special little chair

Okay, “beauty parlour chair” instead of “barber chair.”  But since I don’t think they sell the “boy version”, it could go either way.

  • Shaving beards
  • Getting ready to go (come) out
  • A new look
  • A big event coming up

The blue, green, and red stickies are smiley I believe, so that’s good.

SBB has a special little chair of his own now that I think is a repurposed jewelry box.

Everyone, add on at will.

+sherlolly because...he loves her! *throws confetti*

I don’t care where Moffat is going with this ‘he loves her' revelation. For now, I will accept it as the present, the truth and will celebrate with this fun little one-shot that borrows some of my favourite lines/scenes in series three. *continues to throw confetti*



Little Sophie Watson sat on her special little chair (that Sherlock had specially gotten for her) in the middle of the flat at 221B. She was being very good and kept very still as Sherlock manoeuvred carefully around her, observing her from all angles. When he had finished surveying his work, he smirked to himself, just in time for Mary and John to come trundling back into the flat from their quick little run to the shops. 

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