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Part ¼ of the Christmas Special

I want to thank everyone who helped present this story with gorgeous visuals! I love you all so much!!! <3 <3 Panel artist for this post is @ask-snewpea!!! Colors/words/effects by me! Title card art by @muddledsketches!! Panel 2 by @chomosart!! La-bow designed by @ask-nurse-bloodshot! Storyboards by @whatacorn and @taswel!!

At work today....
  • Two kids came through my line today
  • Boy: *holds up krazy glue* look it's the kragle!
  • Me: you can by that, only if you promise not to glue people in place
  • Boy: *eyes widen* you know what a kragle is?
  • Me: of course. Every special knows what a kragle is.
  • Boy: then how do you know what it is?
  • Me: *bangs counter* darn! I gave away my position. I guess that means it's time for me to appoint a new special, or in this case, two new specials.
  • Both kids: *squeals*
  • Me: *holds up hand* but first, you must answer me one question.
  • Kids: *nods*
  • Me: what day of the week does president business plan to use the kragle? Hint: taco....what?
  • Kids: *same time* Tuesday!
  • Me: *claps* congratulations, you both are the new specials! *bows*
  • Kids: *cheers*
  • Their grandma: *smiles and winks at me* let's go specials.
  • Me: have a good night, my specialties! *bows again*
  • Kids: *bow back and run out of store*

An image is worth a thousand words❤️
Un'immagine che vale più di mille parole

Honor to Francesco Gabbani for his victory (well deserved for me). But a special acclaim for his bow to an immense and special artist like Fiorella Mannoia, came in 2nd place!
Onore a Francesco Gabbani per la sua vittoria (meritata per me). Ma un plauso speciale per il suo inchino davanti a un'artista immensa e speciale come Fiorella Mannoia, arrivata seconda!

  • Character: Sam F*cking Winchester
  • Occupation: Actor and professional tall person
  • Secret Weapon: #1 Bitch Face
  • Special Features: Is secretly a moose
  • -
  • Character: Dean Loosechester
  • Occupation: Actor and can actually sing pretty good...
  • Secret Weapon: Dance moves
  • Special Features: Bow-legged beauty
  • -
  • Character: Cassy-poo "Clarence" God-Child
  • Occupation: Actor and amazing Tibetan throat singer
  • Secret Weapon: Confused puppy head tilt
  • Special Features: Can and will ride Dean Winchester


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Better For Both Of Us (4/5)

I have a genre for this one for sure! Hehe. <(●`∀´●)>”

- Gongju J

Characters: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: ANGST

Word Count: 958

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5

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You stood in the doorway, seeing Jihyuk tangled in the sheets with some girl you had never seen before. You could see her heels on the floor and her clothes tossed messily to the side. Her hair was all messy and the two of them were skin to skin.

You processed the whole scene very slowly, hoping what you were seeing was a nightmare. Jihyuk snapped you out of it.

“Y-y/n. I-I can explain.” He sat up from the bed, waking up his special guest. You bowed your head so he couldn’t see the tears that were about to fall.

“Explain what?” You muttered through clenched teeth. You could feel your cheeks getting soaked by your tears. The pain in your chest was all too much to bare now. It was like having a truck roll over you and just stay there. Immense pressure. And it couldn’t be relieved because this was actually happening.

“We were just-”

You didn’t care what he had to say. You just stormed through the hallway. Tossing the spare key randomly and slamming the door on your way out of the apartment.

You didn’t know where to go. The last thing you wanted was to be locked up in your apartment forced to think about what you had seen. You rushed through the dark streets, the cold wind nipping at every exposed extremity on your body. You went to the first place you could think of: Jungkook’s favorite cafe.

The two of you came here often when you had the time. You didn’t know why he liked it so much, but it didn’t matter. The two of you had good memories here. When you walked through the door of the cafe, you could still feel the sadness overwhelming all your senses, but the familiar scent of the room gave you warmth. You could feel the pain, but the atmosphere was comforting. It was as if you had run into Jungkook’s arms and he was protecting you from the world.

The memories of him, at least. After all, you had been the one to leave him two years ago. You thought it would be better for both of you. None of that mattered, though. Right now, you didn’t need a boyfriend to be there for you, you didn’t need an ex to awkwardly conversate with, and you didn’t need an idol to unrequitedly fawn over. You needed a friend to provide a shoulder to cry on. Luckily, Jungkook had been all those things for you.

You picked up your phone, less hesitantly this time, and dialed his number. You really didn’t have any idea where he was at the moment, but you didn’t care.

You heard it ring a few times, then finally, he answered.

“Hello?” He said into the phone. It was unclear because music was blasting in the background. You knew he must be rehearsing right now.

“Kookie…” You called, trying to hide that you were crying.

“Hey, y/n. What’s up?” You could hear in his voice he was smiling as he spoke. It made you smile for a split second, but your frown quickly overruled again.

“Where are you right now? I-I want to talk to you.” This time, he could hear the trembling in your voice, but he didn’t want to jump to conclusions. His smile faded slightly as you spoke.

“Is everything alright?” He had so much concern in his tone.

“Yeah, it’s just that…Jihyuk…while I was gone he….” You couldn’t gather the strength to finish the sentence, but he knew what you were trying to say. 

“ Y/n…” His smile had completely vanished by name.

Listening to you sob into the phone, he clenched his fist. anger began to build up inside him, but he knew he couldn’t show it in front of the other members.

“I know you’re busy. Please, when you can, drop by. I miss you.” Your words eased his anger into sympathetic sorrow, but he was speechless, so he didn’t respond.

“You can get back to rehearsal. I’ll talk to you later.” You said, trying to sound more cheerful. It didn’t work. You hung up the phone and put it back in your bag.

On the other end, Jungkook paused for a second after hearing you hang up so abruptly.

I miss you, too.

After a few minutes, your tears began to dry and you decided it was time to head home. You put in your earphones and played your music as you began to walk back down the dark streets. The walk seemed like forever. It gave you plenty of time to think about everything. The song helped soothe you again:

Give me your hand save me save me

I need your love before I fall, fall

More memories of you and Jungkook played in your mind as you listened to the song. 

Was this for the best?

When you finally got home, you went straight to your bed. You lied down staring at the ceiling. You felt the emptiness in the bed next to you.

Well, that’s one thing that’s different between the two. Jungkook would spend the night if he had the time, Jihyuk never thought twice. Then again, Jungkook wouldn’t have cheated either.

Thoughts rolled through your head.

Of course you were hurt that you caught your boyfriend cheating, but was it because it broke your heart, or because it made you feel stupid? You really didn’t care that you wouldn’t be with him anymore. All you could think about is how much you regretted breaking up with Jungkook in the first place.

After a while of deep thinking, you slowly fell asleep.

This time you didn’t have a dream. It was just a healing slumber.


The Shimada Clan had a deal with the Vishkar Corporation in which the Vishkar Corporation built special weapons (The Bow and The Sword) that could cast hard light projections through some sort of DNA identification thing. These hard light projections are the Dragons and that’s the only reason the Shimadas can use the Dragons.


I took dance from a very early age, although my first recital I remember refusing to go onstage. I think I was three. It’s funny because that stage was also my high school theater stage. I remember refusing to go on and then feeling really cool because I got to hang out with all the older girls with their point shoes and their Swan Lake costumes backstage—they were basically babysitting me while I was refusing to go onstage. In the end, my teacher was like, “Will you at least go out and bow?” I shook my head. “Well, what if I we did a bow together?” “Oh, okay, that sounds fine.” [laughs] I had my own special bow with my teacher even though I didn’t perform that day and I remember going out there and being like, “Oh, this isn’t so bad.”



you’re such wonderful people and i had a great birthday 2 days ago! XD it’s not as personal a reply as i wanted but let it be known that i feel so privileged getting to know you people and being able to draw art that make you smile! 

thank you so much and this year’s just getting started yooooo!!!!!! <33333

  • Character: Sam F*cking Winchester
  • Occupation: Actor and professional tall person
  • Special Features: Is secretly a moose
  • -
  • Character: Dean Loosechester
  • Occupation: Actor and can actually sing pretty good...
  • Special Features: Bow-legged beauty
  • -
  • Character: Cassy-poo "Clarence" God-Child
  • Occupation: Actor and amazing Tibetan throat singer
  • Special Features: Can and will ride Dean Winchester