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okay but what if all of the hp characters were queer??

• every night, pre-t trans boys fred and george sit criss-cross applesauce across from each other on the floor and take turns trying to talk in deeper voices, praising each other when they sound the way they want to
‌• all of the time closeted gay neville spent practicing his dance moves pays off when equally-as-closeted gay colin asks him to the ball and they spend the entire night spinning around the beautifully decorated dancefloor, falling in love with the way they each seem to find a home in the arms of another gryffindor outcast
‌• queer ginny brings agender pansexual luna home for christmas eve dinner to meet her family for the first time, planning to introduce them as her friend instead of her datemate, but she’s happily convinced to be honest when molly’s first reaction is to bombard luna with hugs and exclaim “oh, ginny, you did well!! they’re so cute!!”
‌• ace aro squishies ron and hermione usually get an entire floor of the burrow to themselves over the summer, but after hearing that draco got kicked out for telling his family that he’s dating harry, they decide to give up some of their free space to let him bunk there too
‌• polyamorous crabbe, goyle, and blaise all try to squeeze into one of the beds in the slytherin dormitory to sleep, but when they realize it only fits two comfortably, they lay some comforters on the floor and cozy up there instead so they can all be together
‌• bisexual cedric wants to be the triwizard champion so bad but, my god, who can focus on anything when fleur practically oozes this dreamy lavender scent that puts a lump in his throat and victor krum’s biceps have an actual magnetic connection with his eyes??
‌• sex-repulsed ace wood was born for quidditch, not intercourse, so keep your “haha you play with BALLS” jokes away from him, please
‌• lesbian “best friends” cho and lavender have practically hung off of each other since they met in the second year of school, so in year five when they announce that they’ve just started dating, their announcement is met with an array of “wait… JUST STARTED?"s
‌• padme’s love for fashion has prompted her to read many muggle style magazines over the years, and, luckily, the knowledge she’s obtained from them comes in handy when she gets to take her trans twin sister, parvati, dress shopping for the first time


Przeraża mnie ta chwila,
która jej wolność skradła. 
Jaskółka - czarny brylant,
wrzucony tu przez diabła.
[Jaga - Polish Legends by Platige Image]
[official song cover]


Porsche 991 Turbo S ADV05 M.V2 CS Series by ADV1WHEELS
Via Flickr:
ADV.1 Wheels is a global leader of custom forged wheels for high performance and luxury cars. We design, manufacture and market concave wheels for the automotive industry.

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Oh my god I'm real curious- how long did it take you guys to get used to Namjoon wrapping his tail around you?? It seems startling cause he's so big and you know a God also did he do it immediately or lay off til he knew you guys better??

jm: since it’s instinctual, he’s been doing it since we met, but we got used to it pretty quickly (since he does it so much). however, the first time he did it, i… was not ready.


Some a-spec kitties and doggies :3

[First image: orange tabby cat with the asexuality pride flag, and a gray-blue oval background.] 

[Second image: is a golden retriever with the gray-asexuality flag, and a light blue triangle background.] 

[Third image: a gray cat with a white patch on its chest with the aromantic flag, and a oval beige background.]

[Fourth image: a brown dog with the demisexuality flag, and a light pink diamond background.]

“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.”

Thank you to @todisturbtheuniverse for tagging me in this! I don’t really write as often as I would like, but it was fun and I appreciated it!

Tagging: @spinninglenny, @painterofhorizons, @nerdyholler, @theherocomplex, and @dearophelia . Only if you want to!

Citizen Shepard-26K, Shepard/Garrus, T

Summary:  Who is Commander Shepard? Well, she is a hero, a savage, a friend, a user, a lover, a great Alliance soldier, and a horrible dancer. It depends on who’s talking about her.

My weird experimental telling a story of Olivia Shepard through multiple stand alone stories and POVs. I know some chapters worked and I got stories that I loved out of them, like Anderson’s in chapter 2 or the clone’s in chapter 9. While some probably fell flat like with Hackett’s in chapter 7 or Olivia’s ex-boyfriend in chapter 10.  Or some that I never finished and couldn’t figure out how to work them in enough like with Wrex or Chakwas’ stories.  

But I’m glad I wrote it, even if it’s a little rough. I don’t think I would have even written it without the deadline of the MEBB.  This is why I love the MEBB and I encourage others to do it. Not for the “free art” (I hate how some writers view it like that) but to try new things and write a story you never thought you’d write and have a chance to share and collaborate with others on it.

Seeing Red 12K, Shepard/Garrus, T

Summary: After a near-fatal exposure to Minagen X3, Shepard struggles with it’s lasting effects and memories of past addiction to Red Sand. She finds herself recovering in the Normandy’s med-bay.

My first story! Also for the MEBB, it still a little rough, I want to go back and edit it. I was still figuring out Olivia then, a few things have changed as I’ve gotten to know about her better. I was really worried about how I wrote about addiction and did research and tried my best with representing as fairly as possible.  I’m still worried if I did that part justice, but I really did enjoy writing the story. I do love how it ended.  

Broken Bed 1.5K, Shepard/Garrus,  T

Summary:  Fixing a bed isn’t as much fun as breaking it.

I think this is my most popular ones? I like it, it silly, fluffy, everything you need to know is in the title and summary. It was a fun quick story to write.  

Shopping Pains 800, f!Ryder/Vetra, T

Summary:  Vetra and Ryder squabble and cuddle over shopping habits.

My first story for Juniper and Vetra! I had fun with it!  It helped me develop and figure out what kind of Ryder I got with Juniper.  I need to write more for them cause I love their relationship.  

Initial Thoughts 800, Shepard/Garrus, T

Summary:  Shepard’s first thoughts on Garrus joining the Normandy crew.

My first entry for the Mass Effect Flash Fanwork! I had fun with this one, I really liked the build of Oliva thinking of Garrus as an ass (cause he was in ME1) to figuring out that she liked him.  I’ve gotten a few comments that I should do a second chapter from Garrus’ POV. I don’t know, I might, it would probably be fun to figure out what’s he’s thinking during that time.  

If you saw my post last night, you may have seen the speedpaint for this post already. If not, here’s Jack! 

Jack is one of the central characters in my upcoming webcomic. Jack is a college drop-out, full time retail worker, and Dork™. He enjoys playing video games, making electronic music, and hanging out with his Beloved Bro and their other pals. He also loves his funny looking dog. 

My webcomic, Modern Fantasies, is launching in fall. Stay tuned for some good (gay? probably also gay) shenanigans with Jack and his pals!

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Love your last spec fic <3. I was wondering about recs and someone said I should ask you since you read a lot lol. Any rec for Supernatural fics and/or Amish fics or the likes if they exist (just finished a lifetime movie about that and I got intrigued by the idea)? Thankies :))


Hi Anon, 

I have never read any amish fics. I don’t think they exist in the Olicity fandom. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. 

There are some western fics outthere. 

And what do you mean by “Supernatural”? Do you mean a Supernatural(tv)/arrow(tv) crossover? Because that’s a thing. 

I think you mean Unnatural as I’ve taken to calling it so I don’t mix it up with the above fics 

Here’s a couple: 

  • Alternative Species
  1. Defend Not The Man, But The Mind
  2. How To Train Your Vigilante
  3. Of Species
  4. Mermaid’s Kiss
  • Alpha/Omega
  1. Another Kind of Island
  2. Burning It Down (Tangled Up With You All Night)
  3. Masquerade
  4. Never Enough
  5. The Strong Do Not Always End Up On Top
  • Ghosts
  1. Between the Dead and the Living
  2. By This Hand
  3. Hello
  4. Revanent
  5. Someone Else’s Sky
  • Psychic
  1. forefront of my future
  • Telepathy/Mind-reading
  1. Mind Over Matter series
  • Energy Vampire
  1. euphoria of the fire (like Rogue from Xmen)
  • Real Vampire
  1. Bound by Blood series
  2. Blood and Fire
  3. Curiosity Killed the Cat
  4. Faraway
  5. Find Me
  6. Hunted
  7. ichor
  8. Like a Dog With a Bone
  9. Masquerade
  10. Once Bitten, Twice Shy series
  11. Slayer
  12. The Drug in Me is You series
  13. Vampires and Queens series
  • Werewolf
  1. A Blue Million Miles
  2. A Woman in Wolf’s Clothing
  3. You Are The Wolf (And I Am The Moon)
  • Wings
  1. Crash Landing
  2. Cupid’s Angel
  3. if wishes could fly
  4. Mark of the Angel
  5. The Librarian’s Daughter

And this is theolicitylibrary’s list 



Mind Reading


Body Swap

Time Travel Here




Mercedes S63 AMG ADV5.2 Track Spec CS Series by ADV1WHEELS
Via Flickr:
ADV.1 Wheels is a global leader of custom forged wheels for high performance and luxury cars. We design, manufacture and market concave wheels for the automotive industry.