special :')

Welcome, Folks, To The Lovelace Administration!

Um, okay. Well, then. Wow. I guess… 

You have no one but yourselves to blame now. 

You monsters

therapeople: *take away disabled people’s control over their lives to the point where any tiny thing and any tiny amount of power the disabled person has is a Big Deal*

therapeople: *demonstrate that they can, without even thinking much about it, wield their absolute power to control anything in a person’s life, no matter how trivial and petty, no matter how important to the person and unimportant to the theraperson*

therapeople: he just threw a tantrum about goldfish crackers!!! goldfish crackers. wtf. ridiculous. he has control issues… we must fix them by teaching him we will NOT let him control things… 


Snape with a few hairdos, the manbun, the bowl cut, all the classics. 

im not tried.. but am i not tired enough to go in game????