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“I would do anything for you, but I won’t risk your life.”

To anyone that’s been around this blog for any length of time, it’s probably not a shocker that this was one of my favorite lines from the early promos. And so you probably wouldn’t be shocked to know that I was kind of peeved when the line didn’t show up on Monday. I assumed it was cut outright, like they thought better of it, thought that maybe it was too much, too soon (although I still don’t see it as a declaration of love so much as a declaration of your life matters to me and I don’t want you to die because necrophilia is gross). But so I was saddened, until I realized that the people who make the FreeForm promos are sneaky jerkwads. And now I’m lowkey terrified.

Because the line wasn’t cut, it was never a part of this episode to begin with. If you watch the scene from the promo again, the only time they show Magnus’ face is when he says the words “for you.”

The voiceover: “I would do anything FOR YOU, but I won’t risk your life.”

The actual scene: “You didn’t risk anything for me; you did it FOR YOU.”

Those. Jerks.

But so this is why I’m a bit terrified: In the context of this episode, Magnus would have been talking about the track. Which, clearly, is something survivable. It would’ve been a sweet declaration of how much Alec’s life already mattered to him, we would have all cooed, and that would’ve been the end of it. But now?

Now it’s still potentially in play. Now, if it comes, it’ll be sometime in the future, and given Alec’s rapid level of deterioration already, it’s likely going to come in relation to something worse. And I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of don’t want to know what else Alec is going to ask Magnus to do that’s going to risk his life. 

I don’t know what I want more. For it to really have been cut after all, and so we lose the Line of Perfection to the ether. Or them keeping the line and having it be attached to something even more gut-wrenching. Decisions, decisions!  

Yeah, I think Emma is going to forgive Killian very fast. Like, she knows his past is dark and terrible and that he did terrible things, but she’s left the past in the past, and chooses to see only the best in him. She also didn’t know David’s father (not that it lessens how wrong it was), she doesn’t have emotional ties to him. David is going to be the one that’s not as quick to forgive (though I don’t think it will take long).

What I think this is mostly about is Killian forgiving himself for what he’s done. I think what he said to Belle earlier this season kind of sums up his arc which was something along the lines of “I have to forgive myself, and I’m not there yet.”

Killian at the center of things? Here. for. it.


Mercedes S63 AMG ADV5.2 Track Spec CS Series by ADV1WHEELS
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ADV.1 Wheels is a global leader of custom forged wheels for high performance and luxury cars. We design, manufacture and market concave wheels for the automotive industry.

Illustration Students & Young Pros - Just Say 'No'!

Please REBLOG if you care! Just say ‘no’ to cattle calls and illustration competitions put out by major brands. They have millions of dollars to spend. They should pay you. Period. See below.


An email from today:

“Hi Kyle,

I stumbled across some of your artwork and thought you might be interested in a project with (*national brand) if you had spare time.

(*national brand) wants designers to create jaw-dropping can artwork inspired by their seasonal flavor -(*blah). If chosen, your artwork will be emblazoned on 1 of 4 limited edition cans to be distributed throughout the United States, along with $7,500 in cash per can selected. The deadline is November 23rd at 11:59 PM PST, you can click here to see the detailed brief.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about this campaign, I hope to hear from you soon.”


My thoughts:You 'stumbled across my artwork?’ Did you fall and get hurt? Also, thanks but no thanks. I like to get paid for the work I do, since I happen to be a professional artist. Maybe you could come remodel my kitchen and if I like it, I’ll give YOU $7500. If I don’t like it, well, better luck next time? And thanks for the free kitchen!

My actual email reply:

Dear …,

I’m glad you like my work and wanted to reach out. If, in fact, if you really do like my illustrations, then why not simply commission me to create one of the limited edition cans? I’m a professional. I work 10 hours a day, drawing pictures for major publications and brands. I get paid for my work - every minute of it. I like <brand> - it’s a great brand. I would truly love to work on a juicy assignment for them and I guarantee I would knock it out of the park. But I need to get paid for my time and for the usage of the image. I do not work on spec.

So, in conclusion, I am interested in doing business with you as any other company or individual typically does business. If you and <brand> are still interested, let’s please talk further.


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K so I really want Bellrke to kiss, bUT AT THE SAME TIME I'm like "PLZ writers don't rush this or cheapen it". Do you feel the same way? If so when do you predict their kiss will actually happen? Love your blog btw!!

thanks so much anon!!

god i am so ready for bellarke to kiss ever since like 1x08 but i really love the super complex intimate and deep relationship the show has built for the two and around the two. i think season 4 is a really great time to push them to the kiss, i was rewatching 4x01 and they were literally on top of each other in every single scene the show is def pushing us in that direction. i’m not the BEST with spec, but i can see a kiss happening late this season, in the 4x11-4x13 range, perhaps a rush of the moment clarke-instigated scene. at the latest like early s5 bc it’s literally inevitable at this point you can’t shoot or write bellarke the way they are now without going romantic.


Lamborghini Murcielago ADV5.0 Deep Concave by ADV1WHEELS
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ADV.1 Wheels is a global leader of custom forged wheels for high performance and luxury cars. We design, manufacture and market concave wheels for the automotive industry.

Here’s why I think there’s going to be a second proposal of sorts:

There about to go through something rough and makeup yes, but I also don’t believe that was how Killian wanted to propose. He got swept up in that moment, in her earnest face, she asked him to do it, and he wanted to so he did. As simple and beautiful as is was, I don’t think he wanted to propose out of the blue while drunk. I don’t think he said everything he wanted to, and I think he’s going to do it again on his terms when they make up.

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Can I get a Newsie name please? :D I'm a trans boy who loves musical theatre, history and psychology! I'm really short and I'm an animal lover. I enjoy tarot divination and witchcraft and I love video games! I'm insatiably curious most of the time and I draw things a lot.

Tarot divination? Ain’t that the thing with the cards? -Henry

How about somethin’ simple, like Tarot? -Specs

Ooh, or Cards?? -Finch