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setlist leak for the 2016 kbs gayo daechukjae (which will take place at 8:30pm kst tonight)! shinee will be appearing continuously throughout the show with not only solo and group performances but special stages.

near the start of the show taemin will be performing “one by one” and “press your number”. (it seems that it’ll be an introduction and then performance.) following soon after that will be a collaboration between onew and cnblue’s yonghwa of “지친하루”. (no confirmation but it could possibly be a cover of the song by yoon jong shin, kwak jin eon and kim feel.)

midway through the show will see taemin performing a dance solo to “love me long” followed by a special dance stage with bts’ jimin (to an unnamed michael jackson song).

shinee will be the last group to perform on the show with: a general introduction followed by “1of1” and “tell me what to do”. 

to close off the show, jonghyun will be participating in the final performance / stage in a performance of “걱정 말아요 그대 (don’t worry)” (which was covered by lee juck for reply 1988) with deulgookhwa’s jeon in kwon. (source)

Jimin Scenario: Earned It.

Request: I’M SO HAPPY REQUESTS ARE OPEN! I have a Jimin scenario request when y/n is an idol and she does a a special dance stage with J-Hope(like slow dancing) and Jimin gets very jealous and y/n tries to calm him down because there is nothing going on between J-Hope and her. Btw, Jimin and y/n are dating! Thank you! ♥

Genre: Romance / Drama.

-So… have you told Jimin?- Hoseok asked when you two were taking a break from the dance practice which you did at your company’s facility and not in Big Hit.

-Ugh, stop making it sound like we are having an affair- you laughed after making a disgusted face at Hoseok who looked offended for a few seconds and then laughed as well. -You are like my brother or something-

-You are the gross one thinking about affairs, I’m just being a good friend, and believe me, I know Jimin, he’d would…-

You sighed. -I know what Jimin would do, but this time he’d have to calm down and just accept that I’m dancing with another guy, it’s just work-

Hoseok sighed. -You want me to tell him?-

-What? No! Oh god, he’d be here all the time, he’d try to find a way to stop the performance all together and that can’t happen, I need this, ok? It’s the first time they offered me doing a special stage like this, so I want to do it-

Hoseok stared at you and then exhaled in resignation. -I think we should just tell him, this choreo is after all a bit…- 

You bit your lip thinking about it, the choreography was really sexy, there were parts of the song where you danced alone but for most of it you two had to do it together and the physical contact would be a lot to say the least. 

Being idols Jimin and you knew that things like this could happen, on both sides you were conscious that maybe one day you would be doing something not that innocent with another person for the performance’s sake, but you also knew your boyfriend and how he hated guys touching you too much, so you could guess how he was going to react when he saw you with one of his best friends.

Hoseok was picked for this by the producer, you two had tried to change so it was Jimin instead of the rapper, but the staff told you that it was impossible since they wanted specifically Hoseok on the stage.

-I know you don’t want to create trouble between you, but this dance is important to me-

-And you don’t think he’d understand if you explain it? He’s a nice guy our Jiminie, if explained nicely he’d understand-

-Well, I will just tell him that we are doing a special stage and nothing else, so even if he insists you can’t tell him what we are dancing-

Hoseok scratched the back of his head looking uncomfortable. -I feel like a bad friend-

You arched a brow. -Have you forgotten about the song we are going to perform? Besides you are a great friend, don’t say that-

-Oh fuck it, he’d set a scandal before he let us dance that- Hoseok said sighing yet again. -This performance better end up good, and I hope this ends in BTS and you twice popular than before and not in me being punched in the face by my dongsaeng-

You bumped fists as you laughed at that. -He wouldn’t do that, I think-

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[JIMIN] 161226 SBS Gayo Daejun Special Stage: Modern Dance Performance



Because she has been so busy lately she hasn’t gotten a good meal, so when you walk in holding her favorite food, she would run to you giving you so many kisses.


She would be so happy that you cooked for hours just to make her favorite meal, that for weeks she would do anything for you.


She would have the biggest smile on her face, she had working so hard to learn a new dance for her upcoming special stage dance that she wasn’t eating right, so when you walked in the practice room with all her favorite food she would give you so many hugs and kisses.


She would have been sick and couldn’t get out of the house. So you told her that you had to go work. About an hour later you would come back with all of her favorite foods from across the city, she would almost start crying because she was touched and happy.


She would be so happy to seeing you walking into her room with everything she liked. She would give you the biggest hug never wanting to let you go. She would later brag to the girls telling them how lucky she was. 


Because of her busy life you and Mina was having so problems. So, when she came home from a night of being on stage and saw you laying on the couch and went to the kitchen seeing her favorite food cooked she would almost start crying. She would walk over to you and woke you up. 

“Sorry I was late, lets eat and then cuddle.”


She would jump into your arms so happy and would attack you with kisses and hugs. She wouldn’t know what to say.


She would have been feeling sad when, so you would have brought her, her favorite food. She would give you a big smile and give you a big hug telling you how much she loves you.


When she saw you in the kitchen trying to make her favorite dash she would start blushing and look at you with nothing but love. She would give you back hug and tell you that she loved you so much and she was glad to have you.


SAF Gayo Daejun 2016 (Ballet + Modern Dance Special Collaboration Stage)

Luda Lee & VIXX’s N & BTS’s Jimin & Lovelyz’s Yein & TWICE’s Mina and MOMO & WJSN’s Cheng Xiao


Momo getting recognized!  (T▽T)

sidenote: if you look closely, you’ll see that Mina went straight from her special dance stage on Inkigayo to HTS without even changing


160724 Six-Pack - Ultra Dance Festival (Special Stage) @ SBS Inkigayo


Marius Yo -  Danke Schön


160710 Inkigayo’s Special Stage: ULTRA DANCE FESTIVAL
└ feat. Seulgi (RV), Mina (Twice), Mijoo (Lovelyz), Eunjin (Dia), Yooa (OMG), & Eujin (Sonamoo)

aka the stage that slayed 2016