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18.8.16 // town update!

so, i may have accidentally bought a 3DS XL…

i’ve started afresh in a little town called Parsley! Once again my native fruit is pear, and my neighbours include Merengue (!!) and Rosie! I’m going to start the hunt for the villagers I really want soon!

(photograph: wild flowers + 3DS ft. me struggling to hold it one handed)

Things to Know If You're Playing Pokemon Yellow for the 1st Time

(Most of these apply to Red and Blue, as well)

-Gotta talk to your Pikachu every once in a while.
-DON’T. Lose. To. Eevee. Pikachu takes that very personally.
-Your bag is tiny. Gone are the days where you could stuff every single thing you find in there.
-ALWAYS remember how much space you got left in your PC box. Yes, you absolutely must switch them MANUALLY before you go out on a trip, otherwise you’ll get to the legendaries and miss out on catching them because the stupid box is full. Yes, this happened to me.
-Pokemon capture - especially the rare ones - is hardest in Red, Blue and Yellow. I’m not kidding. Particularly the legendaries. Catching Pokemon in X and Y is effortless by comparison.
-Got an ITEMFINDER? Congratulations. Unless your superior eyes can see things beneath the infrared wavelength, that device is useless.
-The EXP share is about the most annoying item you will ever collect in this game. Why? I won’t spoil that one for you.
-For a particular reason… the hardest gym leader you’ll come across is ironically the very first one - Brock.
-Get enough Repels for when you visit the caves if you don’t want a nervous breakdown. Why? Zubat. How? You’ll see.
-Yellow is the only Pokemon game where you canNOT evolve your Pikachu into a Raichu. The only way to do so, is to trade that Pikachu away.
-If you lose any battle, you lose one half of your money. It’s a shark tank out there in RBY


SPLATATATATATATATA- Introducing the SquidKid!

I’ll be doing a super-limited run of 25 of these, each with a totally unique paintjob, numbered inside the battery cover, and will come inside super-awesome packaging along with some extra goodies as well (shhh… it’s a surprise!).

I’ll have pre-order information posted up on my Tumblr within the next week or so, so be sure to follow me and keep an eye out, but until then, THESE TWO INDIVIDUAL SQUIDKIDS ARE FOR SALE!

I am selling these first two AT COST+SHIPPING in order to make some quick cash to get the final packaging and other stuff put together so I can have the final product photographed and get a proper pre-order page up. The final run will not be this cheap, so act fast!

They have custom unique paintjobs, new blue screen covers, internal prosound and orange backlights. (And lemme tell ya’, these feel really nice to hold. Asphalt texture with paint splatters. It’s great.)

EDIT: THESE HAVE BEEN SOLD! I’ll be posting pre-order information for the next set of SquidKids within the coming week.

Send me an ask or email me at JoshShmoshMedia@Gmail.com if interested.

AU prompts

• “I do the bagging at this grocery store and I put my number in your bags because I think you’re cute” AU
•"I accidentally knocked over a rack of clothes and you’re the cute worker who came over to pick them up and I’m considering doing it again for an excuse to talk to you" AU
•"We’re in band together and I not so accidentally knocked all of your sheet music over and slipped my number in between the papers" AU
•"Neither of us are religious but our families are and we get dragged to church every week the only thing that makes it bearable is staring at you" AU
•"Your friend used to live at this house and you two had plans to hang out but he forgot to tell you he moved" AU
•"You weren’t watching where you were walking and spilled coffee on my book. Now I refuse to leave your side until you buy me a new one.“ AU
•"There’s only one special edition 3ds left and if you think you’re getting it you’re wrong” AU
•"This horror movie is sold out and the only two seats left are next to each other. The problem is I wasn’t expecting it to be this scary" AU
•"You’re my neighbor and I think you’re cute so I put some of my mail in your mailbox but you caught me doing it" AU

I drew this quick Robin for David Vincent (robin’s voice actor) and he signed a printed version of this!!! though i probably wont get until summer since my friends were kind enough to do it for me haha I just wish i had a some more to work on this piece a bit more, but Im really happy that he liked it. 

To celebrate the release of the Special Edition Majora’s Mask 3DS XL, I have made a shiny gold Majora’s Mask pillow!

More delicate than the originals due to fabric and stitching, but would still make a wonderful centrepiece to any gaming sofa or collection!

Using gold-backed cotton as the main colour, I have used black and silver, gold and copper metallic threads to create a rather unusual spin on the coloured ones I usually sew (pictured left)
It has the same dimensions as well.