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OKAY!? I’m so thrilled with these pictures! Special thanks to my friend Lexi for taking these pictures, and an even bigger thanks to my amazing friend jagreda for humoring me and being the literal perfect embodiment of Prince Eric for a solid hour for this shoot. We do plan to maybe do another when Ariel has her legs next time! Hope you guys enjoy them. Check ‘em all out on my cosplay page!

Happy Abby!

We had some amazing post today! There was a Hopps for me, a tangle thing for everyone anxious and a special cup for Lexi! I’m so so happy! I’ve never had anything that’s just mine before I feel so special! Hopps is always going to be so special to me so THANK YOU @nylazor !!! Your kindness and everyone else who has been so nice to me has made this the best week of my life! I cried when I saw Hopps because I was so happy!!

Oh and the cats are enjoying the box as well! This is Gus

Chris also says thank you! He or Snorlax will sort the wish list thing out soon but I don’t think anyone expected anything so this is amazing! Thank you!! From Abby. x

anonymous asked:

i feel like the one good things about stefan dying in the finale was that his death was treated like a big deal and he got a funeral and a last special scene with elena and lexi whereas damon and elena just got a quick "yeah we lived a long happy life and now we're dead lol"

Yeah I think the finale is pretty Stefan-centric and I think if I had seen Damon and Elena living their lives I would be way more upset about it but since we don’t I’m pretty chill

In Your Dreams, Swan [1/4]

Emma Swan has sex dreams about Killian Jones.

Freshly returned to Storybrooke from her adventure with Mary Margaret in the Enchanted forest, Emma is finding it… difficult to get any sleep with a certain pirate plaguing her dreams.

1,779 words, EXPLICIT SMUT (Like for REALS)

Also on AO3

This chapter is set entirely within the first half of “The Cricket Game” in season 2. Special thanks to Lexi ( killians-tinkabelle )for constantly reassuring me that this is readable…

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