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Animation techniques and effects from the classic era. For more vintage movie geekery, check out my Old Hollywood Special Effects, and my Early Color Film Processes posts! (And while you’re at it, take a look at my art blog, why don’t ya?)


I seem to have acquired quite a few blue hair dyes over the years …

These paper swatches might be useful for some of you.

Manic Panic - Atomic Turquoise
Special Effects - Fish Bowl
Renbow Crazy Color - Peacock Blue
La Riche Directions - Lagoon Blue
Manic Panic - After Midnight
La Riche Directions - Midnight Blue
La Riche Directions - Atlantic Blue
Sparks - Electric Blue (this one has the greatest longevity btw)
Arctic Fox - Poseidon


And I’m back again ! I had to give purple another try !

wanna see how i got this color?


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OK! And so this came out a lot faster than finishing the last scene. Ha! How did I ever do art before I had a tablet? Omg! Thanks once again to the wonderful @yugogeer12 for their amazing comic. Everyone should read it of course!

I enjoyed making the effects for this and I look forward to slowly working my way through the rest of this amazing comic.

That being said, I’m taking a break to do some illustration(pin-up) work. I’ll be back to this in Feburary. XO Undertale Fans!

If any fan comic artists are in need of a colorist, know I’m available! Just send me a PM.

And any fans wanna talk, I’m always up for chatting. :D ~~Ciao!~~

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I honestly don’t get some people saying Dr. Strange was not all that. Besides the Benedict factor, it was an absolute cut above some of the past Marvel films, due to the special effects and coloring alone. The past couple of MCU movies I saw were so dark, sometimes you couldn’t even see what was happening on-screen. All of that gorgeous, swirling, hippie coloring in Dr. S was breath-taking. 

anonymous asked:

Monoma neito x fem!reader fluff? They're at a sleepover with tsubara, kendou, pony, and some other classmates and they're the last ones awake and had to share a sleeping bag. He realizes it's bigger than just a crush on her. They end up sleeping cuddling and wake up in each others embrace. And guess what? They were the last ones who were up in the morning and the squad took pictures and hardcore ships u! Including flustered af neito ✨, I REALLY LIKE YOUR WRITING AND AM THIRSTY FOR MORE OF MY BOY

“Tsuburaba, your only job was to bring enough sleeping bags. How did you mess that up?”
The offending boy turned to Monoma with a glare. “You said we’d have the whole class! I brought the right amount, nineteen bags for nineteen people!”
Kendou sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Twenty. There are twenty people in this class, Tsuburaba.” The rest of the class was busying themselves with gathering snacks and setting up the movies that Pony brought while Tsuburaba thought over his mistake.
“Oh,” he started, bashfully, “I forgot to count myself. Oops.”
“Since he’s the one who didn’t bring enough, Tsuburaba should be the one without the sleeping bag,” Monoma declared, “it’s only fair.”
Tsuburaba looked indignant. “That’s ridiculous! I did go get all of these sleeping bags, I should at least be able to use one!”
After watching the boys squabble for a minute, you decided to speak up. “How about we just go through the night like normal, and whoever’s up the latest can figure out what to do with themselves. Sort of like a prolonged game of musical chairs. That way everyone has a fair shot at a sleeping bag and no one has to be forcibly excluded from the chance.”
Kendou smiled and clapped you on the shoulder, and Monoma couldn’t help but notice that it looked like it hurt. “Great idea, [Name]! I’ll take it upon myself to let the rest of the class know.” She trotted over to a cluster of classmates who were busy setting up what Pony called “A Bbbbbeeeee-raaated masterrrrpiece from the 80’s” to deliver the message. Monoma was willing to bet his school funds that the movies were gonna be hilarious.

He was right. Both of the films that were shown that night were an amalgamation of awful special effects, overacting, and bright colors, and Monoma was sure they would’ve been terrible if there was anything to allow him to know what people were saying. Towards the middle of the second movie (which was something about aliens that were also clowns?) near everyone had nodded off, leaving you and Monoma as the only awake people in the room.
You looked at him and shrugged. “Wanna just share?” You were pointing to the last sleeping bag, which definitely could have held the both of you. “I mean, I don’t mind, and it’s easy enough.”
“I get it if you don’t. I could see how that might be awkward and all, so—“
“No!” Monoma took a minute to clear his throat and try to recover from that damning voice crack. “I mean, it’s totally fine with me, as long as you don’t kick in your sleep or anything, haha.”
“Nah, I think I’m good. I’m gonna go to sleep now though, so feel free to squeeze on in whenever you need.”
He took you up on that offer after about five minutes of contemplating his options, quietly sliding in beside your sleeping form. His eyes trailed over your face, taking note of your relaxed expression, the way your hair fell over your eyes, even the tiny little snores you were making. You were cute, Monoma knew that, but he’d never seen you like this. You looked so… soft. Maybe he had more than a crush on you after all?
Well, whatever. He’d work it out in the morning, he supposed. He drifted off to sleep, nose-to-nose with you for what he hoped was the first of many times.

Both of you woke up to the sound of Setsuna’s giggling and a bright flash in your eyes. “Guh… whas’ happenin’?” Your voice was still heavy with sleep, and Monoma cracked his eye open to see your classmates standing over the sleeping bag.
“Good morning, you two! Sleep well?”
“Aw, why’d you have to wake them? It was cute!”
“Yooooouu twoooo were snugggggling…”
Neither of you were ever getting out of this, huh?