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Lets ‘Conduct’ this New Week into Greater Harmonies

Denis Sarazhin was born in Nikopol, Ukraine in 1982 . He attended the Kharkov Art and Design Academy, graduating in 2008. He specialized in painting and was a pupil of Ganozkiy V. L., Chaus V. N., and Vintayev V. N.. Sarazhin was awarded with the 1st Degree Diploma Award for Excellence in Painting from the Ukrainian Art Academy. Since 2007 he has been a member of Kharkov’s section of the association of Ukraine’s Artists’ Alliance.

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For an entire week in 1968, protesters and the Chicago police skirmished, on national television, with the whole world watching. Finally, that Wednesday—nomination day—15,000 people moved into Grant Park in the heart of downtown Chicago for an anti-war MOBE rally. During some speeches, a shirtless, long-haired man began to lower the American flag (planning, it was later reported, to turn it upside down in the international symbol of distress). But as he removed the flag, the police suddenly snapped. They charged into the crowd, swinging billy clubs indiscriminately, seizing demonstrators, clubbing them, and tossing them into paddy wagons. 

A 2008 NPR special details the way the Democratic nomination process was radically revised after the 1968 fiasco at the Chicago Convention in order to win back the droves of disgusted voters who’d abandoned the party, and a major component of that revision was giving the people a voice in the nominating process by instituting primaries and caucuses.

Had they not done this, had they not promised the American people a fair and balanced democratic primary process, the Democrats risked losing party viability and being replaced by another party that was more appealing for voters to engage with. By admitting that they have been lying about taking this promise seriously, the DNC is admitting that its party probably should have perished sometime in the 1970s. They deceived the American people into letting them remain.

Prior to giving the people a voice in the nomination process, the DNC selected the Democratic nominee internally, the result of which was what provoked the 1968 riots in the first place.
[RadioSub] DGS 56 OnoD Birthday Special~

May the force… OnoD Birthday special episode! aka MamaD Special

It’s still May 4th here so I’m still on time! (強引) >:D Here’s a birthday special episode back in 2008 when OnoD just turned 30…o.o how time flies…The legendary episode that made me laugh, cry and fangirl all at the same time ;>_<; Hopefully everyone enjoy it as much as I do~

Special thanks to @ectini and @peachydaisuke for their fanarts ^^ Always looking for fanarts to put in my video so send me a note if you wanna share |3