Illustration Students & Young Pros - Just Say 'No'!

Please REBLOG if you care! Just say ‘no’ to cattle calls and illustration competitions put out by major brands. They have millions of dollars to spend. They should pay you. Period. See below.


An email from today:

“Hi Kyle,

I stumbled across some of your artwork and thought you might be interested in a project with (*national brand) if you had spare time.

(*national brand) wants designers to create jaw-dropping can artwork inspired by their seasonal flavor -(*blah). If chosen, your artwork will be emblazoned on 1 of 4 limited edition cans to be distributed throughout the United States, along with $7,500 in cash per can selected. The deadline is November 23rd at 11:59 PM PST, you can click here to see the detailed brief.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about this campaign, I hope to hear from you soon.”


My thoughts:You 'stumbled across my artwork?’ Did you fall and get hurt? Also, thanks but no thanks. I like to get paid for the work I do, since I happen to be a professional artist. Maybe you could come remodel my kitchen and if I like it, I’ll give YOU $7500. If I don’t like it, well, better luck next time? And thanks for the free kitchen!

My actual email reply:

Dear …,

I’m glad you like my work and wanted to reach out. If, in fact, if you really do like my illustrations, then why not simply commission me to create one of the limited edition cans? I’m a professional. I work 10 hours a day, drawing pictures for major publications and brands. I get paid for my work - every minute of it. I like <brand> - it’s a great brand. I would truly love to work on a juicy assignment for them and I guarantee I would knock it out of the park. But I need to get paid for my time and for the usage of the image. I do not work on spec.

So, in conclusion, I am interested in doing business with you as any other company or individual typically does business. If you and <brand> are still interested, let’s please talk further.



A perfect date.

You can read it on Deviantart too.

Someone reblogged my _ _ _ _ ROMAN _ _ C comic strip with a message denying Lithromantic as a romantic orientation. I feel really uneasy, but I didn’t answer.

Either way, I decided to post another comic strip that represents my romantic orientation. And I think I can be backed up by some people with other types of a/romantic orientation?

I think this time it is:

Akoiromantic / Lithromantic (describes someone who may experience romantic attraction, and likes the idea of being in a romantic relationship, but stops experiencing romantic attraction, or does not enjoy it, once they are in a romantic relationship and/or when the attraction is reciprocated. Many people don’t want to act on it or have it reciprocated because of this. See this for info on the lith/akoi term discussion.) -you can find even more things about arospec on arospecawarenessweek blog-

+ Being someone with aversion to physical contact.

+ Being asexual.

I guess.

Or it is just… being myself xD