There’s this candid pic of RDJ from yesterday where he was spotted shopping at Toys ‘R Us–

where it basically looks like he’s buying a bunch of random toys – there’s a hula hoop (?!), an Iron Man repulsor (of course), some other stuff. He literally has filled up his cart with toys such that he’s using the bottom section.

He has two little kids at home - a boy who’s about to turn 4, and a 14-month-old girl.  I highly doubt it’s for them, given the nature of these toys from the little that you can see (ex. a hula hoop?). Plus, I really don’t think he’s the type who binge-buys toys for his kids (ex. this post – one toy at a time; also, Susan).

I remember reading from one of those RDJ-related Twitter accounts (who are so freakishly good at stalking/knowing where he is) that, late last year, he spent up to $10K at Toys ‘R Us one day at Thousand Oaks, CA buying toys.

My guess is– it’s for one of these–

He likes to send care packages to (sick) children filled with toys and he does this routinely (ex. the post above was from two years ago).

{18/06/16} - haven’t posted in forever! here’s a pic of scalar product notes i did a few days ago… we’ve started a new topic and i’m already liking it tbh…. it’s, like, the first time we’ve ever gotten notes for this subject so im #thankful


A perfect date.

You can read it on Deviantart too.

Someone reblogged my _ _ _ _ ROMAN _ _ C comic strip with a message denying Lithromantic as a romantic orientation. I feel really uneasy, but I didn’t answer.

Either way, I decided to post another comic strip that represents my romantic orientation. And I think I can be backed up by some people with other types of a/romantic orientation?

I think this time it is:

Akoiromantic / Lithromantic (describes someone who may experience romantic attraction, and likes the idea of being in a romantic relationship, but stops experiencing romantic attraction, or does not enjoy it, once they are in a romantic relationship and/or when the attraction is reciprocated. Many people don’t want to act on it or have it reciprocated because of this. See this for info on the lith/akoi term discussion.) -you can find even more things about arospec on arospecawarenessweek blog-

+ Being someone with aversion to physical contact.

+ Being asexual.

I guess.

Or it is just… being myself xD


MotoIQ’s Impulse N2 Spec Racer

Full article


4AGE 16 Valve

Hand ported cylinder head

Toyota Racing Development 320*x 11mm Lift cams and accompanying valvetrain

82mm Mahle Pistons

Ogawa Engineering lightened crankshaft and forged rods

Okada Racing Individual coil packs

Dry sump oiling system

Individual Throttle Bodies


Toda Lightweight flywheel

Exedy Clutch Set

TRD Close ratio gearset

Impulse custom helical LSD


Saftey21 Roll Cage

Ueo Style trailing arm extentions

Custom fuel cell

Earl’s braided fuel line

Swirl pot

Bosch 044 fuel pump

Cusco front strut tower bar

Nardi Steering Wheel

AIM Pista digital gauge cluster

Tilton top hinged pedal set

Juran Racing bucket seat

Willan’s 5pt harness

Suspension and Brakes:

Volk Ray’s TE37V 15in wheels

Dunlop Slick’s

Endless 4 piston front calipers

Zeal Coilover’s (14k/5.8k)

Cusco pillow ball suspension mounts

Impluse roll center adjusters

Eibach springs