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The Milky Way Reflected Onto The Largest Salt Flat In The World

In a bid to find a perfectly dark sky, Russian photographer Daniel Kordan made a trip to the Altiplano region located in the west central South America.

Hailing 12,300 feet above the sea level, Kordan was able to utilize the Uyuni salt flat using the special astrophotography camera he had. This type of camera unlocks the colors found in the sky, opening up the barriers between earth and space and casting the Milky Way onto the reflective flats.



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I recently discovered that humans can actually very slightly glow in the dark. It is too weak for the human eye to detect but it is there. It is known that every living creature gives off a little bit of light only recently have they managed to capture the human glow on special cameras!

I also recently discovered the “humans are weird” tag so guess where my mind went! Like can you imagine an alien meeting a human for the first time and that species has eyesight thousands of times better than a humans. Imagine an alien seeing just this lightbulb thing wandering around. The alien would have to squint if the human got to close. The human would be very confused when their genius hiding spot was compromised because they were just glowing up the room and an idiot could have seen it from a mile away. But nobody could see this glow but the aliens.

Bioluminescence is common in other species but imagine a humans pure joy when told they could glow. I don’t know about you but I’d be pretty thrilled.

Yeah I know it sucks but as soon as I saw an article about this I just had to.

And so the (AU) story of love among the stars...

└ of tears that came with love…

… of love that flew away…

… and could only bemoan its loss.

Then there was love that travelled together…

… and stayed together.

And you can tell I’m obviously infatuated with the starry effects. (^_^)

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