special inspiration

Here we have Moody Martin with black loincloth (is that what these are???) and he’s had enough of this love shit.

With him, Sidekick Simon donning a pineapple loincloth, because duh. He picks up all the love that Moody Martin just can’t with anymore.

When you look at the stars make sure you realise how infinite this universe is and what a miracle it is that the human race is on this world. If you realise this, then know what a miracle it is that you are here: breathing, living your life, meeting new people, interacting with people, changing people’s lives, loving… You are so so special and make sure you realise this, because there is one of you in this whole world and there is one human who can be you perfectly and that is you. So be you, stay you, be around people who don’t contain you, but let you be who you are and who encourage you to be the best you, you can be. Because when you are truly you, what a clash of perfection it will be.
—  Jasmijn Bergsma 

This is your daily reminder to do something that makes you happy today. Drink some tea, water or coffee if you want. Study a little extra so you ace that exam. Curl up with a good book or a watch your favorite movie. Listen to your favorite songs before you go to sleep. You are doing so great.


I know that forever might sound a long time,
but let’s make others jealous of what we have.
Let’s inspire them with the love that we have.