spec house

tag game!

i was tagged by @ephcmeron thank you blue <3
rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better :)

name: wren

nicknames: i have none, unfortunately :’(

other blogs: my poetry blog, @inklungs

zodiac sign: virgo

height: 5′2

orientation: um like i guess i’m bi? but i’m also romance-repulsed and definitely on the a-spec

ethnicity: swedish

hogwarts house: ravenclaw

favorite fruit: blackberries or pomegranate

favorite season: summer because no school, but i lov fall too

favorite book: all the light we cannot see by anthony doerr (amazing, 10/10 would recommend) or i’ll give you the sun

favorite scent: early morning fog, fresh coffee

favorite color: grey (i kno i’m boring asdjghks)

favorite animal: fox

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? tea!

average sleep hours: 5-7

cat or dog person? cat

favorite fictional character: it’s a tie between harry potter and inej ghafa

number of blankets you sleep with: one

blog created: i just checked and apparently, exactly two years ago today!

i tag @punkass-arcane @cedricdiggoury @bluusargent @pemberlaey @lilyevansesque @cobaloway @hjppogriff @jamespottuh @wespers @tragedys @andrewmiyards @jesperfaehey ((this isn’t 20 but i’m also very lazy)) only if you want to, of course!

Wonderful Things About Luan Loud

- buck teeth
- braces
- widows peak
- wears yellow and rocks it
- knee socks
- the cutest laugh
- tells jokes in her sleep
- has a successful business up and running @ 14 years old
- main mode of transportation is a unicycle
- Groucho Marx prescription reading glasses

- No Loudcestors or Lewd House artists -

I dunno if I made this post already or not but here we go:  Autistic Clyde McBride

- Has a hard time understanding metaphors

- Doesn’t recognize Lincoln anymore (even by his voice) when he uses special code names
(The only instance I can find where he didn’t get confused by Lincoln’s code name was in Overnight Success)

- Has many food sensitivities

- Doesn’t seem to have any friends outside of Lincoln

- Sleeps with several white noise machines AND earplugs

- Also sleeps with a mountain of stuffed animals, possibly for pressure stimming along with keeping him company

- His “crush” on Lori probably started out as a Special Interest in a person, but his limited understanding of boundaries and social cues caused him to wander into Creep Territory™

- Continues to be interested in Blarney the Dinosaur, long after the age it’s considered Socially Acceptable™

- He’s very attached to Dr Lopez, possibly his Comfort Person??

In conclusion: Autistic Clyde!!