okay so today I found out that tumblr has an add-on that pops up when you search for certain things, such as eating disorders and mental illnesses. It asks the user directly if they are ok, and provides helplines, emails but also cute websites with links to try to cheer them up.  Even though I’m okay, it brings tears to my eyes that such a feature has been set up to help people. Like that is sO thoughtful and perhaps it would have helped myself & others I know in the past by making them question their temporary negative thoughts and what they were about to see. It perhaps would have stopped so many downward spirals and so many sleepless nights. Prevented so much hurt and fear. Tumblr , thank you , because whilst most of today’s society brings people down, you are setting out to help pick them back up.


“SBS Power FM Cultwo Show” with Heechul as a special DJ on the 23rd August 2016, full.

“SBS Power FM Cultwo Show” avec Heechul en tant que DJ spécial le 23 Août 2016, entier.


Photographers’ Warehouse | Sadie Snelson

Sadie Snelson Architects has transformed an east London warehouse into a live-work space for a photographer, featuring a folded steel staircase, a mezzanine and wall-mounted storage for bicycles. Prior to the renovation, the Clapton Warehouse was divided into small separate rooms that were subject to little natural daylight. The team removed all dividing walls to create an open-plan living room, and parts of the floor were taken away to create double-height areas that maximise light.