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Happy Halloween! Here’s more vampire bats from the Mickey Shorts Halloween special! It’s your last chance to watch it on the Disney app or see it on the network. If you missed it you can always get it on iTunes or purchase the DVD! 


Year of Birth: 1989(?)
Star Sign: Pisces
Element: Fire
Height: 5′6″

Special is, like his name suggests, something of a special case among ghouls, and not just because he’s been selected as the Church’s PR representative. Originally a young would-be priest, Special’s life took an unexpected turn when he took in a sickly, stray black cat, which, as luck would have it, turned out to be a demon looking for a host to possess.

The shift in personality and resulting impure behavior from the now-possessed young man quickly got him kicked out of seminary school, and he was eventually drawn to the Church of Lincopia. Already being demonic in nature, the drinking of ghouls’ blood didn’t phase him the way it would a normal initiate, prompting Sister Imperator to remark, “Well, aren’t you special?” 
The presence of a cat demon in Special’s body altered his corruption, giving him some unique traits that other ghouls don’t have, like retractable claws and a fur-tipped tail. He’s very proud of this, and fully believes he lives up to his nickname, even though his churchmates aren’t always as impressed with him as he is with himself. That doesn’t matter much to Special, though—he knows he’ll always be the special ghoul.