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Because I just couldn’t help myself (based on this video // peggy’s analysis)

“The latest WikiLeaks release has sent a shockwave through the intelligence community, especially in the upper echelons of SHIELD, whose tools for hacking into smart devices were among the information obtained by the group. Joining us today to discuss the impact of this leak on the intelligence community is the former Director of SHIELD herself, Peggy Carter. Ms. Carter, thank you for coming on the show today.”

Peggy smiled slightly into the webcam and adjusted the lapel of her blazer, praying her home office looked tidier on camera than it actually was. “Thank you for your invitation.”

“What are your thoughts regarding the Vault 7 leaks?”

Peggy shrugged. “It’s nothing truly earth-shattering. A lot of the operating systems referenced in the files are obsolete and have since been updated, and the Weeping Angel hack has been presented at security conferences previously. Much of this information is just a confirmation of what was widely assumed–that is, intelligence agencies have the capability to hack into a person’s smart devices. It’s certainly not good for SHIELD to be compromised this way, but the comparison to Snowden’s NSA leaks are certainly inaccurate.”

“And what do you make of Assange’s statement that he will provide assistance to tech companies to patch the bugs mentioned in the Vault 7 files?” The newscaster let out a stifled chuckle. “Ma’am, I believe one of your children just walked in.”

As if on cue, Peggy felt a tug on her sleeve. She placed a hand on her elder daughter’s head and tried to regain her train of thought. “You’re certainly seeing caution from Silicon Valley. They are understandably suspicious of Assange’s motives, given–”

There was a more insistent tug on Peggy’s sleeve, and she looked down to see her daughter Sarah grinning at her, holding a toy in each hand with her glasses slightly askew.

“Not now, darling. Mummy’s working.” Sarah opened her mouth, no doubt to deliver a the most devastating retort a three-year-old could conjure. “No, Sarah. Go find your father.”

Peggy turned back to the camera. “I’m terribly sorry. As I was saying, given that Wikileaks has a history of releasing individuals’ personal information and Assange’s apparent ties with Russia–”

There was a loud crash behind Peggy, and she turned her head to see Eleanor in her walker, bumping into her bookshelves and precariously stacked piles of paper. Steve slid into the room right after her, banging his shoulder on the office door. She looked heavenward as Steve hustled their girls out of the room, one hand clutching the back of Sarah’s jumper, the other practically lifting Eleanor’s walker off the floor.

“My apologies,” Peggy said with an embarrassed grin as Sarah jabbered at Steve in the background about how she got to play in Mum’s office all the time and he was being so unfair and she left her Bucky Bear behind.

“Anyway, with Wikileaks’ reputation–” She was once again interrupted, this time by a loud shriek from Eleanor. Peggy managed to tamp down her wince, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw Steve kneeling in the doorway. He reached for the door handle and missed, almost toppling to the floor. His second try was successful, and he closed the door just as Sarah started yelling to be heard over Eleanor’s babbling.

Peggy sighed and shook her head. “I’m so sorry. As I was saying–can you repeat your question please?”

Later that night, Peggy found herself scrolling through her Twitter mentions. She probably shouldn’t have been surprised that the video went viral, but it was still supremely unnerving to have more internet presence in a given day than her famous, superhero husband.

She reached a tweet that made her stop short. “Steve,” she gasped, “how did they guess that I was wearing pajama bottoms during the interview? I made sure not to move my chair at all!”

Eris the 10th Planet thru the Houses, Where in Life Do You Feel “Left Out”?

Discovered in 2005, from plates found in 2003, Eris is a Trans-Neptunian Object, which is an astronomical term meaning further out than Neptune. She was named a dwarf planet along with Pluto. She was Planet X, then nicknamed Xena, then officially named after the brother of Ares/Mars, the goddess of discord.

Eris entered Aries in 1923 and will not enter Taurus until 2048, so almost everyone alive right now has Eris in Aries, therefore making the house of Eris more personal to you. It takes 556 years for Eris to orbit the sun.

“Eris is one who struggles against injustice and oppression. She has her war-like and even bloodthirsty side, with the higher manifestation of defending the weak and standing up for oneself. Her placement and aspects to other planets correlate to the archetype of the underdog warrior, speaking truth to power, and with also a willingness to resort to violence if necessary. Many manifestations of this archetype exist in the present culture, and the discovery period is also coincident with the onset of the Iraq war. This archetype represents a dire motif of the struggle for survival that is inherent in the natural world, and in humankind also, and which represents once again, as with Pluto and Chiron, a darker side of our common humanity that must be acknowledged and faced in our time. Where she located in your chart, you have the capability to make a powerful and perhaps ruthless stand for yourself, and to battle against all odds.” –Time Passages Software

Eris in the 1st house: Your presence is so radical that you don’t fit in with most people. You boldly state your opinions and you might even get a thrill from causing trouble between people. You are a brave fighter full of strength. You thrive on conflict as it propels you to feel alive. You prefer revolution over tradition. You crave discord and excitement as opposed to trying to find peace in life. You feel doldrums when life is too calm, you always feel the need to take on challenges.

Eris in the 2nd house: You resist the current system of economy and want to rebel against being dependent on money, you’re the person who is cut out for growing their own food and/or living off the grid. You feel a drive in your soul to not be materially attached, even if you might have other factors in your chart that indicate a tendency to splurge on possessions. You value sticking up for the underdog, fighting injustice, and living passionately.

Eris in the 3rd house: The school system made you feel boxed in; your learning style might not grasp academic lessons, but is able to absorb information when you are allowed to learn on your own. You didn’t get all the attention from teachers that would have helped you excel in the classroom, so rather, you reject commands of busy work assignments and find brilliance by doing projects your own way. You may have been made to feel dumb because you could not meet standards that other students could, yet the chaos in your mind brings ideas together when you are given freedom to learn at your own pace.

Eris in the 4th house: Your family made you feel like the odd one out, they did not sympathize with you during hard times. You had to break away from traditions and find yourself. The universe gives you permission to shamelessly reject what your parents taught you, as they may not have had the most well rounded perspective when they raised you. They likely treated you with injustice and made you feel oppressed.

Eris in the 5th house: Your idea of fun is different than those around you, so it may have been difficult to find comradery (feeling of a connected community) until you found a group of people with a common interest. Your hobbies are seen as strange, compared to typical activities that most people enjoy. Your children may have a discordant temperament. Your romantic life is filled with chaos.

Eris in the 6th house: You don’t fit in at most workplaces, you resist being subordinate to a boss. You feel oppressed by the daily grind and wish to find a more exciting job. You’d do well in an action packed vocation that allows you to be a maverick. You feel like you weren’t given a fair shot in the workforce and may excel more if you become self-employed. Your health will decline when you act discordant.

Eris in the 7th house: Relationships always seem to end up in flames in your life, which includes business partnerships, lovers, close friends, etc. You wonder why can’t I just find that special someone and make it last? You attract discordant people. Perhaps you haven’t worked through all the chaos within you and so you project others as being difficult. If you make a point to cultivate inner peace while acknowledging your own inner wild self, you will draw in the right people who do not provoke you too much.

Eris in the 8th house: Deep in your soul lies discordance that you need to embrace and understand. You desire a crazy sex life to let out inhibitions your chaotic emotions that you don’t get to release in other areas in life.

Eris in the 9th house: You feel that religion has oppressed you, you do not resonate with the faith you were raised with and it is up to you to explore spirituality in many forms to find your own truths. Traveling alone would be very therapeutic to you. You love the idea of higher learning, but the structure of college doesn’t agree with you. You experience injustice in the college setting.

Eris in the 10th house: Your discordant nature makes it difficult to achieve your career goals. You’d excel in a career that involves helping others who have been left out, for example, special education, infertility, adoption agencies, counseling, addiction, women’s or men’s rights advocacy, etc. You are resistant to bosses that expect you to be subordinate, you have to fight to achieve the goals and jobs that suit you.

Eris in the 11th house: No matter how many friends you have, you still feel like they don’t include you in their lives as much as you’d like. You feel like a lone wolf, you don’t fully fit in with most groups. If you find friends who appreciate your uniqueness, you’ll feel fulfilled. Make it a point to seek non-judgmental, open, and understanding people, and you can allow yourself to grow close to people who matter. You can heal from any previous friends who betrayed you or any times you felt like you had no one to reach out to.

Eris in the 12th house: You subconsciously want to be alone in order to dig deep into your spiritual self. You have sabotaged relationships and opportunities because you hadn’t worked thru your inner baggage. Your soul has likely existed on other planets as you feel estranged from this world in general. You can journey through other dimensions because your chaotic spirit endlessly searches for more. You are fighting a battle in your psyche, as Eris triggered the Trojan war. Your chaotic nature has been suppressed, as you realize that too many people in this world cannot handle you.

If you would like me to look at your entire chart and how Eris makes aspects to your birth planets, I offer natal chart readings, among many other services that you can check out at AcaiPsycheLife.tumblr.com/readings

Kill Me Slowly with Your Kiss - wara_ningy0 - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky, Otabek Altin & Yuri Plisetsky, Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Otabek Altin, Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri, Okukawa Minako, Jean-Jacques Leroy, Nishigori Takeshi, Phichit Chulanont
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, mafia au, Special Agent AU, Love/Hate, Happy Ending, Aged-Up Yuri Plisetsky, Aged-Up Otabek Altin, Top Otabek Altin, Bottom Yuri Plisetsky, Guns, Knives, otayuri - Freeform, slight Viktuuri, Smut, Anal Sex, blowjob, hinted mpreg (maybe), NOT OMEGAVERSE, Mild Language

Hasetsu Special Agency is on a mission to eliminate a particular Russian Mafia Organization and its up to their best agent, Otabek Altin to make sure everything goes smoothly. The Nikiforov’s Mafia isn’t what they seem and they happen to have their own dangerous member known as the Ice-Tiger of Russia to challenge HSA’s Special Agents. Otabek was going to shut down all Nikiforov’s movements for good but a little dance and a little kiss could change where he would point his gun to.


Finally chapter 2 is up! @iamatrashfan sorry for the delayed update. So busy at work. Cant wait for second chapter of the the doujin!!! Will work on chapter 3 ASAP!

Members of the Counter-Insurgency Support Office’s “field technicians”. Ostensibly responsible for supplying equipment to indigenous forces in Vietnam, the organization was in fact a CIA front for import and export from Southeast Asia. The khaki uniform was a distinctive product of theirs, intentionally designed to not look like either an NVA or an American uniform when MACV needed to be subtle. Many of the private-purchase uniforms seen in photos such as Korean Beo-Gam and “gold tigerstripe” were obtained through CISO.

Gangsta AU


“It’s boring without the kitten arround, isn’t it Beks?” Jean exhales the smoke of his cigarette.

Otabek hums, thoughtful. Even with his noisy partner at his side, it was really too quiet without the cocky blond around. He never thought that the sound of silence that had never affected him before was so disturbing now. It revealed certain thoughts that he refused to bring up … he really missed Yuri.

I’m so damn sorry for this crap… and my english as well… 

This hasn’t turned out as I had expected… but then again, nothing in my life turned out as I expected, so… meh, JJBEK (?) from my Gangsta AU. (which starts as JJBEK and ended up being Otapliroy)

I was planned starting a comic about this, but I feel like I suck at drawing in general, not to mention backgrounds, scales and perspectives… facial expressions, the list is endless. So, for now I prefer bring this up. Maybe I’ll give to all of you a little of plot about this au.

- JJ and Otabek know each other since twelve years old.

- Jean Jaques Leroy was the bastard son of a very wealthy mafia man. Despite he lived in the manor with the family, he wasn’t part of them. In fact, his father hated him and made him know about it whenever he was under the effect of alcohol. Jean never knew why so much hate. With the aggressive behavior of his father against him, JJ started to gives zero fucks about life and began to get into trouble.

- When the nasty business of JJ’s father threatened the family security, he was forced to hire the best group of mercenaries to reinforce his bodyguards, and kip his family safe. JJ wasn’t an exception despite the circumstances.

- In the mercenaries group was a kid, an orphanage one, quiet and with a deadly gaze, who ended up being a good choice to JJ’s safety. Otabek.

- JJ, who had believed that his father at least cared enough for him to have assigned him a bodyguard, nearly fell on his ass when he saw the boy at least four inches less than him, carrying a nine-millimeter revolver. He was beyond pissed off.

- They did not get along at first. Otabek barely emitted sound and he used to answer JJ’s questions with monosyllables.

. JJ was a pain in the ass (How was a brat supposed to keep him safe?!) But in spite of his efforts to get rid of him, Otabek followed him like a shadow.

- They began to get along the night that Otabek discovered JJ crouched on the floor of the hallway to his bedroom, bleeding after the beating his father had given him. He had discovered him smoking. Beka had his own bruises too, a sign that the mercenary who had “adopted” him also used to retaliate with him. They became closer with time.

- JJ learned that the mercenaries used a special drug to stay active and efficient; unbeatable against pain and injuries. Otabek had been no less. They had made him addicted to it, with a fervent need almost like breathing. It was expensive as shit… and lethal.

A couple of months later, Otabek was seriously injured in an attack on the Leroy manor. JJ was the only one who had visited him in the hospital, earning more beatings from his father for worrying and spending money on the useless brat.

After the attack, the mercenaries left when the money of JJ’s father wasn’t enough to cover the expenses. Otabek, who had remained in bed, stumbled to the edge of the mansion where the group of men was walking away. He had called the man. “Dad, wait for me!” The mercenary had turned enough to look over his shoulder. “I do not need a brat who slow me down.” They had abandoned him. The only “family” he knew.

He lived with JJ in hiding, mostly in the bedroom where even the maid was not allowed to pass.

The situation in the manor had worsened, as had the aggression of Jean’s father.

The last beating to Jean was the drop that overflowed the glass for Otabek. After desperate calls for help from JJ, Otabek had come out of hiding with his trench knife. After JJ’s order, his father had no time to blink. Beka had cut off his throat from side to side.

They had escaped together. They lived in the streets for a while. They learned by force to survive.

At age fifteen, JJ discovered that his charm attracted wealthy women and men willing to invest in him for a share of fun. He did not hesitate for a moment. He needed money to live and also to buy the drug for Beka.

Otabek, wanted for homicide and kidnaping (the police believed that he had taken JJ by force), had to settle for the darkness of the alleys, doing small and medium works for the gangs, gaining the respect of the members. The dead-eyed boy was quiet, skillful, and deadly.

At the age of twenty, they both opened a special work agency. Although the work was abundant and the streets full of opportunities JJ continued with his work as prostitute. Money was good and fun assured. Besides, there was always something interesting to teach Beka. Long ago they sought in their bodies the tranquility of closeness and passion in their heat. They were bros… and they fuck… like a lot.

Both worked for gangs, mafia bosses, corrupt cops, brothel owners, drug cartels, but they always came out clean. They kept the balance between the good and the bad in the city. And God help those who tried to break that order.

Piuff! I wrote a lot. I will continue in the next fanart. It will be Yuri and how the met each other.

“Black won a ring toss and gives White the teddy bear prize.”

Requested some time ago by @laranthir-of-the-wyld

And a sequel bonus:

“Here’s your prize, Black!”


Love what there doing over at Special Agency

~Bungou Stray Dogs~

Bungou Stray Dogs - Part 1
Japanese: 文豪ストレイドッグス
English: Bungo Stray Dogs
German: Bungo Stray Dogs

Nakajima Atsushi was kicked out of his orphanage, and now he has no place to go and no food. While he is standing by a river, on the brink of starvation, he rescues a man whimsically attempting suicide. That man is Dazai Osamu, and he and his partner Kunikida are members of a very special detective agency. They have supernatural powers, and deal with cases that are too dangerous for the police or the military. They’re tracking down a tiger that has appeared in the area recently, around the time Atsushi came to the area. The tiger seems to have a connection to Atsushi, and by the time the case is solved, it is clear that Atsushi’s future will involve much more of Dazai and the rest of the detectives!

Authors: Kafka Asagiri (Story), Harukawa35 (Art)
Genres: Action, Supernatural, Seinen
Volumes: 12
Chapters: 50
Status: Ongoing

Tell me what’s your favourite cover and favourite character if you’d like :D

so i’m reading the official DGHDA prequel and there is a scene where Sally Mills first met 6 y.o. Dirk (Svlad at that time) and advised him to get “a really cool jacket”. and he actually did later??? bought at least three of them??? and basically Sally aka a friend of alternative timeline!Dirk is the reason why our Dirk is now has all this cool jackets. bless Sally Mills

“I am an NCIS special agent. My duty is to serve and protect the United States, and our Navy and Marine Corps across global boundaries. I recognize my badge as a symbol of authority and public trust. I will live my life above reproach, understanding my actions reflect upon my fellow special agents, and our agency”


     TURN: Washington’s Spies: Modern!Spy AU

       Benjamin Tallmadge is the Head of Intelligence, working closely with Nathaniel Sackett and George Washington, head of the Culpeper Intelligence Agency (Culper for short.) Gilbert Du Motier is a new recruit; brought on by Alexander Hamilton. He and Hamilton, (not pictured) are close to Director Washington; each one having their fingers in different aspects of the Agency, telling the field agents what missions are where, etc.

Anna Strong, Caleb Brewster, Robert Townsend & Nathan Hale (top right, played by William Moseley,) are all highly skilled agents of the Culper Agency, each specializing in a specific area. 

Samuel Tallmadge (bottom right, played by Max Irons), Mary Woodhull (not pictured), and Abigail ( also not pictured ) are civilians; only Abigail is a liaison, having one eye on the normal world and another in the spying. Mary knows of her husband’s occupation, and is supportive in any way she can be. 

 ( This may be made into a fic later, but if you have any other questions, feel free to ask! )

yunbyun  asked:

Do you have anime recommendation💖

sorry for the late reply!! (I was out *lowkey trying to get the szechuan sauce from mcdonalds asdasfg) 🤧 

  1. kimi ni todoke (romance, comedy): I don’t usually watch romance, but this one’s pretty good. There are 2 seasons, but the 2nd one is kinda eh to me. It’s about an innocent, awkward girl trying to befriend people.
  2. no game no life (game, fantasy, comedy, kinda ecchi): I love the drawing style and the storyline. It’s about a world where everything is determined by games. 
  3. shokugeki no soma (school, kinda ecchi): one of my favorites! all I can say is.. food(gasm). OTL

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the future...is beautiful

okay here is my happy headcanon, because the very idea of the world in Batman Beyond makes my heart hurt.

Batman works all those years in Gotham and feels like he’s not doing much good or making any progress. Maybe one day, he’s getting older, he’s injured, he permanently retires. Alfred has also passed away, and rather than hardening Bruce, it softens him. He needs a break. Maybe Damian finally takes over as Batman. 

And a few more years go by and something is shifting. The reports from Arkham Asylum are increasingly more like updated Date of Death files and less like escape warnings. The villains of Batman’s youth and prime are…also aging? They’re starting to die. And Bruce Wayne, limping around his house, waits and worries about who will replace them for his son, what new evil Gotham will give birth to.

Except this is a Gotham that was once full of petty crime and organized crime and insane criminals. And those criminals are aging out. And their children are dissatisfied. They don’t like the legacy their parents gave them. And just disliking it wouldn’t be enough. Except their Gotham is not the Gotham of their parents’ own childhood, the Gotham where Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered.

No, the sons and daughters of Gotham’s criminals grow up in a world with the sons and daughters of Batman. Everywhere they turn, Batman is getting their abusive dad off the street and into prison, Robin is saving a classmate’s life, and then there are more of them: rumors, legends, fading into reality. The Batman has an army, the Batman has a team, the Batman has a family. 

And an entire generation of kids grows up like Steph Brown. Not all of them don masks or capes. Most of them don’t. But Gotham is changing. The children of Gotham’s crime generation are fed up. They grow up. They leave for college, they stay. They get jobs. And they are sick of what their city looks like. The collective youth of an entire generation finds hope and change in the Batman and what he stands for and puts their foot down: Enough

Enough with the cycle of crime. Thanks to the Wayne Foundation’s youth programs and houses, the priests that Batman has saved and spared and offered protection, the schools that are in increasingly good shape, crime in Gotham doesn’t explode out of existence as much as it just slowly…fizzles…out. The cops who grew up admiring and loving Batman, wishing they could be Robin, are fed up with the older cops and their bribes and their drinking and push them into early retirement. The shop keepers don’t pay for safety, don’t fund the crime rings of elderly mob bosses.

And one day, Damian Wayne looks around and realizes it has been months since patrol was anything more than just a routine. He’s not really doing anything anymore. No super villains out. No Batsignal. And when he does almost stop a mugging, before he gets there, two men around his age walking by on the street are intervening, “Hey, you? Leave that lady alone. Yeah, you heard me. Go, before I call the cops. My buddy and I will hold you down if…”

So, he hangs up the cape. He’ll come back for it if he needs to, if the city needs it.

He goes into veterinary science.

And by the time Bruce passes away, several years down the road, he is surrounded by family who put up with his crotchety complaining and mumbling about things, and show up for dinners on Friday anyway. With kids. 

Damian’s a vet, Dick is going to be police commissioner within a year, Babs is running R&D at Wayne Tech after Lucius Fox retired, Tim is running the business and financial side of Wayne Industries and showing photography on the side, Cass runs a dance therapy school, Steph works in pediatric counseling, and Jason is a librarian because he needs SOME quiet after all those years of guns and he manages a dense schedule of afterschool programs, Duke Thomas runs an adoption agency specializing in hard to place kids.

And Bruce dies thinking they’re maybe just in denial or that it’s the calm before the storm; he can’t imagine that this is for real, not some kind of trick. But he enjoys it anyway. He just can’t, after all those failures and years of uphill battle, believe that maybe he and his little ragtag family of orphans did it

They ushered in Gotham’s golden age. It makes Metropolis look like a rough city. The kids of this generation grow up hearing bedtime stories from parents about a Gotham of terror and darkness and a hero and his tribe that are the stuff of legend, seem ridiculous in the context of the Gotham in which they live and the safety there.

And eventually, maybe in the aftermath of mourning Bruce’s death, the Wayne kids make a decision: open the cave. Open it to the public. They set to work preparing it, making it safe, making it a memorial, a museum. 

They go public, and Damian Wayne, a man quiet and preferring the company of animals, says very little in the press release and the speech he gives when the media and crowds descend: 

I think you ought to know the man who saved this city.

Because they’re okay now.