speaks by jenni

I don’t go near the blogs and things cause those people terrify me. It’s absolutely terrifying. And I think I would have been the same. I would have been those people. I would have been equally, kind of, passionate about things. But the Wheatley people, I’ve found, are… they’re far more passionate than the people I’ve met through TV and stuff. Quite a lot of sort of younger girls, like 15 year old women who kind of quiver as they come up *shivers and motions to the interviewer, touching his arm like he’s gold, imitating the girls* and they say “look, it’s Wheatley”. It’s like the character itself is really important to them. You know if you’re sort of playing the game for 5 or 6 hours, and I’m just talking to you, it seems like we’re kind of friends.
—  Interview with Stephen Merchant (x)