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recently added this cutie to my lair- and the notn apparel looks so pretty on him i’m so in love TwT

he needs a lore makeover, and a new name probably. (named zant rn) I think it’d be cool if he was a descendant of the stars or a celestial being, but i’ve already got so many magic dragons bumbling around idk if my clan can handle another one. 

Pilot Christiaan van Heijst, from the Netherlands, and his friend Daan Krans run a phorography company that specializes in flight-deck images. The above photo was taken from an airplane cockpit revealing what pilots see from above.

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So a friend mentioned this “Victor will have to leave because Makashin is dying” theory/thing going around and at first I was “meh” towards that, but then I considered all the possibilities it would open:

-Yuri and Victor constantly messaging/calling each other for support

-Yuri worrying that Victor won’t come back to his side afterwards, then coming to terms with the fact that he will

-Yuri feeling anxious about the competition because Victor isn’t by his side, but then realizing that doesn’t mean Victor isn’t supporting him

-Yuri deciding he’ll perform so well that it’ll entice Victor even through the television screen

-Yuri going to the “kiss and cry” feeling accomplished that he went well, yet depressed because Victor won’t be there…and then it turns out Victor took a special early flight to see him so he is there waiting for him, arms wide open.

-The realization that Yuri’s parents do not know how to take care of pooddle

Those propellor vortices, though!

A brand spanking new MC-130J Commando II on it’s way to be delivered to Air Force Special Operations Command’s 353rd Special Operations Group at Kadena Air Base, Japan. Photo by Lockheed Martin.

Along with sharp teeth and claws, this small, birdlike dinosaur, called Xiaotingia jhengi, had feathers on all four limbs. It is not known whether its rear limbs had specialized, asymmetrical flight feathers like Microraptor, but it might still have had some aerial ability. Though it didn’t fly like modern birds, it may have used its feathers to slow aerial descents, pounce on prey, leap up to safety or flap and run up steep slopes. Xiaotingia lived during the Late Jurassic, about 161–145 million years ago.

Meet many more feathered dinosaurs in the exhibition Dinosaurs Among Us, now open!

Illustration by Zhao Chuang; Courtesy of Peking Natural Science Organization

Present Day Tucks
  • Mae Tuck: Now a best-selling author who writes a fantasy series about an immortal family. Little do people know that the stories are all based on adventures the Tucks have had.
  • Angus Tuck: Works as a commercial fisherman. It was hard for him to leave Mae alone for long periods at a time at first, but every chance he gets, he spends it with Mae.
  • Miles Tuck: Is now an elementary school math teacher. He really makes sure his students understand multiplication (or as they call it, Times) He has a dog named Thomas. A mischievious chocolate lab whom, during one of the Tuck reunions, drank from the spring and now will make Mile's life brighter forever.
  • Jesse Tuck: Is now a pilot who specializes in international flights. He always brings along his pet toad named Winnie (the same toad Winnie poured the water on) and shows it the world below. Jesse aspires to become an astronaut and hopefully be the first human on Mars with his pet toad.
Phil’s Livestream // 7.10.16

He’s wearing his PINOF6 shirt

“Have a little chin wag”

They’ve been having a “pajama week”

Dan has a cold

He’s been playing a lot of Doom

He brushes his teeth before his liveshows

He thought the GoT finale was one of the best he’s ever seen

He used the sound barrier term again and said “oh I’m not meant to say that”

He wasn’t want to bombard us with stories so it’s just going to be a chill “Phil’s back” liveshow

He only got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep on the flight back

He watched Midnight Special on the flight which put his off to sleep

He’s been jetlagged all of pajama week and hasn’t been able to sleep

He likes being in a stationary bed and not living out of a suitcase

He brought his favorite clothes on tour

He’s going to do some summer cleaning soon and clear out some things

YouTubers React discussion 

He thinks DHMIS6 will be the last one

Rosanna was lovely and he thinks we’ll really like what they made

It should be up next week or week after?

“Dan and I don’t have the best track record on baking on YouTube”

They contemplated making the entire “green cupcakes” video again but they decided it was so funny they didn’t want to

Top fans got random animals (and an insect)

He thinks their best baking product was the brownie graveyard

New Dil video tomorrow

They filmed a new gaming video with a new game today

They were going to do a Dil on the road video but it was too complicated

“Dil was probably like ‘Where are my parents? Where did they go?’”

He finished Doom *spoilers*

He wants Pokemon Go so badly

He thinks he’ll actually leave the house for Pokemon

“I’m going to be a Pokemon master like I’ve always dreamed”

He doesn’t floss as much as he should

He apologizes for being on the same time as a big football thing

His plants will be in the next AmazingPhil video

He watched Bates Motel and The People vs OJ Simpson 

He was very excited about his party shoes

He hasn’t fully unpacked yet

His personality trait is an INT something

He took the WiiU on tour to play Mario Kart

He just finished Fargo

In total they had 6 suitcases and 2 backpacks

Airport story

When they got to the backpack he realized he left his backpack in the taxi

He tried to run after the taxi and walked through the traffic to get his backpack

“This is why I should never be in charge of something important”

When he got back to Dan he was seated playing Angry Birds

It was ridiculously hot in Phoenix 

“It was like walking into hell or a volcano”


When he got to Denver he was so aware of the air change he was pleasantly lightheaded 

Top fans got dragons, corn on the cub, tv remotes, and a tiny kitten

“I promise it is live”

“I’m having a fringe check that’s what happening”

Horse fly knives

“Let’s go blue jays”

Their tour team became a tour family and he misses them a lot

He dreamed that YouTubers had to wear all banana yellow 

Last night was the first night he got a full night sleep

“Where’s Dan? He’s probably coughing somewhere”

His favorite pancakes were the iHop birthday cake pancakes

He’s American fooded out

“Ruff ruff ruff. Hope that got your dog’s attention”

He misses the Dan and Phil emoji

He misses his parents a lot

Candle haul!

“This is a Dan candle because it’s completely black”

Their house smelled like it wasn’t lived in so he needs to burn some cnadles and rub his body on the carpet

He’s wearing shorts

“That was hamsterese for thank you”

There’s still construction outside of their house

(my computer shut down for a second so I missed a little bit forgive me)

Anime discussion

He finished X Files

He braided his hair

He’s planning on wearing his ice cream shirt in a video 

Australia tour talk 

“I’m mildly worried by the giant insects”

“Keep London safe for me, yeah?”

Top fans got cacti 

Martyn watered his plants at some point

He think American Starbucks have cooler flavors 

His favorite is the waffle cone one

Pastel edits irl discussion 

He failed his magnet mission

He took lots of nice pictures

“Scare Dan. I can’t scare Dan he has a cold. Can’t kick a man while he’s down.”

Sorry Linda 

“Sarie’s mum has got it going on. That was a bit inappropriate I take that back”

He hasn’t watched OITNB yet 

“I can’t choose my baby” when asked his favorite Sims video

He did German in school and Dan did not

His favorite superhero may be Spiderman

He likes to play with snapchat filters (but he doesn’t use the actual app)

Goodbye! *bird noise*

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[M2]☆Burning Karaoke Special☆ GOT7_응급실 - 2jae duet feat Mark 

source:  Mnet Official