special costello

Special Costello

What an interesting duo blooming from the flowery streets of Halifax. Nick and Jeremy have been creating their dark but poppy rotoscopic imageries for only a short period of time, but have already gathered a sizable amount of respect from the community. They will be playing at 1313 Hollis St on Saturday evening. These dudes will probably be blowing minds with their distorted delay bass and rambling taps of the snare. A surefire must-see for all.

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Special Costello - Sleppin

Treat your ears right. Listen to this track.


You knew who they were immediately as they walked through the door. Maybe it was the fact that they tall one most certainly didn’t have a FBI regulation hair cut. Or the fact that the bureau would have never let the green-eyed one drive that Impala that was parked out front.

They reached into their cheap suits and pulled out their badges that you wanted to figure out how the hell they made look like the real thing even through you knew they made it at the local Kinko’s.

“Hi, I’m special Agent Abbott and this is my partner special Agent Costello and…” but you cut the green-eyed hunter off.

“No, you’re not. You’re Sam and Dean Winchester, you hunt monsters, you’ve each got a rap sheet as long as that Impala you drive, and I’d lock you up and throw away the key if it wasn’t for the four-half eaten corpses that I have covered in black goo in the morgue. Now come on, I’ll show you. Maybe you’ll be able to shine some light on the thing that is literally eating my town.”