speaks band

what ur fave classic rock bands say about you
  • bob dylan: i'd fuck a harmonica if i said his singing was good. i fuck harmonicas everyday
  • the beatles: i would fuck weed and anyone with a moptop haircut
  • the rolling stones: i would fuck anything and anyone
  • pink floyd: i would fuck either gnomes, or my own sadness and self-isolation
  • the kinks: not even kinky wtf also i never get the attention i deserve
  • the doors: i'm fake deep. I sandwiched a book of poetry between my asscheeks and called it performance art
  • the who: i put my dick in a pinball machine once in a failed attempt at performance art
  • david bowie: i would fuck an alien, and mick jagger
  • iggy pop: i'm always naked. always.
  • t rex: i would fuck a jar of glitter while dressed as a dandy
  • yes: no one understands what i say also i never cut my hair
  • roxy music: I went to art school, which means I can understand a photograph of naked boobs unlike the common man
  • elton john: i own the world's biggest collection of novelty spectacles
  • queen: i jack off to opera music
  • lou reed: I have fucked, and will fuck multiple copies of my B.A in english
  • the velvet underground: I caught my friend putting his dick in his B.A in english
  • sparks: all i ever think about is ridiculous situations while having sex
  • the beach boys: contrary to popular belief, i hate surfing
PSA for my marching band friends

It’s starting to get cooler out and while most of us are done marching, some of us still have a while until the season is done.

Even though it is cold, still hydrate!! Don’t forget you are still working just as hard as you did in August and while you don’t need as much water as you did then, you still need water.

Keep lip balm with on the field at all times, especially for wind players. Playing in cooler temperatures causes your lips to chap badly and even split and no one wants to play with split lips.

Zone word #77
Lighthouse: well known places such as old motels and warehouses throughout the zones that act somewhat like a safe house, offering shelter to those on the run and sometimes food when it can be spared

“There’s a lighthouse just a few miles north of here, I think you’ll be safe there for the night”

Was the only girl heading banging at the show, the band hunted me down and gave me the setlist and drew me cute pics that I ended up getting tattooed.