special a qoutes

If I could give you one thing in life,I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes.
—  Only then,you would realize how special you are to me.

I’d be your personal photographer📸❤️

If I let you in, It means I see something special in you. It means, I care enough to let my guard down for you. That’s not easy for someone like me anymore. I’ve distanced myself from people and places that don’t support my highest good. when I love, Its never half way, because that’s exhausting to me. Life is too short for cheap in-between loving. I always give all myself. I have been let down  in the past, but I still believe i can receive what I deserve if I don’t lose hope.
Have you ever met someone that surprised you? Like, you meet this person, and at first you hardly pay any attention to them. You may not even really be attracted to, but as you get to know them, you notice yourself falling for them. This person that was once average to you has quickly become the greatest, most beautiful person in the world, and perhaps even the most important. It’s just funny looking back. You never saw something like this coming, it kind of just… happened.
sometimes someone comes into your life that changes everything. raises the standards, makes you laugh, and makes you feel like you. there is something about him that you can’t put into words and even though you’re not with him, you don’t want to let him go.