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Kiss Prompt Fills

Using this list of kiss prompts.

This contains the prompts in my inbox as well as the fills: Completed fills will be linked as they are finished. If a pairing is already by a number I will NOT be accepting more of the same pairing for that fill, but if a number is free, feel free to request it. Off-anon will guarantee a fill. Duplicate prompts in the inbox have randomly been assigned another prompt with an indicator to show which fill will be completed instead. No regular ETA. They may be done out of order as I get motivation. Will be updated as filled.

List below the cut.

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USUK First Kiss Drabble

Here’s that little drabble I mentioned earlier. I haven’t written a fanfic and published it online before so please forgive me for my bland writing- ;; v ;; / 

Warning: a whole lot of fluff under the cut~ u v y

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