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some screencaps of the story boards for Olaf’s frozen adventure i did when i was watchng The making of Frozen: A return to arendelle 


And just thinking about what this giant Arendelle gingerbread would look like in animated version makes me hungry!

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Healing exercises

These are for different amounts of available time, needs and skill levels. Feel free to do them all. You should have some visualization skills. Even better if you do energy work, but a powerful visualization will just drive the energy where it’s supposed to go. Writing this down out of @dovewithscales ‘s suggestion.

-ENERGY-FALL (as in, waterfall, but, with energy)

Sit/lie down to meditate, and relax. When you’re ready, visualize a stream of light entering you from the crown of your head. Let that light wash all over you, specially your spine, and exit through the other end (whether that’s the butt or the feet it’s up to you). The continuous stream of energy will cleanse you and help get rid of blockages. 

Some variations on it: imagine the light expanding to all of your body, then contracting into a tight ball on top of your head. Expand, contract. This way the energy washes all over you. Another common variation is, instead of an energy-wall, have a ball of light enter you from the crown. Bring it to the base of your spine. Then up to the crown again, and down to the base of the spine. Repeat lots of times, up, and down.


Pick whatever energy points system you like using. I go with the one I’ve been taught, which has seven energy points throughout the spine (what you usually read in texts talking about Chakras but not of the original, traditional system), an energy point in each hand and foot, an extra one in my chest, an extra one in the base of my spine, and another one in my neck. 

Meditate, relax. Focus on your energy points, one at a time. Visualize the energy point you’re focusing on, as a ball. Maybe you’ve chosen a colour for it, maybe a colour pops up when you’re visualizing it. Then, pay attention to what comes up in your visualization intuitively, without actively imagining it. Does it have patches of a different colour than it should be? A darker colour? Does it have dark spots? Wedges? spider web? Does it look gritty? Dirty? Cracked?

Visualize how you hold the ball, and clean it by hand. Remove the spider web. Cleanse with energy any sticky residue. Take out the wedges. Fill the cracks with healing, loving energy. If it’s too small, breathe energy into it. Once your energy point looks like a stable, shiny ball of the correct size, go on to your next energy point. Go through your entire energy system like this.


Meditate, relax. Focus on yourself. Declare that your entire being, will be shown itself to you through a mental place, an environment. You can ask your higher self, your guides, the deities you follow, your spirit companions if they’re skilled in healing and astral stuff, for help with this.

You know yourself best. I can’t tell you what your inner world will look like. Identify the things that seem out of place, and fix them through visualization. Modify until you feel like everything’s right and in place, and ease yourself out of your meditation.

As an example, here’s mine: my inner world shows up as a forest. Today, when I went in, the place was dark and grey, because the sky was covered in clouds. I made the sun come out. The trees looked black, and withered. I was so depressed and tired, I didn’t realize my trees are usually green and full of leaves, even if it’s winter, so the next time I’ll go there, I’ll fix the trees.

I hope this is useful to you. Have a good day, take care.

They are back (and more badass looking than ever)!


word count: 2100+ 


She glided effortlessly across the hard wooden planks, balancing only on the tips of her toes. Her body was shaped to be petite, and it was adorned in a skin tight black leotard, sheer baby pink leggings, and a puffy - also - baby pink tutu.

Harry watched quietly from afar, sitting in one of the nearly two thousand seats provided in the Broadway Theatre. He was seated on the highest section possible, wanting a complete view of the ballerina and everything around her.

Iris danced the routine perfectly with her companions, not one person missing a step as it was practiced hundreds of times.

She lifted her leg up, reaching above her head, the tutu frilling out. Harry was in awe at her movements every time he watched her. He thought she looked magnificent.

Iris wasn’t curvy to say the least. Doing ballet made her more of a stick, but Harry didn’t mind at all. He admired how small everything was, from her breasts to her hips to her butt. And he couldn’t care less for her torn feet, something she was always insecure about.

Harry was enchanted by Iris, but he was more of a Black Swan to her.

The trance he was in was cut off by their instructor clapping her hands. All the dancers ran off backstage as a new set came on and began a different act.

Harry took that as his cue to go backstage as well. He got up, taking with him his box of macaroons, which he picked up specially for Iris.

He exited the seating and twisted through halls to get to the entrance of the backstage area. There Harry put on his ID badge, showing it to the security guard. In the middle of the piece of plastic was a smiling Harry, his hair short at the time. On top was his position here at the theatre:  stage crew. He was in charge of creating the pieces used as props, his artistic ability coming in handy.

Harry walked through the busy area, heading to the women’s changing room. He patiently stood a safe distance from the door, saying “hello” to a few of the fellow crew members he worked with who bustled by.

The door opened a couple of times, a few girls exiting the room, but he forgot to pay attention to them as he was too busy searching up directions to a restaurant on his phone. In fact he nearly missed the brunette, whose hair was still pulled into a tight bun.

“Iris!” He called, jogging up to meet her pace.

The girl sighed, rolling her eyes and gripping the strap of her duffel bag tighter.

“Iris, hey.” Harry was out of breath now, a bit embarrassed about it considering he only ran for five seconds.

She gave him a small smile, wanting to be polite. “Hello Harry.”

He smiled back, swooning over her expression. “I got this for you. I know they’re your favorites.”

The box of pretty French pastries was placed in her hands and Iris nearly moaned at the scent it was giving off. She could see through the transparent box her favorite flavors, all organized in rainbow order from strawberry to lavender. Harry knew she liked everything orderly.

“You didn’t have to.” She said, knowing macaroons were fairly pricy.

“I wanted to.” He replied, not finding it a burden.

Iris nodded and gave out a quiet “thank you,” unsure of what else to say. It was tiring to deal with him. She sometimes wondered when Harry would meet another girl he was head over heels for. That way he could stop chasing after her.

Sure he was attractive, she means very attractive. But it was Harry. She liked everything tip top and in perfect shape, and well… Harry was sort of a mess sometimes.

He had long unkempt hair that seemed greasy all the time, during breaks she saw that his shirt was always stained with ketchup or some sort of sauce from his lunch, and his jeans and jacket were always torn.

“So I was hoping we could grab lunch today. Or tomorrow, I mean whatever is fine for you.” Harry stuttered over his words, his nervousness indicated by how he pushed his hair back.

Iris looked at her sneakers, not wanting to turn the poor guy down again. But she had to.

“Harry, I like you.” His face perked up, thinking Iris felt the same way for him as he did for her. “But you know we can’t do this. And besides, I have rehearsals this entire week. You know with the upcoming show and everything?”

Harry’s smile dropped, and he became irritated as this was the seventh time he was let down and the fourth time she used that same excuse.

“You said that the last four times.” He deadpanned, not wanting to put up with it anymore.

“I know but—”

“But nothing Iris! I like you, and if you don’t like me then you can just tell me. I’ll stop bothering you.” He said, wanting her to say it to his face.

Harry knew Iris did somewhat like him. She always giggled at his jokes, smiled at his polite gestures, and blushed whenever he gave her flowers.

And not to mention that one time they, according to Iris, “accidentally” messed around in his bed. But she had ordered Harry not to speak about it to anyone.

Iris didn’t respond and only continued on walking.

She thought about her feelings for Harry, which were obviously there. The girl thought he was one of the sweetest men she had ever come across. However he was messy, clumsy, and sometimes didn’t take the time to shave. It was bad to say, but Iris admitted to herself and her pestering friends that she was a tad embarrassed to be seen with him. Maybe it was just her (it was), but Harry seemed like a disorganized mess, the complete opposite of her. And that perception overpowered seeing him as a gentleman-like hunk.

Her friends thought she was bonkers for not pouncing on Harry, any sane person would.


When she didn’t respond again, still lost in her everchanging thoughts, Harry got the message.

“It’s okay, I get it.” He mumbled, head hanging low.

Harry walked away very slowly, in case she would miraculously decide to change her mind. Iris’ heart sped faster, contemplating whether to stop him or not.


He turned back to Iris with a hopeful look, expecting her to be walking up to him. However her gaze wasn’t settled on him nor was she moving closer, but instead she was looking at something behind him.

Harry flipped the other way to be greeted by another woman, who he recognized to be another one of the ballet dancers. Piper.

“Hey!” She approached the man with a wide smile, her perfect pearly teeth on show.

Harry only took notice of her face, like any normal person would during a conversation.

Iris however inspected her from head to toe. Her deep red hair was pulled back into a clean pony tail. She had ivory skin, a big difference from Iris’ tan complexion. Piper was dressed in a periwinkle tank, trying to put whatever breasts she had on showcase, and Iris didn’t blame her whatsoever. She also had on black leggings that outlined her lean legs. And finally her small feet were covered in clean white sneakers, hiding her dancer feet, which were somehow in much better shape than Iris’. Everything about her from top to bottom was pristine.

Not to mention her name was perfect too: Piper Patience.

And because of that, Iris disliked her.

“What’s up?” She said, using her cheery voice.

Harry looked at Piper, then back at Iris with an unsure look after seeing she was staring at them. “Um… nothing.”

“Are you busy today?”

When he didn’t respond properly and let out incoherent mumbles, Piper imagined he said “no.”

“Great! How about we grab dinner today?” Her fingers gripped Harry’s shoulder, and he visibly gulped, uncomfortable with how Iris was watching.

“Well…” He tried turning around again, but was stopped by Piper’s fingers wrapping around his hair. She combed the waves while keeping her other hand on his shoulder. Harry nearly moaned at the feeling, finding it relaxing.

Iris watched in discomfort, anger bubbling inside of her, waiting to boil over.

“C'mon. Afterwards we could head back to my place?” Piper suggested, her eyes focused on Harry’s, who was having a hard time breathing at the moment.

He didn’t expect Piper out of all people to approach and try to allure him like this. Then again Harry didn’t really know how good looking he was.

“Your place?” He fumbled, eyes widening from surprise.

Iris watched from behind them, rolling her eyes, not understanding why he wouldn’t say no. Harry obviously only had his heart out for her.

“Mhm.” Piper hummed while continuing to glide her killer nails in his hair, only moving closer to him.

Iris was already vexed, but what Piper did next made Iris fume. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her waist.

When Harry slowly nodded in response, Iris decided she had had enough. Harry was supposed to be chasing her, not Piper.

Iris hurriedly approached the duo, who looked like a couple at the moment, and grabbed onto Harry’s arm, pulling him back.

“Are you ready for lunch?” She asked, looking up at the man whose face was tinged pink.

Harry looked at Iris, unsure of what to do. He didn’t even know what was happening at this point if he was being honest.

“Great! Let’s go.” Iris began to drag Harry away only to be stopped by Piper, who wasn’t done him yet.

“Harry! Are we still on for tonight?” She gave him a sly smile, wiggling her fingers to get his attention.

He opened his mouth to respond with a “yes,” as he already indicated before with his nod. However he was stopped by the beautiful girl next to him.

“I’m afraid he can’t. Sorry.” Iris gave Piper a fake pout, to which she returned a glare.

Harry looked back and forth at the two girls in front of him, dazed at how they were fighting for his attention. They were giving each other menacing looks that made Harry happy for his situation with Iris.

“He isn’t your boyfriend.” Piper stated with a cocky look.

Iris narrowed her eyes, not liking the girl’s tone. “Is that why he took me to his bed?”

Harry was taken aback by her statement, not expecting her to bring up the unplanned rendezvous ever again.

Piper huffed, looking up at Harry again, her face now red. “You might want to put your girlfriend on a leash. She’s acting like a dog.” She stated, before turning on her heels and leaving.

He looked back at his girl, who could’ve had steam coming out of her ears.

“She just called me a dog and you didn’t do anything about it!” Iris said, stomping her foot.

Harry didn’t know what to say as he was still trying to piece everything together. It seemed that Iris, the girl who rejected him to no end, just scared away someone who was asking him to hang out.


He looked back at the girl, who was expectantly raising her eyebrows at him.

“Um, don’t listen to her Iris. You’re not a dog… you’re a… um, a…”

Iris waited, putting her hands on her narrow hips and tapping her foot impatiently.

She looked upset with him, but in reality she found Harry extremely cute at the moment. He had his pretty pink lips in a full pout and the green in his eyes kept swirling around, trying to not make eye contact with her gray ones. Not to mention, his hands were holding one another, and he looked down at his feet like a shy child who had just gotten into trouble.

“Never mind. Let’s just go get lunch.”

Iris held out her hand for Harry to take. He was confused on what to do with it, wondering if he had to give her something.

She simply rolled her eyes at his obliviousness and reached up to grip his hand, his palm warm and smooth, a stark contrast from hers.

Harry’s heart was palpitating as he rarely got to touch her. And this time she was the one who initiated the skin to skin contact. He was so focused on her hand that he didn’t even see Iris looking at him with an impatient look.

“Well are we going to go or not?”


these titles are so unoriginal

i was gonna write some smut in this chapter but then i didn’t OOPS, maybe i’ll make a part 2 and do it ?

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Buddy pal....I just came to say this........ Holy fu*** shi*** you are going to get 100k Tomorrow i just FEEL it! Andi just wanna say....CONGRATS!!!! You really deserve it! After everything that you have survived(i dont wanna talk about your hard time with haters) And also....when u get that SILVER button notify us! You will probably get hungred of ,,Congrats words tommorow...Welp....WHATS THE SPECIAL FOR IT *getting exited and curious*

I’m legit jumping around with excitement cause once I hit 100K I’m technically a full YouTuber and not just a faker

73. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”; 14. “Take.it.off.” (Joji)

Anybody up for Harry Potter AU? ARE YOU PUMPED FOR THIS?! sorry


The cheers were getting a little bit too loud for your taste and, after so many hours of partying, you decided to just call it a night. It was late and tomorrow you had classes—not even winning the Quidditch championship could deter you from missing those. You didn’t want to wake up with a hangover and feeling like shit; and you ran out of fatigue potions. That reminded you that you had to create some more in your free time…PLUS, your partner in crime disappeared somewhere and the party has started to become boring afterwards.

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Una pequeña idea que tuve hoy y que queria plasmar inmediatamente, espero les guste, aqui los dialogos hasta que lo haga digital.


-Hmmm…Muy bien Luna, Lori quiere que tengamos una salida “especial” a las 4 pm, Leni me necesita para probarme una ropa algo “ajustada” en la entrepierna, Luan me necesita que sea su payaso para practicar ciertos trucos, Lynn me necesita para su 12va “practica” conmigo Y Lucy necesita que le dé “inspiración” para sus poemas… estoy algo ocupado.

-¡Vamos hermano! Hace tiempo que quiero que tengamos nuestro “tiempo compartido” ¿No hay espacio para mi esta semana?

-Bueno, podemos llegar a un acuerdo si vienes a mi cuarto esta noche, si invitas a Sam mejor…

A small idea that I had today and wanted to capture immediately, I hope you like, here the dialogues until you do digital.


-Hmmm … All right Luna, Lori wants us to have a “special” exit at 4 pm, Leni needs me to try on some “tight” clothes in the crotch, Luan needs me to be her clown to practice certain tricks, Lynn me needs for her 12th “practice” with me. And Lucy needs to give her “inspiration” for her poems … I’m kind of busy.

-Come on bro! Long time ago that I want that we have our “timeshare” Is not there space for me this week?

-Well, we can come to an agreement if you come to my room tonight, if you invite Sam better …

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Group vaction with the RFA,who almost looses the tickets, where do they go, who payed, what do they get up to ect?

Ohhh vacation +.+ sounds like fun

1,4 words – I really got carried away I actual had to stop myself from writing more.

It had pure stress to you to get used to be thrown in to the RFA out of the blue and you did a great job. The party went great but it was so clear that you needed a break . After all you barely slept for 11 days. V has the great idea to send you and the rest of the RFA on a vacation. You like the idea a vacation sounds really awesome now. The other members are a bit unsure at first. Yoosung wants a vacation but he has to study.  Jaehee would love some free time but it al depends on Jumin. Jumin is unsure if he can leave his company for something like a vacation. Zen would rather die then go on a trip with Jumin and then he has rehearsals but on the other hand you are pretty exited about it. Luciel loves the idea of a vacation he is all on broad with it. You get all exited after at least Luciel agrees on it and he tells you in worst case scenario he will just go alone with you and V. Well that doesn´t sit well with Zen. How can Luciel think he can get away with that ? So he agrees to come too he can also do his practice on some other place after all. V agrees to make the trip on the Summer holidays so that Yoosung can join too. Yoosung is more then happy about that even when he not really wants to spend time with V. He is not too happy about the face that V pays for it. Jumin rather comes too once the other 3 guys decided to join in someone has too keep them under control after all and V is way too soft with them. Zen is less then happy about  that but at least Jaehee will come along too. At least that should keep you more save from all those wolves.

V is really happy when he gets everyone too agree to this.

He is the one that chooses a location too and since Jumin and Luciel feel guilty to let him pay all they offer to pay parts of the expenses. With that V chooses where to go after hearing everyone suggestions. He chooses a nice place with beach but also enough other thinks to do.

Everyone get super exited. Specially after V bought the tickets. Everyone meets up at the air port.

You are super exited and you cant wait to relax on the beach maybe swim a bit. You bought swimwear just for this trip. Yoosung is so hyped he cant wait at all even when he is a bit afraid the he will look not as good as the others in swim trunks. Zen is ready to show off his abs. Jaehee is fully ready for that too and brought like 4 cameras to capture all the pictures of Zen she can.

V is impressed how dedicated Jaehee is is. Her choice of cameras is excellent. Jumin looks forward to relax as well even when he had to leave Elizabeth with driver Kim. Just because someone is allergic.

When you all meet up before the check in V wants to hand out the tickets to everyone but he can´t find them. Panic rises till Luciel come and holds the tickets up apparently V had given them to Luciel to keep them safe. V had completely forgotten that. You sigh but you are glad that the vacation finally starts now.

You play rock paper scissors to decide who is sitting where. You loose against Luciel for a window seat but Yoosung trades his with you. You end up sitting next to Jumin what is not that bad. He is quiet but you not envy Yoosung who´s face gets painted from Luciel while he is passed out. V sits next to Luciel so Yoosung only blames V for passing out and not protecting him. Jaehee and Zen both not wanted to sit next to Jumin and so they switched with a stranger. Jumin could not care less he got to sit next to you after all.

When you arrive at the location you see its a vacation home. So you get a room with Jaehee. Jumin gets to stay with Yoosung and V stays with Luciel and Zen. It was the least bad room choice. It was not too bad to share the room with Jaehee even when she barely needed sleep but she is always really quiet.

Yoosung would had rather shared the room with Luciel even when he would mock him. He feels like he is on vacation with his father. Zen does not like to share the room with Luciel but still better then with Jumin. Zen likes to stay with V s its not that bad.

You all cook together what is really nice even when Jumin can only make pancakes. Zen and Yoosung are actual not that bad at cooking and Jaehee is really great at making coffee. V is completely useless in the kitchen but he likes to decorate the table. Luciel just messes around so he gets to wash dishes.

Later everyone can do what they want even when V organised  sightseeing tours for everyone. Yoosung wants to chill on the beach and play games. Zen checks the whole area out and ends up hiking. Jaehee wants some peace and quiet and stays behind to read a book. She promises to come to the beach later.

You go for the beach you want to tan and get to swim. Luciel joins you too. So you Yoosung and Luciel have some fun on the beach. Yoosung and Luciel really like your beach outfit and they rub in in everyone faces later.

Jumin joined V for sightseeing he likes organised tours.

In the evening Jaehee joins you and Zen comes later too after he found his way back. He wont admit that he got lost.

V and Jumin come in the evening back and V is sad that the rest of you not wanted to visit the place he had chosen. He took a load of pictures and shows them to everyone. Zen tells everyone about his adventures in the woods. Yoosung was just playing around with Luciel the whole day so he is tired.

The next day you decide to join V and Jumin on their tour since they visit a town and you want to go shopping. Zen loves that idea too even when he keeps far away from Jumin. Jaehee joins in when she hears that Zen comes too. Yoosung got a bit of a sun burn so he wants to get rest. Luciel suffers the same fate but he has to stay in bed.

You have fun in the town even when V complains that you only wanted to buy clothes and now his program is for nothing. Zen tells him to let it slide since you have too much fun. Zen loves to play dress up and you end up trying a lot of strange stuff on together with Jaehee. V takes pictures of all of them. Jumin secretly buys you a dress that was really lovely but way to expensive.

Later you join Yoosung and Seven back at the house Luciel is sad that he not had some dress up fun with you. But you got him a dress too what he finds really nice of you.

The next day V makes you all go hiking. He said it wont be a too hard trail but it really was, your ankle got hurt and Zen carried you back on his back. V felt awful for that but it was not that bad. Yoosung complaint that no one offered him a back ride and when Luciel said he would but Yoosung overheard that. Jumin was just talking about how exercise is good for everyone and Jaehee did her best to not throw him off a cliff.

The next day everyone was dead so you where all just chilling on the beach. Zen and Luciel where not tried so they where playing beach ball.

On the last day of the trip V invited everyone to grill and it was really nice. You all made a great amount of awesome memories. V later sends everyone a personal photo album and you wonder when he had the time to take all these pictures.  

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I have questions!

1. Why does Briana and Louis always get papped and Harry can travel all across the world without a single pic?

2. Why do we know so much about Freddie and have so so many pregnancy, pap, Hospital pics and Cheryl and Liam (as the big celebrities they are) can get a baby without a single pap pic or everyone knowing.
(If Cheryl hadn’t tell these magazine nobody would know)

3. Why can Cheryl just disappeared to have a privat pregnancy and Briana (as as unknown normal person she is) get paped on the way to target and back?

4. Why does Louis always get papped when he is with his girlfriend (Danielle or Eleanor) even tho Niall said that you don’t get paped if you don’t want to.

5. How can Niall just disappeared for month and Louis not for a single week?

6. Why didn’t Louis and Eleanor just use the special VIP entry/ exit on LAX?
(There wouldnt have been no paps or fans)

7. Why is it so easy to keep a celebrities babys privacy (like Liam and Cheryl do) but Briana fails miserable?


ENSLAVED: An MTV EXIT Special Hosted by Jared Leto from Thirty Seconds to Mars

The Enslaved regional version is hosted by musician Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars and tells the stories of real people affected by the human trafficking trade in South East Asia: Janet, a young Filipina woman trafficked to Malaysia as a forced sex worker; Vannak a young man from Cambodian trafficked for labour onto a Thai fishing vessel; and Siti, an Indonesian woman trafficked to Malaysia and forced to work as a domestic slave.

List Of Regular Show Episodes That Love Morby

The episodes are on this list if:

They have a Morby moment or moments.


There is underlying Morby throughout.

These episodes are in the order I remember them, and almost all the way through in episode order. Some of these if you blink you might miss them, and some you have to squint and tilt your head to see.

Wall Buddy

It’s Time

Death Punchies

Meat Your Maker

The Unicorns Have Got To Go



Temp Check

More Smarter

Bet To Be Blonde


Video Game Wizards

Trash Boat

Laundry Woes (Alright, hear me out on this. I know the episode is a Mordaret, but it has a lot of Morby moments as well. Like the part where they are in the car together.)

Survival Skills

Killer Bed

In The House

Thanksgiving Special

Bad Portrait

Exit 9B

Rigby’s Body

Grilled Cheese Deluxe

Ello Gov'Nor



The story of Empathy (pt 52)

start from the beginning


Left, but Saved

As a fan, you didn’t think it was possible. You never thought of your favorite idol, or any idol for that matter, to be like this. But somehow here you were, pinned against a wall, neck being attacked by Sehun.

1 hour earlier

You wound your way through the crowd of sweaty bodies. The bass was extra loud, making the building shake to the beat of the song. Somewhere on the way to the exit a man, who was clearly drunk and judging by the ring on his finger, was married, and blocked your way out.

“Hey baby, want to get out of here?”

His words were slurred and his breath reeked of vodka.

“No. Please excuse me”

You tried to make your way around him, but he blocked you once again.

“You look sexy, lets *hiccup* get out of here.”

This man was getting on your nerves. You were in a bad enough mood from just being here in the club. You hated them, with a passion. You only came because your friend begged you to. This friend however ditched you and left with someone and didn’t think to tell you. Now you are stuck without a ride home and a headache.

“I said no. Please excuse me sir.”

You began to force your way around him but the man wasn’t having it. He grabbed your wrist in a painful grip. He yanked you towards him and whispered in a menacing voice,

“I said lets go.”

He began to pull you with him towards the exit. You tried removing yourself from his grip, but he was too strong. You tried yelling for help, but that was useless inside of a club. No one could be heard over the blaring music and obnoxious bass. The exit was only a few feet away and you still had yet to break free of the man. Your anxiety was building up as he pulled you further from the sweaty bodies. Thoughts of what he had planned for you ran through your head and made your heart race. Your breathing became shallow and more frequent as an anxiety attack set in. cold beads of sweat were lining your brow and your lungs began to burn from not only struggling against the man, but from also not being able to breathe properly due to your panicking state. You prayed someone would help you, that by some miracle, you would be saved.

The exit was only a few steps away now. Your head was light as you struggled to breathe. The man had no idea that he may be slowly killing you. He was too drunk to notice and too drunk to care.

He began to reach for the door when you broke free from his grasp and collapsed on the floor. You were trying to catch your breath. The man had other plans for you. He grabbed a fistful of your hair and yanked you onto your feet. Tears pricked your eyes as his actions made your headache worse.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Never before have you heard a voice so chilling as his. Even though he was drunk, he still menacing as he dragged you towards the exit. Tears threatened to spill over as you accepted the ill fate that was about to become of you.

“You need to let her go. Right now.”

You looked up to see the face of your savior. He looked familiar. Almost like your bias in exo. You brushed the crazy thought away because the lack of oxygen to your brain must be making you delusional.

“Now why would I do that? She is mine.”

The savior scoffed before landing a swift punch to the drunken man’s face. His grip on your hair loosened as he stumbled to the floor clutching his nose.

“Hurry, let’s go.”

The Sehun look alike grabbed your arm and tugged you back into the crowd of people towards the v.i.p. section of the club. There was a special exit meant for celebrities trying to run from paparazzi there. But why would this guy be able to go there?

Once you were outside he abruptly stopped and turned to you.

“Are you alright? Are you hurt?” he asked searching for any signs of harm on your body.

“umm I think I am ok, just a little shaken. Thank you for asking.”

“I should probably introduce myself, I’m Oh Sehun.”

He extended his hand towards you. You hesitantly took it, not sure if you were hallucinating or if he was the real thing.

“My name is ________. Why did you save me?”

You knew this was rude and a little sudden, but you needed to know. Why would someone like him risk his image to help a random girl in the club?

“Well I came with one of my friends, and that friend left with your friend in her car. When they weren’t busy swallowing each other’s faces, they told me to find you and take you home. I looked everywhere for you. I was ready to give up but when I saw you being dragged by that man I just…”

You shut him up with a kiss. Sure it was probably the alcohol in your system that gave you the courage to do this, but what the hell? When would you be saved again by your ultimate bias? Never. So why not seize the moment and live out every fan girls dream?

You pulled away after a second to look him in the face. Only you didn’t get very far before he pulled your face back to his in another kiss. His lips moved against yours with longing and passion. He bit your bottom lip gently and you gasped. He took this as an invite to deepen the kiss. Just when the kiss was getting even more intense, he broke away, leaving you breathless.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but do you want to get out of here? I don’t want the paparazzi or saesang fans to see you. I just don’t want to see you get hurt.”

Sehun looked down, a little embarrassed. You thought it was cute.

“I would love to.”

Back to present time


Sehun was roughly nipping at your collar bone, earning strings of moans of you. You ran you’re your hands over his torso, pulling his body closer to you. Heat was rushing through your body as he kissed his way back up to your lips. He lifted you into his arms and you wrapped your legs around his waist. Your tongues continued their battle for dominance as he took you into his room. He laid you on the bed and hovered over you.

“Are you sure you want to keep going?”

You brought your hand to his face and brush the hair from his forehead.

“I am”

He proceeded to strip you of your dress and thong, throwing both pieces into the corner.

“No bra?”

“I wanted to feel comfortable.”

“Better for me.” He concluded with a smirk before taking one of your breast into his mouth. He sucked on your bud as he kneaded the other. You were a moaning mess. The pleasure was so immense. He tore his mouth from your perky buds and reconnected you lips. He pulled back after a few seconds with a look of smugness on his face.

“Why do you look so ahhhhh”

He thrust two digits into your dripping core. His pace was fast enough to make your release build up rather quickly. You were about to cum when he pulled his fingers out and sensually licked them clean.

“You tease” you moaned in frustration. He smiled at you before removing his pants and sliding on a condom. He crawled back over you and positioned himself at your entrance.

“Are you sure you want to keep going?”

“I am”

He slowly pushed his way into you. He moaned as he did so.

“nnnggggg __________ youre so tight.”

He began to move slowly. You quickly adjusted to his size as mewls fell from your lips. The pleasure from earlier was taking over your body as you felt a tightness building in the pit of your stomach. His lips met your again as his pace increased. You felt your orgasm building as his thrusts became more erratic. Within moments you were both met with release. Sehun moaned your name as he collapsed on top of your body. He rolled over and removed the condom before turning back to you and entwining your legs. You pulled his comforter over both of your bodies and laid your head on his chest. His breathing evened out, but his heart was still racing.

“Why is your heart beating so fast?”

He thought about how to say his response. He didn’t want to make this situation awkward and especially didn’t want to freak you out.

“It’s because…. Well I… because I like you. I know I just met you tonight, but I really like you.”

His face heated up at the confession. You blushed along with him. You debated whether or not to tell him you were a fan and he was your ultimate bias in exo. Maybe next time. Well that is if there was a next time.

“Sehun… am I going to see you again after this?”

“Ne, I was actually thinking about asking you on a date.”

Now it was your hearts turn to be fast.

“Do you really want to go out with me?” you asked with hopefulness filling your voice.

“I would love to.”

~Admin Sara