speaking of time

Telling the time in Dutch

I’ve made this very ugly looking clock for you guys to make it easier to remember ;)
I swear the yellow was orange on my computer.

Alright, lets go through the words:

🔹Uur - o'clock
🔹Half - half
🔹Kwart - a quarter
🔹Over - past
🔹Voor - to


🔹When you want to use uur:
Number + uur
- 12 o'clock - 12 uur
- 3 o'clock - 3 uur
🔹When you want to use half:
Half + number
- half past 3 - half 4 (we say which time we’re going to, instead of which time we come from.)
- half past 6 - half 7
🔹When you want to use kwart:
Kwart over + number
Kwart voor + number
- a quarter past 3 - kwart over 3
- a quarter to 3 - kwart voor 3
🔹Over & Voor with other times
Number + over/voor + main number
- 5 past 7 - 5 over 7
- 10 to 4 - 10 voor 4
important! We count from and to the half until it’s a quarter to or past something:
- 20 past 10 - 10 voor half 11
- 25 to 4 - 5 over half 4


🔹one - één
🔹two - twee
🔹three - drie
🔹four - vier
🔹five - vijf
🔹six - zes
🔹seven - zeven
🔹eight - acht
🔹nine - negen
🔹ten - tien
🔹eleven - elf
🔹twelve - twaalf

This is a mains call for Saki’s relationships page! I have 5 Master slots open and 12 Servant slots open! I’ll be accepting two of each Servant Class. Here’s what I have so far! 




Casters: ???/???
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It really bugs me not enough people are talking about a game like A Hat In Time, it honestly is a game I’d class in the same vein as Undertale…incredibly creative, with lots of trope aversion, well-handled humor, adorable fun characters, and unpredictable twists and turns that really go in the exact opposite direction of AAA titles.  Nothing in it is predictable, and all of it is fun.  

I honestly think the last time I genuinely laughed out loud while playing a game was actually when I fist played Undertale.  Not because of a glitch, bad VA, or something else, but genuine, absolute funny humor.  And Hat In Time has that in spades.  This is seriously a special game and you need to pay attention to it!


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people who are heavily influenced by others need to know, more than most, that its okay to ‘be’ first and foremost and should therefore place themselves around people who encourage this 

one woman in particular that i have had the privilege of seeing blossom, in her middle age ripeness, found a friend who marched to the beat of her own drum by saying all the things the conservative side of her flinches at the thought of. i would catch conversations where she began standing up for herself more and relishing in her natural state, no longer feeding off the fixation of femininity and being ashamed of the obscenities that can come with being human. less compelled to wear makeup, started prioritizing comfort for fashion, and censored herself less 

i passed by my old dresser in our guest room yesterday, and had flashbacks to junior high bc i have a print out of yes man’s face taped to the top of it. BUT the thing is that was not … the original placement of that face… in eighth grade, we had to carry around these “babies” with flour sacks inside them. we were allowed to tape on faces, so i put yes man’s on mine and ?? i’m still a lil dead inside about it

ok so firstly lets get one thing straight, nanc would put her life down on the line for any single one of her friends and, furthermore, would probably welcome it because she thinks she’s not really supposed to be alive, and those are just the facts, i’m just stating the facts

  • <p> <b>dreamworks:</b> so we could make keith's birthday either october 22nd or 23rd<p/><b>jeremy shada:</b> the 23rd<p/><b>dreamworks:</b> lol why<p/><b>jeremy shada, closing 38 tabs on zodiac compatibility:</b> no reason<p/></p>

In freshman year I had a math teacher who was super mean to me specifically who would loan out basic calculators. So one day I decided that I would steal all the calculators. But not all at once bc then it would be obvious it was me. So whenever she wasn’t paying attention I would grab 2 calculators a class and put one back but keep the other one. I did this over a course of 2 months. Now I wasn’t gonna let my fellow students suffer just because of my spite. So I’d loan out calculators. But then I realized I could gain something from this. If someone wanted a calculator I’d ask for a quarter or something like food. I became known as the calculator girl. But everyone kept it on the dl bc no one liked this math teacher.
In the end I think I had over 50 calculators.
And the last day of school I dropped them all off anonymously in her classroom.
And that’s the story of how I ran a successful black market business out of spite.

Once you start to speak of things that are precious, you are immediately anxious about how people will react to what you have said, and you want to protect these things, to defend them against incomprehension.

Andrei Tarkovsky, from “Scenario and shooting script,” Sculpting in Time, trans. Kitty Hunter-Blair (University of Texas Press, 1987)