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W.D. Gaster Masterpost

(undertale spoilers)

Doctor W.D. Gaster is an enigma shrouded in mystery, with very little known about him. Despite the scarce amount of information, this character is a popular topic for many fans who are desperate to know who he is. After the January 2016 patch, more “fun” events became available in regular gameplay, driving more people to look for answers as to who Gaster is.

The following is a breakdown of facts, circumstantial evidence, and unconfirmed theories on Gaster. All technical information mentioned below is based on v1.001 of the game.


Before Gaster is discussed, three important characters should be considered – the followers.

Facts about the followers:

  • There are three followers.
  • Their sprite names are spr_g_follower_1, spr_g_follower_2, and spr_g_follower_3.
  • Their object names in the code are obj_gaster_follower_b,  obj_gaster_follower_a, and obj_gaster_follower_c.
  • Each follower has a very low chance of appearing.
    • Follower_1: fun value 62 and 50% chance = 0.5% chance
    • Follower_2: fun value 61 and 20% chance = 0.2% chance
    • Follower_3: fun value 63 and 50% chance = 0.5% chance
  • These are the only monsters that ever mention Gaster by name.
  • They share a monochrome gray color theme.
  • Two of them use the words “they say” in reference to what they know.
  • Frisk’s phone does not turn on in their presence.
  • Follower_2 disappears after speaking.

Since the followers are the only characters that mention Gaster by name, what is known as canon about Gaster is derived from their dialogue. However, because the followers speak in such a hearsay manner (e.g. “They say he created the Core.”), it’s hard to be sure how accurate this information is. With little else to go on, this information will be taken at face value. 

Facts and hearsays about Gaster:

  • He was the previous Royal Scientist, before Alphys.
  • His brilliance was “irreplaceable”, which is why Asgore took so long to replace him.
  • He created the CORE.
  • His life was cut short.
  • He fell into his creation.
  • His experiments went wrong. (Yes, experiments is plural here).
  • He vanished without a trace.
  • He shattered across time and space.
  • A piece of him exists with Follower_2.
  • He is still listening.

Outside of what the followers share, there are a few more things known by special events in the game and by examining the code and assets.

From the game’s code, assets, etc:

  • Entering Gaster’s name in the character name screen causes the game to restart – and it only happens with Gaster’s name.
  • The Sound Test Room in Snowdin has a 50% chance of being accessible at fun value 65 (after defeating Papyrus and before defeating Asriel in the pacifist route), and Gaster’s Theme can be played in this room. Once the song starts playing, the music cannot be changed. Eventually, the song ends and then Frisk is automatically returned to the room with the fishing rod.
  • Despite not having a battle, Gaster’s monster type identifier in the code is 666, and his stats are composed using only 6. (ex. HP of 666666)
  • Sans’ attacks, which bear resemblance to animal skulls, use six sprites called spr_gasterblaster.
  • An unused NPC field sprite called spr_gb_npc looks like the spr_gasterblaster sprites, but without a face.
  • The gasterblasters are used in the code’s obj_gasterblaster, which is used in the code’s obj_gasterbl_gen.
  • By editing the game’s save files, ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN can be found in an unused room. The code for this room is called obj_gaster_room, confirming that the entry belongs to Gaster. The identifier for the text type is 666, and the game quits after the last line of the entry.

Circumstantial Evidence

The following is a list of reasonable deductions based on clues provided in the game. Unlike the facts listed above, these theories are not confirmed directly. However, they have enough circumstantial evidence to make a strong case.

Gaster is the original creator of the DT Extraction Machine.

  • Alphys specifically mentioned “using the blueprints” in her lab entry 5.
  • Since Alphys used these rather than created them, it’s presumed to be from the previous Royal Scientist.

W.D. Gaster refers to Wingdings and Aster (two fonts). 

  • Wingdings shares Gaster’s initials, W.D.
  • Because the room with ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN is coded as obj_gaster_room, Gaster has a connection to Wingdings.
  • If the W.D. refers to Wingdings, the name Gaster may refer to Aster. However, there is no Aster in the game.

Gaster is a skeleton.

  • Because Sans and Papyrus are named after fonts and are skeletons, Gaster is assumed to be a skeleton.

The Core was built before New Home.

  • Considering New Home is built above the CORE, it’s reasonable to assume Gaster built the CORE before the Royal Family moved to New Home.

Gaster may have a connection to the monster that appears in a room behind a gray door in Waterfall – Mystery Man.

  • The sprites are called spr_mysteryman.
  • The object name in the code is obj_mysteryman.
  • At fun value 66, there is a 10% chance of this door appearing. That means there is a mere 0.1% chance of finding this door without hacking or cheating.
  • Frisk cannot collide with Mystery Man; they walk right through.
  • When interacted with, Mystery Man disappears, and the sound effect snd_mysterygo plays. It is the same one that plays for the disappearing Follower_2, who claims to be holding a piece of Gaster.
  • Unlike with the followers, the phone can be used, but there is no response.

Gaster may have a connection to the monster in an inaccessible room in Waterfall – Redacted A.

  • Its sprite is called spr_redacted_a_0.
  • Its object name in the code is obj_redacted_a.
  • The room can be accessed by editing the game’s save files, but only after disabling dogcheck.
  • The monster is solid and cannot be walked through. 
  • It disappears if Frisk moves away from it, and reappears if Frisk moves towards it.
  • This is the only monster that speaks in Wingdings, specifically all lowercase. Its only dialogue is “* [redacted]”.
  • The text sound used for Redacted A’s dialogue is the same one used for ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN.

Sans has a connection to Gaster

  • Sans uses gasterblasters in his battle.
  • Sans has blueprints with unreadable symbols in his secret lab. The narration remarks that it may be just the handwriting that makes it illegible, perhaps implying it belongs to Alphys who’s handwriting is described as illegible chicken-scratch. However, unreadable symbols could also mean Wingdings.
  • During his battle, when Sans sleeps, he snores in an unidentified serif font. This font was originally thought to be Aster, but further examination has proven this is not the case.

Popular but Unconfirmed Theories

With how little information there is and how hard it is to find, it’s easy for “fanon” to become so popular that it is misrepresented as canon. The list below is made of popular theories that are commonly misquoted as fact. This was not written to diminish the theories in any way; in fact, the reason these ideas are so popular is that they make a lot of sense and are not directly contradicted by evidence in the game. However, it’s important to know fact from fun.

“Mystery Man is Gaster.”

  • Because the followers, the Sound Room, and Gaster’s stats all share a pattern of 6′s, Mystery Man has an association with Gaster.
  • However, Gaster was said to have shattered. If this is the case, it doesn’t seem right for him to still be intact as the Mystery Man.
  • It is more plausible that Mystery Man is a “piece” of Gaster.
  • Redacted A is the only monster in the game to speak in Wingdings, which makes it another candidate to being a piece of Gaster.
  • Dogbomber’s interpretation of Gaster was removed from the official tarot card merchandise, keeping his true identity a secret.

“Goner Kid is a follower of Gaster’s.” 

  • Goner Kid is the gray monster kid that can be found in Waterfall.
  • Their sprites are called spr_mkid_goner – it does not include the word “follower.”
  • Their object name in the code is obj_mkid_goner.
  • They have a gray color scheme like the followers.
  • However, Goner Kid appears if the fun value is above 90 – not in the 60′s. This means there is a 10% chance of running into them.
  • Unlike the followers, the phone can be used in the room with Goner Kid to call Papyrus.
  • Goner Kid never mentions Gaster.

“Gaster was forgotten by everyone.”

  • Based on the idea that Gaster shattered across space and time somehow causes his existence to be forgotten. There is no mention of this, however.
  • There is also speculation that Gaster is talking through Goner Kid about how the world can be the same “except you don’t exist.” However, Goner Kid has no confirmed association with Gaster.
  • The word “forgotten” is never used to describe Gaster.
  • His followers remember him.
  • Nothing indicates that Asgore forgot him, especially considering he took so long looking for a replacement since Gaster’s genius was “irreplaceable.”

“Gaster is in the void.”

  • There is no mention of a void in the game, other than what Mettaton says at the end of his battle: “IF I LEFT… THE UNDERGROUND WOULD LOSE ITS SPARK. I’D LEAVE AN ACHING VOID THAT CAN NEVER BE FILLED.“ This is not a literal void.
  • The followers only ever mention that he “shattered across time and space,” “fell into his creation,” and “his life… was cut short.”
  • Gaster is not stuck in any void.

“Gaster wrote the true lab entries.”

  • Other than the ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN that is written in Wingdings, there is no evidence that Gaster wrote any of the entries found in the true lab.
  • Alphys explains to Frisk the experiment she carried out on the fallen monsters, which the true lab entries document.
  • Based on supporting evidence in the game, Alphys wrote all the true lab entries.

“The followers are Gaster’s assistants.”

  • Nothing indicates they ever worked with Gaster.
  • They mention information about Gaster, but in a hearsay manner.
  • The “follower” name makes them seem more like fans or cult members.
  • Sans has a photo album filled with photos of people Frisk does not recognize, which people believe is Gaster and the followers. However, Frisk can meet any one of them, even if the chances are extremely slim.

“Sans was Gaster’s assistant.”

  • Sans says “you’ll never see them again” in the Lost Souls battle as if speaking from experience.
  • ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN addresses two people at the end, but nothing confirms who these people are.
  • Sans speaks about “our reports” and has a scientific background, but evidence supports that Sans may have worked with Alphys instead of Gaster.

“Gaster is Sans’ and Papyrus’ father.”

  • Gaster is speculated to be a skeleton, so it’s commonly assumed he would be their father. However, Sans and Papyrus make no mention of family outside of each other.
  • A poorly drawn picture of three people smiling can be found in Sans’ photo album under the right circumstances, but there is nothing to say who these three people are.


Shrouded in mystery and darkness, Gaster’s identity and story continue to elude the community. Filling the gaps with speculation is part of what makes Gaster theories so much fun. Hopefully, this comprehensive master post will aid with the guidance, testing, and formulation of fan theories. While conjecture and assumptions breed compelling speculation, it is always important to distinguish fanon from canon.

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when will renjun’s vocal skill be acknowledged n appreciated more

guess it’s just another night alone

part two in the frat!ABO series for @kevystel (part one here)

The summer between Junior and Senior years Victor Nikiforov becomes completely unavoidable.

Victor is on principle, Yuuri suspects, an unavoidable person.  Last year he became the first Junior to run and be elected student body president.  He’s the lacrosse team’s star midfielder, leading the team in three undefeated seasons since Freshman year.  He’s president for Alpha Chi, one of three pre-eminent alpha-exclusive fraternities on campus.  His best friend is Christophe Giacometti, which means he’s always present at crew parties, usually hovering in the corner of Yuuri’s eye.  He’s the kind of unavoidable where he’s always catching his sleeve on Yuuri’s as they reach for the same cup.  Their elbows smell like the same chalk, their fingers smell like the same brand of tobacco.  It’s a sign of spending three years on the same campus together and developing habits, Yuuri is absolutely sure.  

But then Victor becomes a different type of unavoidable.

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Nothing is original

Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations. Architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable. Originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery—celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said, ‘It’s not where you take things from. It’s where you take them to.

–Jim Jarmusch

phichit is born without words. sometime after his first birthday the words ¿hola, como estas? appear, inscribed on the inside of his wrist. when he is old enough to understand what the words mean – and not their meaning, since he can’t read them, but their significance – he learns he has a soulmate.

it isn’t until much later, when he is old enough to recognize the significance of the words being in a different language.

at first he panics because what if his soulmate speaks a totally different language than him? hes…fairly fluent in english but spanish seems so different and complicated. they don’t offer spanish as an elective in general schooling.

at the most he knows hello, how are you, where is the bathroom, and i like cheese because those phrases are about the only ones offered by free spanish learning websites.

instead he decides to add a minor in foreign language in his second semester at university. his roommate, yuuri, is studying social sciences and he refuses to show anyone his soul mark. phichit used to tease him about it but it made yuuri uncomfortable so phichit stopped. maybe he didnt have a soulmate. maybe his soulmate died. but phichit catches a glimpse one day when yuuri is leaving the shower, with the words “would you like an autograph?” in english. maybe his soulmate is a celebrity. maybe he’s going to marry an american movie star. yuuri never talks about it.

yuuri says he’s being impulsive because he’s sure phichit’s soulmate won’t care they speak different languages. or that they can’t understand each other. yuuri is a romantic at heart so he doesn’t see phichits fear. phichit consumes spanish telenovas and as many books in spanish as he can. he follows a spanish bot on twitter to learn new phrases and repeats them to himself when they appear on his feed. he takes out his spanish textbook and reads a new chapter before he goes to bed, and then stuffs it under his pillow, hoping to learn through osmosis. 

something his professor didn’t warn him was spanish is really hard after a certain level. there’s no more counting or reciting colors. grammar, conjugations, pronouns, bizarre adjectives and some of the most stressful speaking exams of his life. as hard as english was to learn it’s like trying to unlearn english. “you’re being too hard on yourself,” yuuri says. “you’ve already got a huge jumpstart, phichit,” he says. “and whatever you don’t know now, you’ll learn later. you have time.”

he takes as many spanish classes as his credits will allow. celestino, one of the language advisors, tells him hes never met a more dedicated and determined student. he suggests phichit take a semester in spain as part of the exchange program.

he says goodbye to yuuri in detroit and hops on the next flight to madrid. the host family he stays with is nice, and spain is beautiful. it is very hot, much like his hometown, and he is able to wear his shorts and t shirts again. the crowded city is familiar and relaxing, in a way.

he returns to detroit after the semester is over, a new arsenal of spanish vocabulary (mostly swears), watches yuuri graduate and flies back to bangkok for the summer term. his professors congratulate him in the next term for improving his accent, and he’s proud of all the work he put into learning spanish. this is more than just his soulmate’s language; he’s learned to love spanish as an academic. he reads don quixote. he reads as many spanish literature books he can. he almost considers adding a focus in spanish literature but decides he’d like to graduate sometime this century.

he graduates with honors, major complete, and a spanish minor. he spends a few months lounging around detroit, not really sure where to go after he finished his degree. interview after interview and nobody’s really interested in hiring a social media and communications major. he sleeps on the couch at a friend’s house. he passes by an old record store and sees the “HELP WANTED” sign on the door. he passes it again the next day. after the fourth day he dares to venture inside. it’s dusty, and smells like cigarette smoke, but there’s an aged charm to it. there’s old tapestries and rock posters lining every inch of the walls. 

the man at the counter greets phichit in roughly accented english. he says his english is not very good, and mumbles something, but phichit thinks he recognizes the words “another one” in spanish. it’s not like the spanish he learned in spain, so more likely mexico, or a different regional dialect. it’s okay, i speak spanish, he assures the man in spanish. the man smiles at him. and after talking for a few more minutes, phichit mentions he’s looking for a job in between jobs. the man shakes his hand and hires him on the spot.

his first day of work he shows up at the record store and is greeted by a different man at the counter. he’s much younger, almost a boy. “¿hola, como estas?” the boy yells in the most american accent phichit has ever heard, pulling off his headphones. 

of course, phichit thinks. 

he doesn’t know how he knows, but he does. countless other people have used the exact same greeting and his heart used to skip a beat when the words passed their lips, but he looks at the boy at the counter and he knows.

“i’ve been looking for you for a long time,” phichit says, in spanish. the boy tilts his head to the side, obviously confused.

“tio mentioned you spoke spanish, but i don’t know anything besides hola,” he says, and shrugs. he blinks, squints to look at phichit. “wait. sorry, do i know you?”

“that’s okay.” phichit says. he holds up his wrist. sees the understanding and awe pass over the boy’s face. “and yeah. you know me too.”

“My music is the spiritual expression of what I am — my faith, my knowledge, my being…When you begin to see the possibilities of music, you desire to do something really good for people, to help humanity free itself from its hangups…I want to speak to their souls.” John Coltrane

I wanna sit with you up on the roof when it’s dark out, when the moon comes out to play hide and seek, and the stars glow selflessly, lighting up a part of you that you never thought existed. I want to ask my deepest, darkest questions, speak from the most abandoned parts of my soul and feed the little spots of emptiness that have etched onto your soul. I want to hear your story, what gave you those scars? Where did you find light? Who did you think you would be when you were 5? How were the people in the town you used lived in? Why does your expression change when I talk about love? I want hear about everything from you, and I want to tell you everything, because you’re the one who’s taken time to understand me. Because I am in love with you and my soul is itching to be finally reunited with its mate.

i’ve been waiting for you /// 


Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery - celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to.
—  Jim Jarmusch

hi this is a gentle PSA not to buy from third party vendors if you don’t get tickets off ticketmaster, i know it can be tempting but speaking from experience i once was a desperate soul as well and bought from third party vendors and almost didn’t get in my concert because the tickets ended up being fake but i cried so much the security guards took pity on me and let me in anyway. plus the fake tickets were literally nosebleeds so i think they didn’t care as much. but anyway the moral of the story is you may not be as lucky as me i’ve heard horror stories of people buying tickets of craiglist and shit and never getting their tickets like just don’t do it. please. do not get scammed. it’s not worth it. there will be other tours. promise. be smart. love you.

I dont think God has a religion,

more an essence of universal fluid, flowing agape love. this omnipresent spirit that exists around us, and most importantly, within…the only way to find God in the outer world is to dwell in the inner world. I am praying when I am giggling, I am dancing with the divine when I hear music and wind and waves, I am tasting God when I drink wine and kiss my baby, in terms of astrology it is sort of

a kaleidoscope view or insight into the genius of god. uranus rules astrology so there is the sort of telepathic cosmic combust, it gives an insight into the sort of finely crafted archetypes set upon the world to accomplish, succeed, and ascend. astrology is real because we made it real. over time we watched gods and goddesses in human form triumph and fall. we recognised the greatness of existence and the mantra “as above, so below” with acute observation over centuries, we created this whole masterpiece, i think astrology truly is the closest you will come to hearing the voice of god, speaking from deep within the soul, remember all of this? we wrote it together

Talk Drunky to Me

Hey guys! So, I suck and the muse has been hiding for almost 4 months. I’m sorry I haven’t been writing, but now that the show is over and KLAROLINE IS ENDGAME, my muse is KICKING! Okay, I’m hella rusty and Klaus is probably totes OOC here, but why not come back to life with a little crack drabble?

From Ashleigh: One gets drunk and confesses all over the phone, unaware that said person on the other end was actually outside, ready to confess their love. Fluffy post canon Klaroline?*no babies* ;)


Coming to New Orleans in the middle of Mardi Gras was a good idea in theory, but in hindsight, Caroline cursed her less than stellar timing. The streets were brimming full with half naked people running around, tossing beads and spraying booze over the crowds while she attempted to navigate her way through the French Quarter. She dragged two heavy, gray suitcases behind her, and sidestepped a hazy college guy who embarrassingly face-planted in front of her as he attempted to flirt. Caroline wrinkled her nose and kept on walking, thankful that her taste in men had improved immensely over the decades.

Thirty years ago, Caroline would have been in the middle of the throng of people, drunk off her ass. But older, wiser, eternally a teenager but creeping into middle-age-Caroline was more interested in spectating the festival with a glass of champagne between her fingers and an Original Hybrid by her side. 

She rarely spoke to anybody from Mystic Falls. Elena and the Salvatore brothers took the cure years before, turning human and living out their last lives in the suffocating small town. Matt married a quiet girl from high school Caroline’s math class that she never noticed and was about to become a grandfather for the fifth time. Bonnie traveled with Enzo, the witch using powers and herbs to keep herself from aging. She and Caroline kept in touch, meeting up whenever they were on the same continent.

It wasn’t the first time she thought this, but perhaps she seriously considered for the tenth time, turning back and having the airline ship her belongings to Klaus’ door.  She blew her sweaty bangs off her forehead as she lugged her suitcases with a huff. Why did she feel the need to bring her whole shoe collection, including her ski boots? But, the dramatic person in Caroline (and to be honest, the dramatic person in Klaus too) eagerly anticipated the sure to be memorable look on his face when she showed up on his doorstep with her stuff. 

She stopped by an alley, pulling out her phone to consult the address Rebekah texted her the week prior. Over the past few years, she and the blonde Original had somewhat hit it off through an accidental run-in in Barcelona. Caroline ran into a little drunken trouble with a hunter one night, and Rebekah was luckily in the same place at the same time, swooping in the save her. Surprisingly, the older vampire was a blast to travel and shop with. They had a long standing tradition of hitting all the infamous fashion weeks, and Rebekah not so subtly kept Caroline updated on her family’s hijinks. 

Putting the address into Google maps, Caroline made a face when she realized how far out the Mikaelson mansion was from the French Quarter. Leave it to Klaus to find the oldest, largest mansion in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of town. She was just about to open up her Uber app for a ride when her phone vibrated in her hand, the words “Blocked Caller” flashing across her screen.

Rolling her eyes, she swiped to answer. It was a common occurrence for Enzo to lose his phone along with Bonnie’s whenever they went on a drinking binge in Vienna or Venice and they always called her from their newest number to let her know it was them. 

“What country are you calling from this time?” she answered with a laugh.

There was silence on the other end, a shuffling noise coming through. Caroline narrowed her brows.

“Enzo? Bon?”

She heard another shuffle and a manly sounding groan came through the receiver. Her pulse jumped, her mind instantly going a hundred miles a minute wondering if Enzo got himself into some trouble.

“Enzo? Is that you?”

“Caroline,” a low, familiar accent sang through the receiver.

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MBTI types and Music Quotes

ISFJ: Music express that which cannot be put into words and which cannot remain silent (~Victor Hugo)

ESFJ: Dear music, thanks for always clearing my head, healing my heart and lifting my spirits (~ Lori Deschene)

ISTP: One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain (~Bob Marley)

ESTP: Music is a safe kind if high (~Jim Hendrix)

INFP: Music gives a soul to the univerce, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything (~Plato)

ESFP: To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredibile and inconceivable (~Aaron Copland)

ENFJ: Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life (~Jean Paul)

ISFP: Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them (~Louis Armstrong)

ISTJ: Music was my refuge, I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back into loneliness (~Maya Angelon)

ENTP: Music can change the world because it can change people (~Bono)

ENFP: Music can change lives. Whether you are having good or bad day, the power of music can change one’s mood (~Jess Bowen)

ESTJ: Where the words fail, music speaks (~Shakespeare)

ENTJ: Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life (~Berthold Auerbach)

INTJ: Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought (~E. Y. Harburg)

INFJ: Music for me is like breathing - I don’t get tired breathing, I don’t get tired of music (~Ray Charles)

INTP: Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy (~Beethoven)

(Hope you like it)

I wanna sit with you up on the roof when it’s dark out, when the moon comes out to play hide and seek, and the stars glow selflessly, lighting up a part of you that you never thought existed. I want to ask my deepest, darkest questions, speak from the most abandoned parts of my soul and feed the little spots of emptiness that have etched onto your soul. I want to hear your story, what gave you those scars? Where did you find light? Who did you think you would be when you were 5? How were the people in the town you used lived in? Why does your expression change when I talk about love? I want hear about everything from you, and I want to tell you everything, because you’re the one who’s taken time to understand me. Because I am in love with you and my soul is itching to be finally reunited with its mate.
—  And I can’t wait any longer

i think astrology truly is the closest you will come to hearing the voice of god, speaking from deep within the soul, remember all of this? we wrote it together