By the time of The Speckled Band it is noteworthy that the intimacy between Watson and Holmes has very considerably developed. Watson is no longer ‘Doctor’ but 'My dear Watson’; Holmes’s clients are bidden to speak freely in front of his 'intimate friend and associate’; if there is danger afoot, Watson has but one thought: Can he be of help? 'Your presence’, Holmes told him in the case of the Speckled Band, 'might be invaluable.“Then’, comes the quick reply, 'I shall certainly come.’
—  Sir Sydney Castle Roberts, Doctor Watson, 1931

im so fucking mad about the whole unreliable narrator aspect

like when he said “my fellow soldiers’ll tell you I’m a terrible shot”

did he mean:

a) “i’m genuinely a terrible shot and the murder thing was slightly an accident”

b) “my fellow soldiers think i’m a terrible shot, but i’m secretly an amazing marksman and i totally aimed to kill”

c) “everyone there knew i’m a good shot, but since i’m telling the story to a modern-day audience who doesn’t know differently i can lie and say i’m terrible as plausible deniability for the murder to make myself look good”

it’s driving me up the fucking wall cuz eliza wasn’t there to give a better account and the perspective is very limited to what aaron thought at the time

this slippery bastard only reveals his innermost desires when he’s alone, but still manages to keep his motivations secret from the goddamn audience

for fuck’s sake man

omfg one of the things the boys hesitated on was whether they wanted to take the Chalice to save Barry from Phandolin

the next time Red Robe-Barry shows up, he thanks them profusely for not choosing to use the cup, saying it must’ve given them an incredibly tempting offer to turn down

he doesn’t know that they nearly gave up the whole timeline to save his life

Clarke is gonna point that pistol at her husband next episode. He’s gonna carefully get off that ladder and lightly pad towards her in his heavy boots.

“Don’t come any closer. I will shoot you, Bellamy. Please don’t make me.”

“You won’t.”

She’ll cock the trigger on that stupid gun, tears brimming.

“Oh really? How can you be so sure?”

“Because you can’t lose me.”

so many fucking space memes between the IPRE y’all

- “so long space cowboy”

- “to boldly go where no man, woman, dwarf, elf, or gnome has gone before”

- “stabby the space roomba”

- how long before a rogue plant monster ends up roaming the ship, merle

- “no dogs on the ship, they just run right off the goddamn thing”

- *tour guide voice* “-and if you look on your left you’ll see… nothing, as we are currently floating endlessly through the fucking abyss”

- “we will rule over this plane, and we will call it… This Plane”