special conversion

Movie on Netflix y’all need to watch

  • Asian-American lead, and mostly Asian-American cast
  • Young gay man making peace with his family and finding himself
  • Great female characters who get about as much screen time as the main character and have their own growth and conversations and special moments
  • George Takei is in it and he plays himself, literally, and it’s great
  • All-in-all super sweet film 
  • Eat before you watch it, you might get hungry
  • Dad: Can't you just name the dog something normal?
  • Me: Like what?
  • Dad: I don't know. Like Cooper.
  • Me: Only if his first name can be Special Agent Alice.
  • Mom: What does that even mean?
  • Me: It means he's a federal agent disguised as a rock star disguised as a dog, Diane.
  • Dad: ...what?

quick little piece i actually did for the Kings of Conversation holiday special episode coming up next week BUT I COULDN’T HELP BUT TURN IT INTO G’N’G BECAUSE THAT’S STILL WHAT KOC IS IN MY WALNUT BRAIN

ANYWAY happy holidays!!!

*hugs you all*


Here is my new podcast PROZD + PALS.

There will be two alternating types of episodes, ones with me and my regular co-hosts Anne Marie and Alex, and ones where I have one-on-one conversations with SPECIAL GUESTS.

In this episode, we do introdcutions, talk about Christmas, our Mario fanfiction pasts, my mom’s cooking, picky childhood eating habits, our fruit preferences, LiveJournal, AIM, the importance of internet friends, and most importantly ORANGES.

You can download the MP3 for this episode through Soundcloud.

If you have questions/topics that you want us to discuss, send an ask with “Podcast: [question/topic].”

  • Brain: Okay, boss, let's do this this homework thing.
  • Executive Function: That's a good plan!
  • Me: Finally! We're all on the same page!
  • Executive Function: Or... Nah.
  • Brain: What?
  • Executive Function: Well... We could watch fountain pen videos...
  • Me: ... Traitor.
me when i'm high on a newly developped special interest
  • waiter : would you like some bread with that ?
  • me : it makes me think of, when in season 1, Paige almost went out on a date with Walter but he had to cancel -probably because these characters' developpment wasn't allowing them to be together yet, but I think he would have picked a Pain de Seigle and he would have explained that his choice is nutrient related and he would've went on and teach everybody about the gluten-free mania.. Did you kno
  • waiter : *a p a t h y*
  • me : Ok. Did you know that in previous episodes, the creator of the show had planned to...

Okay so I can’t stand people thinking that John is unfaithful and that he’s a total asshole. I love him too much not to go and investigate. So I watched again and again the moment John is texting “the girl” and I think he’s not texting her. I think she gave him the number of someone else (well, maybe of that NEW VILAIN ON THE POSTER perhaps) or maybe she’s working for that man. I don’t think it was her anyway because when he’s texting, the conversation is special. The person he’s talking to said he was up early and is a vampire. 

Well, it’s not a normal conversation I think, it’s a trick. Everything was a trick (Mary’s death, John hating Sherlock, Sherlock so bad about it like he’s exaclty where someone wants him to be) and don’t forget something : the game is on, but it’s not a game anymore. And while I was showing a  theory about this woman John met to my friend, we both saw that poster with the new vilain. 

Really strange, isn’t it ? What a coincidence. I know that nothing is EVER a coincidence in this show, the scenarists are too smart. There always are subtitles. The only thing we need to do is watch. To be Sherlock Holmes.

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Hoshidan Festival: Forrest and Corrin Special Married Conversation

Forrest in the Japanese version comes across as being a little more sensitive than his English counterpart, which I think comes across a little at the end of this conversation. It’s more surprising to see Forrest to say that he wants to be pushy at times, because that side of him doesn’t come across as much in the Japanese version!

…Also, the end of this conversation makes me think: these two are so lovey-dovey, it’s just a matter of time before Kana has siblings, right? Right? **wink wink, nudge nudge**

Hrm, a discussion of the differences in Forrest’s character between the English and Japanese versions would be another great thing to write about someday…

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Spoiledchestnut: Can you imagine? Grey writting to Var without pretext or coded messages and Var’s like “….WHAT DOES IT MEAN???”
@prinxvariety: cackles
SpoiledChestnut: “….it’s just coffee at noon Professor, don’t be so dramatic.”
Prinx: Cue Var making the :| face for a while
SpoiledChestnut: hahaha XD
SpoiledChestnut: but seriously tho, Var getting geared up for the next Stupid Thing ™ Grey is about to do and it’s literally just “Oh, I found this new flavor of coffee and thought you’d like some”
Prinx: that is actually excellent on so many levels
Prinx: Var, both deflated and relieved

She cried… She had kind of a break down and was like ‘I realize that you’re 26 now and I have to let go,’ but in a lot of ways it was really special to have that conversation with her and cross that bridge. I suppose when you’re 23 you just want to hear that everybody goes through waves of feeling insecure or lost… In retrospect, hindsight always being 20/20, I’m glad I’m still here, and I’m still able to make music. Hopefully that song is some sort of solace for people that are feeling down or alone.
—  John O'Callaghan on showing his mom 24 Floors