tbh i wanna do a role-reversal between the ipre and the arc villains…

The Twins: Edward and Lydia (duh)

The Lonely Journal Keeper: Lucas Miller (scientific, unethical, lost his family)

The Wordless One: Jenkins (not taken seriously for his profession)

The Protector: Sheriff Isaak (protecting Refuge)

The Lover: Sloan (her love for Hurley, obviously)

The Peacemaker: Magic Brian (into spiders as much as Merle is into plants)

By the time of The Speckled Band it is noteworthy that the intimacy between Watson and Holmes has very considerably developed. Watson is no longer ‘Doctor’ but 'My dear Watson’; Holmes’s clients are bidden to speak freely in front of his 'intimate friend and associate’; if there is danger afoot, Watson has but one thought: Can he be of help? 'Your presence’, Holmes told him in the case of the Speckled Band, 'might be invaluable.“Then’, comes the quick reply, 'I shall certainly come.’
—  Sir Sydney Castle Roberts, Doctor Watson, 1931
This is Not a Love Story: part 2

Check out or refresh with Part 1 here.

To tell a good love story on screen, scenes, dialogue, camera angles and shots are important. Usually you have lots of quiet “get to know you” moments. Or single shots showing one of the love interests reactions. You need to give obvious and believable reasons for them to be falling in love. Television caters to the lowest common denominator for exposition. Usually its the big plot twists and mastermind moments that are subtle little easter egg hints.

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okay so my trip to Spain a few weeks ago was the most phenomenal experience of my life and i took so many rad pictures but my favorite out of all of them is this:

a sign found at an olive oil factory in Alfarnate, on a blank wall, next to nothing dangerous of note

(for those of you who don’t speak spanish, it essentially means “danger in general”)

The “Winter is Here” scene is played too straight

Honestly, if you think about what the script looked like, with just the dialogue, what do you think it resembled?

Jon kisses Sansa’s forehead, lingering for a moment before turning away.

Sansa watches him leave before suddenly speaking.

Sansa: Jon!

Jon turns back around.

Sansa pauses, then finally says

Sansa: A raven came. A white Raven. Winter is here.

Jon smiles.

Jon: Father always promised, didnt he?

What does that sound like to you? Yes. Thats right. The Cannot Spit it Out Trope. One of the most common romantic tropes, where one of the romantic interests calls out to the other in sudden determination, seemingly in a moment to finally admit “I love you!”, only to chicken out at the last moment and pretend they meant to say something else.

HBO released the script for Episode 9, Battle of the Bastards, in their Emmy bid. I wish I could get my hands on Episode 10s script, to see how this scene was actually written down, but alas, I can not. All of this is just conjecture.

I would love to assume, that on paper, this scene and trope probably would be more obvious. And I also have a ridiculous feeling (no proof besides Kits acting) that Kit was told in Season 6 that Jon is starting to harbor secret, conflicted feelings for his half-sister, but that Sophie was kept out of the loop.

I mean, just look at that anguished face. Sad about something, Jon?

So, imagine for a moment, if Sophie had known that there was a romantic subplot planned, would she had done that scene and dialogue differently? Used a different inflection? Would it have been more obvious? Would it have been over the top? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Who knows.

I also noticed that Jon’s reaction after she finally says “winter is here”, is spliced together from two different takes. Let me dream and imagine they had to cut out a little bit of the “disappointment” out of his face. 😂

BONUS: more “good heart” staring.


Boy gotta go do 12 hail mary’s to cleanse himself.

im so fucking mad about the whole unreliable narrator aspect

like when he said “my fellow soldiers’ll tell you I’m a terrible shot”

did he mean:

a) “i’m genuinely a terrible shot and the murder thing was slightly an accident”

b) “my fellow soldiers think i’m a terrible shot, but i’m secretly an amazing marksman and i totally aimed to kill”

c) “everyone there knew i’m a good shot, but since i’m telling the story to a modern-day audience who doesn’t know differently i can lie and say i’m terrible as plausible deniability for the murder to make myself look good”

it’s driving me up the fucking wall cuz eliza wasn’t there to give a better account and the perspective is very limited to what aaron thought at the time

this slippery bastard only reveals his innermost desires when he’s alone, but still manages to keep his motivations secret from the goddamn audience

for fuck’s sake man