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Yeah, we’re doing an hour-long show on BBC One. It’s gonna be a big Harry special. He’s gonna perform loads of songs from his album and we’re gonna have a big sit down chat about how it’s gone from a 16-year-old auditioning on The X Factor to being an international movie star and a musician. It’s very exciting! (…) So Harry’s Adele and I’m Graham Norton. We’re not gonna do exactly the same thing [pranking fans], but we’ve had meetings and we’re gonna do stuff.
—  Nick about “Harry Styles At The BBC” special




im not tried.. but am i not tired enough to go in game????

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for you what makes a libra person a libra person?

Depends because every sign has many layers, right? But I often mean it in a kinda… Astrobullying way? If that’s a thing? For example, if someone is being too flirty with their words without any real need - that’s very Libra for me, and something that Jimin does often. Charming little shit. And there’s also the case of when the person is very and endearingly indecisive:

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That right there is one of the most Libra-y things for me.

A Plate of Scones Fixes Everything

For @snowbaz-feda day 14

Coffee Shop AU where they keep looking at each other, until the day that Simon decides to send Baz a little note.

I’ve been coming to the same coffee shop since college started, and since the first week, there’s a cute guy that keeps sitting in front of me.

Until today, I wasn’t sure that he kept sitting at the table in front of mine on purpose, but now I have a drink at my usual place with a note attached to it.

I know you like sweet drinks and since it’s getting cold I hope you like hot chocolate - Simon.

I can feel myself blush, when I notice that he’s looking at me. So I take a sip, and nod my approval of the drink, which makes Simon smile.


Perhaps I should have talked to him, after he gave me the drink yesterday, but what do you say to a guy that you keep staring at, because you have a ridiculous crush on?

Instead of talking to Simon, I decide to give him something in return. And now I can’t focus on anything, at any moment, he’s going to arrive and find a plate full of scones at his table.

When I see him entering, I quickly look down at my book, but when I hear his chair moving I risk glancing at him. Simon has my note on his hand and a small smile on his face.

Thank you, for the hot chocolate. I believe these are your favorites or am I mistaken? - Baz

He’s still smiling when he looks me in the eyes, grabs a scone and shoves half of it in his mouth. Fuck.


Today Simon is early, and when I sit down he gives me one of his smiles. I have a latte on my table and a note.

Hi Baz! You should try this one, it’s a special edition with loads of sugar.

I roll my eyes at that, but I can’t help but grin at him.

I notice that he doesn’t have any food on his table, he probably just ordered something and is waiting for it. And a bit later, the nice old lady that works here, comes into Simon’s direction, of course he ordered a bunch of scones, the tosser.

The waitress doesn’t stop at his table though, and I see Simon looking up confused when she places the plate on my table. She knows us by now, since we are always here, so she must have been confused as to whom ordered the plate this time.

Should I get up and just give him the plate? Maybe I can sit here, to see what he does. He’s still looking at me confused, so I raise my eyebrow in a way of asking him, what now? Lets see what you do Simon, come on.

Suddenly he stands up, grabs his things and glances at me. He’s blushing but he has a determined expression on his face, and when he starts walking I can’t take my eyes off him.

Before I can register what is happening, he’s sitting right in front of me.

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Is it the end of Ymir?

You know, I did a review of what meant to me the “death” of Ymir in a single page of the manga, but we will analyze this situation and see that there are many contradictions that it is almost impossible to ignore if we talk about the fate of Ymir

I know that even though it all looks like shit.

But there is even a small chance that this live Ymir by these points

The first one is my favorite

This chapter clarified many things one of them was the size of users of titan power. This size is predetermined. This means that the serum does not affect the size.

Some will ask Why do I say this?

The answer you can find in Eren he was a Titan of 4 meters in its normal form but to get the power of Attack of his father was 15 meters.

Armin his normal Titan form average 10 meters, but his colossal Tittan form measures equal to Berthold ie 60 meters

The varying size of the changing Titans is the feasible proof that the serum does not affect the size of the  Titan shifter at all.

I know that the vision of the Armin Titan is the imagination of Zeke Jaeger but the truth I do not think that changes, that is to say the rule of the Titans is absolute.

Remembering that until now they never say that the serum influences the Titans Shifter so it is very worth this point.

Although I believe that the Titan Beast could be the exception for its own power Titan that we do not know as it is but that is for another post.

But Galliard contradicts all these facts the real question is Why is your Titan so huge? Has no sense

Now let’s see the size of the Ymir Titan that is 5 meters and as we saw before it is logical that the one who devours it is also a small Titan. Because if Marley could actually increase Galliard’s size

Why did not he do it with Picke and his Titan power? Since it is very small.

Theoretically in terms of power Titan it is impossible for Galliard to have done so.

Second point (program of the warriors).

As you know the recruiting is given in 5-7 years, but they are never given the Titan power immediately they are tested for years.

It is obvious that they do not select only 7 candidates between boys and girls. First they do some tests to get discarded quickly.

Now as we saw in that little flashback of Reiner (We saw Berthold, Annie, Galliard, Marcer) exclude Pike because Reiner reminded the previous 4 chosen to see only the four new candidates.

.But this Flashback reveals me that obviously of all the children who were in the program.
They were selected as candidates to inherit the Titan powers. But to choose which candidate was going to take some power was another matter

All candidates for warriors (normal) are small are not older, to inherit the powers of the Titans.

According to the calculations Reiner obtained its power Titan, to the 11 years, Annie obtained it to the 9 years.

This can be understood that Galliard already received the power of Titan the same year as Reiner, Berthold, Annie, Marcel, but was not selected to go to the Mission in Paradise

The same mentions that he wanted to “ingest” the Titan armored but could not (which indicates that he received in the past another Titan power).

You know something curious that I could distinguish is that the warrior woman Pike is more “close” to Galliard and there is also an irony in all this, Galliard and Pike were the two normal warriors who were not sent to the children’s mission to Paradise Island obviously Are much closer.

Now knowing all this, why Galiard would be the exception to this rule and would be granted the power of Titan at such an advanced age ?.

It’s more if they had an older candidate for Ymir’s Titan power. Why was not he selected to be war chief? O Why new recruits are 12-year-olds, if they could have much larger candidates for normal warriors?

Simply loses meaning

Now the chief of the warriors is always the oldest and inherits the strongest power of Marley (apparently).

Your candidate is much older than ordinary warriors. Obviously there were many candidates for this “War Chief” position.

But the one selected to carry this power was Zeke, now the new chosen from the candidates was Colt and this was decided in 4 years.

Now let us remember the 4 chosen to inherit the powers of Titan and to be normal warriors, it is obvious that all will be new warriors but the only thing that is being decided is What power are going to take? And one of the most requested is the Armored power as seen in the past by Galliard.

The narrative is misleading at this point or rather simply do not say

Since they may notice that even though there is competition, they are all like Reiner and his friends after all will inherit the Titan powers.

With this it is shown that all normal warriors (they have 2 years left) even though they were not mentioned these facts can be deduced.

Now I ask them Does it make sense that Galliard would devour a Titan power at a late age instead of simply being selected for war chief as it is even greater than the new one selected ?.

Does it make sense that you have not chosen to inherit Titan’s powers much greater than what we have seen?

With all this analysis will realize that it is improbable and an inconsistency that Galliard had his powers at such a late age.

This is my second point for which I do not think Galliard has devoured it

My third point (Special Abilities)

As we all changeable Titans have special abilities, I will use two examples to show this point

Titan Attack

Its power is to be very offensive its power of attack far surpasses to other titans regular and even changing of its size.

This is reflected with Grisha and Kluger who despite being worn out and not having trained their Titan power (this is important at this point).

They had enough power to kill the solitudes of Marley and the other to kill Frieda that owned the parent respectively (which as we know the Progenitor does not have much physical power since it was the First King himself who owned Frieda and fought but could not do anything against Grisha).

Titan quadruped

You see the titan that has a great speed but very different from the one of Ymir (ironically before the majority thought that this changing Titan was the one that devoured to Ymir by being even smaller 4 meters exactly).

Its specially designed way to run fast, load things and serve as a small tank of meat is fascinating.
Having understood these two points, we look at the Titan de Galliard

Now let’s see the Titan of the jaw

As we saw that it has a large size is not a Titan that measures much more than 10 meters, something strange and contradictory (considering the first point where the rule of the size of the Titans is predetermined is present, but continue)

Galliard is another type of agility where he uses his great jaw and his hands to destroy everything abruptly his agility is based on big jumps a type of agility that suits his abilities, since being bigger has more resistance and can be more destructive with Everything that you want emphasizing that it has a great jaw that has no comparison with the one of Ymir.

Now compare it with the Ymir Titan

The Titan Ymir is a small 5 meter as a quick killer, since it does not use jerky attacks, like the titan of the jaw, his attacks combine with his agility complemented to perfection with his claws and teeth to kill quickly, but never to Had a high destructive level and resistance is almost nil.

In addition Galliard has that jaw that is its maximum power and its characteristic more remarkable than of any Titan, something that Ymir should have also assimilated a bigger size so that it makes sense, if we think it well his jaw of Ymir had nothing of special , The only thing he possessed were sharp teeth, but remembering that Zeke Jaeger himself possessed this and Eren’s mouth is bigger than hers.

Having seen this point is sufficient proof of the great contradiction of the argument that Galliard was devoured to Ymir in terms of Titan’s powers logic. I mean just watch

Many justify this by saying: “Galliard trained his Titan power so he got that Jaw”.

I could tell those people.

Does training make a titan changing much bigger than it is?

Did the quadruped Titan have to train to get that specially made way to load things?

Or if Ymir had eaten Reiner, would he have become small and would not assimilate the size of the Titan along with the Armudra just by not training ?.

It really does not make sense, it’s a huge contradiction and so far I do not see a real answer, it’s one thing for training to do things out of the ordinary like Annie, Reiner and Berthold.

But another is to increase size and give physical abilities completely opposite to power Titan, bone (Titan jaw obviously gives you a big jaw, which Ymir never had).

Fourth Point (The imnovador of what we knew of the memories)

What we have seen so far and for a long time almost all the fandom supposed, was that the memories only affected the bearer of the coordinate and the real blood.

But this is no longer true … something I noticed in this chapter is that in various situations it was seen as they used the word “Inherit”, when they talk about Titan power, even “devour” but when it touched the subject of Ymir in those two pages never mentioned those words, in her they only spoke of small memories.

The strangest thing is that why face Reiner on this fact right now?

Galliard had 4 or 3 years to do this supposedly and something more. Note that in those memoirs he got recently he was trying to see his brother and that is why Reiner’s images sometimes came unconsciously, which was what he resembled.

Oddly enough, she did not even vaguely mention her feelings for Historia, which was basically her second motivation, she only managed to see a small part of the memories and that they were all related in some way to Marcel.

This reminds me at the same time that Eren was chained in a special cave. Where when touching Eren came memories of Frieda to Historia and Rod Reiss. The truth I assumed that this process was because they were of the royal blood and Eren had the coordinate since we assumed that no other changer could see memories. But that is denied in this chapter.

As I remember how Christa killed Rod Reiss but by having contact with him he could see flashes of his memories.

Something that has never been mentioned is what would happen if a changing Titan touches another in the cave of memories?

Kluger said that the royal family have a connection to the 9 powers … but he also said that all the changing Titans (all 9 powers were connected) maybe Galliard got those little flashes of his memory related to Marcel in some other way And if we consider the other 3 points above is a feasible option

But something that many forget in this issue of “memory”

It is that Kluger himself had not received memories of his predecessor and was very surprised to say the last words he said to Grisha very rare.

But he told everything he knew to Grisha but this detail that he inherited the memories, he never said it like he never said that he had stolen a power of Marley because he had not.

Grisha himself in his books never wrote about Kluger’s childhood or life beyond what Kluger himself told him.

Now they do not believe it strange that just Galliard received flashes of “memories” since Reiner, Ymir, Berthold, Annie, Grisha, Kluger in the past did not receive this.

(Concluding that Inheriting the Titan powers is not a feasible proof of inheriting memories or small memories).

All these details indicate that the answer may not be simply in the coordinate, but in that cave of the memories since all the ceremonies were given there.

No one knows what happens if a changing Titan touches another changing Titan in the cave. That is why these details of the small parts of Ymir’s memories are somewhat confusing and mysterious.

Fifth Point (the narrative)

Narratively do not mention this by the way in which even his meeting of Galliard and Ymir in the cave is a strange thing unlike what we saw on other occasions

- there was no serum

- there are no guards around to keep it from going
-not even the precautionary Buccaneer so that Eren would not be converted.

Once again it was not necessary to show his death, simply having shown Galliard’s titanic form in normal mode before devouring it was sufficient, but also nothing.

Now returning to the chapter, there is a rather curious panel in which separates the two warriors and the war chief at one end, and on the other side are Marley’s instructors.

Reiner was with the boys accompanying them, have wondered where is the normal 4 warrior with 5 power?. 

He was not in the war, they did not mention it at any time. At the meeting or at the meetings of the other warriors,

It was even discovered that Marley does not know anything that Zeke Jaeger is a member of the Royal Fritz family with a simple comment.

Also the human arms are referred to the Ackerman (what completely discards that they are part of the 9 powers).

I even talked about the four Titan powers that were in Paradise

Another thing that was said was that Reiner had made a recon on Paradise Island, it would not have been better to say …. “The Fifth Warrior or call him by his name” made a recognition that would prove his existence.

But again nothing

Seeing all this Do you seriously believe that the Ymir Theme is as simple as it seems?

Sixth Point (The powers have not been merged to Exception of Eren Jaeger)

Some who realized the inconsistencies in the appearances of the Titans and even the power.

They say “Maybe I already had a power and they merged.” The truth is not so bad that argument, it would be logical to a certain extent, but the argument falls in the context of how organized Marley.

-First if they would actually grant two powers to a single warrior, obviously they would not give the normal warriors but the war chief who in this case is considered a “miracle.”

- Second Marley does not do this, since they distribute their powers in an equitable way since when merging powers are no longer separated until the day of death of the user since if it were transmitted would be 2 powers in one forever and wait for the death of your Changing is something they do not do.

-Third, the narrative itself, again this detail is not mentioned unlike the amount of information received and also loses consistency.
Zeke himself developed claws ironically after Ymir went out with them (some say they took the liquid out of his Titan). But the other obviously if they speculate that he devoured it at least should have a small physical detail of it.

On the basis of all this can be said with certainty that there was no fusion of powers


In the anime the normal form of the Titan of Ymir was modified so that it did not have sharp claws or teeth of Beast that had in its first appearance in the sleeve

But after devouring Marcel this changes completely and the real change is evident.

Your Titan stays the same size and gives you extreme agility, claws and fangs (but your jaw does not grow)

Honestly this is a change too big for it to have been made on purpose by the anime producers, that is to say this modification is not only in the anime. But in the own opening of the series.

For what purpose or with what intention was this done ?.
Since it would be irrelevant if Isayama killed Ymir so this gives a lot to think about.

After seeing these 6 logical points that are present in the manga the claim that Ymir has been devoured has too many inconsistencies and contradictions, since it violates many rules established by the manga itself regarding the powers of the titan.

Dating Dean Winchester Would Include

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- Riding shotgun in the Impala all the time

- Maybe he’ll even let you pick the music if it’s a special occasion

- Loads of cliché pet names for each other

- SUPER competitive hunts

- “Hey babe, I just killed three wolves with no help.”

- “That’s cute, call me when it’s a pack by yourself.”

- Constantly stealing his leather jacket

- Dean forcing you to get an anti-possession tattoo

- Holding your hand whilst you have it done because he thought you might like some support

- Making sarcastic comments every time Dean and Cas have eye sex

- Shouting the lyrics to every song that comes on

- Dean getting annoyed that he can’t hear the actual song

- But then he starts singing too

- Sam insisting on having his own motel room whenever there’s a case because he doesn’t want to third-wheel

- Making Sam and Cas super uncomfortable on purpose anyway

- Bickering over pie flavours and whether or not cake is just as good

- Dean having to learn how to reject attractive women that come up to him in a bar

- Sometimes, if you have time after a hunt, you’ll have a quick date in a cinema or a coffee shop

- Once, Dean took you to a drive-in theatre and you fell asleep on the hood of the Impala together

- Playing Marco Polo when you first move into the bunker because you can never find your way around

- Joking that the only reason you’re dating each other is to double your arsenal

- Him pushing you against a wall to make out with you when you least expect it

- Comforting him when he gets upset

- You would place your head on his chest and wrap one arm and leg around him as he calmed down

- Then he’d kiss your head and thank you before you drift off together


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How to make dividers of every colour and length!
External image

Might be useful when making bios? 

You can use these special characters to make horizontal and vertical dividers of any length and colour.
Copy and paste the characters below, and adjust them to your needs with the [size] and [color] tag.

Horizontal divider: ▬▬▬

Vertical divider: ▌

There are loads of special characters you can use for dividers, but the above are the only ones I could find that make an uninterrupted line. These are some other nice ones (they look a little different on FR) :



¦ (little dashes)
| (longer dashes)


SousukesBirthdayBash 9.14.16
☆ Baby Darling AU ☆ | Sosuke’s Special Day ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡ 

“Souchke turn four!” ( ◜◒◝ )♡

Little darling Sou is a very happy baby on his special day! He had loads of fun helping Kisumi with the cupcakes and got super happy knowing that Rinrin loved them (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。Getting a plushie whale shark from Rinrin was the best gift, but the bestest gift was sharing this day with his papa and friends for the very first time (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ)

I love you so much Sosuke! You deserve all the happiness and love in the world (๑´ლ`๑)フフ♡

Wow! Never in a million years did I ever think that I would reach 500 followers like I have now! I would never have believed you if you told me that my blog would have been as supported as it is now, and I am more than honoured to be the one who is running it!

I am bad at expressing myself, so I may sound repetitive throughout this, but either way I am honestly super happy about this, thank you so much to all of you – new and old followers alike. Without you guys I wouldn’t even be in this wonderful fandom, not meeting some of the most amazing people I have ever met, and not writing this beautiful macho man. I cannot express enough gratitude towards you all and your kindness!

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Roleplay Ramblings: Alchemy part 2

Alchemical weaponry

Inevitably, with any technology comes the desire to turn it towards warfare, and from warfare comes the desire for new technologies to make weapons out of.

That’s not to say that technological advancement is fueled only be conflict, far from it, but the vast number of alchemical weapons show just how creative one can get with an alchemy kit and a desire to cause harm or defend oneself.

Alchemical weaponry falls into a few broad categories. Perhaps the most well known are various bottled substances the prove volatile, such as acid, the pyrophoric alchemist’s fire, bottled lightning, liquid ice, and the like. More exotic ones, such as the tremendously loud thunderstones, the hazard-creating shard gel, and the vexing stickiness of tanglefoot bags can be found in this category. There’s even alchemical concoctions that create more traditional weapons, namely liquid blade, which rapidly hardens into a crystalline dagger when poured from its vial into the air.

Of course, no arsenal of chemical nature would be complete without gunpowder, and not only are various gunpowder grenades available to devastate foes, but also various display fireworks that a cunning user can co-opt into being used as a flashy, burning improvised weapon.

In addition to these, certain forms of special ammunition for ranged weapons are also alchemical. Some are as simple as special bolts or arrows loaded with acid, alchemists fire, or liquid ice, while others are more exotic, such as slow burn arrows which burst into flame later, or splintercloud arrows, which are actually made entirely out of bone shards carefully glued together, the impact of hitting causing the entire shaft to burst into damaging shards at close range.

Of course, where would any discussion about alchemical projectiles be without firearms? Certainly the weapons are enough of a marvel of engineering and chemistry to begin with, but a few alchemical paper cartridges exist to further enhance or modify their power, such as dragon’s breath, which turns a shot into a burst of flame, or the entangling variety, which coats a foe in a similar substance to tanglefoot glue.

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to alchemical weaponry, and while they may never measure up to spells or magical items, there is always a place for such weapons, such as providing a useful source of damage against a regenerating foe, or a way for non-mages to have other options against dangerous foes.