speaking of tazer


4/27/14 Blues @ Blackhawks: Noted agitator Patrick Kane takes issue with TJ Oshie’s flow, with predictable results

So I actually really like the fact that Kaner pretty much answered for both himself and Tazer in the press conference today about their contracts - sorry, about “OUR CONTRACT” (no plural; I checked! - and I’m totally pretending it has nothing to do with Kaner playing fast and loose with grammar!)

Because IIRC the last time this question came around (last off-season, I guess?), they both made it clear that it wasn’t something they’d discussed, and they weren’t going to speak for each other.

This time, Kaner still emphasizes that they haven’t talked about it even once, and he’s careful to remain noncommittal about how proceedings are likely to go, but he talks easily about their shared mindset: we both love it here, it was never really in our minds, I don’t think either of us play for OUR CONTRACT (sorry for caps, I just love that lack of an ’s’ because if they don’t get matching contracts the forums are going to blow the fuck up) or the money, we’re playing to win and because we love the game.

And, okay, in my headcanon they totally re-bonded during those two weeks when they were sidelined with injuries at the end of the season, so he’s comfortable speaking for Tazer to some extent when he wasn’t eleven months ago.