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Discworld fic: One Man, One Vote

For @hermitknut​, not quite what you asked for but once my brain lodged on the idea I had to either write it down or choke on it. As for how things proceed from here, I’ve already started writing the sequel fic, The Patrician’s New Hat. So stay tuned for that :D

                                                 One Man, One Vote

“Ah, Mr. Lipwig, do sit down.”

He doesn’t look well, Moist noted as he slipped into the chair opposite the Patrician’s desk. Vetinari had always been pale and gaunt this was true, but in that oh so effortless way only vampires could achieve, through centuries of moonlit balconies and liquid dieting. But there was something off about Vetinari just now. Tired was the best way to describe it. The worst were less forgiving.

“You wanted to see me, my Lord?”

“Evidently, Mr. Lipwig,” Vetinari replied, entreating to him to a small smile, devoid of its usual sharpness, “Or I dare say you’d be elsewhere. How is the family?”

Moist blinked. When the black carriage had turned up outside the gates just before dawn he’d been expecting several things. Familial niceties was not one of them.

“Oh, uhm, yes fine, thank you.”

“John doing well in school? I heard Charlotte won a prize for the best scale model of the palace.”

Moist nodded. “Yes my Lord, I believe it was the accuracy of the miniature scorpion pits that swayed the decision…thank you for that by the way, John’s nightmares have almost stopped.”

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