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How Feyre’s Character Development Is Shown In The Covers Throughout The Series

I love how simply the covers of the ACOTAR series shows Feyre’s character development throughout the series. It’s mind blowing to be honest. 

You can see in ACOTAR how Feyre is standing straight. Although it could be said she’s standing upright for confidence during the last part of the novel, we know her stance could also show her complacence throughout the novel. Especially after reading the books and from the events that happens within ACOTAR. Her stance also looks stiff to an extent, showing how she is still submissive or under someone’s command. Furthermore, there is only half of her on the cover as if she’s trying to hide herself. The red in the background also indicate either her anger, loss, and/or death prior to reading the novel. The roses, obviously, fits with the title of Thorns and Roses but can also foreshadow Feyre and Tamlin’s relationship in the novel being like a rose: seemingly beautiful and sweet but, in honesty, is also harmful like the thorns of a rose. Her dress is also more conservative (?) (if you compare it to the other two in ACOMAF and ACOWAR) yet provocative (?). It covers most of her stomach and legs, showing how she was still insecure about herself and the only reasons she willingly used an outfit with a front that low is because she was either told to (although I have absolutely no judgement if she wore that willingly, she would work it just fine tbh haha). You could say her outfit is elegant (since it’s from Rhysand ofc) yet it gives off the vibe that she was made to wear it - something she is not use to given her awkward stance.

In a ACOMAF you could see how she is standing more fluidly on the side of the book. She is no longer stiff but looks more comfortable with her body. Her pose exerts confidence and strength, especially with her hand and the way it’s positioned above the wind as if she’s controlling it (which she probably is in some way if you think of Rhysand being the wind since he can fly etc., etc.). More of her is now shown on the cover as if she’s having the courage to step out of the book and show herself on the cover for what she is. Feyre’s hair blowing the way it is can show that she is in movement and could be fighting unlike her previous state in the Spring Court. Her outfit has also upgraded into more of an armour, showing that she is stronger now and fighting for herself compared to the beginning of ACOTAR when she was at the Spring Court. Furthermore, the armour could also indicate that she is working with someone else since we know from ACOTAR that the Spring Court does not have armours of the sort for females but only dresses (egh). The cover, once more, also fits with the title in accordance to the Mist and Fury part: misting is a skill Rhysand has (somewhat a foreshadow that Feyre’s mate might be Rhysand) and fury could indicate either Rhysand’s fury at the events that occurred Under the Mountain or Feyre’s fury at Tamlin showing his true self. Her tattoo on her left arm from Rhysand is also much more visible than her tattoo in the ACOTAR cover, as if she’s no longer trying to hide it like before but showing it off. The color blue is also known as reliable, calm, creative, intelligent, and maybe responsible (from a Google search I did). This foreshadows (EVEN MORE) about Feyre’s personality as we know she stopped painting for a given amount of time before starting again in the Night Court. The blue also indicates calm, intelligence, reliability and responsibility, all of the things Rhysand and Feyre are. Especially the reliability part foreshadows Feyre and Rhysand’s relationship as we know that she trusts him even though she denied it at first. The small city silhouette in the background can also show that she is in Velaris instead of the Spring Court where she only knows Tamlin’s home (palace?). 

NOW IN ACOWAR. LET ME JUST TALK ABOUT THE OUTFIT FIRST. Previously Feyre was wearing armour, as if she was an accomplice of Rhysand’s Inner Circle, working with them to take out Tamlin and Hybern. NOW, NOW IT’S A FUCKING DRESS THAT SHOWS SHE’S A HIGH LADY BUT STILL STRONG AND FIGHTING FOR HERSELF. The design (by the lovely @charliebowater ) practically exudes confidence, strength, and her ability to see what is wrong and right (especially with the eyes on her belt but that could also foreshadow Jurian since his eyeball was Amarantha’s ring). The glistening of the bottom of her dress could also represent starlight, connecting back to the Night Court and Starfall possibly. The position of her arms and the way she’s now showing off both hands and the tattoo shamelessly indicates her confidence with being a part of the Night Court and Rhysand’s Inner Circle. The way her hands are resting on her hips further proves my point of her growing confidence as she stands as if she’s ready to face anything. Also, her full body is now on the cover unlike in ACOTAR when only half of her was showing. This can be seen as her way of finally discovering and accepting her strengths and, once more, exuding confidence. She’s also holding an Illyrian blade, far different than before when she was only showing her hands in the ACOMAF cover. This shows how her abilities have furthered and that she could fight now, with a blade (cause we know her speciality is actually a bow) and with her powers (which is explained in the next sentence). The mist around her could show how her strengths in misting may be improving in the novel compared to when she was still first training with Rhysand and, maybe, her fire powers also since we can interpret this as smoke too. We already know she can control her water powers very well. The color green, after a Google search, portrays balance, harmony, nature but also envy. The balance and harmony of the green could be a foreshadowing of the ending of ACOWAR and how, possibly (hopefully, dear lord hopefully), the ending might be peace amongst Prythian once more. The nature part of the green could indicate the Spring Court and her return. However, the envy part of green, what I really think, is referred to Tamlin and his envy. I feel like he will end up finding out about Feyre being mated with Rhysand and he will be even more envious (pray to the Mother that Tamlin doesn’t do anything stupid like he already did). HER HAIR, again it’s blowing showing that everything around her might be in motion and she’s ready to take them down like she promised. The background also has mountains if you look close enough. This may be a foreshadow that Feyre and the Inner Circle may have to return to Under the Mountain once more to fix Prythian (this is making me extremely nervous). Finally, the title. Lord, Mother, I love Cassian so much please don’t let him die. The cover fits with the title of A Court of Wings and Ruin once more although not entirely: the wings part may be a foreshadowing (I’m sorry I repeat this stylistic feature so much) to, sadly, Cassian’s wings (although I still refuse, to believe it). The “ruins” part may be referring to how everything is falling apart just like the ending of the last book but, this time, it might be the actual ruin of the Spring Court and Hybern. Maybe even Under the Mountain since there are mountain silhouettes in the background. 

Well, that’s my interpretation of the covers. I felt the need to do this the moment the ACOWAR cover came out. I noticed her stance change and the way she brings herself. I couldn’t resist myself. 

Rowaelin's child headcanons

I want to know why everyone headcanons rowaelin’s child as a girl.
I picture it being this little blond boy with huge Ashryver eyes, who’s Mommy’s little treasure and Daddy’s pride. Who, at first, would cling to Aelin’s skirt or hide behind Rowan’s legs because he’s afraid of strangers, and then would go around being all adorable and chatty. He would start reading at a fairly young age and is very curious, and loves when Dorian comes to visit because he always bring him interesting books from all over the continent. As he grows up, he would be specially skilled with the bow, so he goes on this extended hunting trips with uncle Aedion, aunt Lysandra (in her leopard form) and, occasionally, Chaol and Nesryn (who might have something to do with the kid’s interest in archery).
AND THEN, another baby comes around, and is this little girl, with silver-blonde hair, a pine green eye and an ashryver one marks her at different but he doesn’t care. He loves her fiercely and protects her all the time. He would unleash a storm of arrows onto whoever dares speak ill of his little sister behind his parents back. And that’s another thing he is really good at: sneaking and spying and listening to conversations he isn’t supposed to listen (his ability to control air currents definitely has something to do with it).

Quick overview

Inigo is finally in the dancer garment he’s always dreamed of. And surprisingly out of all the characters on this banner, his stats deviate the most from the normal version of him (Laslow for anyone unaware). He’s surprisingly balanced across the board, much like his awakening counter part, and normally I’d say being balanced harms him. But in reality where his stats do edge over, are in the right areas, and being a dancer of course he’s confirmed to be usable.

Base set

Inigo, like his mother comes with a tome, called dancers ring, which gives 7 hp to nearby allies. It’s a decent weapon at best and will do him fine. Dance again is a must as with all dancers. Gale dance gives a unit +4 speed when danced, again like Olivia, if this wasn’t a B skill it’d be a must. Still he comes with Hone attack as well making him easier to pull the combo off with. Speaking of, hone attack is a great support skill in general.

As for missing slots, his special should be moon bow or Luna. He lacks the defences or attack for anything else. It’s worth giving him triangle adept too, as with it, he’ll be able to patch his res and live some of the blue mages like Reinhardt out there.

Suggested set(S)

A man and his flowers

+spd/atk - hp/def

Dancers ring +, Dance, Moonbow/Luna

Slot A = Darting blow 3,  Triangle adept 3

Slot B= Wings of mercy 3, Wind/water sweep

Slot C = Breath of life 3 , Any  c skill

Inigo much like his mother can make good use of the sweep skills. With 33 at base, with a +iv and darting blow he can hit 42 speed. And with it can heal allies for 17hp a turn with his weapon, breath of life, and its seal. However if you don’t wish for a sweep skill because you want wings of mercy then just use triangle adept, it helps him out massively.

Henry x Olivia

+Atk/spd/def/res - hp

Gronnraven+, Dance, Moonbow

Slot A = Triangle adept 3

Slot B = Wings of mercy

Slot C = Hone attack, threaten Resistance or any C skill

Gronnraven is mainly given due to the fact he appreciates triangle adept as is, so you might as well make him tank bows a bit better as well.  Wings of mercy is used as he’s a dancer but you can put something like Lance breaker, renewal, axe breaker etc if you want more offence. Any support will work in the C slot. Iv wise anything will work ideally. +defence helps against bow users, while +res helps against mages. +atk and speed make him more offensive. Hp is the only one which does little favour to him, so if you drop one, try to grab that one.

Mey’s Monthly Memorables

Admin recs of August 12th, 2017


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Summary: Pastel!Dan came to the bar with his husband to unwind, but ditches him for the punk hottie across the bar with the tattoos and piercings.

Say My Name and His in the Same Breath - howellesterfics

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Stone - analester

Summary: neko!dan was abused and kicked out but Phil finds him on the street and takes care of him and a lot of fluff.

You’re My Sole Rival - jilliancares

Summary: In which you wear your soulmate’s name on one wrist and your enemy’s on the other, but Dan has the same name on both.


A Caricature of Intimacy (ao3) - artisrisk

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Black Nails and Thick Thighs - phandomsub

Summary:  When Dan grows his nails out to paint them, it sparks a chain-reaction of fantasies in Phil’s head.

Dan and Phil: The Game - intelligent-trash

Summary:  When lightning hits the local arcade, all hell breaks loose. An unsuspecting Chris and PJ have no idea what events will come to pass when they meet ‘Daninator’ and ‘Phillion’ on their front lawn at midnight in central London. The once fictional characters from the video games have come to life!

Entrechat: Pas de Chat - vladimire

Summary:  I’ll pas de chat right into your heart.

It’s Okay - lizzydizzyyo

Summary:  At best, Phil just ignores him. At worst, Phil is tempted to be an axe murderer just for his special bow-down-before-your-mighty-lord-you-lowly-peasants mannered neighbor, but Phil is a nice person so he’s never acted out on it. One day, though, he’s proven that there’s more to his neighbor than meets the ice-cold and totally not dazzling honey-colored eyes.


A Royal Pain (ao3) - jilliancares

Summary: Dan Howell is a prince. Unlike most, known for their benevolent behaviors and elegant manners, he’s known for his sullen mood and vituperative remarks. After all, being a prince is not much fun; not with the lack of friends and the abundance of dumb tasks, such as trying to find the perfect bride and hosting dinners with nobles. Dan only has one friend, a prince from the neighboring kingdom Leona, and his days improve greatly when Phil finally comes to visit. However, with Phil comes a variety of strange accidents, all of which putting Dan’s life in danger. Is someone trying to assassinate Dan?

Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) (ao3) - INeverHadMyInternetPhase, snowbunnylester

Summary: Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince of Morellia, Philip Lester has never been given the chance to find love. Instead, he’s run from a system that works to end class differences and improve equality for its citizens. Happy as he is to make the world a better place, Phil can’t help feeling bitter towards his ancestors for making it impossible for him to find someone who will actually love him for more than just his title, and strives instead for a life of justice and doing good - only to meet his match in the King of Thieves, a man who will change everything he once thought he knew in life. Together, they must depart on a quest to save the kingdom, and, in the process, destroy their differences and find their own form of love.

The sun a souvenir (ao3) - deletable_bird

Summary: It took Dan a record-breaking eleven times of being in the same physical space as his current crush before he managed to speak a word to him.

Where You Belong - blissedoutphil

Summary: Dan had always wanted to be in a D/s relationship, but he doesn’t know how to sub properly. That was until he met Phil.

Chapter Four [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary: Your long-awaited college graduation calls for a celebration.

Word Count: 3,005

Warnings: Drinking, slow burn.

Authors notes:  Sab - This was a huge one for us to write (I mean, just look at the word count) and this was a long time coming for us, we hope you enjoy it!

Ren - My latino heart is so happy with this chapter (you’ll soon see it why), this one was a chapter Sab and I were super excited to get to, hope you guys like it! <3

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High school graduation never felt monumental to you. Sure, you’d be saying goodbye to a few good friends, but you still had your entire life ahead of you. You had a plan. Four years at NYU, studying and working to pay your bills. Stephen was an unexpected surprise, but he definitely gave you some stability.

You had a four year plan. Your high school brain tricked you into thinking four years would pass much slower than they did. As you stared at your neatly pressed graduation gown, the cap and tassel sitting on your dresser, you couldn’t help but feel like four years was a simple blink of an eye.

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Civil War

Originally posted by skullsanddeath

Avengers x Reader, Tony Stark x Platonic Reader

Summary: Reader is a nomad, hasn’t worked for S.H.I.E.L.D in over a decade, but she gets pulled into the Civil War.

Word Count: 3808

Warning: Cussing, mentions of death, small description of a wound.

A/N: This story has an OC character to make this whole thing work.

She was in her kitchen cooking dinner when she heard a knock on her door but she ignored it. The knocking continued for another five minutes and Y/N finally gave up, she turned the stove down to low and walked towards the door. Unlocking it, she pulled the door open, it was pouring down quite heavily. There was no one right in front of the door but there was a certain red head that was at the bottom of the stairs.

Letting out a sigh, with both arms on each side of the door, “What do you want Romanoff?”

“We need to talk.” As she started walking towards Y/N, her eyes rolled and nodded.

Stepping away from the door but not closing it, she went back to the kitchen. From there she could hear the small click of the door closing and Natasha’s footsteps coming towards the room. Y/N turned the stove up and continued to cook. Natasha let out a deep sigh as she went to grab a cutting board and knife, setting the peppers on it once she had cleaned them; she started to cut them in slim slices.

“I’m not helping you with this little civil war that is going on.” Y/N said monotonously, not really caring for whatever is bound to happen.

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((Sorry it took so long. I changed it up and made it so your traveling wasn’t an uncommon thing. I hope that’s okay.))

Finally at long last you were home! Back in the big NYC. You did enjoy your trip away from the city they never sleeps but you had been itching to get home for one huge reason, one huge, green, cool but rude reason. Your boyfriend! Raphael.

He knew you traveled a lot for your job but it never stopped him from trying to talk you out of it so you could stay home with him. When you’d talk about having to travel outside of the country for a few weeks in front of his family, Raph played it cool. Talking about how much fun you’re gonna have and that you should bring them back something nice. However when the two or you were alone, he was completely different. He’s extra clingy and slyly tries to sweet talk you into staying. He’s even known to go so far that he shows up right before you’re supposed to leave feeling extra “needy”, and nearly makes you miss your flight.

Raph didn’t do well with separation. He was always worried you’d go to one of these exotic new countries and be swept off your feet by a smooth talking foreigner and he’d lose you forever.

This trip you had just gotten back from Tokyo, Japan after nailing a successful multi-million dollar contract in the first month of your trip. You closed the deal faster than anticipated and got to spend a few days touring the amazing country while scooping up prizes and trinkets for your favorite guys. You even got to come home earlier than expected but you neglected to let Raph know. You figured it’d be a nice little surprise for your overly clingy boyfriend.

After the long journey home, you bagged up all the boy’s new toys while waiting for a safe time when you knew they’d be awake. Happily, you then skipped down the tunnels and sewers until you reached the lair. Stepping inside you heard the familiar sounds of the boys busily bustling around lair.

The first on you bumped into was Leo, and to your surprised he wrapped you up in an almost bone crushing hug. “Thank God your back.” He groans while hugging you tighter.

“What’s up Leo?” You ask with a giggle before pulling back from his embrace to start digging through your bag for his gift.

“Raph has been on a war path since you’ve been gone. Master Splinter sent him to the Hashi three times this week.” Leo frowned. “He’s missing you pretty bad this time.”

You smiled and handed Leo a medium box that was wrapped in brown paper. “Well lucky for you boys I got to come home early.” You chuckled. “Here, I brought you a little something. For Leo, you brought books on the history of Japan along with a few different types of spicy Ramen to try, alone with some special ornate chopsticks. Leo bowed, thankful for the gifts and let you go on your way distributing out your gifts. For Splinter you brought books on meditation as well as some artwork, Donnie, well Japan is so advanced in their tech department you brought Donnie a big back of tech that wasn’t sold in the US. Of course he was thrilled and rushed right away to play and tinker on the new products. For Mikey, sweets galore, manga and a huge Pokémon plush you found last minute at the airport. Mikey squealed and nearly tackled you in excitement.

Lastly, you made you way to Raph’s room, shocked he had yet to come out and seen you there while giving out gifts. His gift was hidden away in a tiny black box that you held tightly in your grasp. Once you entered the room, you smiled seeing Raph sprawled out across his bed, eyes shut and listening to his MP3 player. No wonder he didn’t hear you. Closing the door behind you, you snuck over as quietly as possible and crawled up in the bed next to him.

"Mikey I swear, I’m not in the mood today. I’ll play games with you tomorrow.” Raph growled no once opening his eyes.

Giggling, you leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his cheek while slipping the headphones off his head. “What about with me? You don’t wanna play games with me?” You asked in a playful voice.

His eyes shot open and before you could react, you were on your back and he was pressing sloppy kisses all over your face, neck shoulders, anywhere he could reach. “You’re Back!” He beamed happily. As he propped himself up over you. “You got back early, why didn’t you call me?!”

“And miss this kind of homecoming? I think not.” You grinned leaning up for a proper kiss. “I brought you something…by the way, have I told you how hard you are to shop for?”

Raph chuckled and shook his head, “You say that every time you come home from a trip.”

“Because it’s true. This gift is cheesy but I couldn’t stop myself.” You pushed up off you so the both of you could sit up. You felt nervous as you handed him the black box.

Raph snatched it up and quickly flipped it open to see a large bracelet, obviously made especially for his large wrists. On it were three Kanji characters, one for love, happiness and loyalty. “Aw, doll. This is amazing.” He grinned as he examined the bracelet. Raph wasn’t much of a necklace guy but thick tough looking bracelets like this he liked. “This must’ve cost a fortune.”

“Well,” you laughed pulling up your sleeve to reveal the matching bracelet, yours however was much smaller and it was clear to him these were a couples setting. Yours however held the characters for love, happiness, and strength. “I know you hate me going on these trips because you don’t think I’ll come home to you.” You started before crawling over to sit yourself down in his lap. “I’ll always come home to you, with you, I have, love, happiness and a new strength to do whatever I set my mind too, and with me you have love, happiness and loyalty. An unshakeable loyalty that will always bring me back to you no matter what.

"Leo said you’ve been taken it pretty hard this trip but you don’t have too, I’m always gonna come right back here.” With a soft smile, you tapped at his bracelet, “Loyalty, Raph.”

You swore it felt like the weight if the world had just been lifted off his shoulders and he just wrapped you up in a tight hug and buried his face in your neck. “Love ya, Y/N. I’m sorry I almost made you miss your plane.”

“I’m not.” You smirked. “It was well worth it.”

You felt him smirk into your neck and in seconds you were back on your back and his hands began roaming everywhere, making quick work of your annoying clothing. You two had a lot of time to make up and to say he was eager was a massive understatement. “Wait, you don’t wanna hear about my trip?” You asked in a playful manner.

“Later,” he growled not even faltering in his actions. “I haven’t seen you in over a month, I gotta give you a proper homecoming.”

Engraved pt. 10

<– Engraved 9 | (<– Crowned 1) | Engraved 11 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 8161 (sorrynotsorry)
Warnings: Angst. fainting, sexual innuendo…guns, bruises, wounds.
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Kai X Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: A little happy trip present from me to you @oh-beyond enjoy ;) pup, new girl, all the good things. Guys let me know what you think ;) feedback much appreciated.

AFF link

Your pov

“So.” Baekhyun started as you walked into the room with a beer, a bottle of diet coke and a hot tray of nachos. “You fucking the hitman?”
You didn’t reply, as you sat the tray down, places his beer in front of him and took a sip of your diet coke.
“You’re going to ignore me all night?”
No reply, you just reached for the nachos and pulled one of, stringy cheese trailing behind and revealing salsa underneath.
“Angel, humour me. Don’t be like this.”
“You gonna be an annoying little shit all night, I ain’t going to talk to you,” you said, but you had a smile on your face so he probably knew you were playing.
He took his own nachos, and the crunching was loud in the room. “Before you nag I’ll turn on the music.”
“I’m not getting a headset?” you pouted, actually very disappointed, you were sort of looking forwards to it.
He shook his head. “Nope, this is not some chat line.”
“As if you and Chanyeol don’t discuss girls on the floor to have a threesome with,” you bit, facing the screen and taking some more nachos. 

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Kyle Spencer (requested)

HIii, so I know I’ve been really inactive lately, but I am still alive! This lovely person requested a Kyle Spencer imagine and I am here to fulfill your fangirl needs!

Also it was not specified, but i was feeling the fem! reader!

(a lil triggering for rape:: hope you enjoy!


“Come one, Y/N! We– well you haven’t gone to a party in ages and everyone misses you!” Your boyfriend Kyle nagged to you as you combed through your hair. 

You had just gotten out of the shower after a long shift at work, and when you came back, your boyfriend was instantly on you that there was a party going on in three hours that was going to be “the best one yet”. Like they always claimed. But you were tired of parties, because it was dangerous there for any vulnerable person, because anyone could slip you drugs or force you to snort cocaine. Parties were all about peer pressure. And you just wanted to cuddle and watch Disney movies.

You shook your head and slipped your robe off, revealing your undergarments before you walked to your closet. “Kyle I don’t have anything to wear.”  

It was a lie, just recently you had went shopping and you had tons of new outfits to flaunt, but you just didn’t want to go. 

Kyle made a noise and walked over to your side, placing one hand on his hip and the other on your shoulder. “Baby, you have tons of clothes! I mean, look, this is new! Huh? I’ve never seen you wear this before. And it’s super sexy. I know how you’re all about body confidence.” 

You looked at the berry colored lace romper, with the plunging neckline and the exposed back. It was very sexy. So sexy that it had been sitting in your closet for a while now, since you never knew the proper time to wear it. Then you thought about it. If Kyle was suggesting you wearing it, he must have been okay with it, and you had one talent. Saying no.You were sure that you were able to turn down drinks from strangers and stray from the cocaine fanatics. Then your eyes came up to Kyles face and you sighed. It seemed the battle was won. You were going.You had lost this round. Kyle’s adorable begging face was the last and winning bullet.

Kyle sensed the change in your demeanor and let out a happy laugh, putting the hanger on the bed before coming and lifting you up. “Thank you, honey sweetie pie sugar. You know I hate walking into parties alone, I love you.” 

You tried but failed to hold back a grin as Kyle peppered kisses on your face and neck, and when he started to stay on the curve of your neck too long you giggled and pushed his chest. “I can’t wear the romper if you give me a hickey, sugar baby sweetie toots.” 

Kyle grinned and kissed you sweetly on the mouth. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Kyle.” You gave him one last peck before he let you down. “Now give me an hour and a half to get ready.” 

Kyle groaned playfully before nodding and then throwing himself on your bed. “You do you, baby. I love you with and without makeup. Do your thing, my sweet.” 

You grinned and walked over to your vanity as Kyle closed his eyes and laid back. 


Three hours later you and Kyle were driving over to some unknown house and you were both in comfortable silence. You knew that music would be blasting like crazy at the party and you were glad to have even a moment of silence before your ears were ringing from the chaos. You smiled and rested your head on Kyle’s shoulder, as his hand slipped over onto your thigh. 

“You’ll protect me right Kyle?” You asked, your hand snaking onto your thigh before you started to play with his fingers.

“From what, baby doll?” He asked, turning his blinker to go right on. 

“From bug eyed cocaine addicts and horny single maniacs? You know, the people that make parties an unsafe place?” You intertwined your fingers with his and he squeezed your hand lightly as his thumb began to rub on your knuckles. 

“I’ll always protect you, Y/N. There’s always a danger anywhere we go, and I swear I’ll always protect you. No matter the situation; because you matter more to me than anything.”

You lifted your head off of his shoulder and gave him a kiss on his jaw, which he caved into, turning his head for a quick peck on the lips. When he turned back to the road he slowed down before parking behind a long line of cars. You quickly unlatched your seat belt, the music already pulsing through the seats of the car and climbed on top of Kyle’s lap.

“Listen Kyle. You’re so fucking sweet and I love you so much.” You said quickly, grabbing onto Kyle’s surprised face. 

He grinned and looked into your eyes, before his forced his head forward and you ducked your head to meet in a passionate kiss. Kyle’s hands landed on your hips and his fingers dug into the lacy material, before he pulled back, panting. 

“Okay, sexy baby doll, we gotta go before you get me hard. That outfits already got me all bothered.” Kyle’s eyes drifted to your exposed chest and he shifted uncomfortably. 

You giggled and opened the door, about to get out before Kyle pulled you back harshly. “And I love you too, Y/N.” 

When you were both heading to the entrance of the grand house you were slowly starting to regret your decision. There were loads of people so that even the lawn was full of drunken college kids, all laughing and throwing up and then passing out in that exact order. Paranoia was starting to bubble up. What if you drank so much you did something stupid and ended up going viral online? What if someone forced you to get high with them? To do heroine? To have a threesome? You were terrified. You hadn’t been to a party in ages, and it was like this was your first all over again. 

“Baby, smile a little bit. Remember me? Yeah? Kyle, sworn protector and the best boyfriend ever?” You looked from the entrance of the house to see that Kyle was facing you with a small worried smile on his face. 

“Yeah, no okay. Sorry babe, I was just-” 

“Worrying about bug eyed cocaine addicts and horny single maniacs. We can leave if you want, alright sugar bunny cutie?” 

You instantly shook your head, knowing that Kyle would be sad if he missed anything or if any of his friends and frat brothers got hurt. You forced on a smile and tugged at your curled hair. “It’s fine, bunny cutie sugar, let’s just have some fun.” 

Kyle grinned and grabbed your hand before starting to search for a familiar face.You spotted some people from your college and turned quickly before they could see you and kept yourself glued to Kyle until you two reached the kitchen of the grand home, where Kyle let out a holler and tugged himself out of your grip. You looked to see a group of Kyle’s frat brothers, who were all dressed the same, with frat t-shirts with popped collars and khakis. Kyle was wearing the same but you had convinced him that the popped collar was not in, and never would be. 

“Kyle, my man!” Steven Kurt yelled out, lifting his beer in the air and enveloping Kyle into a bro hug. “Just the man I wanted to see! Hey bro, you got any weed?” 

You stiffened as the question hit the air and Kyle coughed loudly before shaking his head. “Na, man. I brought Y/N around, man. You know she doesn’t like for me to sell anymore.” 

Steven and the gang all turned to you as you stood there with your back straight and a fake smile plastered on. Eyes were instantly raking your body up and down and all around as Kyle grabbed two beers from the fridge. 

When Steven was done eyeing you, he smiled and shook his head at Kyle’s hands, before grabbing a red solo cup that they had all been shrouding over, speed walking over to you so he reached you before Kyle. 

“Y/N, a special brew for a special lady.” He bowed slightly, staring you in the eyes all the while, a smirk on his face. 

You grabbed the cup reluctantly so you would not seem rude. Some part of you was hesitant because you didn’t know Steven all that well, but the other part of you that flashed pictures of Kyle’s face when he was begging you to come filled with disappointment made you shrug your shoulders. Steven was Kyle’s friend, and from what you knew pretty cool and he didn’t seem like the type of person to do anything bad.

You brought the cup to your lips and took a large gulp, causing the group of frats to cheer right before Kyle walked over with a worried look and the two beers. 

“What was in that, man?” Kyle yelled to Steven over the yells as you let out a whoop and shook your head from the horrible taste.

Steven shook his head and looked over to Kyle with a smirk as the boys crowded around you, guiding you to the dance floor. “Nothing man, just bourbon and coke.” 

Steven tried to follow but Kyle yanked at his arm. “No, what the fuck man, I know all about your ‘special brews’ and that’s my girlfriend asshole! What was in there?”

“Chill, man!” Steven shoved Kyle off of him and into the island before smirking even more. “You once said what’s yours is ours, right?” And then he sauntered out, leaving Kyle speechless and horrified. 

Half an hour later you were on the dance floor, feeling slightly dizzier than what a half cup of bourbon and coke should have made you feel. Multiple times when you went to the bathroom Kyle had walked over and insisted that you leave the party with him, but you always pushed him away, arguing that he was the reason you were there in the first place. “Lighten up!” You had yelled at him as you sat on the toilet and he sat facing the inside of the shower. “I’m not even drinking a lot, Kyle. I don’t want to get too drunk. Let me have some fun, please honey pot?” 

You eventually left him without an answer. 

But halfway through an incredibly bass-y song you were starting to sweat and lose focus of your eyesight, and you could feel bile swimming up your throat. You stumbled through the crowd, pushing with haste at a familiar boy with curly blond hair who caught you when you almost fell, running to the bathroom. You fell through a white door and fell onto a carpeted floor, throwing up your dinner and a brown substance. You fell to the side of it, as you felt footsteps coming nearer. You slowly regained your vision but your limbs were feeling incredibly numb.

“Aw, fuck Ross, she threw the shit up, what the fuck! You said it would work!” A voice that seemed far away as you tried to move. There was a loud thump and you felt body heat next to you on your vomit. 

“Ew! The fuck, man! It’s a different kind of shit, dick wad! It should still do the trick.”

“Well it better fucking work because I had to knock the shit out of Kyle so he would leave us for a few. He’ll be back, though, I promise. Now go and guard the door. I got a lot for this bitch, walking in wearing that damn outfit knowing that it would make someone horny. She was begging for this to happen.” 

You slowly started to come to your senses, and you tried your best to move, but your body seemed out of your control except for your fingers. There was shuffling and you opened your eyes, just as arms wrapped around you and placed you on something that your body sunk into. A bed that wasn’t yours, with a face above you that was not your boyfriends, slowly tugging at the hem of your romper.

“What the fuck? How do you take this shit off?” Steven, you recognized, was starting to get agitated as he began roughly tugging at the bottom of your romper, and you whimpered as the lace rubbed harshly on your skin as your shoulders began to gain feeling again.

“Steven,” You groaned out as the lace started to scratch too harshly at your skin, making you whimper in pain.

The tall brunette stopped tugging at your romper and shuddered in pleasure and ground his hips into yours, causing tears to prick your eyes. “Fuck, say my name again.” 

“Steven please stop!” You raised your voice the best you could, tears pricking your eyes. 

Steven stopped and growled, suddenly flipping you onto your back, where the button and zipper to your romper were. He started to work on them, ignoring the loud pounds on the wall that had started up. “Don’t cry, Y/N. I know you’ve wanted this for a long time. I see the way you laugh at my jokes, touch my arm, and look me up and down. You want me.” 

Tears began to run down your face at the horrible experience that you were about to go through, hoping that the feeling wouldn’t return to your bottom half. Then suddenly his fingers stopped and there was the sound of another zipper as he started to yank the shoulders of your romper down with one hand.

“HELP!” You gained the courage and energy suddenly, just as the door of the room was thrown open and Steven was suddenly fell to the floor suddenly from the force of you pushing up and the shock of the door banging open. 

He lay on the ground, dick out, just as a blond guy you recognized as Kyle, your boyfriend, ran forward and kicked him square in the side of the face. He yelled something you didn’t quite catch as you fell to the floor as well, your romper halfway down without a care, only the thought of escape on your mind. You dragged yourself with your arms as feeling regained to your thighs.

“What’s mine is mine, Steven. You sick ass bastard.” 

You glanced back quickly, sobs escaping your body, to see that Steven was knocked out cold, and Kyle was advancing at you quickly. You started to hyperventilate slightly, your breathing increasing as you tried to move your knees to get away quickly. 

“Baby, Y/N, it’s me.” Kyle sobbed out, placing his hand on your bare back. 

The touch made you cry harder as you let yourself fall back on the ground to escape his hands. There were loud sobs behind you as you silently cried into the carpet, letting your mouth open in a silent scream. “Y/N please, I’m so sorry I let him touch you. Baby, please it’s me Kyle.” 

The touch returned, this time warmer and calming, and you still sobbed, but did nothing when the fingers traveled to re-button and adjust your romper and close it up. 

The next parts were a blur, and you let yourself black out slightly, and the next thing you knew you were sober, dressed in night wear, and in your bed. You were still crying, but Kyle was sitting at the edge of your bed, scared to touch you, with his own tears climbing down his cheeks.

“K-kyle?” You asked, not meaning for the sobs to start back up. Kyle closed his eyes in pain as he saw the bruises lacing your thighs and the red marks on your shoulders. You hand’t even felt the squeezes that he had been doing on your legs. “Kyle, please just come hug me. I need a hug, bottle baby, please.” 

Kyle cried harder and crawled over to you, gently pulling you into his arms, placing kisses on your head softly. “I’m here, baby. Always, honey sugar. I love you, Y/N. I’m your protector, remember?” 


Sorry it’s a bit rushed at the end.

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Blair’s incredible cotillion gown was designed by the show’s stylist Eric Daman, to act as an Eleanor Waldorf design. This dress feels so special, with that giant bow and the layered skirts it was so obviously designed to suit Blair Waldorf and boy did it. Also of note, on the night of cotillion when she slept with Nate, she was wearing Chuck’s diamond necklace 😉 {s1e10 - Hi Society}

Memento Mori

many thanks to @nikkigrand for the commission!

There is something buzzing beneath her skin, something robust and heady. Sakura does her best to ignore the feeling as she has for the past week. It is akin in some ways to an excess of chakra, but different somehow.

She feels energized, alive.

Sakura shivers, forcing her attention back to the documents on her desk. In the years since the war, Tsunade-shishou gradually unyoked herself from her duties at the hospital until Sakura ran it alone. Sakura is proud of it, proud of her proven abilities at the tender age of 21. Still, there is a tedium associated with the hospital that Sakura hadn’t expected.

Honestly, she does more paperwork than the Hokage!

Sakura sighs, skirting around her real thoughts, even in the privacy of her office. Recently there has been something about the hospital that leaves her teeth on edge and her blood singing. It isn’t the normal adrenaline rush that comes of high-stress situations. No, it’s something…more.

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