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“Black won a ring toss and gives White the teddy bear prize.”

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“Here’s your prize, Black!”

so i’m reading the official DGHDA prequel and there is a scene where Sally Mills first met 6 y.o. Dirk (Svlad at that time) and advised him to get “a really cool jacket”. and he actually did later??? bought at least three of them??? and basically Sally aka a friend of alternative timeline!Dirk is the reason why our Dirk is now has all this cool jackets. bless Sally Mills

I Can’t - Part 3

Suga x Reader

Genre: Angst/Smut

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“It’s kind of a long story.” he looked down removing his hand that was under yours. “Whatever it is, you can tell me.” You reached for his hand again but he quickly stood up and started walking towards the bookshelf that was on the other side of the room. “I don’t exactly have a normal job. I work for a special agency that have certain requirements for their employees, one of those being discretion.” He kept his back turned as he spoke to you. “Is it dangerous?” you voice was slightly shaking as you spoke. He hasn’t acted like this before, his body language was putting you on edge. Something must have happened recently. “I’m sorry, but that’s all I can tell you.” He turned back around to look see how you were reacting.

The heavy atmosphere of the conversation was weighing down your mind that already had a million questions running through it, questions that you knew he couldn’t answer. He walked back over to you and sat on the edge of the bed. “I know you have more questions but you’re just going to have to trust me.” You look up at his face and he gives you a small smile. You felt the need to smile back to ensure him that you were ok but you weren’t exactly sure of yourself. Of course you had more questions, but you knew asking him would be useless. You knew Yoongi couldn’t answer them. “Now I need you to tell me what happened last night. I’ve never seen you so scared.”

You took a deep shaky breath and began explaining everything that happened to you. During your explanation, you could see Yoongi getting angry. His brows started knitting together and his jaw kept clenching. After you finished, you took another deep breath and waited for him to speak. You could feel the anger radiating off of him.

He didn’t speak for a long time, letting everything you told him sink in. He sat there staring at his hands not able to meet your eyes. Eventually you hear a small whisper. “It’s all my fault. I should have been there to protect you.” You grab his arms trying to get him to look at you. “Hey. Look at me. I’m fine now. I’m still a little freaked out but you’re here with me.” He finally looked at you again but there was sadness in his eyes. “Although, I am kind of mad at you.” You put a small, playful smile on your lips so you could show him that you were okay. “And why is that?” Mirroring the smile, he turned his head to the side in a questioning manner. “You didn’t call me like you said you would. I was starting to get worried about you.” You gave his shoulder a playful shove. This made his smile grow a little bigger. “I’m sorry, princess. Settling things took a little longer than I expected.” He started leaning closer to your face, his eyes never leaving yours.  “I guess I’ll just have to make it up to you.” You closed your eyes as the space between your lips and his gets smaller.

He kisses your lips softly as he continues to move his body closer to you. With your lips moving against each other, he slowly pushes you back laying you down. He deepens the kiss as he moves on top of you. Licking your bottom lip, you allow his tongue entry into your mouth starting a battle for dominance. His hands move up and down your sides stopping at the hem of your shirt. He slowly pushes your shirt up and you break apart only long enough for him to remove it. It falls to the floor along with his. His hands move to your back to unclasp your bra, his fingers lightly touch your skin leaving a trail of fire in their wake. Removing your bra, he kisses down your jaw and onto your neck licking and sucking his favorite spots. One spot in particular makes you gasp and your hands instantly move to his hair pulling it harshly. His hands start massaging your breasts and you feel a familiar feeling of excitement pool in your lower abdomen. Small moans escape your lips as he continues palming your breasts and you feel his member hardens at the noises you’re making. His lips find yours as he unbuttons your pants which you help him remove along with your underwear. He breaks the kiss and sits up slightly admiring how beautiful your body was. He reaches over and opens the drawer to the nightstand pulling out foil packet. He removes his pants and the pool in your abdomen grows as you see his member spring out at full attention.

He rips open the foil and slides the condom on as he settles back down between your legs. He rubs his tip between your folds distributing your juices before stopping at your entrance. He leans down covering your mouth with a deep kiss as he pushes in. You whimper as he fills you up inch by inch. Once he is fully inside your heat, he pauses allowing you to adjust. You roll your hips signaling to him that he can start moving. He pulls out slowly and pushes back in again. With every thrust he gets faster. You bring your legs up wrapping them around his torso and locking your ankles behind his back. This angle allowed him to go deeper with more rhythmic thrusts. He sucks at the spot on your neck that he knows is your favorite. Moans and whimpers tumble out of your mouth. He rolls his hips trying to find your g-spot and when he finally finds it you let out an even louder moan. He pumps in and out of you and you feel your orgasm begin to build. “Faster Yoongi.” You whimper into his ear while tugging on his hair. He lets out a grunt and complies with your request. He thrusts faster and harder moving his hand down to your clit. He starts circling it adding more pressure. You buck your hips into his and he knows your close. “Cum for me baby girl.” His words send you over the top and an explosion is released through your whole body. He feels your heat clench around his member and his movements become sloppy. After a few more hard thrusts you feel him twitch and he stops, allowing your walls milk him dry.

You both stayed in that position catching your breaths. He pulls out of you, ties the end of the condom, and throws it away in the bathroom. He comes back, laying down beside you and pulls you against his chest. He placed small butterfly kisses in your hair and you moved your head so you could look at his face and into his eyes. He softly kissed your lips and pulled the blanket on top of both of you. “I want you to stay with me until we can figure out how to deal with this.” Your eyes were starting to drift closed and you felt him pull you closer. He rested his head in the crook of your neck and you hummed in response to his proposal. You both drift off to sleep, taking an afternoon nap.

Hey friends! My name is Anne and this is my studyblr. I created this blog because I had a really rough time with my mental health this past year (I was diagnosed with GAD/generalized anxiety disorder and I’m taking medication for it) and I want to get back on track with my studies. I’m always looking for inspiration, motivation, and positivity! 

A little (or a lot) about me:

  • Favourite subjects: English (language and literature), history (anything before WWII), gender/women’s studies, and biology
  • Weakest subject: Math
  • I want to work in the nonprofit sector (particularly advocating for women’s rights/health, mental health, education/literacy, or the environment) or working in a United Nations specialized agency like UNICEF, UNDP, or UNCSW
  • I’m fluent in Tagalog and English; I’ve also been learning French since Grade 3 but I suck at it (langblrs hmu)
  • I’m interesting in learning Photoshop, graphic design, and maybe even a bit of coding online!
  • I’m of Filipino descent and I live in Canada! Where my Filipino/Canadian studyblrs at?
  • I’m left-handed! Sometimes it makes hand-writing notes a pain haha
  • I’m an ISFJ
  • Sorted into Ravenclaw, chosen by Horned Serpent, and my Patronus is a calico cat
  • I love reading! My book/literary fandoms include Harry Potter, anything by Rick Riordan, The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, Jane Austen, and Shakespeare
  • I’m feminist af and my inner SJW may occasionally come out in my blogging haha

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Project Sigma: the project that allegedly deals with contact and communication with alien civilizations. 

In 1952, the government created several special agencies to help with the ufo problem. One of the projects created in 1952 was Project Sigma. The project was successful, Dwight D. Eisenhower negotiated a treaty with extraterrestrials and established an inner circle of Illuminati to manage relations with the aliens and keep their presence a secret from the general public.

At one of the meetings between the government and the aliens an agreement was made, and contained some of the following provisions: - The United States would not reveal alien presence and would not interfere with alien operations. -The United States would allow the aliens to maintain underground bases.  -The United States would allow the aliens to abduct its citizens on a periodic and limited basis for medical examination, providing that the people were returned unharmed and without memory of the interaction. -The aliens would furnish a periodic list of abductees.  -The aliens would provide the United States with technology in beam weaponry, gravitational propulsion, mind control and implant technology.

Its widely believed that their basic game appears to be to control leaders with implants or replacing them with entities they can control. The function of the ‘elite’ humans, as far as the Greys are concerned, are to decimate portions of the human population so that the remainder can be easily controlled. During the occupation of the Greys, they have established quite a number of underground bases all over the world, especially in the United States..

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Do you by any chance have any Polyamorous AU's? Just, anything involving Poly Relationships?

  • Character A looks like he walked off of tumblr with a man bun and flowers in his beard; Character B is more studious type with a level head and bad glasses that he’s way too fond of; Character C walks with the aid of a cane and is the curmudgeons type of person who’s still young, but acts like he’s 50. The three of them run a detective agency that specialized in ‘odd cases’ from out of their apartment. 
  • The sort of love story where the four childhood friends fall into monogamous relationships – Character A with C, Character B with D – until the lines begin to blur between “are we all just really close friends, or is this a relationship?”
  • Character A meets Character B at a LGBTQ+ book event, which is being sponsored by Character C’s book store. While Character C is closing up the store, they overhear Character A asking Character B about polyamorous relationships – a topic covered in Character B’s book – and Character A asks the two of them out to a late dinner so that the three of them can continue the conversation together. 
  • “I know <Character B> has been seeing <Character C>; it’s not a secret. We’re all in a relationship, we live together, we have two dogs and a snake together. Nobody is cheating on anybody. How were you not aware of this?” AU 
  • After being sent to a summer camp that specializes in “teaching teenagers the true meaning of discipline and respect,” Character A meets Characters B, C, and D: the “regulars” at the summer camp. Soon, Character A is inducted in by Character C, which results in the domino reaction of Character A being asked “so, are you poly too?”
  • Characters B and C are very lovey dovey together while asexual Character A mostly makes annoyed remarks from the couch because they can’t hear who’s being voted off of Survivor over the sounds of their “loud and unnecessary noises of affection.”

***Keep in mind to write healthy poly relationships. If you have any questions about what counts as unhealthy, or what a poly relationship should not look like, please follow these links : Dos and don’ts for happy polyamorous relationships; Common mistakes in poly relationships10 questions this poly person is happy to answer

Alive | Chp. 1

Bangtan!Hitman (Taehyung x Reader)

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Chapter: Video | 1

Genre: Action, Drama.

Characters: All of Bangtan.

Warnings: Violence, Profanity. 

Summary: Kingsmen is an international intelligence agency specialized in training orphans into cold blooded contract killers, and it was there where he had met the 6 other boys that had became his brothers. He had finally found a place he could call home, that was until he met you

A/N: Ahh I hope you guys like it? I don’t know. I felt like it wasn’t my best. :/ Oh man. 2k tho. Yikes. But as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Xoxo.

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Alive | Trailer

Bangtan!Hitman (Taehyung x Reader)

Chapter: Video | 1

A/N: A trailer of my new fic coming your way June 7th or 8th! Hope the trailer has you on the edge of your seat. :’)


Characters: All of Bangtan. 

Warnings: Probably violence, slight smut? And of course, lots of profanity.

Summary/Preview: Kim Taehyung had always been a loner. Abandoned by his parents when he was merely five years old, he had wander the streets looking for scraps of food to survive on. It was on a cold winter night when the agency had found him. 

Kingsmen is an international intelligence agency specialized in training orphans into cold blooded contract killers, and it was there where he had met the 6 other boys that had became his brothers. He had finally found a place he could call home, that was until he met you


Angelina Jolie Pitt, the UN refugee agency’s special envoy, has warned that the international humanitarian system for refugees is breaking down. Ms Jolie Pitt has been speaking as part of the BBC’s World on the Move day of coverage of global migration issues. She warned against a “fear of migration” and a “race to the bottom” as countries competed to be the toughest to protect themselves.

Classified Informations: NERV - Special Agency Nerv

A special agency under the direct supervision of the United Nations. Its objectives are to investigate, study, and eliminate the Angels. Nerv’s headquarters are in Tokyo-3, the 1st and 2nd Branches are in America, and the 3rd Branch is in Germany.

The relationship between the government and Nerv leaves much to be desired, as the former believe that Nerv are responsible for the coming of the Angels. The Human Instrumentality Committee, a small organization within the UN, holds approval authority over Nerv’s budget.

One of Nerv’s goals is to annihilate the Angels, but they are also aiming for the evolution of humanity — in other words, the Path to God. Eva is the key to achieving both goals.

Nerv Headquarters was constructed inside the Black Moon containing Lilith. The Angels that head for Nerv H.Q. are trying to make contact with Lilith, the white giant in Terminal Dogma. They were aiming for Lilith from the start, not Adam.