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Derek Morgan - Criminal Minds

Derek beckoned you over. You had just said something that had peaked the profiler’s interest. “What did you just say, baby girl?” He asked.

You forgot all about what you’d said and froze for a moment. He never called you baby girl. He only called Garcia baby girl. Why was he calling you baby girl? What had changed? 

Apparantly you had been staring. Derek was waving his hand in front of your face. /I think I may have broken Y/N./  You heard him think. Once you realized a blush krept over your cheeks. Derek smirked. /That’s a cute blush. Are they blushing because of me?/ 

The One To Blame (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I really liked this idea (I feel like I always say that but you guys are uber good at prompts) but yeah. I made sure to have translations for those who can’t read Spanish!
Warnings: light smut
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader works in the bau and is its translator for spanish and she has to interrogate someone in spanish and reid turns on bc they are dating and they make out in the elevator until it opens in a floor where all the team is
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: part 2 of…
You have worked for the BAU for awhile now after your boyfriend, Spencer, brought it up to you.
Although you weren’t a profiler, you were a communications director along with the translator, which you rarely did.
You spoke English, Spanish, and most French.
But, this weeks case was in Santa Fe and you were needed for translation.
You’ve only done this 3 times but every time, it sparks this excitement in you.
You feel like the real deal; like a profiler.
You and Derek walked into the interrogation room where a dark man with multiple tattoos smirked at you.
You knew the rest of the team was on the other side of the window so you felt confident and courageous.
“Hola linda chica (Hey there pretty girl).” He said as you sat in front of him as Derek stood next to you.
“Hey mi nombre es Y/N L/N y este es el agente especial Derek Morgan. Estamos con el FBI y le queremos hacer algunas preguntas. (Hey my name is Y/N L/N and this is special agent Derek Morgan. We are with the FBI and would like to ask you a few questions).” You said crossing your fingers in front of you.
“No es como si pudiera negarme (It’s not like I can refuse).” He said. “Entonces, ¿tienes una chica bonita papá (So, do you have a daddy pretty girl)?”
You felt your body tense as he asked the personal question.
“¿Es él (Is it him?)?” He asked looking at Derek.
“No, es un compañero de trabajo. ¿Has visto a alguno de estos hombres (No he’s a coworker. Have you seen this man)?” You asked changing the subject.
You knew Spencer was on the other side of that window, translating everything you and the man were exchanging.
After the short interview, you had two new suspects.
“George Sanchez and José Garcia.” You told Penelope as she typed quickly against her keyboard.
You felt a lingering gaze on you as you bent over Penelope’s little desk.
You turned around and saw Spencer biting his lips as he stared at you.
You knew that it turned him on when you spoke Spanish, so you decided to push him.
“Take a picture it lasts longer bebé (baby boy).” You said walking past him while you slid your finger across his jawline.
You watched him follow you out to the elevator where you pushed the main floor button.
“We have to deliver the profile in 10 minutes. I don’t think it will hurt to be early.” You said as the doors opened.
You walked in and were taken by surprise when Spencer pushed you against the wall and hit the ‘close door’ button with a kick of his foot.
You were actually taken by surprise at his blind accuracy.
“I don’t think it would hurt to be late either.” He said dangerously close to your face.
Once the doors closed he pressed his body against yours as he invaded your mouth with his tongue as he pinned your hands above your head.
You moaned into his mouth at his aggressiveness that you rarely saw.
“I knew what you were doing to me.” He said catching his breathe.
You couldn’t even speak because of how taken aback you were.
Instead you grabbed handfuls of his hair and pulled him down to your lips again.
He pulled your hips against his and you felt his arousal press against you.
His fingers grazed the back of your thighs, a signal to jump and wrap your legs around him.
He held you in place as you kissed his hot mouth again.
You both were so in the moment, you never heard the ding as the elevator doors opened.
You opened your eyes and saw the team standing there ready to enter the elevator.
You quickly jumped off of him and fixed your skirt that was hiked up your legs as Spencer fixes his perpetually crooked tie.
The team looked hesitant before entering the elevator.
“Pretty boys getting some lovin.” Derek said nudging Spencer’s shoulder.
“Stop it.” He said smacking his hand away.
Emily nudged your arm and you felt your cheeks grow even redder than what they were.
The elevator doors opened after what seemed like hours and you all left the elevator in silence.
“It’s your fault for being so hot.” Spencer said shallowly.
You turned around and hit his arm. “Shut up you could have contained yourself.” You said whisper-yelling.
But let’s be honest, you were both the one to blame.

Do You Believe in Soulmates? Part 5


Summary: Your brothers and you meet up after years of being apart. The case you are working looks more and more like a supernatural case. But when your brother’s figure out what you are dealing with you can’t help but feel scared.

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, and Smut (only a very tiny bit). The whole nine yards.

A/N: Hey guys, thanks for the patience and support. I apologize for taking so long to come out with this but I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope this makes your day a little brighter :) Plus thank you for the love and support that you have poured out over messages. I’m going through a very tough time right now and all your support has kept me afloat. There are no words to express how much I love and appreciate all of you. Thanks. I love you all! 

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds, Supernatural Crossover

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“Hey, it’s me. How fast can you get to Danvers, Massachusetts?”

“Woah! Slow down bug. Let’s start with ‘Hi, Dean how are you? You tied up at the moment?’” you brother replied.

Rolling your eyes, an action that was almost second nature for you whenever you spoke to Dean, “Fine. Hi, Dean how are you? You tied up at the moment?” you state out robotically, not waiting for his response you continue to talk “Okay so listen my team is looking into a case that seems to be more up our alley than the FBI’s.” You heard some muffled talk in the background and pegged it as the moose joining the conversation. “Three girls all 16 years, whose mom’s died when they were 10 were found murdered over the past three days in, and this is what got my attention, Danvers, Massachusetts.”

Before you could explain further Dean interrupts you, “Okay maybe you geeks know what the significance of Danvers is but you mind sharing it with the rest of us who actually have a social life?“

You laughed at the frustrated sigh that erupted from Sam’s throat, you could almost picture the bitch face that he was throwing at Dean right now. “Danvers, Massachusetts was formerly known as Salem Village, where the witch trials took place,” you heard Sam explain.

“There’s more,” you continue explaining the rest of the case to your brothers. After you finished explaining your speculations that the mother’s had made a demon deal and now demons were coming for the daughters, there was a long pause.

Dean decided to break it and says, “Okay bug we’ll be there in about half an hour. We’re wrapping up a ghost in Newton, New Hampshire. Can’t wait to see you, kiddo.”

You smile and say, “Sammy make sure you’re there as reporters and use the credentials that I had Charlie make you. And Dean, she’s married with a kid so no flirting.”

Though he had no i­dea who you were talking about Dean still managed to say, “Aye, that just means I can’t touch. I can still look, and talk.”

Laughing at your brother’s stubbornness you shake your head and say, “She also has two guns and is a terribly good shot. So I wouldn’t if you want all your limbs intact. See you soon.”

As you hang up the phone you can’t help but smile like an idiot all the way to your seat, just the thought of being near your brother’s got you giddy. Though as soon as you came in the view of your co-workers you subdued the smile and tried to act as you did before the phone call. You take an empty seat away from the rest of the team and look at the case files to try to think up an action plan. “You okay?” a concerned male voice breaks through your thoughts, thinking that it was either Morgan or Reid you sigh looking up, only to be surprised at the concerned eyes of the team leader that met you. “Yeah Hotch I’m fine,” you lie, so badly in fact that even a kid could see through you. When Hotch doesn’t stop his eye contact with you, you sigh and start to explain, “Hotch I’ve handled a case like this before back when I went undercover.”

Before beginning at the FBI you had to make up a background story. You held degrees in not only Psychology but also Criminology and Sociology. When Dean went to hell, you promised him not to try and get him out. This proved to be incredibly difficult because every moment you were awake you wanted to get him out, so you decided to go back to school and dove nose straight into a heavy course load. By the time Dean made it out of hell and came back to you, you wanted to drop everything and go hunting but after a lot of forcing on Dean’s and Sam’s part, you stayed in school for the rest of the semester before enrolling into an online school. And after Sam went to the cage, you found it difficult to live the apple pie life that you promised him you would. So you did the same thing you did when Dean went away, you dove into school and came out with your third and fourth degree impressively in a year and a half. However in order to be in the FBI, you had to have some prior work with law enforcement and after some calls, many of the law enforcement officials that you’ve helped out in the past put together stories of you going undercover for the cases that you solved as a hunter. So to the rest of the team, you started off as a field agent, who went on several undercover ops for several police units even though you weren’t officially a cop. You excelled in your field in a matter of months and the director of the BAU himself ordered for your transfer to the team effective immediately.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Hotch asked after you paused.

“Hotch the only thing that I can tell you about these cases are that it blows your mind how much there is out there we don’t know about. And for cases like this, I have to be fully focused on the case, so if I seem cold for the next few weeks I apologize,” you finish.

Hotch stares at you for a couple of seconds, and you know that he’s trying to analyze you but he smiles reassuringly and says, “When we land I want you with Morgan and me, we’re gonna go straight to the police station. And (Y/N) I know you might be intimidated to tell me things, but as much as I am your team leader, I am also your friend.”       

“So you’ve never seen these girls around here before sheriff?”

“That’s right. Never seen any of ‘em until we found the bodies. Excuse boys but that’s the FBI,” you hear the sheriff finish up what seems to be an interview with the two men that you have been dying to see. Even though you had to be professional you couldn’t help the goofy grin the ghosted your face when you made eye contact with them.

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“Agent Hotchner? I’m Sheriff Boldwin. Thank You for coming on such short notice,” the balding sheriff shook hands with your team leader.

“Of course Sheriff, these are Supervisory Special Agents, Derek Morgan and (Y/F/N Y/A/L/N),” Hotch introduced you two, and you shook hands with the sheriff.

“Agents, can we get a quote for the paper?” Dean walked over and said confidently to your team leader. Morgan and you tried your best not to snicker at the face Hotch was making if it was possible you were sure Hotch would have punched Dean right then and there.

“Sir, if you follow me I can get you your quote,” you interrupted before your boss could tell them off. Morgan smirked and whispered, “Try not to scare them too much.”

“I make no promises,” you playfully whisper back to him before walking to an empty office room. Once you make sure that there were no prying eyes looking into the office you launch yourself into the arms of your eldest brother.

“Hey bug, I missed you too you know,” Sam joked as you stayed in Dean’s arms for a bit longer than intended. You smile at jump into his arms next, letting out a squeal as the giant actually picks you up off the floor and spins you around. After the warm greetings, Dean gives you the address of the motel they were staying at and then tease you, “So Supervisory Special Agent can we get a quote for the paper?”

Rolling your eyes for what seemed to be the tenth time in a matter of minutes you shove him a little. “Did you guys find anything else? Any omens?” you ask. Sam opens his pocket book and starts to state off signs he found, “Well since you told us we could only go as reporters, we couldn’t look at any of the evidence but there is definitely a demon in this town. There’s been rumors of cattle mutilations, electrical storms, as well as abnormal weather six hours before the girls showed up dead.”

Taking it all in you declared, “Okay well I’ll have to stay here and work the legal angle but once I get a chance to look at the crime scenes and evidence I’ll text you. Guys this demon took out three girls in three nights, there’s a high possibility that a girl is going to die tonight, and we have no idea why.”

“Okay I’ll do some more research,” Sam acknowledges the group.

“And I’ll do some canvassing,” Dean states, at you raised eyebrow he adds, “and keep the flirting to a minimum.” You laugh at this and bid them goodbye, exiting the room but before you could get far, Dean grabs your wrist pulling you closer to him and whispers, “Cas told us about your little soulmate. You know that you’re not allowed to date, right? You’re too young.”

You look up at you older brother, trying your best not to roll your eyes, you smirk saying, “Tell you what, you stop flirting with anything and everything with boobs, and I won’t go near him.” Satisfied at Dean’s conflicted face you walk back to the conference room where the team had started to set up. By this time the rest of the team was back, their raised eyebrows made you aware that they noticed the interaction between Dean and you. The interaction, plus the smirk that was on your face must have added up to you being interested in the handsome reporter to them, and the thought makes your smile falter. A little grossed out that your team now thinks you are attracted to your brother, you take your seat across from Reid and dive into the case files completely ignoring the silent questions being asked by each of them.

Reid came in with Rossi about ten minutes before you exited the office room with your brothers. He had a coffee in each hand, one for him black coffee with 4 packs of sugar, and another specially made for you. It was a silent pact made by you two that when you guys were working a case and one of you seemed to be a little bothered, the other would try everything to make them feel better. Spencer, of course, noticed that you were bothered by this case from the beginning. He also knew that you were as stubborn as it could get and wouldn’t talk or even acknowledge that there was a problem. You would over work yourself, be too invested and then go home feeling drained and crappy for weeks. 

However, what he didn’t understand is how you seemed bothered by the case yet on the jet after the briefing you were happy. You tried to mask it, but you were happy. Your eyes were sparkling, your cheeks were slightly rosy, and there was a ghost of a smile on your face for the rest of the ride. Though he loved to see you happy, he was a little perturbed that you were happy while they were in the middle of one of the goriest cases they’ve investigated so far. Reid had placed your coffee across from him and was searching for you when Morgan informed him that you were scaring off two cocky reporters. When you didn’t return for another 20 minutes Reid got worried and got up to come find you, but that was when you came out of the office room followed closely by two men who resembled greek gods. Spencer watched the interaction between you and the blond reporter, his heart twisted as he saw you smirking almost seductively at the reporter, leaning up to whisper something to him, your faces just inches apart from each other. He saw the conflicted look on the reporter’s face, guessing by the smirk on your face, he assumed that the reporter must have asked you out and you were playing hard to get. Reid was almost certain that that was what just happened. He had witnessed you turning down men like the reporter before, once he asked JJ why you did that she had smiled and explained either you were interested in someone else or you were playing hard to get. Reid considered the possibility that you were interested in someone else but quickly wrote it off.  One of the perks of being your best friend was that he knew all the men that you interacted with. Aside from the team, the only men you ever came into contact with were the mailman and the barista at the local coffee shop that you and Reid frequented. The mailman was 60, married with 2 kids and 4 grandkids, and the barista was engaged to his longtime girlfriend. He had considered that you might like one of the guys on the team but Morgan was too much of an older brother to you, Rossi treated you like his daughter and you were too scared of Hotch to have any sort of feeling other than respect for him. 

Thankfully Rossi spoke up, saving you from the awkward silence, revealing to the rest of the team what Reid and he found out at the crime scenes, “It looked like she put up one hell of a fight, and from the looks of it I think our unsub is an incredibly strong female. There is no way that any of these girls could have fought a man to this extreme.”

“Are you sure about that Rossi, footprints says the unsub is a size 10, that’s got to be one big woman,” you expressed your doubt.

Rossi took your doubt into consideration with a mischevious smile he said, “Hey Morgan you’re a size 10 in shoes, right?” Morgan nods. “(Y/N), you’re about the size of these girls. Why don’t we go outside and see what kind of a fight Morgan and you could put up?” Rossi suggested playfully. As you scoff off the suggestion, Morgan puts on a smirk and said, "Nah, that won’t be fair, I would cream her.”

“Morgan, she was able to fight with a 6 ft. 240-pound man and hold her ground for 15 minutes. I think she would cream you,” Reid makes the first contribution to the conversation since you’ve all arrived in Massachusetts. He went back to examining the case files as fast as he made the comment. There was a piece of hair that fell onto his face, and it took all you got not to reach over and put it in its spot. You didn’t even notice until then but he had gotten you coffee, from the looks of it, it was the coffee Reid especially makes for you whenever he wanted to cheer you up. There was a note stuck to the side of it ‘Whatever is bothering you, I’m here,’ you smiled as you saw he tried his best to reach you. As you were filled with happiness to see that your best friend will always be there for you, you also start to feel a little guilty at the way you’ve been avoiding him. It wasn’t his fault that heaven decided that you two were meant to be, and you should know better if the heavenly bastards wanted something they would get it one way or another. 

As you were looking over at him he looked up and you send a silent thank you for the coffee and the support through your smile. He smiled as well and focused on the map trying to come with a geo- profile. While he was busy thinking he brought his lower lip in between his teeth, and you pressed your thighs together trying not to acknowledge the heat building up in between your legs. You couldn’t help the images that played in your mind as you watched him bite his lip and run his hand through the unruly mess he called his hair. You wondered what his lips tasted like, how his lips would feel against yours. How your bodies would feel pressed up against each other, how good it would feel to have him inside you. Damn it (Y/N)! It was as if you were falling more and more for him the more you looked at him. Morgan cleared his throat signaling that you were hopelessly longingly staring at the doctor. Again.

You turn your attention back to the team, as Hotch asks, “So other than the unsub being female, was there anything else that you guys found at the crime scenes?”

“Yeah,” Reid looked up from the files, “There was sulfur at the scene.”

Dammit! You thought.

“File says that there was sulfur at the other crime scenes too. Not really in a pattern but definitely significant. It’s part of her M.O,” JJ adds. Just as you were about to text your brothers about the demon theory being correct, you get a message, you read it and couldn’t stop the little gasp that escaped your mouth. 

Prince and Princess of Hell. Meet us at the motel ASAP.

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What they want: Hi. I was wondering if you would mind writing a Spencer Reid/Reader imagine where they were friends as kids then they had to go separate ways. And years later they meet again during a case where she is one of the victims. Because she was adopted by a family who forced her to do some things she shouldn’t be doing (it can be whatever as long as you are comfortable with it). And she agreed to do it even when she was over 18 to protect her younger sister. So when she is saved her and Spencer recognize each other and well then it can lead to more or not. You choose. And thanks Well reader would be something like 23 maybe. And her sister would be… maybe 15.

Warning: sex trafficking, abuse, language

Auothers note: this will be going on my sensitive masterlist because of what this fanfic contains, if you are sensitive to things like that in anyway please don’t read and this will be confusing at the end because it’s a plot twist. Enjoy!
Also, any feedback is greatly appreciated guys so if you would like a criminal minds story please hit up my inbox about any kinds of fanfics you would like.

She had taken care of her for as long as she could remember, she was suppose to be her older sister. She was suppose to protect her from bad people because that’s what older siblings do for one another, so then why couldn’t (y/n) protect (s/n) from their adopted parents.
At first everything started off good, that’s until (y/n) found of her adopted father and mother secret, her mother was running a underground sex trafficking service for young girl of all ages. She was only 16 at the time when she caught one of her girls leading an older man into her father’s study and she saw him murder the man. From that day one everything changed, her mother would sell (y/n)’s body to older men who were willing to pay high bucks for the young girl while her father would make her lore men who didn’t feel the need to pay in to his office to kill them. She knew what she was doing was wrong but she had to protect (s/n) from them, they made a deal as long as she continued to do this for them they would leave (s/n) alone and they did just that.
Every day for the past 2 years (y/n) had been disgusted with her body and her actions, she was currently with (s/n) at the supermarket picking up food for the house when she was suddenly approached by two men, one was a few inches taller then her and had a lean body while the other was a more buffer man and he was clearly taller than both her and his friend. “Hello Miss. My name is Special Agent Derek Morgan and this is my partner Special Agent Spencer Reid, we were hoping we could ask you some questions.”

(Y/n) felt dizzy for a moment she remembered him Spencer that is, he would visit the orphanage she and (s/n) was in before they were taken home by their foster parents. “S-Spencer.” She stuttered out a small smile appearing onto her once grim face. “Do I know you?” Spencer asked with an confused expression on his face, “I-It’s me (Y/n) you would visit me and (s/n) at the orphanage.” A smile appeared on Spencer’s lips, he remembered her now but she was different from how she used to look. She looked scared and worn out. Before Spencer could talk (s/n) tugged at her sisters arm causing (y/n) to look towards the young girl, “We have to go back home, it’s late and we stayed here long enough.” Nodding her head toward (s/n) they exchanged goodbyes before exiting the supermarket quickly.
“Something isn’t right about those two.” Derek said watching as both females got into their car and drove off, “That girl looked scared once she said they were late.”

She was worn out and her whole body hurt, she laid their on the floor bloody from the beating one of the men gave her after she told him to pay her, all she could hear was yells from around the underground base and and shots being fired, but before she was fully unconscious she could an outline of a female and an male walking into the room and that’s when she passed out.
What felt like a couple of hours (y/n) could feel herself gaining consciousness and when she opened up her (e/c) eyes she saw all white.
“I’m in a hospital.” She whispered to herself that’s until she heared a familiar voice beside her, “Yeah you are.” Turning her head slowly she saw Spencer and before she could explain he spoke again, “We already know what happened, and don’t worry your not going to jail.” Confused by what he meant by we she asked “We?” Spencer nodded his head and pointed toward the door were she could see a couple of people standing out of waving at her. “Me and my team.”

It’s been 5 years since Spencer and his team saved her and (s/n) from her foster parents and in those 5 years (y/n) told Spencer how (s/n) was actually her daughter and how she had her at a really young age. Spencer understood and by the time (d/n) was 15 (y/n) broke the news to her about how she was her actually mother. (D/n) took the news well running up to (y/n) hugging her and crying and it was just a happy moment for the two females who had been through hell, later on that year Spencer had proposed and before they knew it they were saying their vowes and I does while Spencer’s team was there and (d/n) was crying for her mother as her junior bridesmaid.

Penny’s Boy

 Words: 1,503

Relationship: Derek Morgan x Reader


Derek x reader Reader is injured and can’t fly with the team so she stays back with PG. The team is on their way home (on the jet) So reader and Garcia are revealing their crushes and the webcam is on but they didn’t know that. then reader reveals that her crush is Derek and when she finds out the webcam is on she’s embarrassed and offs the cam. (Maybe she says some reasons why she likes him and describes his sexy chocolate self?!) But fluff and smut when Derek gets to the BAU? 

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I’m Aaron Hotchner. Unit Chief, and I’m the guy that will tell the Attorney General of the United States whether to charge you with obstruction of a federal justice or negligence of homicide.

Get off my crime scene


SSA Aaron Hotchner { Criminal Minds 4x9 “Minimal Loss”}

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do you enjoy a man who would risk it all for his country & his friends ?? a man that loves to flirt & use ❛ baby girl ❜ like a mantra, but it also extremely good with kids ?? or a man that seems to have way too many nicknames from his bespectacled computer goddess ?? would you love to experience the glory that is ❛ chocolate thunder; ❜ all for yourself ?? well, it would seem like you’re in luck ! this man is one of a kind and his name is was SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT DEREK MORGAN and he is always available. LIKE / REBLOG if you’re interested in interacting with him ! he may even give you a nickname of your own !

Man of My Dreams

Characters: AU Spencer Reid x Reader, Derek Morgan
Chapters: One-Shot
Notes: For the Anon who: “ Request for a story of Spencer Reid and reader have never met but keep having vivid dreams about each other. One day they meet randomly. Lots of awkward fluff!! Please!” This one is for you! Hope you like it! Xoxo

There he is again. Those gorgeous hazel eyes, light brown hair that refuses to be tamed, tall, skinny but toned, that was easy enough to tell under his dress shirt. You met him every night but you don’t know his name. He doesn’t look like a Brian or a Todd or a Jason. Maybe a Matthew, you thought. Hmm maybe a Matthew, but still not quite right. Tonight you were lying in the grass as he was explaining the stars and constellations. You could listen to him talk for hours. Maybe you did, you were never quite sure. The night before, he had read to you many books of poetry. The night before that, you shared your first dance to beautiful classical music that he introduced you to. You have met him every night for a week. He was perfect. The man of your dreams. That is the problem. He is just that. A dream. A beautiful stranger you met in a dream. This dreamy man had been affecting more than just your sleep schedule. 

You were getting complaints at work. You were a secretary for the law firm of Anderson and Grey and they had noticed you dragging lately. “Late night, y/n?” your coworker Adam nudged you as you waited desperately for the coffee to brew. “Nope” you said, popping the p, “just didn’t sleep uh well.” Actually I sleep great. All I want to do is sleep because that’s where he is. You wanted to shout but you knew you would just look crazy so you kept it to yourself. “Y/N!!!!” You heard your boss Rich Anderson, one of the partners of the law firm yell your name. He was always charming the ladies of the office. On the outside he the classic tall, dark, and handsome, but he always gave you the creeps and made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It didn’t help that he was a sexist asshole when he didn’t get his way, like when you turned him down for a date. “Yes, Mr. Anderson?” you calmly walked over to him. Even though he would always yell and try to insult you since you rejecting him, you never gave him the power of cowering. You always spoke and acted politely and calmly but firmly, never breaking eye contact. “SHRED ALL THESE FILES RIGHT NOW!! AND TAKE THIS SUIT TO THE DRY CLEANERS IMMEDIATELY! NOW!” He shoved a box and what you assumed was the suit in question that was already in a non see through dry cleaners bag into your arms nearly knocking you over. He then ran back into his office and slammed the door. “Uh guess I’ll grab coffee out then.” You said to Adam as you started towards the elevators. 

You were knocked over this time by a few people. A handsome man who introduced himself as Special Agent Derek Morgan with the FBI helped you up. “Morgan, Garcia said Rich Anderson is the Unsub. He is the only connection between the three women that were murdered.” You froze. Not because of the statement about your boss. But because you recognized that voice. Slowly you turned around. Your eyes grew wide as you saw him standing before you. “Oh my God!” you gasped almost in a whisper. His eyes met yours and were just as wide, his mouth hanging open. He started to close the gap between you but was interrupted but Derek Morgan, “Excuse me, ma’am? Where did you get these? And what are they?” he asked while looking at the files that were dropped when we collided. “Oh, uhmm…” you knew the answer but could barely breathe because the man of your dreams was right there. “Uhh sorry. My… my boss Mr. Anderson. He is came out of his office and yelled for me to shred these immediately and to take this suit to the dry cleaners right away. He was really angry and sweating then slammed the door when he went back into his office.” 

You furrowed your brow at remembering what you heard your dream guy say. “Wait, you said he was the only connection between three murdered women!! Oh my God!” You wrapped your arms around yourself. “I’ll take care of these.” Derek grabbed the files and suit and walked away. You felt hands on your arms. “What is your name?” You snapped your head up looking into thos big hazel eyes. “Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. Why? For your report?” He darted his eyes around, “I.. uhhh.. haha… uhmm actually. This… This is going to sound crazy.” He was rubbing the back of his neck and pacing back and forth in front of you. “Are you a dreamer?” you blurted out. His head snapped up and he ran over to. “YES! YES I AM!” His voice almost cracked. “Please tell me you are too.” He said pressing his forehead against yours. “What is your name?” you asked. “Doctor Spencer Reid. But you don’t have to call me doctor. Just call me Spencer.” He stammered. Suddenly feeling brave, “Well, Spencer, I have been quite the dreamer lately. And you sir, are the man of my dreams.”


Title: Bulldog
Author: Lily
Rating: T (I’m new with the ratings so this may be K+ but it’s T just to be safe)
[It’s fine at K+ ~*~ Rad]
Prompt/Summary: Was inspired by this request “Drabble request for reader insert being injured on a case and Morgan being super protective afterward.”
Main Character(s): Derek Morgan & Reader
Trigger Warning: None that I can thing of
Word Count:884
Multishot: Possibly, don’t know yet

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pairing: ReidXReader (Awkward Office Fluff)

(Y/N)=your name

(Y/L/N)=your last name

(S)he=she or he (your preferred pronoun)

(him/her)=your preferred title

“And these are the guys you’ll be in the field with.” JJ pointed as she spoke, from left to right, she shot out some names. “Here are Special Agents Derek Morgan and Emily Prentiss, Supervisory Special Agents Aaron Hotchner and David Rossi, our technical analyst and team miracle worker Penelope Garcia,” Garcia blushed slightly but did not disagree, “and last but certainly not least…wait…where’s Spence?”

Everyone stopped and looked around. “He was here a second ago. I dunno where he’d run off to.” Prentiss stated, incredibly confused.

“Oh well, no worries, He’ll show up. He always does.” said JJ, unconcerned.

“Unfortunately.” Rossi slipped in, earning a chuckle from everyone and a glare from JJ.

“Well everyone, this is Special Agent (Y/N) (Y/L/N). (S)He officially starts tomorrow morning and (s)he’ll be with us, probably, until Straus kicks (her/him) out so, play nice.” She gave a playful little smile and went back to what you assumed was her office. You were watching JJ but could feel everyone staring at you. You turned to face the group and confirmed that yes, they were staring, smiles on their faces, except for Hotchner. You felt your face heat up and hoped with all your hope that it wasn’t turning red.

A nervous sort of breathy laugh escaped your throat and all you could come up with to say was, “uhh….hi?”

Luckily, before things got even more uncomfortable, a man came into the awkwardly silent room. He looked to be in his late twenties and seemed unnaturally thin. His attention was set on the beige folder he had under his nose. Quite a bit of his face was covered by long, brown, seemingly unkempt hair however, the part you could see was just breathtaking.

“Sorry about that guys,” he said monotonously without so much as a glance away from the folder. “I was just following up on…” He had finally peeled his eyes away from the puny text he was so engrossed in. “…Hello.” he said awkwardly to you. Then he glanced to his team with confusion teeming in his eyes.

“Reid, if you were here on time, you would know who (s)he is and why (s)he’s here.” said Morgan with an abundance of sass in his words. “This is Special Agent (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Ya know, The new recruit? The one you were supposed to meet about fifteen minutes ago?” He teased.

Reid, now a tad flustered, started to turn red as he faced you and immediately started apologizing. “Hey man, no worries.” You interrupted rather coolly. “What’s your name?”

“Oh, uhh…I’m…I’m Spencer Reid.” Once those words left his mouth, your jaw hit the floor and you instantaneously lost your casual demeanor.

“Spencer Reid?” you asked incredulously. “As in Doctor Spencer Reid?” His brow furrowed and he hesitated momentarily, then nodded.

“I’m not a medical doctor but I do hold PhDs in-” He started to speak but was cut off.

“Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering.” You finished before he had the chance to. “I have read every article and every essay you’ve ever written. Not like, in a creepy way, it’s just that… that you’re a genius!” You were speaking so quickly, not even Spencer had time to comprehend what you were speaking so passionately about. “You’re probably on the top ten list for smartest people currently living. It so awesome to finally meet you! You’re a lot younger than I expected but-” Everyone’s blank stares told you what you needed to know. You were making a fool of yourself in front of your idol and future co-workers. After you made the realization, it only took a nanosecond for your face to redden. “I-I’m sorry, I’m rambling, I just- it’s that I- I mean…” Even considering how impossible it seemed, your face grew redder still. “I’ll just, uhh, I’m gonna shut up now.”

The room was again silent and now full of knitted eyebrows and tilted heads. It was Morgan that finally broke the silence with a light hearted chuckle. He placed his arm over Reid’s shoulder and playfully announced, “Better enjoy this, Reid. It’s not often you get someone fangirling over you.” You and Reid caught each other’s eye at this comment and stared incredulously at each other.

“And it’s not even your first day.” called a familiar voice from the platform behind you. You turned to see that JJ had been watching everything.

Perturbed by all the attention, you momentarily lost your temper. “It’s like, 8:30 at night! Why are all of you still here? Don’t any of you have lives?” You spoke aggressively which only made them laugh more.

“If you wanted to be alone with Reid, all you had to do is ask.” Prentiss joked on her way out. No one was left in the main room but you and Rossi. He noticed you were still a little embarrassed.

“They don’t mean it. Don’t let it get to you and you’ll do fine here.” He started out but paused at the door. “Here in the office at least. See you tomorrow, I hope.” And he was gone.

“Well…it wasn’t the worst first day ever.” you sighed to yourself.

“Really? Not even my first day here was that uncomfortable.” How many more people were still here? You spun on your heels to come face to face with Reid. “Uhh…If you meant everything you said earlier…I mean it’s not that late. We could go out and- well not go out but… I’m sure you know what I mean.”

“Not really but if you meant ‘we could go get coffee so I could pick your brain’ then I’m all in.” He smiled at this and went to get his coat. “I know a quaint little place a few blocks over if…”

“Yeah, that would be perfect.” he said with a slight smile. “Ready?” He held out his elbow and you looped your own arm through his. You smiled back at him and headed for the door.

“Going back to what you said earlier, this definitely isnt the worst first day ever.” You said, resting your head on his shoulder.

“Aww, how sweet.” Hotch’s voice came from behind you. You ignored his short, sharp exhale that resembled a laugh and continued on your way.