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"I’m always saying he’s crazy, cause the song is already a hyper song, you know - and he comes in and he’s like, in this section (Mass Media), i want the drums to go CRAZY!

and then we do it and he’s like, ‘YEAH!!!’ “

once I was at hot topic and the sales assistant was like “can I help you?” and I was like “i’m looking for mcr merch” and she put a hand on my shoulder and we had a moment or respectful silence before going to find the merch

Radioactive/Light 'Em Up
  • Radioactive/Light 'Em Up
  • anna stumpxvx

so i am in no way original and i saw a mashup of radioactive and light em up on youtube so i decided i’d take a whack at it with my own voice and my guitar and started a mashup of the songs from scratch B) but yes anyway even if you don’t like the beginning- stay to the end bc it’s got some (i think) pretty rad stuff. enjoy! (album art also by me)

*BTS tries their best* *BTS are wonderful people* *BTS gives their fandom 100 times more attention than any idol group ever*

*BTS gets hate from the khh community*

*BTS gets hate from idol community*

*BTS generally gets hated on from no reason all the time*

*BTS gets hate from their own fandom*

/ignorant ass company/fandom/industry blames BTS from everything/

*BTS ends up apologizing and suffering*

thank you idiots of the world.

…” I asked for a Last Shadow Puppets number 2 when Miles laughed then point to Alex ’ With this guy? No waaaay’ Alex was extremely sweet. He took pictures with us, laughed and smiled a lot. He is exactly as I thought. We said that today was International hug day, he laughed and gave us a hug”…

Alex and Miles were at Canal+ for L’Album de la Semaine with Mini Mansions today! Expect a video of the session soon…