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Mental Illness with Makeup:
Bipolar Depression
When I create a look/creature, it is almost always based on emotion and I do my best to convey how I feel during that time in my life. It is a very interesting diary, I suppose. Lately, I have been constantly going back and forth from hopefulness to hopelessness and I am very tired. I created these two creatures, one in October and one today (April 27,2017). I miss how I felt and I try to find as much light as I can nowadays.


“Enjoy your sleep, Billy.”
And with that, ACen is over, and Billy returns to his grave.
Prosthetic is custom sculpted and slush cast in latex, and painted with Mehron fantasy FX paints and alcohol activated paints by I Love FX Makeup.

Beard Tutorial. Because not everyone wants to, or can go on T! (Or maybe you’re just waiting for your ‘stache to arrive and it’s taking it’s sweet time getting to the party!)

DIY Yarn Veins by Marc Clancy on Instagram. *For one of the sickest FX makeup Instagram accounts, follow @powdah!

A photo posted by Marc Clancy on Instagram (@powdah) on Jan 1, 2015 at 9:54pm PST. From Mark Clancy (@powdah):

TIP: Here’s an easy way to make veins using red cotton or wool. This technique has been around for many years but I’ve never seen anyone use it directly on skin. Pull some red wool apart so you see the individual fibers. Stick them down to your skin with prosaide or latex. Use a needle to adjust the shape while the glue is still wet. I made a quick infected zombie bite using this technique but you could use it anywhere.  


I’ve been practicing for the special effects makeup competition I’m going to be in. I was lucky there was a professional photographer in the days I practiced so I was able to get good photos. The competition I’m in is in Australia and 8 people world wide were picked for it so I’m super excited to be a part of it. The theme is Guardians Of The Galaxy and what happens is we are given random foam latex prosthetics and in 3 hours we have to make a full character that can fit into that world. I’ve decided on an orange paint scheme and I’m going to do a bald cap along with hair work. The last two days I had my teacher from when I was in makeup school select random pieces for me and time me and these were the results!
The costume is a work in process in the end the character will be a Ravager.

Makeup done by me: Rose Ripley (Instagram: roseripleymakeup)

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