So I saw this, it was the top comment on a trailer for the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo. I just thought I’d share it.

Beak down the paragraph into sections and inform you as to why their opinion is wrong.

If you read the passage you can see that this individual has been playing the games for a long time. They state they can “play Soulsilver and Emerald a billion times over and not get bored”, to put it into perspective, these games are pretty old. Soulsilver is the remake of generation two, at the time was ‘revolutionary’, it made many well needed improvements to the franchise. You could have your favorite Pokemon following you and all sorts of other cool things improved over the original gold, silver and crystal games.

5th, 6th and from what little of the 7th we’ve had “I’ve hated”. So Black and White was gen five, that was first released outside Japan in 2011. It introduced over 150 new Pokemon and covered two separate games in the form of Black 2 and White 2. Gen six was XY and our latest installment, ORAS, between these games, they introduced many new features, such as Mega evolution, which changed competitive battling completely. Not to mention another block of Pokemon, we’re looking at another 50+ at the least.

“The games are just getting worse I felt I was watching something from from CBB’s when playing this demo”. For my non UK friends, I believe they are referring to the popular children’s TV network, that usually airs things aimed at very young children, like sub 5 years. I can list many improvements that the games have made over the span of so many years, and as someone that aspired to get into the games industry, I can tell you that doing so on such a large scale is absurd. Granted the games alternated between development teams, the overall quality has done nothing but improve over the years. Latter games often incorporating many if not all of the features of games the came before them.

We started with generation one. The most familiar one everyone knows as Red, Blue and Yellow. This was undeniably the worst game, when it came from the things to do and technical aspect. You can argue about catching the glitch mew and all the other things, but as for intended features, if you compare it to say even the next games in the line, it gets flat out destroyed.

The original games did not feature unlimited bag space, they worked with limited memory, so all storage was very limited.They were buggy and broken from just every perspective.Toxic and Leech seed did not work together properly, where leech seed would increase in damage along side Toxic.Special, was just one stat. This made something like Hypno, abnormally good. Wrap would keep you in battle against an Ekans for over 20 minutes. Twister was the only dragon move.This list goes on, yet people harp that it is the “best gen”.

From that tangent, those games featured the ever popular Team Rocket Grunts, the guys with the whips.If you recall, every single one was the same, they looked the same and even said similar things.

“team skull is embarassing”. This statement, whilst can be true, this is the most personality any of the 'enemy’ teams have had up until this point. In the demo, when you meet them you can see they all move with the gang signs and rap poses. They are more than that, right at the end *spoiler warning* after you beat the totem Pokemon and their boss, you can see one of them skulks away whilst the other charges after her 'doth proclaiming my love’ style.That tiny feature, it will get ignored, people won’t see it, but to include something so insignificant is actually incredibly important. Even in our latest games (ORAS) you see team aqua and magma completely synchronous when they do things. You beat them and move on.

In the gen seven demo, a lot of the NPCs can be seen in the background just, doing arbitrary things. Having a hot drink with a friend, working at the office desk, We’ve had this before, but they haven’t been animated. They share sprites, but have different personalities. Pokemon make noises at you from the bush in the over world, we have seen this before, but now it feels more immersive. It has been scripted to be the same in ORAS. The same wingulls that pass over head. Or flap away when you approach them.

The game is beautiful for a Pokemon game, we have 'fully’ figured game sprites for the characters and the whole look and feel has taken a modern RPG approach. Tiny aspects people take for granted are being overlooked.
“This is my opinion, not judging anyone for liking it, just not my thing at all!”. This strikes me as very odd for someone that has followed the series for this long.

You do not have to like it, but with so much backing I felt I had to say something. I am VERY excited about gen seven, I think it will be hands down, -the best- game we’ve had in every single aspect. From what I have played, I KNOW it is.There are countless subtle improvements to the game that have been made to make it more accessible to a wider audience.

I strongly urge everyone that loved, loves or wants to try Pokemon that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be the one to play. 100%.
There has been a LOT of crying about the fact that the game includes type advantage explanations. If you encounter a Pokemon, the next time you see them the game will let you know what moves you have are good against it. This is very similar to games in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise by Atlus. You HAVE to try moves on the monsters in those games, each of them handle these aspects in a different way, some games retain all the information, some you have to experiment. Keep in mind when this generation comes out there will be over 800 Pokemon.

For someone getting into the game, that’s basically ridiculous, you have to learn their types, move potential, how they evolve, how to use them, the abilities, stats, how to breed a good one, EVs, IVs, what distribution of stats is good, what matchups are bad, what makes a good team, names of Pokemon, alternate forms of Pokemon. This list goes on and it’s no kidding that it’s hard to get into.

This game removes a lot of the worry. You don’t HAVE to have a perfect Pokemon before you use it. It tells you what is good and what is not so good.
Now, this is just my opinion, not judging anyone for disliking it, just not listening to bullshit is what I do.

“I hated it”, well don’t listen to the hate, and listen to people like me, that absolutely loved it. If you hate so much, then stop playing the games, it’s taken three generations spanning over five years to realise you do not enjoy the games? To me, that sounds a little dishonest. Instead of focusing on features of things you don’t like, how about trying to enjoy the bits you do. There over 800 Pokemon, there’s literally one for everyone to enjoy.

I hate Gliscor with a burning passion. It’s so annoying to fight, and aggravates me to no end when I have to deal with one. That did not stop me from using it as one of my first competitive Pokemon, because it’s good, but I’m not going to tell people to stop liking it just because I have a problem with it.

Yo there’s a life lesson to be learned here for all walks of life. This one happens to be revolving around Pokemon, but I hope you can take something more away from this.Something like, stop the hate. Or something. I was bullied for liking this series so much that I stopped playing entirely. I learned my lesson, I will love what I love doing forever, and if you don’t want to share that experience then you’re missing out.

/rant over

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