speaking voice and singing voice

Let's be more than friends?
Let's be more than friends?

H-H-H-HERE IT IS…the song I wrote for Michael (or rather, that Michael wrote for Jeremy) in chapter two of 24-Hour Life Tickets!

The lyrics aren’t exact since I sorta messed up at one part but wHATEVER

Also please ignore the horrible quality I recorded this in my basement and with my phone so it’s nOT THE BEST
And yeah it’s all acapella since I can’t play an instrument to save my life there’s some clapping in there to give it a nice beat but thas about it frens

Please keep in mind that I am in no way a professional songwriter or anything remotely like that;; I just did this for fun? And I came up with this randomly I didn’t really plan it or anything lol

Now please excuse me while I go and scream into the void

Things I Love About Day6
  • Jae: that habit where he holds his guitar picks in his mouth; his fingers; Cali boy English; the Icarus rap in Like That Sun; his spirituality and connection to his religion is really admirable; that time he agreed to trade Wonpil for two buckets of friend chicken and a box of boiling crab; his nose is so cute; the gold mine that is his old social media; yellowpostitman; his guitar names; his lame but endearing sense of humor; hashtag king; Jae has really nice legs; his little high pitched laugh when he gets surprised or excited about something
  • Sungjin: HIS HANDS everything about his hands, the veins and the big knuckles and the way he uses them when he talks and the way his fingers get all crooked when he plays guitar; dancing skills obv; Richard the bike; the way he looks in blazers; the way he looks in tank tops; the first time he cried at their concert; such a neat freak lol; he takes so much care of his members; how he opens his eyes super wide when he's mad; the chorus of like every song; super expressive eyebrows; his shoulders are so broad
  • Young K: he's in college and he studies accounting; his voice is so nice not just his singing voice but just his speaking voice like I could listen to him talk forever; so intense onstage and so soft offstage; his relationship with Terry; when they flipped the banner in Taiwan; he eats so much; that hand symbol he makes that looks like a six; the dangling earring he wears sometimes that looks like a dream catcher; all those breakup songs; that time they made him display his biceps on Chinese TV; the way he squeezes his eyes shut when he's embarrassed
  • Wonpil: SMILE oh my god his beautiful enormous ray of absolute sunshine smile is my most favorite thing in the world; Sofa; his hair is naturally curly; his relationship with his sister is literally the cutest most pure and wholesome thing in the world; he annoys the members so much lmao; his tattoo and esp the meaning behind it; "I like a girl who has a dream and pursues it"; his piercings are so attractive; the pink sweater; that one leather jacket; how he closes his eyes when he's playing keyboard; his voice pitches a little bit lower when he's being really serious; whenever he gets embarrassed he just gets up and leaves
  • Dowoon: he loves animals so much; daejang jjigae; the little "uhh" right before he answers any questions; his arms wow they are so nice; his singing voice is so nice and deep and so precious; he looks up to his members so much; Savage!Dowoon; he always tolerates Wonpil's skinship but also complains about it; that really intense face he makes when he's playing the drums really hard; how his eyes shift really fast from side to side when he's nervous; he has such a naturally calm and quiet personality; his ears get so red

when will renjun’s vocal skill be acknowledged n appreciated more

fucking dan avidan alright this tall motherfcuker with his poofy ass hair thinks he can waltz into my life in neon spandex and i willingly open the fucking door to my own subconcious for this poofy motherfucker to take over my life and make me cry with a cover of an 80s synth pop love song and fucking make videos with markiplier my first fucking youtube crush and he thinks hes the shit doesnt he well he is danny sexbang is definitely an apt name long legs motherfucker maybe he should take his hair poof and use his fuckign sparkly bellbottom spandex pantsuit magic to do something useful like releasing the cover of pour some sugar on me motherfucking danny he and arin are teh fucking best and their jokes are fuckign good and danny has the singing voice of a god and the speaking voice of a 20 yr old language arts substitute why is he so perfect why do i suddenly love him fucking danny sexbang wearing eyeliner and singing 80s synth pop thinking hes so good well he issss danny avidan deserves the fucking world i hope hes having a FUCKING WONDERFUL DAY RIGHT NWO

Gorillaz Ask!

Go ahead and ask me questions if you like! If this goes well, I might make another one of these. I want to see if I could answer all of this. Feel free to re-blog this if you like! :)

Re-Hash: What is your favorite phase?

5/4: What is your favorite Phase 4 picture so far?

Tomorrow Comes Today: Who is your favorite character in Gorillaz?

New Genious (Brother): What do you think about Murdoc?

Clint Eastwood: How did you get into Gorillaz?

Man Research: What’s your favorite album?

Punk: What was your first Gorillaz music video you’ve seen?

Sound Check (Gravity): Do you own any Gorillaz albums? If so, what are they and how many do you own?

Double Bass: What’s your favorite G-bitez episode?

Rock The House: What’s your favorite interview?

19-2000: What’s your favorite music video and storyboard?

Latin Simone: Which character do you relate to the most?

Starshine: Do you think 2D and Murdoc will ever get along in Phase 4?

Slow Country: Which song do you think would make a great music video?

M1A1: Besides Gorillaz, who else are your favorite band or musician?

Dracula: Does Gorillaz inspire you in any way?

Left Hand Suzuki Method: Do you prefer 2D’s singing voice (Damon Albarn) or speaking voice (Nelson De Freitas) 

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What do you think the bros singing voices are like?


Singing voice headcanons…


Tone deaf.

Literally cannot carry a tune with a bucket.

Rarely sings anyway, but hums tunelessly in the shower, or when he’s concentrating on something.

Bites his lower lip and hums tunelessly.

It’s adorable.

His speaking voice is kind of husky, so his ‘singing’ voice is rough and tuneless, but his s/o loves him for it anyway.

Appreciates music, and particularly likes opera, much to everyone’s surprise when they find out.

Would absolutely cry at La Bohème. You just have to go ‘Mimi!’ and he chokes up.


Enthusiastic high tenor.

Nearly always slightly sharp.

Would totally be in glee club at school. and would be amazing

Likes almost every kind of music, except perhaps metal? I don’t know.

When he’s in tune, which is more often than I perhaps indicated, he’s a sweet lover boy, with soppy songs that make your heart crack. Anyone listening believes every word. Think Ed Sheeran or something.

King of mix tapes

Mix tapes for everything

Sings along to all of them

His s/o amasses a lot of playlists within the first month of dating

Prompto knows all the words to every song in every playlist.

Also plays piano. Not particularly well, but enough to bash out some chords while singing.


Bass/low baritone

Likes rock and roll, but has a soft spot for acoustic guitar

Plays guitar and sings

Prefers playing bass though

Get him a camp fire and a guitar and he’ll play all night

Always slightly gruff, like he needs to clear his throat. Like Jonny Cash or Leonard Cohen, but not quite so deep.

Could probably make anyone orgasm just with his speaking voice, but when he sings? Prepare to see whole galaxies of stars.

Actually kind of shy about singing. Not about belting out the Lucian national anthem after four beers at the pub, but about really singing. Puts his heart and soul into it.

Writes his own songs.

Prepare for a barrage of love songs if he’s courting you/you’re his s/o.

Used to sing Iris to sleep, and if she has a nightmare, even now, he’ll go in and hum Lucian folk songs to her til she calms down.


Gorgeous pure, if low, tenor voice

No vibrato. Not a waver.

Could sing early church music, like Palestrina, Tallis, Byrd, like GOD HIMSELF.

Can also sing Jazz really seductively well. 

Or anything. He sounds like Dietrich Fischer Dieskau with the purity of Andreas Scholl all in one. 

Could woo anyone into bed by singing.

Strangely really shy about singing in front of people.

His s/o has a heart attack the first time they hear him. Maybe in the shower? Or while cooking.

Loves classical music, but hates opera. Too much vibrato. Too melodramatic. Give him some Dowland ‘Flow My Tears’ any day…

Definitely sings while he cooks.

Doesn’t know he’s doing it until his s/o is in tears at the purity of his voice.

Also a huge fan of folk metal. Folk music too, but folk metal helps him focus when he needs to write a long report or something. Galahdian folk metal is his favourite.

Nyx gave him an album of Galahdian folk music when he found this fact out. It’s the most played album on his music player.

Ask me a question or send me a prompt and I’ll write you something. 

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Yes. I mean Why is so special for u?

I love his personality. His wit. His sense of humor, because he is really sarcastic and stupidly clever. I love his silly/lame jokes and subtle comments that are so ON POINT. I love his charm. His charisma and cheekiness. I love his magnetism. I love his coolness. I love that I can’t take my eyes off of him regardless of how many people are around him. I love how he carries himself. How he lights up a room. He’s so aware and confident., but never cocky. I love that he can also be a little unsure and awkward. I love his vulnerability. His compassion. I love how he wears his heart on his sleeve and that he isn’t afraid to show emotions. I love how inherently silly he is sometimes and how he doesn’t take things too seriously. I love how he treats the people around him. I love how he tries to see the good in everybody, even if they haven’t deserved it. I love how protective he is. How much he genuinely cares. I love how good he his with kids. I love how he appreciates his fans. His patience and how he tries to make them all happy; by way of hugs, pictures and autographs, in all situations where it’s doable. He’s always the last one to leave the fans. I love how he’s never rude to paps even when they try to get a reaction from him or some sort of controversy. I love how he never falls for their cheap tricks. I love that even though he’s one of the most sought-after young men in the world and “everybody” wants a piece of him, he never complains about the extra pressure and the extra attention that he undoubtedly copes with. And you know it can’t always be as easy to deal with as he makes it to be… I love that he’s always humble and thankful. I love that he never shows off in an off-putting way. He’s ridiculously wealthy, hangs out with a lot of amazing people and does a lot of incredible things but he Instagrams pictures of his knees and doors and tweets completely unrelevant, odd things. I love that he uses proper spelling and grammar. I love his taste in music and movies because it’s so ridiculously similar to mine. I love his speaking voice, it’s the sexiest sounding voice I know of. I love his singing voice. It’s the epitome of what I like to listen to; deep, raspy, comforting, edgy, cashmere-like, full of texture and it continually gets better and better. I love how he changes up the notes during live performances. I love how he performs, how passionate he is about it and how he tries to do his best every single night. I love how you can tell how much it means to him. I love how much he’s smiling when he’s up there. His moves. EVERYTHING about the way he is on stage. He’s a total rockstar, born for this life, and I honestly can’t think of another 21-year old with as much stage-presence as he has. I love how much he interacts with the crowd. How he’ll even stop his verse to blow a kiss to somebody. How sometimes one kiss isn’t enough, and he’ll blow nine kisses just to make sure. I love it when he imitates the fans, and treats them like they’re his friends. I love how he tries to make them all feel seen.

I love his face, he’s gorgeous and he gets better looking by the day. I love how effortlessly sexy he is. His dimples, green eyes and pink lips. Jaw. Smile. Hands. Collarbones. Arms. Thighs. Legs. It’s all too good. I love that he keeps gaining muscle and getting bigger and broader. I love that he’s tall. I love his hair, whether it’s in a bandana, ponytail, slick, bun, casual or disheveled, curly or straight. He pulls it all off. I love his walk. I love that he genuinely loves fashion. For my taste and liking, he’s one the best dressed guys out there because he dresses exactly how I like guys to dress. I love how good he looks in black jeans and a simple white tee but also how he pulls off a suit. I love that he stays true to his style, but that he isn’t afraid of more quirky pieces. If he likes it he likes it, be that glitter boots or obscenely large hats. He always does his own thing and rides with that, and I have so much respect for that. I love his tattoos. I love that some of his tattoos mean seemingly nothing, but that he also has tattoos that holds connotations to his friends and family. I love his mannerisms. The way he talks, his intonation, accent, subtle little quirky things he does. I love that he’s a total sweetheart but also a dirty fuck. I love his mass-appeal. I love that even though somebody says they don’t listen to One Direction, they’ll admit to liking Harry. They all know who Harry Styles is. I love the impact he has on people. I love the way he looks at people, unwavering, and how they’re all that matters in that moment. I love that he’s an old soul and a true gentleman. I love how he shakes hands and greets everybody and treats everybody equally and with respect. I love how competitive he gets when they’re playing games or getting quizzed. I love his maturity and how he always takes the high road when people try to put him down or have some fun at his expense. I love how ridiculously cool and smart he is when it comes to handling the media and the fans. I love that he’s himself 100% through and through. I love that he drives motorcycles. I love that he can’t be mean even if he tries to. I love how much love there is in his heart. Yeah, that’s some of the things I love about Harry Styles ;)

believe in me, part two

i finally did what y’all asked and wrote a part two!!! (FIND PART ONE HERE) i hope it lives up to your expectations. before anyone loses their mind, yes, there will be a part three.


questions, comments, concerns

Harry kept his distance from her after she made up with Jeremy. They were pretty inseparable after that anyway, always sneaking kisses and touches when passing by making Harry look away every time.

“Where’ve you been?” She asked one day, catching him in the teacher’s lounge.

He frowned, “Sorry?”

“You don’t come to my class anymore. The kids keep asking where you are, they like talking to you.”

“Oh, um, I’ve just had a lot of papers to grade lately, haven’t had the time.”

She nodded, but he could feel her eyes still on him as he stirred sugar into his coffee. “You sure that’s why?”

He flashed her a smile, “‘Course.” Another lie. “You know I love watching you work, why else would I stay away?”

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A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where Spencer comes home and finds the reader singing in the shower. He’s never heard her sing before, and when she comes out, he tells her how amazing it was. I picked the song How Will I Know by Whitney Houston because reasons @coveofmemories


After this week, he was really looking forward to dinner with Y/N. She worked as a paralegal at a firm down the road from their apartment, so she’d luckily already gotten out of work and was just hopping in the shower before they left for dinner. His last text from her read:

I should be out by the time you get home. Love you. XO

Highly unlikely, he thought to himself as he walked up the steps. Y/N liked her showers - a lot. If she could spend two hours a day in the shower, she would. Alas, she had a 9-5 and had to shower quickly in the mornings.

As he walked in the apartment, he could hear the water running. “I knew it,” he muttered happily under his breath. Of course she wasn’t out yet. Apparently, her firm had their air conditioning unit blow out, which is why she was taking a shower in the middle of the day. 

While she was in the shower, he decided to put on some different clothes. He’d been in a suit and tie all day, so he was craving a loose fitting t-shirt and jeans more than anything. All of a sudden, something caught his ear that he didn’t expect…was Y/N…was she singing?

There’s a boy I know, he’s the one I dream of
Looks into my eyes, takes me to the clouds above
Ooh I lose control, can’t seem to get enough
When I wake from dreaming, tell me is it really love

A smile crept across his face as she continued to sing. Sure, she’d quietly sung in the car before, but never out loud - not like this. She claimed she could “only” carry a tune. From the sound of it, she could do much more than that. He felt like he’d heard the song, but based on the lyrics, he was guessing either Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, or Whitney Houston. For now, he’d just revel in the sound of her voice. 

How will I know 
How will I know
How will I know
How will I know
How will I know if he really loves me

If he wasn’t convinced that he had the cutest girlfriend in the world before, he was definitely convinced now. He wasn’t in there, but he could just picture her lathering up her hair and using the shower head as a microphone. She sounded like she was really into it. When you looked at her, you’d never expect her to have the voice she did - singing voice at least. 

Her speaking voice was feather-light, sweet, almost angelic, which she always thought was interesting, because as she claimed, she was far from an angel. But her singing voice was rich and powerful. 

I say a prayer with every heart beat
I fall in love whenever we meet
I’m asking you what you know about these things
How will I know if he’s thinking of me
I try to phone but I’m too shy (can’t speak)
Falling in love is all bitter sweet
This love is strong why do I feel weak

As she continued to sing, he pulled on his jeans and rummaged around in their closet for the t-shirt he felt like wearing. His stomach started to growl, but even the sound of his extreme hunger couldn’t drown out the power of her voice as she belted out the chorus for the last time. 

How will I know
How will I know
How will I know
How will I know
How will I know if he really loves me

The water started to trickle to a stop as her voice quieted down. Staying still, he waited, wondering if she was going to start up with another song. Sure enough, after hearing a few quiet lines from the previous song, she started belting out another one…it was definitely Whitney Houston. She was on a Whitney Houston kick. This one he’d heard before. 

She had the tendency to put her hair up in a towel and dance around the bathroom before she came out, so he pulled out his phone.

Having fun in there? :D

Within a minute, she was in the doorway to their bedroom with one towel wrapped around her body and another wrapped around her hair. “How long have you been there?” She smiled.

“Long enough to hear you belt out an entire…Whitney Houston song?” He wondered.

She nodded. “That was How Will I Know,” she said, stepping inside and finding the undergarments she wanted to wear. As she flipped off her towel and threw it in his face, she started to dance around their bedroom. “And now, for an encore, I will be singing I’m Every Woman. Enjoy.”

By the time she was dressed to leave, she still wasn’t done with her singing spree, so the entire apartment building got to hear her start up I Wanna Dance With Somebody as they walked to dinner. All eyes were on her, but she didn’t care. She was having fun.

anonymous asked:

I would like to share an idea with you. Ok hear me out... Dark is practicing the piano and he decides to try to play Can't Help Falling In Love and as he starts to play he hears someone singing but doesn't see anyone he realizes it's Anti in the other room. Dark immediately starts playing even better and Anti starts singing louder and with more soul. And Dark stops playing but Anti keeps singing while Dark kisses him once he's done. You can make it better if you like it I'm bad at wording. :)

oh heCK this is so cute!!

anti singing is one of dark’s favorite things. like, anti doesn’t like his singing voice because his voice, even normally speaking, pitches in different ways and he always gets so upset by that. so him singing is a rare occurrence. but during soft moments like this, and the accompaniment of the piano, anti is able to keep his voice stable. dark always smiles listening to anti sing while he watches his fingers glide over the keys in rhythm. 

and after the song’s over, dark just leans against the threshold into anti’s room with a smirk like “you can’t help it, huh?” and anti just rolls his eyes and tugs at dark’s tie to pull him down into a kiss omg 💙