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I have been addicted to this album for months now - and I still can not get enough of these guys. 

This type of music just speaks to me on all levels - the retro vibe, the big band horns and the thumping energy - its seriously good stuff!

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All of this is what I've heard through a mutual connection with a close family member of the band. I prodded him for any info he could tell me and this is what I heard: 1D are a PR team's nightmare. Multiple members are gay(including Larry). 1D is so heavily closeted by their label because having openly gay members = loss of $$ and there is no moral compass in this industry - the calculations had already been made by the top executives and they always put maximum revenue before everything else.

Also I asked him what this RBB twitter account was all about. He told me that some members of the band lost access to their social media accounts some time in 2014 and after “something” happened with Louis’ account they were all desperate for a means of expression, so certain members and family members of the band have been using this RBBSBBOFFICIAL account to speak out. He also told me that the band’s bosses were furious at them, but they couldn’t do anything about the account because it sits -

in a gray area legally - it’s existence is unofficial and too vague to be classed a representation they can legally shut down. He told me Cowells been trying to ruin his creation. It’s an ego thing. They’ve already made him and Sony a lot of money at no cost to him, so their job is done. Right now it is a purely personal vendetta against LT. The four that remain are counting down the days until a “big bang”, and when that happens, Simon is going to be exposed for the bitter arrogant man he is.

Sydney’s Sappy Moment

OKAY! I need to say this. It recently hit me how fortunate I am. Honestly, I have only been an HBO war blog for about two months. But in those two months I have talked to so many people. I have gained so many mutuals and I have honestly never felt better about myself. The HBO War fandom is one of the greatest things I have been apart of. I can not express what it’s like to actually feel like I’m part of something. It’s an amazing feeling. I just want to thank you all. We may not be mutuals. I may not follow you, and you may not follow me. We might not talk. We may not reblog a lot from each other. That doesn’t matter. I love every single one of you. So thank you:

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Thank you so much!! I just feel so loved and I wanted to thank you all!! I’m sorry if I missed one of you amazing guys!! I love you all!

shout out to those 5sos fans who can view their faves (or the band) in a objective way and speak up when it is needed, you are all true mvps


i just realized these have been just sitting in my drafts, so instead of collecting dust there, HERE THEY ARE! this is my design for #TROYETEE ! the whole idea behind it was that i wanted to draw the landmarks of the cities where the tour dates are going to be (i was going to put all of them until i decided halfway through that i wanted to keep what little sanity i had. so i’m sorry if i couldn’t get yours in! if i had more than 48 hours i probably would have tbh)

but I really wanted to keep true to what blue neighbourhood is and more importantly what it means to us. like troye said, we all have our own blue neighbourhoods. so i wanted people to be able to look at this shirt, see their city’s landmark and think, “that’s my home! that’s my blue neighbourhood!!” and just be overall really happy and all that good stuff.

i have honestly never nearly killed myself so many times while drawing/designing anything as much as i have on this design i did just for our boy. for almost (and maybe over) 24 hours in total. i broke down so much and almost just gave up on it but seeing the end result now, and knowing what it means, and hopefully will mean to troye and everyone else, it really does make it all worth it.

if you do see your city’s landmark, put it in the tags!!  💙

Boy band au. Scotty is the sound technician. Uhura is the manager. Jim is the super fan that follows the band around and knows all the songs and dance moves. Somehow he meets them an oh my god he’s meeting his favorite band he might hyperventilate, I swear I won’t through up on you, okay I might.

@septimore is my bae now

Ok so I’m struggling to handle the idea of drummer Bones, he’s apathetic or grumpy all the time, but when he’s on stage he’s furious and ecstatic and it shines through in him. People think he’s banging the lead singer.

Spock is the lead singer. He sings with so much emotion, but never moves to the music or shows any of that emotion in his expression. But his voice has brought Jim to tears time and time again.

Sulu and Chekov are his back up singer/dancers and Chekov is the teenage heart throb and the vast majority of the audience are there for him and scream like nothing else when he walks on stage. Sulu likes to say he has more fans, but they all know it’s Chekov.


Hey y’all—

What a great way to wake up, to all the good vibes of my friends family and you all, the fans, getting to hear the first single off of our new album Down in Heaven. It’s really a special feeling, and so satisfying to have the first song out there and the long road this album provides beginning. We crafted this album on our own in the late summer/early fall of last year, in the gorgeous backdrop of Fawn Lake, a close friends’ property in Massachusetts. After a long two years since we began the process of creating Wild Onion, so much had changed, who we were as people and our creative goals, both as individuals and as a band. This is by far the most proud I’ve been of a piece of art yet, and I believe I can speak for the other guys in the band when I say they feel the same. This album was about creative ownership, about taking the resources we had and providing ourselves with the tools we needed to make something entirely our own. I really can’t wait for the whole joint to get out to everyone. I know you’ll dig it. You can hear the first track off of the album “Walk to the One You Love,” and see the official announce over HERE at Pitchfork.

You can preorder Down In Heaven now, in North America from Grand Jury HERE and in the rest of the world from Communion HERE .  You can get digital from iTunes here. Also glad to share that the first 1000 copies of the record that are bought at independent record stores will come with an exclusive 7”.  Finally, there are some very special LP’s with limited edition artwork we’ve done and customized, turning blank white sleeve into personal pieces of art. There are only 100 available in the states and 25 across the pond, so don’t sleep on these.  We’ll have new merch coming soon; we’ve been working on a lot of art in our downtime, from all of the album art we did ourselves to new tee shirts.

Here’s to 2016. Let’s get it, us and all of you.


With love, Cadien Lake, and the rest of The Dudes

PS: All photos here (including album image) are by @butiwasthere

u know if half of u actually learned how to socialize and understood that some things shouldn’t be said publicly no one in this bullshit fandom would be in this situation. there’s a difference between being honest and being an asshole.

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16-Jungkook please😄Thank you!

16. ‘’You’re adorable.’’ 

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You felt your legs going weaker, heart skipping quicker and your face getting pinkish color as you stood in the line, waiting for your turn to speak to your favorite band BTS. The happiness took over your body knowing that your dream of meeting the love of your life Jungkook is about to come true. Taking a cute glance to the front, you noticed a pair of deep, dark puppy eyes staring directly at you. Your cheeks flashed red seeing Jungkook looking at you with his bunny smile. Quickly turning away you could feel like your heart will jump out of your chest in a second. 

Minutes passed and finally, the moment you were waiting for, for so long came as you got down on your knees in front of the Maknae. 

‘’What is your name?’’ He spoke up, looking at you and smiling. His adorable English made you feel even more nervous. 

‘’Y/N’’ You answered, quietly and without any confidence. Keeping you head down, made you feel safer as he couldn’t see your red as tomato face. 

‘’Ahh, Y/N, are you shy?’’ Jungkook teased making your heart skip a beat. Feeling his gaze on you, you looked at him with a big smile on your face. 

‘’I’m not’’ You tried to fight the nervousness in your body, giggling Jungkook began to sign your album while lifting up his eyes, back at you from time to time. 

‘’I noticed you staring at me a lot. Am I your bias?’’ He tried his best to make you feel comfortable. He was shy himself. His pink cheeks and his nervous bunny smile were visible however he wanted to talk to you more and more. 

‘’Huh? Ahh Yeah’’ Shyly you bit your lip and answered his question. Jungkook suddenly breathed out feeling relieved. You looked at him with a questioning look. 

‘’I was so nervous, I thought it is someone else’’ Jungkook and you giggled and looked at each other, making an eye contact. However it didn’t lasted for long as both of you looked down quickly, not being able to stare into each others eyes. 

‘’I love everyone from BTS but I feel something way stronger towards you’’ You said without thinking and mentally cussed yourself for embarrassing statement. Yet for Jungkook it was surprisingly more than just a confession from another fan. He left the butterflies in his stomach. You looked at him once again before moving to another member, sadly because you wanted to talk to him forever. Jungkook placed his palm on his stomach to stop the feeling he never felt before. 

‘’Y/N’’ He stopped you from moving to Namjoon and caught your eyes. Noticing his wrinkles around his eyes and his grin you smiled, feeling your stomach twisting and your legs trembling. 

‘’You’re adorable’’ He said, loudly making your eyes go double and your jaw drop. The guy you loved, you idol and the person you could do everything for called you adorable. His stare took your breath away and made your heart stop beating for a second. 

‘’I hope we will see each other soon’’ Jungkook added shaking you back to reality. You looked into his mysterious eyes, looking for a reason of his words yet all you could find were little sparkles that made his eyes shine even more. 

‘’I hope too’’ Whispering you moved to another member, wondering if everything he said was meant. 

It was miraculous time, seeing his smile and feeling his presence. You were not the only one, feeling weak and feeling butterflies around the body. Jungkook couldn’t get you out of his mind, the adorable girl that stole his heart and had no intentions of giving it back. He smiled to himself every time as a picture of your shy smile and pinkish cheeks came to his mind. Impatient for the next time, he will be able to see you. 

Hope you liked it xx <3

If you like Band of Brothers and want a good book to read thats from a different perspective of the D-Day invasion, please read Pegasus Bridge by Stephen Ambrose. It is about British Paratroopers who dropped in Ranville, France. They fended German tanks and literally were the first people to step on the French soil in the invasion. It’s written beautifully, Stephen Ambrose’s writing is always so well done, and is only a bit over 200 hundred pages! So please read it!