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On the past two performances of The Daily Mail, Jonny has played his Fender Telecaster No. 2. Jonny used the guitar both in Olso and in Stockholm. The photo above was taken by ygrrrrr at the second Oslo show.

The guitar itself is a 90′s “American Standard” Tele, purchased in late 1995 or early 1996 and converted to Telecaster Plus specs. In 2006, it was fitted with a Korg Kaoss Pad touchpad. The sticker on the pickguard depicts the character “Ace” from Uchuu Ace, while “WEDNESDAY ‘TIL I DIE” is a catchphrase in support of the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

The arrangement of The Daily Mail has undergone a couple of changes as well: Jonny added a new keyboard part on the Rhodes piano during the third verse, and starting at the second verse Thom added some octave doubling in the bass on the piano. Both changes serve to build tension and to better differentiate the sections of the song – in past live performances, the band did not join Thom until the final section.

As at the song’s single 2016 performance (in Amsterdam), Ed played his Gretsch Panther.

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Could you write a Noctis and reader oneshot scenario? Please!

I did my best! I went with a first meeting scenario. I had fun, so I really hope you like it! def a lot more reader than Noct sorry haha~

When the Day Met the Night

It really just wasn’t your day.

You were already late as you walked through the crowded streets of Lestallum, desperately trying to get to work on time. You worked with a vendor selling weapons to local hunters, but you also provided them with information on hunts in the area. It was fun initially, but it had grown tedious. Hunters could be rather full of themselves at times. If their weapon wasn’t exactly what they ordered, you would get an earful from them. Then your boss would chew you out later - after he had made amends with the hunter and cut him a deal of some sort of course.

You were pushing your way through the throngs of people, a cup of hot coffee in each hand. One was yours, the other was a request from your boss. A request he had asked to have in his office, in his hand at 7am sharp. And it was 7:02.

The door of the shop was in sight when somebody bumped firmly into your shoulder, knocking your boss’s coffee out of your hand and down the front of you. You gasped very audibly, staring down at your coffee stained clothes in complete shock. It took you a few seconds to come around to realize the guy that hand knocked the coffee out of your hand was apologizing continually, a hand reaching out toward your arm. You stepped back, holding up your now free, coffee dripping hand to show him you didn’t want him to come closer.

“I’m very pissed off but I’m also very late,” you snapped, taking a step away from him and towards the shop. He was very cute, there was no denying it. Messy black hair, bright blue eyes, and a lean build. But now wasn’t the time to gawk at a stranger.

He opened his mouth to speak, but you were already speed walking away to the shop door. When you came in, you gave your boss your black coffee (he preferred it sweetened) and got a firm talking to for not looking professional. After arguing for a short while, you agreed to change into some of the gear for sale, but at the cost of it coming out of your own paycheck.

Fast forward a few hours to closing. Exhaustion had set in from dealing with grumpy hunters all day. You locked the final lock on the front door, stuffing the keys into your bag. You sighed as you turned toward the path that would take you to the marketplace. Grocery shopping awaited you.

The streets were still busy, buzzing with the voices of tourists and overhead power lines. The marketplace was lively, full of music and laughter. You made your way over to your favorite vendor and picked out the things you needed. You dug around your bag for your wallet, eventually pulling it out. But it was too late. As you looked up, you saw a hand reaching out to the vendor, dropping the needed gil into his hand.

You went slack jawed as the vendor handed you your small bag of groceries. Rather mechanically, you took the bag from him, still in shock. You turned to look at the stranger that had paid for your items to thank them and offer to pay them back, but you immediately froze.

It was him.

The cutie that spilled the coffee on you. He was there. Standing in front of you. He rubbed the back of his head, obviously slightly flustered.

“Er… sorry for earlier. I figured this was the least I could do for… y’know…” he trailed off. And he was blushing madly. It was pretty adorable.

“You don’t need to be sorry! I should be sorry for snapping at you like I did,” you responded quickly, probably too quickly, “Thank you for this, really! You shouldn’t have. Can I pay you back?”

“No, no,” he said with a shy smile, waving a hand to show it wasn’t a big deal, “Like I said, least I can do. Plus Specs over there would kill me.” He motioned over his shoulder to a tall man wearing glasses, who looked incredibly unamused as a smaller, freckled blonde guy excitedly talked to him while holding a chocobo plushie.

You laughed as you looked at the two of them, then looked back to the dark haired guy in front of you, pausing for a moment before saying, “I never got your name.”

“Noctis, but you can call me Noct. Pretty much everyone does,” he said.

“I’m Y/N,” you smiled.

The two of you made conversation for a few minutes, primarily about how gorgeous the market place was at night, but were cut short by the man with glasses calling out to Noctis. He looked over his shoulder and nodded to show he heard before looking back at you.

Noct hesitated slightly before pulling out his phone. He tapped the screen a few times before saying, very quietly, “Could I… er…”

“Get my number?” You finished the sentence for him, taking his phone. You entered your contact information and handed the phone back to Noctis, “I really hope I see you again soon, Noct.”

Noct smiled at you, nodding in agreement. His emotions were fairly evident in his eyes - they were shy, but they were more cheerful than they had been before. You thanked him again, gently touching his arm as you did, before walking away, leaving his heart racing unbeknownst to you.

“What was that all about?” Prompto, the blondie, asked as he bounced over to Noctis, leaning casually up against the stand you and Noct had been talking in front of. Noctis’s face turned bright red, and Prompto laughed cheerfully, grabbing Noct by the shoulder before teasingly ruffling his hair. Noctis batted Prompto away, stammering protests. He would deny it any time the guys asked, but he was completely smitten by you.

That night, as you lay in bed, mind racing from another busy day, you heard your phone buzz on the nightstand. You groaned, assuming it was your boss’s nightly, overly-complicated coffee order. Rolling over onto your stomach, you stuffed your face into your pillow, your hand blindly searching for your phone.

Once you had it in your grasp, you rolled onto your side and clicked it on to see an unknown number had texted you. You opened the message, feeling your face flush and heart race as you read it: “It was great meeting you. Coffee tomorrow? Oh and this is Noct. Just in case.”

You immediately typed back a reply, your heart racing even faster. Of course you said yes. You placed your phone back on the nightstand, then rolled back over again, hugging your pillow tightly. You pressed your face into it and let out a muffled squeal.

Looks like even the bad days can become great ones.

Social Justice Warrior?? okay but we’re gonna need a Social Justice Thief and a Social Justice Cleric cuz I’m a Social Justice Witch and don’t have party heals. Might need a Social Justice Paladin if the war isn’t specced into defense plus maybe another Social Justice DPS to round the party out

There’s definitely 3 groups in the newsies fandom:

1) The Normals: They are the most normal of us all and can go out in public without a look of shame.

They ship lambcuddles and maybe Clara/Davey or Javid if they have gotten that far into the fandom.

They are pretty much the Davey of the fandom because they keep us all grounded.

2) The Halfsies: They have their extreme moments but can usually fake it when needed.

Typical ships include those listed above plus Specs/Romeo, and maybe Davey/Crutchie or JoJo/Darcy.

Considered the Specs of the fandom because they are all for having fun but know when to reel in back in.

3) The Newsies Trash: They are exactly what they sound like. They are emotional invested in all of their ships and can pretty much connect anything around them to their OTP/ newsies in some way.

They ship all of the above plus Delancest, Oscar/Henry, and are attached to Deaf Specs/ Abused Romeo.

The Romeo of the fandom. Usually the wildest and need somebody to tell them when to shut up. But always friendly and inviting.


SP-8 Machete: Field Test

Sometimes my brain makes me mad



(plus I just remembered I have a feta pesto pizza in the fridge so that’s cool too)

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You know that Episode Kat posted might be a good one (mostly saying that cuz Brian Young co wrote it and he's a Bonnie fan) plus there specs that Bonnie will breakdown in that episode and Plec stated Damon would try to heal her, so could be a major bonnie/ Bamon episode.

There’s specs about a Bonnie breakdown? Are you talking about the spoiler about her coming back and reevaluating her relationships or is there another spoiler? Because if Bon comes back 6x13, then 6x16 would be the perfect ep for a breakdown because my theory is that Bonnie is going to try and act like everything is normal but she won’t be able to. I feel like she isn’t going to be able to deal with coming back to everything being so different. Caroline’s mom being sick, No Memories!Elena, Matt hating vamps again ect. Everything will be different. Except for Damon.He will still be the same annoying, snarky, Damon. And that will be crucial to them getting closer because Bonnie is going to cling to the only normal thing in her life, and that will be Damon. Everything around her might be falling apart, but as long as Damon Salvatore is still an asshole, there is still hope in the world. That’s just a theory tho. I really hope you’re right Nonny. And I’m sorry for answering this so late. Forgive me?