On December 3rd, 1986, Sarah Lindsey was the second young woman Gary Heidnik abducted and held captive in his basement. Lindsey was described as developmentally slow and had met Heidnik several years earlier at hospital for the mentally and physically handicapped. The two were intimate often which resulted in her falling pregnant but fearful of being a mother, Lindsey had an abortion. This made Heidnik furious who said she was evil and offered to give her $1000 to have his child. She refused. 

Lindsey was treated horrifically while held in captivity. She was frequently raped by Heidnik, stripped naked, given irregular meals of dog food and forced to engage in sex acts with the other captive women. His goal was to impregnate them so his children could repopulate the world. 

After two months of being held captive, Heidnick caught Lindsey trying to dislodge the plywood that covered the entrance to the pit they were held in. As punishment he handcuffed her wrists together and hanged her from the ceiling by the handcuffs. He, however, believed she was pregnant and as such force fed her pieces of bread which he jammed down her throat and held her mouth shut until she swallowed. Her health deteriorated rapidly and after two days she barely had the strength to vomit and had a high fever. 

On the morning of the third day Heidnik was furious to find her unresponsive and released her from the handcuffs. Believing she was faking illness he kicked her unconscious form back into the pit and promised to check on her later after he gave each remaining girl a scoop of ice cream. Sarah Lindsey was dead. Heidnik dismembered her body with a power saw and gave portions of her body to his pet dogs. The rest he minced in a food processor and mixed with dog food for his other captives to eat. Although there isn’t concrete evidence that Heidnik did indeed feed Lindsey to his slaves, the rest of his actions are heinous enough that it isn’t so hard to believe.


Being a Black Male in America: Racism and the Police by Dominic Hamilton 

What is happening to black men in the United States is a continuation of the racial violence of the past going back to the time of slavery. #Hate it!


Malcolm X and Redd Foxx reunited in the early 1960′s.

In the early 1940s before converting to The nation of Islam Malcolm Little then known as “Detroit Red” became close friends with Jon Sanford aka Redd Foxx then known as “Chicago Red”. They both were sharp dressers and resembled each other. Both young men worked at Jimmy’s Chicken Shack in Harlem and hustled the street together. Redd confided to Anthony Major, who ran Redd Foxx Productions in the mid-1980s, that Malcolm was the only person he really trusted. “They used to rob places together and sleep on rooftops together. Redd said he knew Malcolm has his back and trusted him. If Redd was in a fight, he could turn his back and know Malcolm was gonna be in the other side, fighting with him.“

For a while they were partners in crime stealing suits and reselling them, dealing marijuana and other petty crimes. They had a falling out as Malcolm’s criminal activities increased resulting in his 6 year incarceration which led to his rebirth as Malcolm X. 

“Malcolm didn’t have the showbiz talent so he didn’t give a damn what he got into,” Redd said. “He’d take on anything to get some dough. He was a little bit more aggressive, but I’d rather be sleeping with a broad and go somewhere [to a club] and do fifteen minutes of comedy.” (Black and Blue: The Redd Foxx Story)

“We became good buddies in a speakeasy where later on I was a waiter; Chicago Red was the funniest dishwasher on this earth. Now he’s making his living being funny as a nationally known stage and nightclub comedian. I don’t see any reason why old Chicago Red would mind me telling that he is Redd Foxx.“ - Malcolm X (The Autobiography of Malcolm X)

why does our society expect youth to be immediately self sufficient at 18? it’s like childhood is our free trial of being alive on this planet and then we have to find somehow to pay, expensive rents and prices while the wages are low, well paying jobs are scarce, and the rich continue to hoard all the wealth that they do not need in excess

Can we talk over the fact that Zeref mentioned Metalicana and not Grandeeney?
Metalicana and Igneel were planning to bring DS to the future
Igneel is because Natsu is END
But what about Metalicana???
Gajeel is probably related to
*whispers* Acnologia

Zen and the Art of Lock Picking

“In order to excel at lock picking, you must train yourself to have a visually reconstructive imagination. The idea is to use information from all your senses to build a picture of what is happening inside the lock as you pick it. Basically, you want to project your senses into the lock to receive a full picture of how it is responding to your manipulations. Once you have learned how to build this picture, it is easy to choose manipulations that will open the lock.

All your senses provide information about the lock. Touch and sound provide the most information, but the other senses can reveal critical information. For example, your nose can tell you whether a lock has been lubricated recently. As a beginner, you will need to use your eyes for hand-eye coordination, but as you improve you will find it unnecessary to look at the lock. In fact, it is better to ignore your eyes and use your sight to build an image of the lock based on the information you receive from your fingers and ears.

The goal of this mental skill is to acquire a relaxed concentration on the lock. Don’t force the concentration. Try to ignore the sensations and thoughts that are not related to the lock. Don’t try to focus on the lock.”

The Rogue comments: The above is from Ted Tool’s “Guide to Lock Picking”, which I believe has been up on the MIT’s servers since 1987, a wonderful relic of the early internet. Before animated gifs, before css, before anything at all that would strain your state-of-the-art 14.4Kbit/s modem’s performance, when the background was white, the links were blue, the font was Times New Roman, and images looked like this

…and the internet (as far as some were concerned) was largely for the distribution of guides to phreaking, hacking, burgling, picking locks, cracking safes, making things explode, and generally introducing people to a life of excitement and crime. I think I still have somewhere a .txt file where somebody manually transcribed (not scanned…) the entire Anarchist’s Cookbook - a true labour of love. 


On September 29th, 2005, 23 y/o Levi King (1st & 2nd photos) went on a cross country killing-spree after a fallout with his father. King had been sentenced to 14 years for burglarising and burning down a neighbour’s house at age 20 (2nd image is from this arrest). King served 17 months in prison before he was parolled to live in a halfway house. He claims to have “gotten tired of the conditions at the halfway house,” prompting him to leave without permission and return to his family home in Pineville, MO. King quickly began an argument with his father, who kicked him out. This, he claims, triggered a rage; when his father went to work, King burglarised and vandalised his father’s house, stealing a number of weapons. Then, King watched the McCools leave in their pickup truck and broke into their house. Instead of robbing them, however, he waited for their return, around 2pm. Orly McCool (3rd photo, right), 70 years old, was shot once, and Dawn McCool (3rd photo, left), his 47 year old daughter-in-law, had been shot a number of times; they were found with grocery bags still in their hands. Investigators had previously spoken with King’s father, who had reported King had stolen firearms. One of the missing guns matched the bullets in the McCools, making Levi King the prime suspect.

However, King had fled in Orly’s red 1995 Dodge Dakota pickup, ending up 375 miles away, in Pampa, TX. At 7:30pm, driving through the farms of the Texas Panhandle, King stopped to break into a house, where 31 y/o Brian Conrad (4th photo, back right), 14 y/o Zach Doan (4th photo, front left), 10 y/o Robin Doan (4th photo, front right), and 35 y/o Michell Conrad (4th photo, back left), 5 months pregnant, lived. King rampaged the house, immediatelly shooting Brian and Michell Conrad fatally in their bedroom. After seeing Robin’s shadow in her room, he shot into her room; unbeknownst to him, however, he had not hit her. Finally, he fatally shot Zach in his room. At some point, he shot their family dog (Molly) twice.

After the brutal execution of the Conrad/Doans, King drove South, hoping to run to Mexico. He crossed the border successfully; however, he claims to have somehow gotten turned around. Because of this, King found himself going North again, not realising until he saw the Bridge of the Americas that he had made a mistake. He was taken into custody around 11:30pm at the border, and was returned to Pineville to await trial.

After the discovery of Brian Conrad’s nametag in the stolen vehicle, Levi King admitted to the murder in Pampa, TX. He plead guilty to his charges in Missouri, where the jury sentenced him to 2 consecutive life terms for the murder of the McCools; after, he was extradited to Texas, where he stood trial for the murder of the Conrads and Zach Doan. He again plead guilty; the jury sentenced him to 3 more life sentences without the possibility of parole, choosing to forgo the death penalty.

Robin Doan, now 21, survived the attack, and continues to live in Pampa.

Killed: 5

Sentence: 5 life sentences without the possibility of parole

when someone who is or is presumed to be muslim commits a crime it’s terrorism, when a black person commits a crime they’re a “thug”, when a white person commits a crime… they have a mental illness???? jfc america, acknowledge that any one is capable of committing crime and doing terrible, terrible things for reasons with no correlation with their skin color or appearance or beliefs. yes, radical islamic terrorism does exist, but so does radical christian terrorism (which you never hear about! shocker!) when a white kid shoots up a school the first thing they ask isn’t “what’s his religion?” it’s “does he have a mental illness?” and if he doesn’t they make one up for him.