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Alien Boy

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its past midnight in england which means its 4/13/2016

4/13/2016 is a very special day because

its the 10 year anniversary of neil banging out the tunes

thank you neil for banging out the tunes

If you don’t love Patrick Stewart yet….

While attending DragonCon,  Sir Patrick  met one very special fan: 10-year-old Dawn Garrigus from Statesboro, GA. Dawn suffers from a life-threatening condition called Mitochondrial Disorder and her Make-a-Wish was to meet him

“Patrick Stewart could have met her for just a couple minutes, and I’m sure she would have been thrilled,” Photographer  James Barker told ETonline. “Instead he sat down for about 15 minutes and really focused and talked to her.”

 Barker took this picture as she suddenly she throws her arms around him, in this wonderful genuine “thank you.”

Paying Debts

Husband Dean x Reader

Summary: Your husband, Dean, begins to neglect you for someone else.

Warnings: Arguing.

Requested by me~

A/N: Unfortunately, I’m sick right now, so I’m sorry updates aren’t as frequent right now, but once I get a little better, they’ll go back to normal. Thanks for understanding!

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“How was Ben’s first day of school?” You hear your husband, Dean, ask his new recent friend, Lisa, on the phone.

Since her car broke down a couple months ago, they were inseparable. She’s all Dean would talk about during the little time you shared with him.

It didn’t bother you at first. You knew your husband well;he didn’t make friends easily. But, then came the neglect- the awful ignorance towards you, like you didn’t exist.

The day of your anniversary was also forgotten. You wanted to do something special to celebrate 10 years of marriage, so you made a dinner reservation at Dean’s favorite restaurant. You knew he’d be working a little late today, so you made the reservation for 8 pm. You had sent him a text and a voicemail when he didn’t answer to let him know of your plans.

He didn’t show up until the next morning.

You had fallen asleep amongst the tears, mascara smeared on your perfect face. You still had his favorite red dress on, too.

Confused, Dean sat next to you and shook you awake. When your eyes had opened, you didn’t want to see your husband’s face, not now.

“Baby, what happened last night?” He asks, still oblivious.

You look at him if he grew another head. “8:00 Dean”, you spit out.

“What? I had to watch Ben for Lisa, I thought I called you-”

Anger boils through your entire being as you stand up and back away. “It’s always about Lisa with you isn’t it?” You yell, wiping away at the forming tears in your eyes.

Dean tries to hold you, but you step away from him as if he was poison. “Baby, what do you mean-”

“Why don’t you go marry Lisa instead!” You cry out, throwing your wedding ring on the ground and running out the door. Before he can catch you, you’re driving away to God knows where.

Night falls by the time you stop driving. You land at a motel in a grungy room, but it’s better than home with him right now. You sit up on the springy mattress and look at your phone. You had turned it on silence after the fourth ring, presumably from Dean.

There’s several messages and voicemails littering your phone. You try to delete the voicemails, but instead hit play. Your husbands voice fills the quiet room.

“Voicemail from Dean Winchester: ‘Y/N, come home. Come on.’” He sounds almost angry, a commanding tone filling the room.

'Y/N, at least answer my calls. Let me know you’re safe.’ His voice is breaking, but is still strong.

'Baby, this isn’t funny. Please come home.’  

'Sweetheart, please.’ His voice sounds broken and desperate now.

You quickly shut off your phone, the pain in his voice too much.

You allow yourself to fall asleep, for perhaps sleep would bring you temporary comfort from the hurt.

You finally wake late morning, and decide to head home to get your things. After all, he’d marry Lisa in an instant, right?

You reluctantly step out of your car after putting it in park. Just a quick in and out, you promise yourself.

As soon as you walk into your home, you notice the obvious disarray that wasn’t there before you left. Beer bottles litter the floor, and there’s a dent in the wall.

Dean’s sitting on the floor next to the door, a half empty bottle in his hand. When he hears the door open, his head snaps to the door and sighs in relief when he sees you. He pushes himself off the floor quickly and throws himself into your arms, holding you tight as possible.

“Don’t do that ever again. You scared me to death”, Dean whispers out, clutching onto you as if you were going to disappear again.

You try to push him away, but you’re so weak and sad, your arms cannot push off your husband.

“I’m sorry for forgetting our anniversary, I’m sorry for leaving you on the back burner. You’re the most amazing wife I could ask for, and I’m being an awful husband. Let me make it up to you? Please?” He says, now looking into your eyes.

He knew it’d take a while to gain back your trust, but he’d wait forever if he had to to be able to put your ring back on your finger.

So paid his debts back with interest, Lisa and Ben being the last things on his mind.

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Harry judd born in Chelmsford, England and have 28 years old. Harry is the drummer, the sexy drummer. Harry is reputed to catching the band, having been with many girls, including Lindsay Lohan. He was educated at the Uppingham School along with former member of Busted, Charlie Simpson. His parents always supported him for be a musician. He was in a trial of a friend and started playing the drums, until he discovered he had a knack for it. Harry never think of be a drummer, he wants to be a cricket player, but somethings change. A companion of his old band went to London in search of sponsorship, and there learned that the officers did not seek new bands but a drummer to form a new band. Soon Harry remembered that when receiving a call from a friend went to London to audition. It was there that he met Danny and Tom who chose him. Harry recently married the violinist Izzy Johnston, they met when she was called to play on the orquest of “Mcfly wonderland tour”. 

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