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I collect animal skulls occasionally (most I’ve found, some I’ve bought) and I bought this gator skull yesterday and I didn’t realize how big it was until I hung it up and saw it next to the other skulls! I found all of the arrowheads and spear points in the shadow box as well.

We’ve featured the Clovis points from the Rummels-Maske site before, but here they are from a different perspective - photo taken in 1966!  Rummels-Maske is an early Paleoindian site found on an upland ridge near a tributary of the Cedar River in eastern Iowa. The 20 complete and fragmentary finished Clovis points recovered from the site appear to represent a cache.

Literally William in every conversation ever
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have you ever committed murder? monsters in the crypt dont count.

“Ugh… I’m not proud of it but some crazy guy attacked me and I accidentally speared him when I fell on my back. Goes to show you shouldn’t jump at someone when they have a spear pointed up,” Cadence gulped, “And then there’s the Elsen…”

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I'm more into spears themselves (with my OC's alias literally meaning "spear's point"), but I could look for quarterstaves for you. And list weapon mods I've tested, because there's a lot and my memory's is as bad as a Novakid's. I'll probably do it tomorrow tho, because I'm at a concert now and only invading Fort Spam because the vocalist needed a break.

@tactical-shrubbery sent me a quarterstaff mod, so I’m good to go there now, actually. My cranky old computer can’t handle many mods at once, but thanks for the offers! Have fun with the concert ^.^

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"Don't be scared" (Dark Meta Knight. OBVIOUSLY. :P)


The wary blue Puff had her spear pointed directly at the stranger. Rain poured outside in buckets, lightning lit up the sky. She had been struck in the wing while flying, which was obvious as it was drooping onto the cave floor. As she nosedived down, she had swooped into a cave to take refuge. And Vanilla was not letting her guard down for one second.

Clovis spear point

Arizona, USA, about 13,000 years old

Clovis points are the best archaeological evidence for the earliest settlement of North America so far discovered.

These distinctive stone spear tips are found right across North America, south of the ice sheets that covered half of the continent during the last Ice Age. It is remarkable that over such a vast area, the distinctive characteristics of the points hardly vary.

Typical Clovis points, like this example, have parallel to slightly convex edges which narrow to a point. This shape is produced by chipping small, parallel flakes off both sides of a stone blade. Following this, the point is thinned on both sides by the removal of flakes which leave a central groove or ‘flute’. These flutes are the principle feature of Clovis or ‘fluted’ points. They originate from the base which then has a concave outline and end about one-third along the length. The grooves produced by the removal of the flutes allow the point to be fitted to a wooden shaft of a spear.

The people who made Clovis points possibly migrated across Beringia, the land bridge which once connected Siberia to Alaska. They spread out across America looking for food and did not stay anywhere for long, although they did return to places where resources were plentiful.

Clovis points are sometimes found with the bones of mammoths, mastodons, sloth and giant bison. As the climate changed at the end of the last Ice Age, the habitats on which these animals depended started to disappear. Their extinction was inevitable but Clovis hunting on dwindling numbers probably contributed to their disappearance.

Although there are arguments in favour of pre-Clovis migrations to America, it is the ‘Paleo-Indian’ Clovis people who can be most certainly identified as the probable ancestors of later Native North American peoples and cultures.

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