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I’m not saying it’s not an excellent plan for the future, Islington.  I’m just saying you may need to rethink who exactly is going to be singing those hosannas past about the first five minutes of you taking your throne since for some reason I don’t think I’m jumping to any wild conclusions if I suggest you’re actually going to find *nobody* worthy and *all people everywhere* HATEFUL IN YOUR SIGHT.

You know, for some reason.

agendertex  asked:

people are totally free to choose to not want to use pax if that's what they want. but that liquitex email is not saying it's specifically harmful, they're just covering their bases so they are not held accountable in case anything happens. pax was developed by a special effects professional, and as i said, because it is mixed with pros aide it is suspended in the latex and does not actually come in contact with the skin. as long as not ingested or allergic to latex youre fine.

It was developed by a special effects professional for painting prosthetic appliances, not initially for body paint. I also contacted these companies because I had special effects professionals contact me about how PAX is dangerous. 

People are free to choose to use, or not use, PAX, but they should make this decision with FULL knowledge of the dangers. Remember that the cosplay community also used to bind with ace bandages/duct tape and recommend these solutions to anyone who asked. Just because it is something that is used, does not mean that it is not harmful. Look at the Wizard of Oz if you want examples of harmful makeup being used in the industry.

Cosplay Tutorial will not recommend the use of PAX any further, and will continue share the information provided from these companies. You, and other cosplayers, can do what you’d like with that information. 

All the best!