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some screencaps of the story boards for Olaf’s frozen adventure i did when i was watchng The making of Frozen: A return to arendelle 


And just thinking about what this giant Arendelle gingerbread would look like in animated version makes me hungry!

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Buddy pal....I just came to say this........ Holy fu*** shi*** you are going to get 100k Tomorrow i just FEEL it! Andi just wanna say....CONGRATS!!!! You really deserve it! After everything that you have survived(i dont wanna talk about your hard time with haters) And also....when u get that SILVER button notify us! You will probably get hungred of ,,Congrats words tommorow...Welp....WHATS THE SPECIAL FOR IT *getting exited and curious*

I’m legit jumping around with excitement cause once I hit 100K I’m technically a full YouTuber and not just a faker


ENSLAVED: An MTV EXIT Special Hosted by Jared Leto from Thirty Seconds to Mars

The Enslaved regional version is hosted by musician Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars and tells the stories of real people affected by the human trafficking trade in South East Asia: Janet, a young Filipina woman trafficked to Malaysia as a forced sex worker; Vannak a young man from Cambodian trafficked for labour onto a Thai fishing vessel; and Siti, an Indonesian woman trafficked to Malaysia and forced to work as a domestic slave.

They are back (and more badass looking than ever)!

List Of Regular Show Episodes That Love Morby

The episodes are on this list if:

They have a Morby moment or moments.


There is underlying Morby throughout.

These episodes are in the order I remember them, and almost all the way through in episode order. Some of these if you blink you might miss them, and some you have to squint and tilt your head to see.

Wall Buddy

It’s Time

Death Punchies

Meat Your Maker

The Unicorns Have Got To Go



Temp Check

More Smarter

Bet To Be Blonde


Video Game Wizards

Trash Boat

Laundry Woes (Alright, hear me out on this. I know the episode is a Mordaret, but it has a lot of Morby moments as well. Like the part where they are in the car together.)

Survival Skills

Killer Bed

In The House

Thanksgiving Special

Bad Portrait

Exit 9B

Rigby’s Body

Grilled Cheese Deluxe

Ello Gov'Nor


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The story of Empathy (pt 52)

start from the beginning


Left, but Saved

As a fan, you didn’t think it was possible. You never thought of your favorite idol, or any idol for that matter, to be like this. But somehow here you were, pinned against a wall, neck being attacked by Sehun.

1 hour earlier

You wound your way through the crowd of sweaty bodies. The bass was extra loud, making the building shake to the beat of the song. Somewhere on the way to the exit a man, who was clearly drunk and judging by the ring on his finger, was married, and blocked your way out.

“Hey baby, want to get out of here?”

His words were slurred and his breath reeked of vodka.

“No. Please excuse me”

You tried to make your way around him, but he blocked you once again.

“You look sexy, lets *hiccup* get out of here.”

This man was getting on your nerves. You were in a bad enough mood from just being here in the club. You hated them, with a passion. You only came because your friend begged you to. This friend however ditched you and left with someone and didn’t think to tell you. Now you are stuck without a ride home and a headache.

“I said no. Please excuse me sir.”

You began to force your way around him but the man wasn’t having it. He grabbed your wrist in a painful grip. He yanked you towards him and whispered in a menacing voice,

“I said lets go.”

He began to pull you with him towards the exit. You tried removing yourself from his grip, but he was too strong. You tried yelling for help, but that was useless inside of a club. No one could be heard over the blaring music and obnoxious bass. The exit was only a few feet away and you still had yet to break free of the man. Your anxiety was building up as he pulled you further from the sweaty bodies. Thoughts of what he had planned for you ran through your head and made your heart race. Your breathing became shallow and more frequent as an anxiety attack set in. cold beads of sweat were lining your brow and your lungs began to burn from not only struggling against the man, but from also not being able to breathe properly due to your panicking state. You prayed someone would help you, that by some miracle, you would be saved.

The exit was only a few steps away now. Your head was light as you struggled to breathe. The man had no idea that he may be slowly killing you. He was too drunk to notice and too drunk to care.

He began to reach for the door when you broke free from his grasp and collapsed on the floor. You were trying to catch your breath. The man had other plans for you. He grabbed a fistful of your hair and yanked you onto your feet. Tears pricked your eyes as his actions made your headache worse.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Never before have you heard a voice so chilling as his. Even though he was drunk, he still menacing as he dragged you towards the exit. Tears threatened to spill over as you accepted the ill fate that was about to become of you.

“You need to let her go. Right now.”

You looked up to see the face of your savior. He looked familiar. Almost like your bias in exo. You brushed the crazy thought away because the lack of oxygen to your brain must be making you delusional.

“Now why would I do that? She is mine.”

The savior scoffed before landing a swift punch to the drunken man’s face. His grip on your hair loosened as he stumbled to the floor clutching his nose.

“Hurry, let’s go.”

The Sehun look alike grabbed your arm and tugged you back into the crowd of people towards the v.i.p. section of the club. There was a special exit meant for celebrities trying to run from paparazzi there. But why would this guy be able to go there?

Once you were outside he abruptly stopped and turned to you.

“Are you alright? Are you hurt?” he asked searching for any signs of harm on your body.

“umm I think I am ok, just a little shaken. Thank you for asking.”

“I should probably introduce myself, I’m Oh Sehun.”

He extended his hand towards you. You hesitantly took it, not sure if you were hallucinating or if he was the real thing.

“My name is ________. Why did you save me?”

You knew this was rude and a little sudden, but you needed to know. Why would someone like him risk his image to help a random girl in the club?

“Well I came with one of my friends, and that friend left with your friend in her car. When they weren’t busy swallowing each other’s faces, they told me to find you and take you home. I looked everywhere for you. I was ready to give up but when I saw you being dragged by that man I just…”

You shut him up with a kiss. Sure it was probably the alcohol in your system that gave you the courage to do this, but what the hell? When would you be saved again by your ultimate bias? Never. So why not seize the moment and live out every fan girls dream?

You pulled away after a second to look him in the face. Only you didn’t get very far before he pulled your face back to his in another kiss. His lips moved against yours with longing and passion. He bit your bottom lip gently and you gasped. He took this as an invite to deepen the kiss. Just when the kiss was getting even more intense, he broke away, leaving you breathless.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but do you want to get out of here? I don’t want the paparazzi or saesang fans to see you. I just don’t want to see you get hurt.”

Sehun looked down, a little embarrassed. You thought it was cute.

“I would love to.”

Back to present time


Sehun was roughly nipping at your collar bone, earning strings of moans of you. You ran you’re your hands over his torso, pulling his body closer to you. Heat was rushing through your body as he kissed his way back up to your lips. He lifted you into his arms and you wrapped your legs around his waist. Your tongues continued their battle for dominance as he took you into his room. He laid you on the bed and hovered over you.

“Are you sure you want to keep going?”

You brought your hand to his face and brush the hair from his forehead.

“I am”

He proceeded to strip you of your dress and thong, throwing both pieces into the corner.

“No bra?”

“I wanted to feel comfortable.”

“Better for me.” He concluded with a smirk before taking one of your breast into his mouth. He sucked on your bud as he kneaded the other. You were a moaning mess. The pleasure was so immense. He tore his mouth from your perky buds and reconnected you lips. He pulled back after a few seconds with a look of smugness on his face.

“Why do you look so ahhhhh”

He thrust two digits into your dripping core. His pace was fast enough to make your release build up rather quickly. You were about to cum when he pulled his fingers out and sensually licked them clean.

“You tease” you moaned in frustration. He smiled at you before removing his pants and sliding on a condom. He crawled back over you and positioned himself at your entrance.

“Are you sure you want to keep going?”

“I am”

He slowly pushed his way into you. He moaned as he did so.

“nnnggggg __________ youre so tight.”

He began to move slowly. You quickly adjusted to his size as mewls fell from your lips. The pleasure from earlier was taking over your body as you felt a tightness building in the pit of your stomach. His lips met your again as his pace increased. You felt your orgasm building as his thrusts became more erratic. Within moments you were both met with release. Sehun moaned your name as he collapsed on top of your body. He rolled over and removed the condom before turning back to you and entwining your legs. You pulled his comforter over both of your bodies and laid your head on his chest. His breathing evened out, but his heart was still racing.

“Why is your heart beating so fast?”

He thought about how to say his response. He didn’t want to make this situation awkward and especially didn’t want to freak you out.

“It’s because…. Well I… because I like you. I know I just met you tonight, but I really like you.”

His face heated up at the confession. You blushed along with him. You debated whether or not to tell him you were a fan and he was your ultimate bias in exo. Maybe next time. Well that is if there was a next time.

“Sehun… am I going to see you again after this?”

“Ne, I was actually thinking about asking you on a date.”

Now it was your hearts turn to be fast.

“Do you really want to go out with me?” you asked with hopefulness filling your voice.

“I would love to.”

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okay lets talk about commissioned pics (there’s always the issue of using art without permission but this should also be talked about yeah)

if a picture is commissioned
do not use it as your avatar
do not use it as your header
do not use it for any icons, rp or otherwise
do not use it for any follow forevers
do not use it for any graphics

it is not yours
save it as your wallpaper or whatever but other than that and staring and reblogging the picture. someone paid for the picture, not for everyone to use it 

do. not. use. it. at. all. 

you did not pay for it you do not get the freedom to use it 

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Could you do some olicity angst, where felicity is shot and Oliver is really upset?

I may or may not be terrible at writing angst.


It was supposed to be simple venture. No actual danger, not in an empty house. Just a quick and easy recon mission, gather some data, in out done. No big deal, no real threat, piece of cake.

Not so much.

Felicity had read to always plan for the worst, then all the surprises will be pleasant.

This was not the worst she had expected.

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Hey wait a minute

The weak gets eaten

Under the rule of the jungle

Just get pushed ahead,

Yeah pushed ahead

Oops, I get stepped on though

Ay ay it’s a red light light

I don’t even know what’s wrong

With the situation right now

Ay ay it’s a red light light

Listen carefully to the whoever is trying to warn us

Red light

Try to breathe for a moment

Try breathing, breathing

Eh eh oh

This isn’t a war now

Open your eyes wide hun

Stop the collision right now

It’s happening right now

(You’ll be a witness to change that’s happenin’)

In front of that, caterpillar, that got pushed around like you

(When everything sinks in)

It’s turned on, red light

The vivid, red light

It gets bigger by itself

That red light


Your best excuse now

Is just filled with doubt for me though

Maybe it’s love now

A very slow wave going on

Slow wave going on

Ay ay it’s a red light light

Let’s find that special emergency 

Exit together, will you?

Ay ay think about it, it

Why did something made us stop all so suddenly

Red light

Turn around again, again,

Eh eh oh

Try to find what’s important now

Open your eyes wide hun

Stop the collision right now

It’s happening right now

(You’ll be a witness to change that’s happenin’)

In front of that, caterpillar, that got pushed around like you

(When everything sinks in)

It’s turned on, red light

The vivid, red light

It gets bigger by itself

That red light

It’s turned on, red light

The vivid, red light

It gets bigger by itself

That red light

It’s taken too long for this miracle to come 

(For this miracle to come, for for for it to come)

But we wait for the blue light right now

(The blue light to come, for for for it to come)

We want it, boy, right now give it to me, will you?

Stop the flood now (This is reality, listen to my voice now)

Open your eyes wide (Look at the world in front of you now)

The one who’s only been pushed (A bright light pushed you)


That’s madness

It’s turned on, red light

The vivid, red light

It gets bigger by itself

That red light

It’s turned on, red light

The vivid, red light

It gets bigger by itself

That red light