The little kid in the BAU

There was a little girl in the BAU who was sitting down by the office glass door.

Everybody was wondering who she was because she only looked 5 years old or maybe even 4 years old.

She was drawing in her sketch book with headphones in her tiny ears minding her own business in her own place.

“Hey, what’s that little girl doing In here?” Emily said.

“What little girl?” Aaron said as he came down from his office.

“That one.” Emily pointed out as they all saw a little girl with long curly hair with a white headband with a bow on it , beautiful blue glowing eyes, a white dress with butterflies covering it, with white laced sandals with lace strings tied into a bow.

“Maybe she’s lost.” Jj suggested.

“Theirs no way she could be lost,no kids would just wonder in here without knowing where she was going.” Spencer stated.

“You think she’s somebody’s kid” asked Derek.

They all kept staring at her as they saw her flip a page on her sketch book and started to write something on it putting her pencil down she lifted up her sketch book towards them in big bold letters where the words.

“I know your talking about me, I can feel you stares. Just say hi” when she felt like they all ready she put her sketch book back down looking up as her beautiful eyes glowed in the light as she smiled and did a little rascals wave.

Making them smile at her, then suddenly a person walked pass her and she was gone scaring the leaving hell out of the BAU team.

“Where the hell did she go” spencer asked.

“I don’t know” Aaron said.

In full thought they didn’t hear or see Garcia come up behind them as she scared them.

“Wow what’s gotten into you guys?” She asks as they calm down

“They were spoked out by a little girl that was their but suddenly disappeared.” Rossi said.

“A little girl huh.” She says as they mood their heads yes.

“Would that happen to be this little girl.” She says with a smile as she then moves out of the way and shows the little girl that was on the floor drawing and listening to music was now in front of them drinking a juice box with a big box of fruit snacks on her knees eating them.

“Aww she’s even more pretty up close, what’s her name?” Emily says

“Her name is (y/n) Garcia” Penelope says as she looks down on her.

The little girl looks up and waves at the team while drinking her juice then eating her fruit snacks.

“Does she talk?” Aaron says

“Not while she’s eating.” Garcia answers

“Looks like your eating a lot of sweets their dear.” Rossi said with a smile.

“Well can I have spaghetti then?” She says with a smile.

The team smiled in awe at her adorable ness.

“We’ll go get you some when we get home,okay” Garcia says.

“Okay!” She say happily.

“But in the mean time this is Spencer, Emily, Derek, David, and Aaron” they all said hi.

“Hi,hi” the little girls says back.

“Wait…Garcia. You had a baby?” Derek says.

“What! no! She’s my sister” Garcia said making her little sister laugh and falling over.

“So why is she here?” Aaron asked.

“She’s are new programer.” Garcia says

“Really, that’s sick” spencer says

“Uhh!” She shrieks

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Aaron asked

“Someone has hacked into my data bAse! Come on mrs.snugglebite we have to stop the ugly bunny.” She grabs her sisters hand and runs back to the lair.

“Hahaha they’re so cute” Emily says

“A little girl working for the BAU that’s nice.” Rossi says.

“I guess now we have to protect her as well.” They all laughed and now were ready to start their day.

let’s be real:
if sparia, emison, & vandermarin were dating you hella know there hardly wouldn’t be any drama at all (like there is now)

just imagine them being all cute & cuddly with one another while still kicking ass whenever they investigate clues to crack down “uber A”

seriously why didn’t marlene do this instead

One-Shot #3
Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid/Reader)

I was shaking. Cold, scared, helpless. A gunshot rang out and I jumped. I am going to die. I thought this to myself as I closed my eyes tightly, hearing footsteps and voices coming closer and closer.

“Y/N!” My breath caught in my throat at the sound of a familiar voice. “Y/N!” another voice joined in with the first, and they spoke in union.

“Reid!” I screamed as loud as I could, beating on the locked doors of the small compartment I was being held in. My voice was hoarse, and I was almost sure they didn’t hear me. “Derek! Reid!” I tried once more, and suddenly the doors were torn open, and I fell into someone’s arms. I was crying now, shaking with my sobs and the fear that was only now slightly beginning to fade as Derek held me tightly to his chest.

“It’s alright. Everything is going to be okay.”

Two days later

I was sitting in Garcia’s office, I hadn’t really left the office since we had gotten back much, too scared. I hugged myself tightly, the ends of the sleeves of my over-sized sweater were curled into my fists. I sat cross-legged in Garcia’s chair as she, Derek, Spencer, and Hotch were all outside talking.

It’s about me. I thought, I couldn’t help it. Something is wrong, and it is about me. Why else couldn’t they talk about it in front of me, like they always did. In the past year I had been with Spencer, the group had never kept anything away from me when I was around. If it was a case, I was there to hear every detail. If it was about their personal lives, I was there to laugh at the jokes, give comfort when there were tears, and offer advice when there were questions. But this was different. Because it’s about me.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Garcia stepped in, quickly shutting it behind herself. She was turned towards the door, and she set her forehead against it for a moment before sighing and turning towards me, her eyes red with building tears. I stood immediately, rushing over to her.

“Hon, what’s wrong?” I asked, and she shook her head as I grabbed her arms.

“I didn’t want to hear any more of that.” She mumbled, and my eyebrows came together in confusion. Maybe it’s not about me? No, they would have come in here to talk if it wasn’t. What the hell is it? I reached for the door handle, but she pulled me away.

“No, they’re going to come in here and talk about it with you.” She spoke simply, but I could tell she was serious, so we walked over to the chairs and began to talk. Soon enough, we were both falling into laughter, when the door opened, and Derek just stared at the both of us for a moment as we slowly fell back into silence, staring back at him. He had the hint of a smile playing at his lips, but it wasn’t completely there. Something is wrong.

“Hey baby-girls.” He smiled now, but it didn’t reach his eyes. My eyebrows knitted together slightly as I watch Spencer walk in behind him, then Hotch a moment later. Everyone was sitting but Spencer, as he leaned against the desk. I didn’t know what they were going to say, but I wasn’t ready for it, especially when Spencer suddenly broke the silence, almost yelling.

“You have to leave.”

Silence. Derek’s mouth fell open slightly, and Hotch seemed to be just as caught off guard by his outburst as I had been. Garcia just stared at me, her eyes watering again. I stared at the floor. Derek’s attention fell from Spencer and went to me, and Hotch’s eyes rested on me as well, but I ignored it. I bit the inside of my cheek and closed my eyes.

“What?” I had meant for it to come out as if I wasn’t bothered by his words. But instead, it came out as a whisper.

“He means that you are not safe. They took you because you were close to him. It’s unsafe for you-” Hotch tried to explain but I cut him off.

“No! I want to hear Reid say it!” I yelled, keeping my eyes trained on the floor, but I noticed that the only person in the room that didn’t flinch at my outburst was Hodge.

“Y/N.” Garcia whispered, and I shook my head.

“I said Reid.” I whispered, and finally looked up from the floor, standing from my seat. I looked over to the man I had been with for a year. The man I trusted with my life.

His dark, long hair had fallen in his face, and he was staring at the floor, just as I had been a few moments before.

“You have to leave.” He repeated, his voice low, showing no emotion.

“Look at me.” I spoke calmly, but anger and confusion was coursing through my veins. At the moment, sadness was only a background feeling. “I said look at me Spencer.” I spoke through gritted teeth, and he finally looked up, standing straight and looking me in the eye.

“You need to leave. We are no longer seeing each other.” He moved out of the room, walking to his own desk, but I followed after, and I knew the other three weren’t far behind.

“Why?” I yelled, and he picked my bag off of the floor, setting it on the desk beside me.

“It’s not safe for you.” Derek tried to speak for him, but I ignored him.

“I thought you loved m-”

“I don’t love you! I don’t love anyone! You know that. Everyone knows that! You were just someone that I spent time with. You were someone that dealt with me, and I dealt with you. I never loved you. Your feelings are irrational!” He had turned towards me, yelling as he took step after step towards me until he was standing so close to me that if I had moved at all we would have been touching, and he was yelling in my face.

Garcia had her hand pressed over her mouth, tears falling down her face as she watched. Hotch had looked away, staring at the floor. Derek was the only one looking at us, his hands clenched into fists, and I could tell he was gritting his teeth.

“I want you to go!” Spencer screamed in my face once more, and I could feel the tears threatening to build in my eyes.  I wanted to look him in the eye, see if he was lying. He had to be. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it before he turned from me and began to walk away.

“You’re lying!” I screamed, stepping forward as to grab his arm and make him turn towards me, but Derek grabbed me by the waist, holding me back. “Let go of me! You’re lying Spencer! You’re just scared. You’re a coward. You’re just scared of what you don’t know can be explained by science and statistics. You’re lying!” I was yelling, screaming and hitting Derek. “Let me go!” I yelled, and Spencer kept walking, out of the room and down the hallway. “Get away from me!”

“Baby-girl! Stop it! Stop!” Derek yelled at me, picking me up as I yelled, pulling me further away from the direction Spencer had gone. “Stop!” Derek screamed once more, and I froze, staring him in the eye.

I was numb.

“He’s gone.” Derek mumbled, holding onto me.

I could feel the emotions burning under my skin, but they wouldn’t come out.

“No.” I whispered.

I was imploding.

“It’s over.” He wrapped his arms around me, but my vision had blurred. I didn’t hug him back. I didn’t move. Garcia hugged me next, whispering something along the lines of “It’s going to be okay.” But I barely heard it.

I couldn’t hear.

I couldn’t see.

I was numb.

“You need to leave.”

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“Spence” she says as to get his attention,“don’t call me that” he shot back with anger in his tone which had shocked her.

He would never look at me with such hatred or ever talk to me with such anger in his voice.

“What did I do?, did I do something wrong?” She asked in concern.

“What do you think!” He shot back with a loud voice scaring the girl a lot as tears dropped down her face.

“Why are you mad at me? I didn’t do anything to you.” She says as to complete her argument.

“You made me lose her! She was the only girl that I loved! And now she’s gone because of you!” He yelled at her

“It wasn’t my fault I was told to-” she was cut off by him saying “ I don’t ever want to see or talk to you again” and he walked away.

Leaving his best friend to drop down to her knees and hold her hands over her heart as she cried in the empty room.

Breathing heavily she can see spencer heading to the elevator to leave as he was being stopped by every member of the team but he kept going.

Looking down and hiding under a vacant desk with her knees to her chest she can hear the door open and a voice call out to her.

“(Y/n) are you in here?” A soon as she heard the voice she knew that it belong to one person Aaron her boss.

Not saying a word or even trying to make a sound so he can just go away, she can hear him let out a deep breath and closed the door.

But she knew what he was trying to do s she stayed quiet and waited for him to actually leave which seemed like an hour or so.

Everyone began to start leaving until she was the only one there she got up from under the desk she walks out of the room and gathered her things and headed to the elevator.


The elevator sounded and it opened its doors walking in and pressing the button for the lobby the doors closed.

It started it ascend down at a normal speed then suddenly it stops, (y/n) scared to death already she tried to press the button on the elevator door but nothing was working then Suddenly the elevator started to fall but then stopped,now (y/n) was completely terrified.

“Someone please help me!” She than called out but their was no answer and that was it the elevator feel down and with a mass explosion killing her instantly.

- few hours later-

It was now 4 in the morning as build was found on fire in the basement when agent hotch had gotten a call.

“Ring ring”

He reaches over to grab the phone that was on his dresser.

“Hello….this is him….really!? When!?….okay I’m on my way”

Getting up out of bed he put his clothes on and headed out the door and calling the rest of the team as well.

-seconds later-

They all showed up to the seen as the fire department cleared all the fire and the paramedics walking up and out of the building with a body bag.

Just then spencer pulled up and jumped out if his car and tried to run to the body bag that was laying on the sidewalk but his team stopped him.

“Spencer! Spencer stop!” Morgan said as they are both breathing hard.

“No! Let go I have to see her! I have to make sure that’s not her! Please let me go!” He pleaded back with tears in his eyes.

“Let him go” Aaron said to Morgan

“But hotch” Morgan tried to protest but he knew to let him go.

He takes off to the body bag and opens it as he sees his best friend lying in the bag her hair burned off in some places along with her body and clothes.

He cried over her and told her he was sorry shaking and crying out of his mind he was going delirious.

As the rest of the team watched and put their hand over he’s shoulder as tears escaped their eyes as well.

“I’m sorry (y/n)…p-please open your eyes for me pleases…I’m so sorry” as he cried Garcia couldn’t take the pain in her heart so she walked to a quiet place and cried for her friend.

One of their team members had described what appears to be a letter that was left on the ground just outside of the building.

Rossi grabbed the letter reading it and then passing it on to Aaron who looked at it and called the team back over to where they were standing.

“What’s going on please tell me this was an accident"Emily had said to Arron but she was sadly mistaken.

"No not exactly” he said to the team as he was about to go on spencer spoke up.

“What do you mean not exactly?” He said as he is sniffling with red puffy eyes.

“She was murder” Rossi had said which left everyone in shock not knowing what to say, someone had killed their friend a member of their family. And the last thing spencer does is scream at her for something that was not even her fault.

Spencer couldn’t hope but to feel guilty,“what was that paper in your hand what did it say?” Rossi and Aaron looked at each other than they spoke up.

It said, “ you shouldn’t have screamed at her for something she didn’t do, now she is on her way to say hi to her brother”

“That’s right (y/n) brother had died in a car crash it think this person is watching are vey moves and if we are mean to each other it kills one of us making the other feel guilty.

"And it was me I said those mean things to her I made her cry it’s all my fault, I killed my best friend spencer says to the team.

"Don’t worry spencer will get the asshole who did this to (y/n), promise” Aaron said as they all walked out to go solve the case of their best friend.

Spencer can hear her crying voice and pleads to him as she wanted to say sorry for something she didn’t so to gain the trust of her friend back the words kept repeating on his head the words that said.

“Why are you mad at me”

“ I don’t know, I was never mad at you I was mad at myself” spencer as the body of his former friend was driven off to the hospital.

I just watched CASTLEVANIA at long long last!!! Daaamn! Y’all get your asses to watch it it’s dope as HELL literally… Spencer Wan the direction was beautiful! And your sequences breathtaking! That Cyclops! That fight choreography left me speechless with Alucard! And the demon killed by Sypha… WOW…

You’re not alone

Requested by anon

Can you do a story where Gideon dies and Spence is extremely distraught and upset so the reader tries to comfort him? Spencer x Reader

Warnings: talk of death and mild depression

Spencer hadn’t been into the office for a few weeks, and every mission he didn’t show up you grew more and more worried about him.

The day everyone found out about Gideon’s death was one of the darkest days for the team, especially for Spencer, they had been close friends, so when he didn’t come to work the first week you brushed it off thinking he needed time.

Then the second week came along, he still hadn’t come into work or answered any of your calls, you started to become nervous about his well-being.

Now three weeks later and still no word from him you decided that he had been gone long enough; you missed him, and besides the team needed him. So after work you drove over to his apartment to check on him and to ask him to come back.

Once you found his apartment number you knocked furiously and yelled through the door “Spencer open up I know you’re in there I saw your car” you waited moment but there was no answer so you tried again “Spencer open the door right now or I’m going to break it in” you counted to ten in your head and just as you were about to break down the door it flew open.

Standing before you was a Spencer you didn’t recognize, he had scruff all over his chin, his short hair was standing up and poking out at various angels, he was in pajamas, and his once bright brown eyes were now dead, you felt like you were looking at a stranger.

“Hey Spence we haven’t seen in you or heard from you in a while so I wanted to stop by to make sure you were okay” you said looking past him at the dirty apartment.

When he responded his voice was just as dead as his eyes “I’m fine y/n”.

Your heart broke seeing him like this “Spencer it’s okay if you’re not okay everyone’s struggling right now, Gideon was good friends with everyo…”.

“I said I was fine y/n now go home I don’t need you or anyone else for that matter” He said cutting you off.

The words stung but you weren’t ready to give up that easily “You may not need me but I need you, the team needs you and whether you believe it or not you need us too”. You said trying to reach him past his walls he had built up.

“No I don’t, go home y/n I want to be alone!” he said raising his voice and slamming the door in your face.

You stood there in shock, you could not believe he just slammed the door in your face, Spencer was one of the nicest guys you knew and hearing him yell at you hurt but there was no way you were going to show that so you slammed your fists against the door “Fine if you want to be alone be alone!” you yelled turning and walking away.

When you got home you felt terrible about the way you acted, Spence didn’t deserve that, he was mourning the loss of one of his best friends, sure you missed Gideon too but Him and Spencer had always been closer of course he would want to be alone, so you decided to go back tomorrow to apologize and try again.

This time you didn’t even bother knocking you knew he wouldn’t answer the door so you tried the nob and it twisted open without resistance, Spencer obviously wasn’t thinking straight if he had left his door unlocked, he knew about the kind of people we dealt with.

You walked in and saw the place in complete disarray; this was so unlike Spencer you became even more distraught about him.

You looked around but he was know where to be seen so you moved towards the bedroom, you opened it and saw him lying on the floor shaking with quiet tears. Your breath caught in your throat you couldn’t stand to see the man you were in love with so completely broken.

You rushed over to him and pulled him up into your arms. You held him and let him cry for what could have been hours, you didn’t care all you could focus on was Spencer and making sure he would be okay.

Once his tears dried he sat up and looked at you with a desolate gleam in his eyes then reached out and put his arms around your waist pulling you into a tight hug. You let out a soft sigh his arms around you made you feel safe in this big and scary world.

You sat in the quite for a moment before Spencer asked “I thought you said you were going to leave me alone, I wanted you too?”

You didn’t sense any anger in his voice just curiosity “I did” you answered “But I was wrong, no one should be alone at a time like this” You said rubbing circles into his back.

The room fell quiet again until you decided to ask your own question “You do know you’re not alone right? You know that the whole team is here for you, that I’m here for you?” you asked pulling away from his arms so you could look up into his eyes.

He sounded sad when he responded “I know” his voice broke. “I know, but Gideon’s death made me feel that way, I know we hadn’t talked in a while but it was comforting knowing that he was out there, and then this happened and it felt like the whole world was closing in around me I felt abandoned and I wanted Gideon to fix it, not you, not Morgan, not anyone but then you came and it felt like you were intruding on something , that you weren’t supposed to be there, so I said some things I didn’t mean to get you to leave, and that’s exactly what you did. When you were gone I felt worse than I had before. I couldn’t shake it, the utter loneliness, so I cried my heart out and then the strangest thing happened “

You raised your eyebrow in question.

“You came back” he said simply.

You smiled and wrapped your arms around him again hugging him tight before standing up “Well good I’m glad I came back then” you said looking around at his room and wrinkling your nose in disgust “Should we start cleaning this place it’s kind of a pigsty?” you asked giving him one of your biggest smiles.

He sighed and got to his feet as well “I guess” he said dramatically rolling his eyes and giving you a playful wink.

Your heart did little summer salts while you thought to yourself that it was a good thing that the room was dark so he couldn’t see the blush you felt coloring your cheeks “Alright let’s get started” you said trying to keep your voice as even as possible.

You guys worked in tandem for a few hours until the apartment was completely clean, then you both took the garbage to the dumpster and then he walked you to your car. You opened the door and you were about to get in it when he reached his hand out and put it on your shoulder to stop you “Thank you y/n, for everything, you’re a great friend I don’t know what I would do without you” He said giving your shoulder a quick squeeze before dropping his hand and turning to go back inside.

You couldn’t let it end like this; he had to know how you really felt. You didn’t care anymore if it was the right time or place; you were tired of him hurting you indirectly, at least if he knew then he could avoid it. So you pushed away all your fear like you do right before every mission so you reached out and grabbed his hand.

He turned back towards you and you bravely took a chance with your heart. You got up on your tiptoes and pressed your lips to his. It was everything you thought it would be electric and addictive.

Spencer was completely taken by surprise he remained motionless while your lips moved over his not knowing what he should do, he had never thought about you like this before, but then logic left him and his emotions took over, he closed his eyes and was about to kiss you back when you pulled away.

When he didn’t immediately kiss you back you became a little worried but you kept trying hoping he was still in shock but then nothing came, you were devastated, so you tore your lips away from his and jumped into your car started it and pulled away.

He stood there staring at the empty space you had been standing in feeling more alone than he had in his entire life.

                                                                                                                            Part 2

The End...?

So, long time no-theory! Sorry it has been a while, (and by a while I mean quite a while SORRY!) but I am back and I do hve a theory for you.

A while back, and I mean a LONG while back, I think right after Charlotte was “murdered” I put up a theory that Melissa was/is A.D. And then I had another theory that Charlotte was alive, and then I had another theory that Wren was involved somehow. All three of these are correct. But I’m not 100% sure who is who yet, but I have a pretty good idea.

Let’s start with the person in the masks, I believe this may be Melissa. She up and disappeared in utter and complete panic after the first couple episodes saying she was freaking out about the taped confession (which I WILL COME BACK TO!). BUT I also wouldn’t completely rule out Charlotte being the one in the masks also because well here’s why.

So the finale (and what a head-turning finale it was), at the end whoever kidnapped Jenna has on a mask… And then they take it off, for obvious reasons. There’s also a HIGH probability that charlotte AND melissa are wearing masks since the mask making book was Charlotte’s in the first place, which makes everything all the more confusing. What people seem to forget is that there are two, what Marlene said to be “Avenger A” and “Uber A”, only it’s not quite that simple. I know who is doing what, but it’t the anonimity of which is which that is screwing everyone up, so I’m just going to talk about who is doing what for now.

What Charlotte is doing is not only brilliant on her part, but is so brilliant story wise that makes everything tie together in a fucking beautiful now. She’s getting rid of her minions, the liars, and everyone who had helped her… By turning them against each other and watching her beautiful plan take place. Everyone thinks the other killed Charlotte, but no one really knows who did it for the obvious reason that it never really happened. Jenna and Noel thought the girls did it, Mary thought the girls did it, Melissa DEFINITELY thinks the girls did it, and they’re literally killing each other to figure out which one of them is actually the culprit. And if that doesnt work, she just kills them and makes someone else looks guilty, such as she did with Sara… The old hit on the head finally worked, eh Charlotte?

In 6x10 Charlotte was quite literally preparing for her death. No one thought to ask “Why now would the mastermind behind the A game give herself up?” She had no reason to. Absolutely no reason. You know why? Because it was never supposed to end like this. We got too impatient, we were sick of being led down the rabbit hole only to find another trap door that lead to another rabbit hole. Marlene herself said that it was always supposes to be Charlotte, they set it up for Charlotte season after season, until the viewer said they had had enough. So what does Marlene do? She kills her. Or, so it seems. Everything Charlotte said, or at least most things that Charlotte said in 6x10 were lies. Marlene gave Charlotte a way out, so she could go with the plan she had from the very beginning, she’s saving Charlotte for the finale. The BIG finale. The way it was always planned. Every answer we had wanted and that wasn’t answer, every plot hole will be filled with the truth that we are dying to hear. The masks were introduced for a reason. They planted the mask making book in plain view within Charlotte’s other books for a reason. They had her killed for a reason. They had her packing up all of her stuff an episode before she was “murdered” for a reason.

Now, let’s get to Melissa- Melissa being “A.D.” an/or the “Avenger A” makes so much sense, as I’ve said before in my previous theory, Melissa was brought in with an agenda. It’s no coincidence that she was brought in the same day the new ‘devil A/whatever you call it’ made their presence known. It’s absolutely no secret that there is an odd connection between Melissa and Charlotte. The mystery surrounding their relationship is almost poetic, it started with the two of them that night- and it too shall end with them.

Something I noticed, and this specifically separates Melissa and Charlotte in what they’re doing- there are two completely different lairs that have been shown. One has the masks while the other does not. It also strikes me as odd that no one knows who “A.D.” is, Jenna assumes whoever kidnapped her is A.D., now if Jenna was in fact working for A.D. Like we assume… Why would she believe this person would kidnap her? If you didn’t catch in the finale, there were two shots- one was from Jenna, the other was from whoever actually shot Spencer. The person who shot Specer was 100% Cece, BUT if I’m correct in thinking Melissa is the one in the masks, she kidnapped Jenna THINKING she shot Spencer- again, Charlotte’s minions getting blamed for shit she does. Now, I’m going to tell you exactly why Cece shot Spencer.

It all goes back to Bethany Young. Everyone, including Melissa, Cece, and everyone else who WAS NOT IN THE GROUP WHEN THEY WATCHED CECE CONFESS TO ALISON IN 6x10 believes Spencer is the one who actually hit Bethany. We made the absolutely STUPID mistake in believing after Mona confessed to hitting Bethany that Cece heard it. Cece still believes that Spencer was the one who hit Bethany.

In one of my previous theories, the one where I connect Cece, Melissa, Bethany, Alison, and Spencer, I said that Cece created the plan to have Bethany kill Jessica and Alison, but that plan was then ruined because Mona hit Bethany over the head- therefore causing Melissa to find the body, and in thinking it was Spencer, called Cece and had her help cover up the body. This story is nowhere near over, no matter what anyone says. Because after all these years, after everything they had been through Bethany’s death is where EVERYTHING starts and ends. It is why Cece, even when in the mental institution, called Wren and told him about Melissa burying Bethany. It was why she had Noel smear blood all over Spencer’s body in the dollhouse. She BLAMES Spencer for ruining her plans to kill Bethany, and she blames Melissa for burying Bethany alive. It’s no wonder that after finding out Bethany’s cause of death was actually suffocation caused by being buried alive that Cece turned her back on Melissa.

They ruined her plan. From the very beginning. And now she’s cutting the loose ends, killing off her minions, hurting those who ruined her plan. If you are fans of the PLL books, you’ll notice that Charlotte’s story is basically Alison’s, she faked her death and started killing her minions to make sure they kept quiet- aka the Allicats.

Jenna and Noel are easy, she had something on the both of them and both had a dark side that she could use- Noel with pushing down the girl in the party, and Jenna with Toby. Thus, she had things on both of them and she used that to her advantage. Ever wondered why the hell Noel and Jenna were the ones who had Emily in the car after she was drugged? And why Cece gave Jenna and Noel the death glare of all death glares at the Kahn’s party? Uh-huh. Yep. They were her unwilling minions, who most likely (eventually) became just like poor Sara and got Stockholm syndrome. I mean she tried to kill Jenna before for crying out loud and Jenna still sipes mingle loved her enough to kill for her even after she was GONE. What kind of intoxicating power does she have over these people? It’s just like Bethany said in her tapes, “She’s an evil bitch… 5 minutes with her and you’d drown a bag of kittens if she asked you to, 2 minutes if you were a man.” Bethany was right. She was right all along. Cece could get anyone to do anything for her, and she did. And they would keep coming back one way or another.

As for Wren, I’m not going to spend much time explaining because this is already ridiculously long- but he is involved, but he is working with Melissa most likely. He was the British guy on the phone that we’ve been hearing, he’s just kind of one step above Jenna and Noel in the sense that he did exactly what Dr. Rollins did. I still believe that Charlotte and Wren had known each other before the pilot episode, maybe an ex-boyfriend of hers. She had to have planted Wren in Radley so she could get the visitors passes, since (unlike her bold face lie in 6x10) she was 100% NOT A PATIENT THERE WHILE MONA WAS IN RADLEY. But since he had been with Melissa this long, I don’t know quite whose side he’s on at the moment, but I would love seeing him come out with Melissa while she’s exposing herself to the girls only to turn on her and Charlotte come out of the shadows. (Someone for the love of God LET ME DIRECT THE EPISODE 😩)

Now, why is Melissa doing this? Simple. She believes whoever is blackmailing her about  killing Bethany is the one who killed Charlotte. Charlotte quite literally has everyone trying to kill each other over her when everyone thinks she’s already dead… And if that isn’t beautifully twisted, then I don’t know psychological thrillers or this show.

Charlotte is the evil mastermind we always wanted but haven’t gotten. Yet. Another observation I’ve made is looking at the messages throughout season 6 and 7, there are obviously two different people sending them, some are signed the red devil, some are signed A.D. And some aren’t signed whatsoever. This is why it is nearly impossible to figure out which is Charlotte and which is Melissa, but what I know for sure is Melissa is STILL receiving messages from Charlotte. Most likely blackmail. Over and over are threats that feel completely WRONG for someone in power to say, for example “If you find out who I am before I find out who killed Charlotte, you die. –A.D.” It sounds like they’re working against something or someone, just like the election night deadline they were working against in season 6. There’s someone who is signing the text messages with a red devil and A.D., and there is someone sending messages with absolutely no signature whatsoever.

P.S. Mini theory… So the “Letters from A.D.” Box that we keep seeing… This is letters from Charlotte to Bethany AS Alison DiLaurentis. I outlined how I believe Charlotte went to Radley as Alison to set Bethany up to kill Jessica and the real Alison- well, remember that letter that was found in the attic in the PLL Christmas episode? Bethany sure as hell was writing to someone, and she believed that someone to be Alison DiLaurentis. But, it wasn’t. It was Charlotte. And I think this may be another hint to Melissa being the masked one, if I’m correct she could be searching for the one who really killed Bethany to clear her name.

As always feel free to fact check all you want, I welcome it gladly but it’s 3;36 a.m. right now so I don’t have the energy to get all the video clips and screen grabs but I assure you they’re all there. But that’s all I have for now, guys!


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