not a great cook. In fact, she’s terrible. The boys quickly realize it and guide Kim through what Trini does but they really don’t pay that much attention and the food is horrible and disgusting. But they have flour fights and jam to some music and bond a little bit. They’re making progress.

Maybe next week Kimberly brings some movies that she thinks they’ll like. The week after that (and with Trini’s help) she makes some traditional desserts and treats for them. After that she brings some stuff that her mom made for them to try. (Idk I just love the idea of them giving each other culture lessons.)

They discuss the Power Rangers. Kim “makes up” all kinds of awesome stories for them and they love it. Trini does too. She’s so used to being alone, and here’s Kimberly, actively trying to engage herself in her life.

Eventually, they just…like Kim and get used to her and her sister being a thing and having to share her until they’re not really sharing her anymore and Kim is just a permanent fixture in their, and their sister’s, life.

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8 people you would terribly miss on here and one thing that makes them special! Spread the love!

Okay here we go

@justholdinghandsok because she is Bae and she has to endure my weirdness all the time to any hour of the day and she takes my weird humor without running the other way ❤️

@sunshinetoday because she keeps me up to date and is just an amazing person! And I’m so happy to call her a friend -also working on @naya-kismet has been a blast with her and I’m looking forward to all that will come 💜

@sembell I mean she got DD and GA to gaze at each other. Also MF… and she is funny and kind! 💚

@ilove-gillian she is funny and kind and not afraid to speak her mind and next time I’m in LA we will definitely have a great time 😉😂💛

@gunningforabasementoffice most of the time I have nothing to add to what she says. I love that she is level-headed, and opinionated and she stands by what she says. I hope you will be back soon because I miss you here!!💜

@a-january-girl because she is really talented and I’m glad she shares that with us!! Keep it up and don’t change💙

@campaignofmisinformation well she is awesome plain and simple… I would miss her in this fandom so I hope she never leaves 🤗

@megsandroses she is talented and such a sweetheart and I hope we will meet up again soon!! I love your poems and I hope you will never stop writing 💜

Also because there are so many more great people on here a quick shout out to you all!! We may not talk everyday but I’m glad you are all on here and you make that place awesome
@inkcollectorus @all-thats-left-is-the-heart @bird3000 @edierone @emceecapitalc @feministbynature @stephanob @greeneyes0526 @piper-scully @pintadjan @whatfallsaway @queequeg0925 @dsistella @thefallfiles @jeannem32 @allyinthekeyofx @guitargirl48 @the-world-didnt-end and so many others I forgot to mention!

oh yeah so winter solstice part 1 and 2 is a great two-parter and they’re episode 7 and 8 of book 1, not 10 and 11 like you would expect for the “middle” of the season since atla seasons are 20 episodes long. but we know that atla was originally only picked up for 13 episodes (the blue spirit being the last episode they were guaranteed so they wanted to make it special in case the show didn’t continue), and i find this interesting because that’s the same length as the lok seasons (well, 12 14 13 13 close enough). (i mean, 13/26 is the standard industry episode order afaik, atla’s 20/21 was special)

what’s really interesting is that in season 2 if you look at episode 12 and 13 it’s the big “mid-season finale” two-parter the serpents’ pass and the drill, collectively referred to as the secret of the fire nation. (it wasn’t until book 3 that they split the season in half and put the mid-season two-parter as episode 10 and 11 (day of black sun part 1 and 2))

so basically atla book 1 and 2 were pretty much written as 13-episode seasons followed by an extra 7-episode miniseries afterwards, this is especially evident in book 2 when the extra 7 episodes are all a very tight ba sing se story arc.

i feel like this realization enhances my understanding of atla/lok’s writing, like

  • atla book 1 first 13 episodes vs lok book 2 all 14 episodes
    • 2-part opening in southern water tribe, something spiritually important (aang/spirit portal) is unlocked
    • 2-part mid-season (episode 7&8) where the avatar meets the previous/first avatar for the first time and finds out the impending event– sozin’s comet/harmonic convergence– that ozai/unalaq will use to destroy the world and must be stopped before
  • atla book 2 first 13 episodes vs lok book 3 all 13 episodes
    • first 3 episodes are journey to omashu/ba sing se to learn earthbending/find airbenders
    • mid-season episode 6&7 is beifongs and zuko/lin flashback
    • episode 10/11 has them discover something about the fire nation/red lotus as well as set in the si wong desert and misty palms oasis
    • episode 12/13 is a two-part finale mostly fight scenes

like their choices for structuring lok were so weird, you guys already know i will forever be mad at them for making each season a different plot, but i feel like this similarity to atla wasn’t a smart move. like this is why book 2 and 3 are so weirdly paced, with book 2 i love the plot, worldbuilding, korra’s arc, etc, but i really can’t praise the structure/pacing. like when i’m cutting my lok book 2 edit i keep finding little changes that make it magically flow sooo much better, it’s great. they basically took the first half of atla book 1 and then stuck sozin’s comet on the end lmaoo. if you tighten it up it works really well as a standalone story, but the way they did it is kind of too slow and too fast at the same time

and then with book 3 i feel like this explains why i always found it underwhelming and anti-climactic, like it’s basically a carbon copy of the first 13 episodes of atla book 2– this is why everyone was soo in love with how atla it felt– BUT it doesn’t have the next 7 episodes… it worked in atla book 2 because episode 12 and 13 were the mid-season finale which fed into the climactic ba sing se arc, whereas in lok book 3 it doesn’t develop any ideas and then just ends the season– with a bang, yes, the finale is good, but the whole season doesn’t tell a story.

oh the curse of book 2 and 3, one has difficult times for the characters but tells a great story, the other one has fun times for the characters but doesn’t tell a story at all.

book 1 and 4 don’t really have direct comparisons to atla. like book 1 i think the structure/pacing are EXCELLENT and i think it’s because it’s its own thing. and then there’s book 4 which is just a huge disaster that is neither good on its own nor is it modeled on atla. makes ya think

So I’ve finally reached 100 followers. I have no idea how it happened nor what you guys are doing but I’m just glad to have you all around here. It’s been a couple of harsh months and being in Tumblr again after so long made things seem a bit easier for me. So this is a big thank you for every and each one of you who’s still here reading this crap. You’re awesome and I love you.

Now, let’s jump to the fun part! I’ve promised I’d make something special at the 100 followers mark, so let’s do this!

To join our little game, it’s simple: rule n. 01: Reblogs&likes will count. Go ahead, I’ll wait. All good? Let’s move on. Rule n. 02: you have until May 02, 2017 6PM GMT to enter. Plenty of time, huh? Rule n. 03: you don’t need to be following me but that’d be hella nice, yea.

On May 03 I’ll be announcing 3 winners! You guys will be chosen randomly and there are the prizes:

3rd place: a ficlet/oneshot – example
2nd place: a moodboard/aesthetic – example
1st place: a moodboard+oneshot – example

(Any pair or alternative universe, if desired, will be of winner’s choice. Go wild, kiddo.)

Good luck and thank you very much! You guys are great!

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what is this free comic book Day?


Free Comic Book Day is a day on which, in the US at least, certain editions of comics are given away at no charge: hence the name.  I am hijacking that bandwagon to release a comic of my own, for free, for one day, and use it to make a special announcement that may or may not have something to do with there being more comics to look forward to, in the future.

Lucas Steele: “It’s Super Important To Hold On To Your Uniqueness”

“What’s a piece of advice that you live by?

I think it’s important to remember that your work can’t be the defining factor of your life. It’s taken me many years to learn that and I’m still learning it. But if you decide that’s the be-all and end-all, you will set yourself up for so many ups and downs that it will drive you nuts. I also think it’s super important to hold on to your uniqueness, the thing about you that makes you special. Without honing that ability, I don’t feel that you can ever rise above the playing field, the typical. I knew, getting into this business, that it was going to be hard but that I didn’t want to be typical. I’m doing this because I’m an artist; it’s important to me to create. So I don’t have any interest in just showing up because they need me to be this thing that I’ve seen one hundred times. Oftentimes, it works; I’m not bashing it at all. But, for me, it’s very much about what I want to bring to this as an artist and how do I mine the things that I feel make me special. At the end of the day, when it comes to this business, all you have to hold on to is why you are here and why you are doing it.”

5 Things That Make Me Happy

Tagged by @hannibalcatharsis-zero. Thank you!

1. H

She is the reason I’d rather be at home than anywhere else in the world most of the time. She thinks she’s not funny, which makes me laugh. She calls me Pupu and it’s the name I go by so much that when someone says my actual name I cringe. She wears my clothes sometimes and makes them more special for it. She makes me feel like 90% of the bad times is actually not that bad. 

2. Coasters

There have been these cute piggy coasters in my kitchen cupboard for a few years now and I’ve never learned to use them. Now they’re all over the flat and can you believe it? They actually work. Miraculous! 

3. Spring

It’s the start of bicycling season. I started on Tuesday and I feel about 50% stronger and healthier already. There are a lot more fresh local food items in the shop. Light is nice after a long winter. No need for winter coat soon. Finnish people are marginally less gloomy and anti-social. 

4. Anti-capitalistic messages I keep spotting

I think it was yesterday after therapy when I spotted an anti-capitalism message  on the wall of a bus stop. I stared at it in delight for so long I nearly let the bus I was supposed to get on drive by (oh no).

5. Veganism

This is a thing that will probably never stop making me happy. First it was a decision, then it was a commitment and now it just is a part of me just like a hand, or a leg or an ovary. I am cruelty-free for the first time in my life and I can feel that. Like you know… fan fiction feel that. For real. 

I suppose I’m supposed to tag people. I tag everyone but especially @moonmanstan bc she’s my favourite and she should know it.

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I was diagnosed as autistic, but I'm beginning to feel like I was misdiagnosed. One, I do not have many sensory problems at all. When I was younger, I would have problems eating because of textures in food (this is still a bit of a problem, but not as much) and lots of noise would stress me out, but it isn't that bad now so I wonder if it was stress that caused that. Also, I don't think I have special interests. I have things I'm passionate about, but I don't need to know everything about (c)

© them. I don’t even have the attention span or energy to do that, really. I tend to think about my interests a lot, but I can talk and think about other stuff so I think that doesn’t make them special interests. And I don’t know if there are any autistic people without sensory issues or special interests? I’m very confused.

Autistic people don’t all present in the same way/all have the exact same traits. You don’t have to meet all (every single aspect of) the diagnostic criteria to be diagnosed.

You could look at your diagnostic report to figure out the reasons you were diagnosed and this might help you feel more comfortable and confident in your diagnosis. 

If you really think there’s a possibility that you were misdiagnosed, and you do not identify with this diagnosis or find it helpful, you could look into similar presenting conditions to see whether anything else seems more fitting and consider seeking a second opinion.

hi guys! i’m back and doing much better thankfully. i’m here to update on my sweet ball of mochi, bluebell

although he was sold to me as a winter white, after some research on hamster identification i’ve determined he is definitely an albino (not just white but albino) campbell’s hamster. not only that, he is also completely blind. he doesn’t react to what should be sighting a treat or to sharp motion or bright light at all (in fact he put his face directly on the bulb when i tried that)

i’m very glad i was the one to get him, because i’m willing and able to put in the special consideration to make his home a happy one. he’s such a sweet little hamster, all he really needs is a chance