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The kids meet uncle Coran when he comes to help with Keith's book editing!!! Aka the addition of another family member lo

[The Voltron Family] The kids were at home because there was an event in their school that didn’t required the elementary kids to attend, so Keith had to stay home to work. The doorbell rang and little Hunk opened the door. There stood a man with red hair and—

Hunk: *tilts his head* *shouts* Daddy Keith! There’s a weird man with a weird big moustache at our door!
Coran: *surprised* Oh! I’m no weird man, little fella!
Keith: *appears from the bathroom* *sees the weird man* *smiles* Coran! You made it! I hope you didn’t get lost?
Coran: *waves his hand* I didn’t. Your instructions were very clear. And who might this young fella be? *looks at Hunk*
Keith: *picks up Hunk* It’s little Hunk. Our eldest. *kisses Hunk* This is Coran, sweetie. Daddy’s editor. 
Coran: *smiles and waves at the boy* Aren’t you a bit old already to be carried by your daddy?
Hunk: *frowns* *wobbly lips* *hugs Keith*
Coran: *guilty* Oh I’m sorry, little boy. I didn’t mean to.
Keith: My baby’s never too old. As long as Daddy can carry you— *gets a kiss from Hunk* *smiles* *turns back to Coran* Why don’t you come inside?
Coran: It’s my first time here and *whistles* Amazing, Keith. This is such a beautiful house. *enters*
Keith: *chuckles* Well, Shiro and I had wanted kids and we wanted them to have a space of their own. 
Coran: *walks with Keith* That’s nice and it’s really big. Big but homey. Where’s the husband? At work?
Keith: *nods* Yeah, just me and the kids today. I want you to meet them. *puts Hunk down by the living room sofa* *shouts* Lance! Pidge! Get down here. 

Little loud footsteps were heard coming from the second floor, the sound of kids running down the stairs. As soon as Lance stepped on the last one, he held out a hand for little Pidge to help her down.

Coran: *coos* So adorable.
Lance and Pidge: *walks hand in hand to the living room*
Lance: Are we having lunch already, Daddy? 
Coran: *waves at them* Hello, little ones.
Pidge: *scrunches her noise* Weird man with a weird accent.
Keith: *gasp* Pidge! Where are your manners?! 
Coran: *giggles* Oh it’s fine, Keith. This must be Pidge and Lance. I’m Uncle Coran, your Daddy’s editor and I’m here to help him with work today.
Lance: *brightens up* *sits down beside Coran* Really? What is Daddy writing? He never told us. Said it was a secret. 
Pidge: *climbs up the sofa with Coran’s help* Does it have ‘spearments?
Coran: *looks at the three kids sat beside him* It’s actually about three children. *smiles at Keith knowingly*
Keith: *shakes his head fondly* I’ll just go get some snacks while you kids talk to Uncle Coran. Any of you want anything specific?
Lance: Chocolate crinkles please! If Hunk hasn’t finished them all yet. *snickers while looking at Hunk playfully*
Hunk: *shock* I did not! There are still some left! *turns to Keith* Chocolate milk for me and cookies please?
Pidge: Can I have gummy worms? Daddy Shiro didn’t let me eat last night. *frowns* Said it was bad for my tummy at night. But he didn’t say they were bad in the morning!
Keith: Noted. And you, Coran?
Coran: Just tea would be fine, Keith. Thank you.

Keith left to go to the kitchen to prepare there food, leaving Coran with the kids to tell them about the book he was writing. His phone rang and he fished it out from his jeans pocket.

Keith: *opens the fridge* Hey, baby? What’s up?
Shiro: Just checking in. Did Coran made it there just fine?
Keith: *grabs chocolate crinkles* Yeah. He’s here now actually. He’s with the kids at the moment while I’m preparing snacks. Also, *eyes at the gummy worms* You told Pidge she couldn’t eat gummy worms last night and she’s thinking she’s fine to eat it now since you didn’t say anything about it in the morning. *opens the pack and pours some to a saucer*
Shiro: Did she now? *chuckles* She’s really sharp.
Keith: *smiles* She is. Smart little girl. She got it from her Daddy Keith. *pours chocolate milk*
Shiro: *scoffs* Excuse you. She got it from her Daddy Shiro.
Keith: *rolls his eyes* Proof or it didn’t happen. *prepares tea*
Shiro: I will get you for that later, Kogane. 
Keith: I love you, too, sweet pea. *laughs* Now get back to work. Don’t have too much fun without me.
Shiro: I’ll try. *chuckles* Love you more, red bean. Always and Forever.
Keith: *laughs* God, we’re so disgusting. Now get off the phone! 

There are times where I think Japanese personification of things has reached strange levels. This is one of them. 
Meet the cast of “Gum Boyfriend” Japanese candy company Lotte has created an otome game based of its line of Gums. Let’s meet the boys! 

Black Black - Burakku Shigeki (CV: Kazuya Nakai) 
Black Black is a strong menthol gum infused with caffeine.  
Burakku is 18 years old. He is a 3rd year high school student. He likes small animals and checkered things. He dislikes people that act tough. 

Xylitol - Kishirito Shirakaba (CV: Tomokazu Sugita) 
Xylitol is a gum that claims it strengthens teeth. 
Kishirito is 18 years old and also a 3rd year student. He likes beautiful things and looking at himself in the mirror. He hates people with bad teeth and things that aren’t beautiful. 

Acuo - Akuo Seiryo (CV: Yuuki Kaji) 
Acuo is a breath freshening gum. 
Akuo is 17 years old and a 2nd year student. He likes being in department stores in the summer (because they have strong A/C) and baths. 
He dislikes people with bad breath and things that stink. 

Cool Mint - Kuuru Ibuki (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya) 
Cool Mint is a wintermint gum.
Kuuru is 17 years old and a 2nd year student. He likes black coffee and Western music. He dislikes when people or animals group together and fads. 

Green Gum - Gurin Shinsen (CV: Kenichi Suzumura)
Green Gum is one of Japan’s most famous gum brands. Its a spearment gum. 
Gurin is 17 years old and a 2nd year student. He likes a tidy bookshelf and hiking in the woods. He dislikes patterned glasses and shirts un-tucked in the back. 

Fit’s - Fuitsu Yarawaka (CV: Hiro Shimono)
Fit’s is a brand of fruity gums. Flavors such as Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape, Peach, Apple and more.
Fuitsu is 16 years old and a 1st year student. He likes dancing while chewing gum and nice senpais. He dislikes scary senpais and people treating him like he’s a kid. 

The game is set to go live tomorrow.