specanimal: photo of the year

And the worst part, is waking up thinking the dream was real.
And thinking that I’ll see you outside my window, tossing rocks like always.


1st Prize Daily Life Stories - Fausto Podavini/Italy 

Mirella - June 1, 2012, Rome, Italy. Despite her husband’s life-threatening disease, Mirella devoted her life to assisting Luigi, trying to be positive and reassuring, looking after him with intense love and respect. Everyday care, usually done in a few minutes, takes hours when it concerns someone with dementia. Mirella, 71, spent 43 years of her life with the only person she loved, with all of life’s difficulties, laughter, and beautiful moments. But over the last six years things changed: Mirella lived with her husband Luigi’s illness, Alzheimer’s, and devoted her life to him as his caregiver.

I am forever warmed by just looking at this photo.

You could see the proud face of Coach Pop that is more like a proud father to his son. And look at Tim, humility is written in his face despite his status now. There’s no doubt in my heart that San Antonio Spurs is the greatest team in the NBA.

This, my friends, as what you’ve been saying for the past days, weeks, months and years, is pure legacy. You can NEVER buy a team. Coach Pop, his players and the rest of San Antonio Spurs are the living proof of that.