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Jim McCartney’s disapproval of John meant Paul couldn’t see his friend at night. They had to be more shrewd.
Situated up the hill from the city centre, Liverpool College of Art happened to adjoin Liverpool Institute, Paul’s grammar school.
The two buildings had been one, so with a quick dash through their respective exits John and Paul arrived together on the same stretch of street at the same moment and were truants for the afternoon, sagging off.
—  The Beatles: All these years - extended special edition by Mark Lewisohn.

I’m so done with movies about a guy or group of guys that have to look after a child and are terrible at it. Give me one that’s like “Here’s Colin Firth, here’s a baby. They both have a lovely day!” I would go and see it 50 times. I would buy the Two-Disc Special Edition Extended Director’s Cut 4K Blu-Ray With Fold Out Poster version of that shit.

But no. Because Adam Sandler needs to drop a baby on its head for lolz.

Seventeen-year-old Frank Sellman was one of the Beatles’ new fans. […]

“It was nothing less than a revolution for children born at the end of the war to be out in such places, a real liberation. The strip shows in St. Pauli intrigued us, but the big draw was this American music, played by English band. We were all very taken with the Beatles, their presence, dynamism and charisma. It was like an addiction: once we’d seen them a couple of times we couldn’t get enough of them. John and Paul interacted with the audience and were responsible for creating the sense of the show. The other three were very much more background, the quietest being Harrison.” […]

Memories have stayed distinct and precise for Top Ten habitués. […] Icke Braun, 24, liked it when John was late returning from a break because Paul would say over the microphone ‘Quasimodo, get on the stage!’ and John would go into one of his cripple imitations, which made everyone laugh. Icke also adds:

“My main friendship was with Paul, who seemed happy to talk and spoke a few words of German. He came to my house, though the language barrier did prevent meaningful conversation. Quite often I’d stay in the Top Ten until four in the morning and then go out to eat with the Beatles afterwards. I felt that the closest grouping was John and Stuart; George belonged to that but wasn’t as close, and Paul was orbiting around them. Pete never came along – whenever they went anywhere outside the club, Pete wasn’t there.”

And Kathia Berger, 22, was deeply in love with Paul.

“He looked like an angel with big eyes. He found it hard to say my name so he would play a request for 'the girl with red hair’ and sing Till There Was You. […] I could speak English which not many could do; I told him the Beatles would be famous and he laughed.  I liked the others very much as well. […] I thought John was intelligent and gifted, not so very happy but funny. He used to call Liverpool 'Liddypool’ and had this rhyme he would sing into the microphone, 'Isadora Duncan works for Telefunken.’
—  the beatles - all these years - extended special edition: volume one: tune in, mark lewisohn  
Paul [McCartney] and George [Harrison] were cocky as f*** when they came in the college [from the Liverpool Institute next door]: it was all ‘OK John!?’ Paul had a glib charm and confidence beyond his years. John [Lennon] was very, very fond of George, who talked slowly. If anyone ever said something about either of them John would say, ‘No, he’s all right.’
—  Tony Carricker, The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition: Volume One: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn
14 - The Nut Job
Murder-Suicide Matinee
14 - The Nut Job

It’s been a while, but the masochists are back – and this episode we’re going nutty over 2014’s cranky animal heist movie The Nut Job. Sure, some people might have been over the fuzzy-animal-with-a-bad-attitude thing by the early 00s, and everyone was certainly over gangnam style by the end of 2012, but here’s a movie bold enough to say nuts to that! We really get down to nuts and bolts in this one, I promise you, it’s nut to be missed! Nuts!

Special guest topics: skwurls, nuts, raccoon stalin, nuts, the grinch who stole christmas, nuts, our pitch for a special extended edition of the lord of the rings, and also nuts

Movie: The Nut Job (2014)
Director: Peter Lepeniotis
Rating: nuts to it

intro and outro music: “Everyone in Town Wants You Dead” by Singing Sadie

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A pair of photographs show Paul and Stu on the stage with their basses. At the start of the year the Beatles didn’t have one bass player and now they had two, and comments were surely passed. Although Cyn would write about how Stu ‘restrained himself’ when Paul was niggling him, there was one occasion when he didn’t, when the Top Ten witnessed an explosion, and yet another fight: Beatle on Beatle this time, Stu on Paul. It was the second of the two occasions Paul would count when acknowledging he was publicly seen not liking Stuart. That is, in front of an audience.
The fight’s origin is vague or varies in the telling, but everyone agrees that a tease or derogatory mention of Astrid set it off. Klaus says Stuart owed Paul some money, and Paul, nagging to get it back, made a flippant remark about Astrid being able to afford it. As Paul would remember:

“I’d always wondered if he and I ever had a fight, who would win? He was probably wondering too. I assumed I’d win because he wasn’t that big, but the strength of love entered into him or something because he was no easy match at all.”

Everyone was amazed by the manner in which Stu, so manifestly puny, could summon up such power, as if his every muted response so eighteen months of snipes and jibes accumulated in one volcanic eruption. As George put it, “Stuart suddenly got this amazing strength that Paul hadn’t bargained for." 
Klaus says Stu "picked Paul up and put him on the piano."  Pete says Stu "landed Paul such a wallop that it knocked him off his stool. [They] began struggling on the floor, rolling around, locked in the most ferocious battle… a fury of flailing fists.”
Paul always speaks of it being “a silly fight – you just stay locked for about an hour, with nobody doing anything. All the German gangsters were laughing, but it was very serious for us.”

It has never been explained how the fight ended or how they were able to work together afterwards, because this wasn’t a skirmish that cleaned the air and left the protagonists friends again. The situation remained awkward, and it was just as well Stu’s remaining days in the Beatles numbered in single figures. He, not Paul, was now the spare part on stage, and it was Paul, not Stu, who played the bass when the Beatles went off to make a record.
—  the beatles - all these years - extended special edition: volume one: tune in, mark lewisohn  

Paul’s sessions with John were only possible Tuesdays to Fridays. It was only because Jim wanted Paul to stay away from the troublemaker that he was sagging off school, courting trouble like he’d never done before. They’d go into what McCartneys called the front parlour, a basic standard 1950s front room. John and Paul sat opposite each other by the fireplace. As Paul was left-handed so their guitars went the same way and each had the mirror effect of watching the other’s fingers shape the chords as if his own. Paul would later call these ‘eyeball to eyeball’ sessions, and he was treated to something few witnessed: John put his glasses on. Only rarely they leave his pocket. Almost in each other’s faces, John and Paul quickly gained an usual closeness, little or nothing hidden. Paul noticed John had beautiful hands.
—  The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition: Volume One: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn
One night a friend and I got home too late from the Cavern and her mother banned her from going again. I went the following lunchtime and said to George [Harrison], ‘It’s all your fault.’ 'What is?’ 'If you weren’t so gorgeous, my friend wouldn’t have stayed so late last night and wouldn’t have been grounded.’ He said, 'What’s her name?’ 'Pauline Waring.’ 'What’s her address?’ And he wrote to her - he sent her a note saying 'I’m sorry your parents won’t let you go rocking anymore, but cheer up, they can't keep you in forever. Love, George Harrison.’ They were just *amazing.*
—  Susan Houghton, Cavernite, The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition: Volume One: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn
So, I’m pretty upset.

Been up all night. Wanted to test the new installation of the Skyrim Special Edition Script Extender for the latest update, 1.5.16, and my game immediately crashed when I tried to load my save file. I knew this was not an issue with SkSE, as the game would not have launched at all were the extender not working. Did a search, and apparently the new version of Skyrim is bugged and ha been causing crashes. No big deal. I did a roll-back to the previous version and made sure to turn off auto updates. Now my saves will at least try to load, but they still crash after a few seconds on the loading screen.

Did some more searching. Turns out the 1.5.16 update has been corrupting saves, and it looks like mine is one of the ones that it hit. And I seem to have deleted my back-ups of my saves at some point by mistake. This means that unless I can find an old save that still works, my character is dead.

I know a lot of you don’t watch it, but I have an ongoing Skyrim SE let’s play that I post to the channel every Sunday and Thursday. I’ve put 100 hours into that character and his story, and now because of the negligence of the very people who developed the game I will never be able to complete his story. I have several episodes still ready to upload, enough to last until some time in January, but I’m not even sure anymore if I will even bother to upload them. What’s the point anymore?

Needless to say I’m a bit depressed, and I will be sleeping in tomorrow (or rather today) so as to be able to function properly. This may necessitate either putting off my theory for this week or my Gemcation review. I guess let me know which one you are more eager to see (I’m leaning toward doing the review and saving any theories for next week. Maybe doing a livestream this weekend to make up for it), and if anyone has any way to repair corrupted Skyrim saves I’d appreciate some advice.

You know what pisses me off the most? From what I can tell the 1.5.16 update was for the bullshit Creation Club, a completely unnecessary addition to the game. I wish I knew who came up with such an asinine idea. I’d like to introduce him to a club of my own.

Barcelona’s Brazilian forward Neymar da Silva Santos Junior kisses the trophy as Barcelona’s players celebrate with the trophy after the UEFA Champions League Final football match between Juventus and FC Barcelona at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. FC Barcelona won the match 1-3 (06/06/’15)

John wanted to wear jeans on the first day at art school, and to avoid a scream-up with Mimi had them under another pair of trousers which he slipped off at the bus stop opposite Mendips.

Like John on his first day at college, Paul wore his drainies underneath trousers that Jim deemed acceptable, then stripped off on the top deck of the bus, a bit of an ordeal if people were watching.

—  The Beatles: All these years - Extended special edition by Mark Lewisohn

Here’s every SEGA Ages 2500 game I have so far.

Vol. 7 Columns
Vol. 12 Puyo Puyo Perfect Set
Vol. 20 Space Harrier Complete Collection
Vol. 23 SEGA Memorial Collection
Vol. 25 Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box
Vol. 26 Dynamite Dekka (aka Die Hard Arcade)
Vol. 27 Panzer Dragoon
Vol. 28 Tetris Collection
Vol. 29 Monster World Complete Collection
Vol. 30 Galaxy Force II Special Extended Edition
Vol. 31 Cyber Troopers Virtual-On
Vol. 32 Phantasy Star Complete Collection
Vol. 33 Fantasy Zone Complete Collection

The more hours John and Paul spent together, the more they uncovered humour and harmony down the line. They’d  both read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Just William’. Both were consumed by 'The Goon Show’. They made each other laugh all the time and began to develop an attuned shorthand humour beyond others’ comprehension.
—  The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition - Volume One: Tune In By Mark Lewisohn.

In far-off Liverpool, George Harrison was sitting at his mother’s sewing machine, methodically narrowing the legs of his school trousers. He still sometimes went with his parents to the ballroom dances they ran every week and still had a good laugh at the men’s baggy trousers, with their unnecessary acres of ball-room. With the cocky vigour of a teenager (to which status he’d advanced on 25 February 1956), George assured his dad he’d never be so old-fashioned, and meant it.

George wore his narrowed trousers when he and Paul McCartney went out looking for girls - for birds and judies. Paul and George’s friendship was strengthening by 1956. Mother Mary had taught Paul how to waltz, and he and George dressed themselves as trendily as possible and trotted along to dances held in a Speke school hall. As Paul would remember, for a pair of confident lads they found it strangely difficult to perform.

‘We paid our money to go in and searched the whole place all evening for any likely looking girls. We’d have our eye on one each but never had the nerve. The only dance we ever used to do was the last waltz, because we thought that if we go there and don’t have any dances that’s really pathetic. We used to nudge each other, “Last waltz - you grab 'er, I’ll grab 'er”, and, with red faces, extremely embarrassed, we’d get the last waltz and then go home. We never had time to talk to the girls - we didn’t have an awful lot of success.’ [BBC Radio 1 interview, May 1982]

—  The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition: Volume 1: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn
Jupiter Ascending is...

Warning for minor spoilers (sorta) (kinda)

- Channing Tatum fights flying alien lizards while wearing eyeliner and anti-gravity space roller blades because he fell in love with the reincarnation of a space queen who owns the planet earth, whom he tracked down by sniffing her signature because he’s also a part wolf soldier who just wants his pack and wings back.
- The architecture and design in this film is incredible; the characters all have so much depth, even if they’re minor characters, it’s so much to pack into two hours! (It’s too much to pack into two hours, I want a 3-movie remake immediately)
- Seriously I think they cared more about how this movie looked than the plot on occasion, it’s beautiful to look at
- There’s a space DMV. With Intergalactic Advocate Bob.
- If you thought Twilight had a lot unnecessary shirtless-ness I invite you to watch a particular 30-miute segment about a third of the way in and re-evaluate your ideas of “a lot” and “unnecessary.”
- The sci-fi trope of a women as a decorative plot device is kinda reversed because I’m pretty sure pretty male protag Channing Tatum is basically just there to catch Jupiter whenever she falls (literally)
- I adore the fact that Jupiter uses a pad in first aid and all the men always give Jupiter this look when they realize what it is but can never bring themselves to actually say anything
- I didn’t know I needed this movie until I saw it and let me tell you I have NEVER paid full price to own a movie and I’m probably going to buy this as soon as it comes out, hopefully in some kind of extended-cut special edition.
- One of villains tries so hard to be as deep and troubled as Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and just can’t seem to pull it off quite as well but he still basically just comes off as a creepy mass murderer (he is) who looks like he’s in serious need of a good night’s sleep and chapstick (desperately) and who’s voice sounds like he gargled nails
- The big tough soldier boys are angsty babies cause they lost their wings and they solve it by punching each other out in a field of bees that are bowing to a space queen while being mocked by a teenage girl for their “Male mating rituals”
- You meet the pilot of the Aegis and I want a whole TV show about her and her crew to be the next generations space phenomenon that will rival of Star Trek
- The costumes, oh my sequins, the glorious costumes!
- We now know what happened to the dinosaurs
- This movie has serious drinking game potential, including “drink every time a male antagonist is dressed better than the girls at your high school prom”
- This movie is completely unapologetic in all of its glory and faults
- If you think I’ve spoiled the movie you are so very wrong because there is so much more packed into this movie. They tried to cram a Harry Potter Universe’s worth of backstory and plot into a 2 hour movie and it’s GREAT
- Basically the Wachowski’s were given a ton of money to do whatever the hell they wanted and they did just that
- Holy royalty-sensing honey bees it was great