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lily + marauders headcanons

so like, lily’s interpersonal relationships with the other three marauders are super important to me. because she’s more than, ‘oh, that’s my mate’s girl.’ they’re friends with james, and they’re friends with lily, and james and lily just happen to be dating. so here are a few of my headcanons, how / when they each became friends with her and what their friendships were like. enjoy. 


They really become friends in third year. It’s late one night and they’re two of the few students still in the common room. Remus is reading a book, probably fiction or a biography, and Lily is doing homework but she is so stressed out. She ends up slamming her hand down and letting out a groan so Remus asks if she needs help.

Her first response is a stubborn and frustrated, “No!” Followed quickly by a sigh and a defeated, “Yes.” So Remus goes over to her table and looks over her papers.

“This is the problem you’re working on?” He points to her parchment and she nods. He looks over her scrap paper and chuckles.

“Don’t laugh at me!”

“No, look. You’ve already got the answer, here.”

It turns out she was just so frustrated that she hadn’t realized she’d already figured it out. From then on they do a lot of homework together, Remus keeps her stress levels down and Lily keeps him on track. (Because really, without guidance Remus could start off doing a paper on Gillyweed and end up learning the intricate mating rituals of a minute subculture of mermaids.)

They get on really well. They just click. Remus is the one who understands most of her muggle references. Sometimes they’ll get to talking and laughing so hard about some sort of muggle joke, habit, show, ect and James will get a little jealous. Just because he’s the only child of a wealthy family and is so not used to being left out of anything. They are also always each other’s backup when it comes to tiffts with James. Lily and Remus are def the ones who will just out of the blue ask the other some random philosophical/existential question. Like, they’ll both just be sitting beside one another, studying away, and Lily will just put her quill down on her Arithmancy parchment and:

“Hey, Remus?”

And without looking up Remus will just, “Hm?”

“What are numbers? Like, really?” Remus stops his homework too and just stares off at the fireplace, thinking. Lily continues. “I mean, they aren’t tangible objects. And who gave them meaning? When did we collectively decide what three meant?”

Remus finally jumps in with, “Yeah…and how is it that they so accurately describe certain relationships between aspects of different structures?” And they’re both just sort of staring past each other, going over these thoughts and Peter, who’s been at their feet, lying on the floor doing his own homework is just like

“Really guys?”

Whenever something goes wrong or gets out of hand with the others they will turn to each other for help. As such, the opposite is also true. When the others have an idea for a prank or something of the sort but can’t quite figure it out, they always go to ‘The Council’, and Remus and Lily can usually work out the kinks for them.


They don’t become friends friends until right before Lily and James start dating. The boys all had a habit of just sitting around insulting each other, each one trying to top the last. So they’re all sitting around the common room one night, it’s probably late, and just being obnoxiously loud while insulting one another when Lily walks by. She says something to the effect of,

“Honestly, is this the only thing you lot can think to spend your time doing?”

And Peter, always one to never know when to stop, retorts with, “It’s better than staring at your bloody face all day!” And he totally doesn’t mean anything by it, he was just in a groove. But the other three aren’t laughing and James is looking very,

“Omg, what did he just do? Lily’s totally going to hate me.”

And Lily looks pissed but comes back with, “I’d rather look at my face than have to stand anywhere close to you and smell that horrid breath of yours.” And no one really says anything because they think she’s actually offend but then she smirks and they realize that she’s totally game and start laughing along.

Peter is the brother that Lily never had, and in the most lovable but annoying sense of the word. They steal food from each others plates, make faces at each other, come up with the most disgusting names for the other, blame the each other for everything, have elbow nudge fights for no reason…and they love it. It often falls to Sirius and Remus to play defacto parents to the two of them.

“Padfoot! Lily called me a Bubotuber face!”

“But Peter called me a Flobberworm first!”

“Did not!” And Peter shoves Lily’s shoulder, but she shoves his right back.

“Did too!”

And it’s driving Sirius mad and he’s just, “Enough, from the both of you! Apologize to each other or you’ll no get dessert at dinner!”

But they’re also the ones to exchange, “Are they bloody crazy?” looks when James and Sirius get up to something…well, crazy.


Their real friendship started a little bit after James and Lily got together. Sirius had always liked Lily enough, she was smart and funny, and most importantly, she could handle James exceedingly well. It’s just that when they actually started to date, James spent a whole lot more time with her, time that was taken away from Sirius. It got to the point where he was just pouting all of the time, because either Lily was with them, or James was off with Lily and Sirius was alone. After a few weeks of this, Lily had had enough. One evening, she and James are sitting on his bed and she’s explaining to him a popular television show (let’s be honest, it was probably Doctor Who) when Sirius walks in. He frowns at the two of them.

“Oh, didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll just…grab my books.”

And Lily looks to James and mouths, “sorry” before sighing. “It’s okay, Sirius, I was just telling James that he needs to buy a brush or something for this hair of his.” James looks at her, confused, but Sirius gives a snort.

“Oh, he owns one, I’m just not sure he knows how to use it.”

Lily laughs and crawls out of the bed. “Tell me about it. And don’t even get me started on his wardrobe.”  Her and Sirius are now standing by one another.

“Oh, Merlin! Do you know he tries on at least four pair of trousers every morning, just to make sure his bum looks nice?”

And James is just looking, slightly offended, and very confused. “I’m still right here!” But Lily ignores him.

“You’re kidding? What about his table manner though? How horrible are they?”

“Right? It’s like, I know damn good and well his mother taught him better than that!”

The two fall into laughter and Lily links her arm with his. “Speaking of table manners, would you like to get dinner with me?” And Sirius laughs and agrees to accompany her to the Great Hall. As they’re leaving, Lily looks back over her shoulder and smiles at James and it’s then that it clicks with him.

Lily is who Sirius goes to for advice, be it small or big. If they decided to team up during the insult game, everyone else might as well quit, there’s no stopping them. They have weekly beauty rituals, including facials and manicures. When James is being a particularly obnoxious prat, they are quick to team up and knock him down a few pegs but also tend to plan the biggest surprises for his birthday. They bond over the turmoil with their siblings and will always listen to the other after a bad fight. Lily intercepts howlers from Mrs. Black and rushes them out of the room so Sirius won’t have to hear it. If Lily feels a letter from Petunia might be particularly bad, Sirius will read it first and relay it’s words in a kinder tone. They teach each other about the muggle /  wizarding world to the point where Sirius will sometimes act as though he were an authority on muggles and Lily as though she were one on wizarding traditions. He teaches her Wizard’s Chess and she teaches him Monopoly. At one point they probably tried to combine the two.