It’s a little late, but here is the flyer for Easter 2015 term Specere Art and Ideas. 

Specere is an arts and ideas discussion group set up by Grace Church Truro, hosted at Espressini Artisan Coffee Falmouth, which has the aims to serve and support artists in their practice. The way in which we attempt to do this is through discussion and dialogue about work (our own, and others) exploring ideas and debate. We use a number of starting points as a sort of jump off position, either film, or a group crit or a presentation or a visiting speaker. Off the back of these, we hope to engage in critical thinking and discourse that is interesting and beneficial to individuals. Specere is open to anyone who is interested in the topics discussed. 

It’s been a real pleasure facilitating #Specere Art & Ideas. Over the past two terms we have had a number of really engaged discussions on a wide range of subjects. Conversations stretched from the philosophical, to the artistic, to the moral to the theological. We have seen a number of interesting artists show and talk about their work and also watched some brilliant films at the film club. I am really excited to hand Specere into the safe hands of @pollymaxwell and her team and excited to see what developments and direction they take it! Watch this space! #falmouth #espressini #gracechurchtruro #art

Pretty Little Liars theory/Recap Episode 6x06 "No Stone unturned" KIMYE IS A!
Hey babes! So this is my recap/thoughts/theory on tonights episode 6x06. Let me know if you agree, lets discuss! Please feel free to subscribe and follow me ...

Pll theory on 6x06.  I just basically made my text post into a video guys, lets discuss!!


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Gamescom será testigo del primer gameplay de Crackdown

Con tan poca información sobre Crackdown desde su anuncio, todo parece´ria indicar que Microsoft no cuenta con avance alguno del juego. Por fortuna este no es el caso ya que, tras varios meses de mantener en un alto secreto al proyecto, la productora de Xbox se encuentra lista para mostrar el primer gameplay del título. Esto durante la próxima edición de Gamescom a realizarse en las próximas semanas.

A tan sólo unos cuantos días de que de inicio una de las convenciones de juegos más importantes de Europa, un fan cuestionó a Phil Specer, jefe de la división de Xbox en Microsoft, sobre la aparición de Crackdown en el evento. Para su suerte el ejecutivo no sólo le devolvió su mensaje sino que además le confirmó que será en el marco del evento cuando por fin podremos ver el primer gameplay del título el cual, según asegura, le provocó muchísima nostalgia.

@TSobski Final Gamescom content review was today and things are becoming final. Lot’s of nostalgia for me with the Crackdown gameplay.

— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) July 27, 2015

La edición de Gamescom de este año se llevará a cabo del 5 al 9 de agosto; es decir, la siguiente semana. Un día antes, el martes 4 de agosto, Microsoft llevará a cabo su conferencia en la cual presentará, a la par del adelanto en cuestión, nuevos avances sobre Scalebound y Quantum Break, sus otras grandes exclusivas.

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anonymous asked:

Do you remember what the imagine was about? :D

It was about Specer Reid and the team at a bar with a younger girl and she and Spencer get drunk and hook up… Something to that effect I believe…