speaking voice and singing voice

when will renjun’s vocal skill be acknowledged n appreciated more

To my asexual partner
You are enough
Your smile is enough
The way you cook is enough
Your hand in the dark is enough
When you sing, your voice
When you speak, your voice
When you giggle, your voice
Your voice is enough
How you sit and read
When you share your popcorn
When we play video games together
That is enough
My body is different from your body, we have different cravings
But there are no requirements
I love you for who you are
Not for whether or not your body is aroused
How you view the world
The way you think and speak
The silence in the room when you look at your phone
But most of all, your happiness
All of this is enough
You are enough
You are my heart

fucking dan avidan alright this tall motherfcuker with his poofy ass hair thinks he can waltz into my life in neon spandex and i willingly open the fucking door to my own subconcious for this poofy motherfucker to take over my life and make me cry with a cover of an 80s synth pop love song and fucking make videos with markiplier my first fucking youtube crush and he thinks hes the shit doesnt he well he is danny sexbang is definitely an apt name long legs motherfucker maybe he should take his hair poof and use his fuckign sparkly bellbottom spandex pantsuit magic to do something useful like releasing the cover of pour some sugar on me motherfucking danny he and arin are teh fucking best and their jokes are fuckign good and danny has the singing voice of a god and the speaking voice of a 20 yr old language arts substitute why is he so perfect why do i suddenly love him fucking danny sexbang wearing eyeliner and singing 80s synth pop thinking hes so good well he issss danny avidan deserves the fucking world i hope hes having a FUCKING WONDERFUL DAY RIGHT NWO

What I Love About Ethan

1.) His hair, both colored and not.

2.) His face. Who cares if he has acne? That doesn’t matter at all.

3.) His voice. His speaking voice is so damn cute!! And he has a very good singing voice. I’d love to hear him sing some TØP…

4.) His comedy. Even when he tries to not be funny, he is! And I love his laugh.

5.) How smol he is. When he’s happy, I feel happy. When he’s disgusted or freaked out, I wanna protect him.

6.) How he fits in. Most people aren’t that comfortable around superstar like Mark, but Ethan makes it seem like he’s one of us.

This is for @crankgameplays
I know most people don’t think you’re good, and roast you often about your acne or voice or shit like that, but I want you to know it’s okay.
Your fans are here.

anonymous asked:

I would like to share an idea with you. Ok hear me out... Dark is practicing the piano and he decides to try to play Can't Help Falling In Love and as he starts to play he hears someone singing but doesn't see anyone he realizes it's Anti in the other room. Dark immediately starts playing even better and Anti starts singing louder and with more soul. And Dark stops playing but Anti keeps singing while Dark kisses him once he's done. You can make it better if you like it I'm bad at wording. :)

oh heCK this is so cute!!

anti singing is one of dark’s favorite things. like, anti doesn’t like his singing voice because his voice, even normally speaking, pitches in different ways and he always gets so upset by that. so him singing is a rare occurrence. but during soft moments like this, and the accompaniment of the piano, anti is able to keep his voice stable. dark always smiles listening to anti sing while he watches his fingers glide over the keys in rhythm. 

and after the song’s over, dark just leans against the threshold into anti’s room with a smirk like “you can’t help it, huh?” and anti just rolls his eyes and tugs at dark’s tie to pull him down into a kiss omg 💙

ofrooksandkings  asked:

I haven't gotten to see it, tell me eVERYTHING. VALIDATE MY HATE.

I’ll give kind of a Greatest Hits here, to be expanded upon if requested.

1. Emma Watson as Belle sounds worse (in my opinion) than Gerard Butler as the Phantom of the Opera. Let that sink in. The autotune is obvious, and jarring, compared to the rest of the cast; also there were moments when her accent would slip from British/Mid-Atlantic to obviously, gratingly American. Her singing voice sounds nothing like her speaking voice. Also she’s really obviously lip-syncing, which shows she’s. Never sung before. Wow.

2. Everything Belle wears except for what I’m assuming is her wedding dress at the end is Awful and Badly Tailored. And the filmmakers kept trying to do these weird Empowered things that backfire spectacularly if you know anything about the period? Shoutout to how she spent the climax of the film in her literal underwear.

3. LeFou is grating and feels like a gay stereotype from 2005. I know that a lot of fellow LGBT people are Super bothered by him and a lot of fellow LGBT people are not bothered by him at all? I was somewhere in the middle. But. Eww.

4. The supporting cast resonated with me emotionally because I grew up watching the animated film, not because I connected with these reimagined characters.

5. There were several weird moments that made little sense? Specifically regarding the character of Agathe, who was actually the Enchantress but like. spent the film begging for spare change?

6. They fundamentally changed Belle’s character. She isn’t nearly as gentle anymore. She has a solid five seconds of “hey should I ride off and leave this asshole to freeze to death?” when the Beast saves her from the wolves. She’s snarky, and has a lot of Look At Me I’m A Feminist moments. It’s… it’s grating, and sad, to see my favorite Disney princess be turned into a modern Strong Independent Woman.

7. The townspeople, and by extension Gaston, vacillate wildly between “realistic, nuanced take on a caricature and/or a flat character with little purpose besides to set the scene” and “Jack-Chick-Track-Antagonist aesthetic” with little to no warning.

It is no secret on Tumblr that I have a playlist called Just Snow in Venice on Repeat (because Thomas reblogged that post) but what you probably might not know, is that instead of watching YouTube or Netflix to fall asleep (as I used to do), I listen to this playlist. 

And I did an experiment last night, turns out, I listen to the song over 500 times in the course of a single night (and since I usually play it on my phone and not my PC that play count is just representative of a single night). 

So, thank you @thatsthat24 for singing me to sleep every night. Ever since I started doing this, my nights have been anxiety free for as long as the song plays.

we are the crystal gems (a cappella)
we are the crystal gems (a cappella)

tried to do a four part harmony exercise, with one part for every crystal gem! i’m honestly pretty psyched that steven universe is going to air again soon hahaha

can’t wait for the next episode!

Things about Jin that make me happy :
- Jin wearing oversized sweaters
- Jin wearing shirts (especially black shirts)
- Jin’s fluffy hair
- Jin being all cute and bubbly
- Jin’s love for food
- Jin smiling bcs he loves what he’s eating
- Jin’s gorgeous smile
- Jin wearing specs
- Jin wearing shorts that show his cute lil legs
- Jin’s cute lil hands (especially his fingers)
- How cute Jin’s fingers look when he wears oversized sweaters
- Jin with makeup
- Jin without makeup
- Jin saying that he’s handsome and loveable
- Jin being proud of his cover
- Jin acting skills
- Jin taking care of the other boys
- Jin being shy
- Jin’s cute voice when he speaks
- Jin’s wonderful and sweet voice when he sings
- Jin’s laughter
- Jin’s love for animes and films
- Jin’s existence
- I think I love him a little too much
- it hurts ahah
- but anyway he’s amazing
- and wonderful
- and so so so so talented
- and gorgeous (I don’t think that the adjective beautiful can describe him entirely so yeah gorgeous)
- his personality is also amazing
- damnit he’s such a wonderful young man
- he doesn’t deserve to cry every single day
- he deserve all the happiness and love of the world

Venus in the Third House

Usually individuals with their Venus in the third house will have a wonderful singing voice or speaking voice, and an appreciate for writing and literature. Their mind may not be quick to process cold hard information, but they have an eye for beauty and order. They find beauty in literature, books, language, and the art of communication, and they do not want to rush through experiences with any of them. Venus in the third house will want to savor what they process. They have an aesthetic style to the mind. They may be mentally lazy, but they do love to communicate and have conversations but hate to argue, but they usually know how to mediate and settle conflicts when dealing with arguments.

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weasleylover007  asked:

1. I'm not exactly sure how to word this, but I'll try. What is the sound part of sounds to color for you? Like, is it all noises, certain pitches, voices?

KP: Pitches and voices mostly. So someone’s singing voice has a specific color, then the music has different colors (different notes have different colors and then different keys have different colors). Someone’s singing voice may differ from their talking voice and their voice may differ from their personal color. 

However, the colors are often in the same shade. For example, Andy is a deep blue, their speaking voice is a purple-y blue and their singing voice is a lighter blue. But, they have a preference for pink songs, so when I hear the song it’s pink but when Andy sings along it has blue in it too.

I have never sat down and charted what songs go with what tones/pitches/keys because I get really overwhelmed listening to so many sounds in a row. 

Have you ever been sexually attracted to a voice?

This is a real problem for me. Not even just singing voices, but just a persons speaking voice, like i could listen to them sing or speak for hours. The following are the voices of youtubers, singers, etc. That I am sexually attracted to:

Brendon Urie
Patrick Stump
Shaun Morgan
Adam Gontier
Amy Lee
Taylor Momsen
Maria Brink
Alex Gaskarth
Chris Motionless
Corey Taylor
Gerard Way
Dan Howell
Andy Biersack
Juliet Simms

I need help.

Tsukuyomi Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Tsukuyomi Dialogue

For 9 anons! (Competing with Gurei for most popular, aha)

To the anon who wondered about VALSHE’s voice. Yep, Tsukuyomi is a pretty disgruntled child, ahaha, it’s so strange hearing her speaking voice when compared with her singing voice.

Per usual disclaimers! Note: There’s S-Support spoilers in this one because I had to refer to it :<

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If you don’t live in the US and won’t be able to see the premiere clap your hands *clap clap”

If you don’t live in the US and won’t be able to see the premiere clap your hands *clap clap”

If you don’t live in the US and you’re currently dying because of that, if you don’t live in the US clap your hands *clap clap*