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Champagne Raspberry Kit Kats

Truth be told, I have not been digging most of the fancy flavors the Kit Kat Chocolatories in Japan have been releasing recently. However, this month’s new Connoisseur concept, Champagne Raspberry, is a winner!

I love the clean, simply illustrated package design!

For this boozy berry flavor, Yasumasa Takagi, the patissier who creates these special Kit Kats for Nestle Japan, took his inspiration from Epernay, France, the capital of Champagne production…

Like other berry flavored Kit Kats of the past, I expected the actual candy bars to be pink…

Only I opened the package to discover they were made of dark chocolate…

Quite a surprise…

However, when you broke one open, the “raspberriness” was evident inside…

While I usually avoid dark chocolate at all costs, using it here was indeed the right decision, as its bitterness plays perfectly against the sweetness of the raspberry and champagne. It’s one of the most beautifully balanced Kit Kats I can recall eating in a long time.

Champagne Raspberry Kit Kats are currently available at all Kit Kat Chocolatory locations across Japan, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you for how long.

Nicknames for your s/o

a list from me taking examples from my wife @comfort-blankets love u these r mine now

soggy waffle
moldy cheese
stinky cheese
sappy maple syrup
rotten egg
rotten tomato
gooey milk

NORMAL (yeehaw):
henlo u STINKY american

W I F E.
H U S B A N D.


New Vegan Products!

Daiya mac and cheese, cheese cake (strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla!) and Greek yogurt

Uptons Naturals jackfruit BBQ and Chili Lime Carnitas

NU Culture Bacony Chipotle cultured cashew cheese 

Snack Out Loud bean puffs in salt and vinegar and BBQ

Whole Superfoods Avocado Chips

Rhythm Superfoods zesty nacho broccoli bites

Tasty Brand special edition holiday flavor cookies in pumpkin spice, butterscotch, peppermint bark and hot cocoa

Coconut Bliss salted caramel coconut ice cream bar

Silk Vanilla and Chocolate Cashew Milk

Thanks to Vegan Cuts and Veg News for sharing these fantastic photos from Expo West! Check out their Instagram accounts to see more vegan noms :)


Burger King employee fired for bathing in the restaurant sink. Is that where they get their special flavors LOL. 😷😷😷😷😷

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Flavored Waters of Yore

Move over, asparagus water. These 500-year-old pages contain recipes for making distilled floral and herbal waters from botanicals like violets, peonies, water lilies, and citrus. 

The flowers and herbs are heated in water, vaporizing certain compounds and leaving behind others, producing a concentrate of pigments, flavonoids, and aromatics—that is, the essence of the flower.

The Origins of Flavored Waters

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favorite special oreo flavors for the tkf marvin - mint or the special holiday ones whizzer - the red velvet ones that one around only around Valentine's Day cause he's just extra™ like that or pumpkin spice Trina - strawberries 'n creme/white fudge Mendel - watermelon/heads or tails mega stuf Jason - cookie dough/peanut butter Charlotte - lemon twist/creamsicle Cordelia - gingerbread/smores


Sterling: “Guys, wait up. You’re doing it all wrong! The bubble blower is for after you eat the food. They have special cooling flavors to help the burn if you eat something too spicy.”

Rita: “…I want to go check them out, though.”

Sterling: “No, no, no! Just trust me, there’s a right way to do this and then there’s a wrong way…”

Eva: “Sterling, please just relax. We’re all trying to have a good time here.”

Sterling: “And I’m trying to make that happen! Come on, forget the bubble blower. Everyone, follow me.”

Rita: “Where are we going?”

Sterling: “Hm…oh! Over there! The Spicy Curry challenge. Come on. You two, follow my lead, okay?”

Roman Fluorite Cantharus, 1st-2nd Century AD

“The Crawford Cup”, found on the border between Syria and Turkey in a Roman tomb.

This cantharus (goblet) was carved from a block of fluorite, a relatively rare mineral which in the Roman period could only be found in the kingdom of Parthia (modern Iran). Vessels made from this mineral (vasa murrina) were prized by the Romans for their beautiful banded appearance, their rarity, and the special flavor which they gave to the wine drunk from them. The flavor was probably due to the resin which was commonly applied to fluorite during the shaping process to keep it from shattering. We know from the Roman writer Pliny the Elder (AD 23/4-79) that at least one Roman noble used to enjoy chewing the edge of his vessel. The mineral is extremely valuable and emperor Nero himself is reputed to have paid over a million sesterces for one fluorite vessel.

The cup is named after the Earl of Crawford, in whose honour the National Art Collections Fund presented the piece to the British Museum in 1971. The cup was originally found during the First World War by an Austro-Croatian officer, who discovered a Roman tomb while digging near the border between Syria and Turkey. With the cup were found some gold medallions and another fluorite vessel.

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I dont think I eveeer be this excited about a episode. And see Tders lose their shit is a fcking bonus lmao

ME TOO!!!!
Dude, this is like… this is how heaven feels like? Cause I’m signing myself to it every month, is SO GOOD. It’s been such a long time we’re all excited like this. IM SO HAPPY

Haters losing their shit just adds that special flavor.


look i’m just glad they didn’t have any of that illegal maggot cheese

He liked the moon, you know, if the wind was blowing and the full moon was up, he’d put on Bing Crosby singing ‘Sweet Leilani’ and just make the moment even better, and then he might hand you a gardenia. You know, he just painted life like that, he drew all the elements in, he was a very sensual person. Sensual in the way that, that whatever you ate had to have a flavor, you know, had to have some special flavor. If there was a flower, he wanted it to like smell or be bright.”-Olivia, Living In The Material World


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Seventeen as elderly people

Seungcheol: The older person where everything reminds him of something he did as a kid you could be talking about cheese and he’ll come out with “back in the day when I was a kid we didn’t have these special cheese flavors”

Jeonghan: The older person who has not AGED IN LIKE THIRTY YEARS! They look so good for their age and they know it. Whatever they are soaking in must be Jesus water because they look like they’re 45 when their 90.

Joshua: the “you’ve grown so much since I’ve seen you do you remember me” older person.. You’ve never fucking seen then in your life and they’ve apparently seen you grow for the last 20 years but you to this day have yet to know who the hell they are

Jun: The kinky old person.. As much as we don’t see them they are out there. You actually think he’s reading the newspaper but he’s actually watching the local woman’s volleyball team practice in the park..

Hoshi: The older person who just absolutely refuses to age. He could be 120 years old and you will still see him getting jiggy with it at bingo.. Someone please get their grandpa before he pops a hip trying to do the Harlem Shake

Wonwoo: the sleeping older person, he just sleeps all day long.. Whenever you see him chances are he’s knocked out on the couch watching reruns of Bill nye or some shit he’s just always sleeping

Woozi: The grumpy old person, he just hates everything, you could hand him a puppy and he’d drop kick that shit to outer space he just lived to long for his liking. He wants his newspaper and coffee nothing more.. Just don’t touch him

Seokmin: The older person who’s ALWAYS HAPPY, nothing makes them sad just nothing.. He’s usually the one to take you on shopping sprees and what not (just roll with me here)

Mingyu: The one who always cooking, making cookies, pies he’s just always cooking.. His main goal in life is to be able to roll you down the fucking street because he will not stop cooking you food.. Here we have Mingyu Ramsey everyone

Minghao: He’s the sweet older person always giving you candy or giving you a little extra money. Just the sweetest and kindest humans on earth. You just wanna cuddle him and clean his cat farm for him

Seungkwan: the technical support older person. He’s always calling his grandchildren for technological support. “Honey the picture on the television won’t move again.” You over at least six times a week to help

Vernon: The one who’s just slightly going deaf.. Can’t hear anything you are saying half the damn time.. He’s always screaming “WHAT WHAT DID YOU SAY?” You’re almost positive this little shit turned off his hearing aid just to mess with you

Dino: He’s the older person who’s more in shape than you will ever be. He goes to Zumba or some thing because he has the energy of seven kindergarteners, he’s always playing catch like its 1967, he has no chill switch, his most known phrase is “I thought you were good with your hands but you can’t catch balls”


#Atom #Hansol #Kpop #Idol #showcase #durian#shake #Malaysia #Klcc Special flavor